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Venus Tesla Connection
~~~In this first conversation that they had
that the space people had with Mr. Matthews they told him
Tesla himself... had been brought here in a spaceship,
that he was not born on this planet. And that he had
been brought here from
Venus in 1856.
Listen to Margaret Storm say
Tesla was brought here from Venus
This web site centers around Nikola Tesla
teaching his direct disciples how to collect natural electricity.
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Margaret Storm
Entire Margaret Storm interview ~ WOR Radio July 11, 1958
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Venus Tesla Connection introduction ~ home page
.Otis T. Carr~~~~~~knew Tesla
.Margaret Storm~~.~loved Tesla
.Arthur H. Matthews~.knew Tesla
Secret of Lightning... Tesla knew we were surrounded with electric energy.
Why & Who Kept Tesla a Secret... You'll find this answer woven through this site.
Nikola Tesla... Margaret Storm called Nikola Tesla... Freedom Star.
Otis T. Carr... You'll hear Otis T. Carr say... I started this development in 1937.
We were actively making models in 1938. By 1942 we've come up with the basic principles.
Arthur H. Matthews... wrote for 29 years to compose his book the... Wall of Light.
Tesla's own words starts in Chapter One. Matthews writes... Was he (Tesla) an Earth man?
Did he come from the planet Venus? Was he born on a space ship? The answers to these
and many other questions will be found in this story from the lips of the man himself.
Tesla Oscillator Shakes New York City ~ Then and Now...
This will give you more insight into who Tesla really was.
Tesla Devices Kept From Us... Tesla started his Ozone Company in 1896.
Ozone is only one of the reasons Tesla was kept a secret.

Podcast Recordings... Tesla is the star.

.Homozon Ozone deep penetrating
Homozon... made by the student of Arthur H. Matthews... George Freibott brings it back from 1898.
Margaret Storm... Read her entire chapters on Nikola Tesla and disciples or students or
people he passed his work to Arthur H. Matthews and Otis T. Carr... see... Return of the Dove
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Venus Tesla Connection

This will focus on Nikola Tesla and electricity
and what we lost when they kept Tesla a secret.

Recorded 8 January 2012
The Woman From Venus
144 seconds
site creator & host
Curtis Cooperman
Omnec Onec wrote in 1966
Tesla came here from the
planet Venus to help you.
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The most valuable application
of wireless energy will be
the propulsion of flying machines
Nikola Tesla
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