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This email arrives
13 December 2011 ~ 20:42
Curtis ,

May I introduce myself. My name is Dr George A Freibott IV.
A.H. Matthews was a personal friend and teacher.
His story "The Wall of Light" was given to me many years ago.
He taught us much and the story is very, very true. He shared much.
I intend to get the word and the wall established. I would like to talk
to you.

If you would like to get a history update from the direct student
of Arthur's and Tesla, let me know. You are welcome to call anytime
day or night as I consider this a very important issue.

Sincerely yours,

Dr George A Freibott IV

photo from
George Freibott
Arthur H. Matthews
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Podcast Recordings
George Freibott
The next morning 14 December George and I connected on the phone.
I'm listening for three and a half hours in amazement this man knows Arthur H. Matthews personally. Wow.
After several more phone conversation hours
we need to start recording a podcast.
President of the American Naturopathic Association
Consultant for International Association for Oxygen Therapy,
Internationally accepted expert witness on oxygen/oxidation therapies.
Dr. George A. Freibott IV
Hour 1


63 minutes


Dr. George A. Freibott IV

Close to Arthur H. Matthews
is close to Nikola Tesla

31 January 2012

Hour 2
Nature is there waiting for us to hook
the machine of mankind to the
real works of nature.

8 February 2012

Hour 3


61 minutes


Tesla Violet Ray Generators
and the Tesla Scope

21 February 2012

Hour 4


61 minutes


More on the Tesla Scope

10 April 2012

Next recording with George
we could discuss
Terrestrial Resonance
Listen >
hour 1

The Wall of Light

George says Arthur himself
gave this copy to him.

Illustrated with
original drawings
by A. H. Matthews.

Large Print Written - so you
can understand it.

Copyright - 1971 - by Arthur H. Matthews
All Rights Reserved.

George Freibott shares
this image of his copy.
Copyright ~ January 4, 1971
Composed ~ 1941 to 1970
Arthur Henry Matthews
Lac Beauport
This blue copy looks to be
The First Printing
hour 3
hour 4

Tesla Scope
Mrs. St Pierre
Arthur Matthews residence

image collection of:
George Freibott

Thank You
George Freibott
for sharing
your article
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Podcast Recordings
George Freibott