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January/February 1976
Arthur H. Matthews
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~~~~~Through occasional, personal meeting and frequent correspondence mostly during the 1930's. Arthur Matthews, an electrical engineer of Lac (Lake) Beuport, Quebec, pursued study and work on various electrical designs suggested by Tesla. Later, Matthews constructed the Tesla-scope, a directional, space intelligence transmitter-receiver which operates on less than a one-millionth diameter beam is so sophisticated, says Matthews, "it receives beyond the range of natural and man-made radio transmitting frequencies. Some technicians tried to improve on the Tesla-scope by adding complicated attachments to make it look good," says the spry, lean, Canadian Engineer, "but they couldn't improve on perfection".
~~~~~Arthur Matthews received his first message in 1939 from Space Beings in a craft labeled X-12. "They claimed there were from Venus" he says. Later a gigantic spacecraft resembling a German zeppelin landed near his home at Lake Beauport, in the years following Matthews received several visits from his space friends, the last contact being January 21st, 1969.
~~~~~The Tesla-scope was first conceived by Tesla in 1898. Arthur Matthews later made smaller versions, the most recent one contains transistors. "But I couldn't improve on Nikola's original concept," he says. "It's like a radio and has a self-tuning, automatic responding quartz crystal which transmits high frequency vibrations, similar to the new crystal watches that keep time without the usual, conventional inner-workings. The Tesla-scope and other Tesla inventions were designed to harness and use the Cosmic-Ray (Truth) which he found readily responded to mental vibrations, beyond ordinary physical force.
~~~~~Nikola Tesla, electrical wizard of former years, first knew Arthur Matthews when the Canadian was a boy of three. The youngest was living in England at the time. Their close friendship endured throughout the balance of Tesla's Earth life until Tesla, a giant among inventors passed over in 1943.
~~~~~Nikola Tesla received patents on at least twelve hundred inventions including radar, alternating current, rotating magnetic field devices, the Tesla coil and other ingenious innovations of major importance in our time.

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Arthur Matthews,
Tesla Prodigy, Humanitarian
Arthur Matthews, of Lac (Lake) Beuport, Quebec (left) and author of "The Wall of Light" with Bill Cox (right), recalls his years of association with the master electrical inventor, Nikola Tesla. Arthur's book, divided into two parts relates an extraordinary autobiographical account of Matthew's personal experiences as a contactee with extraterrestial visitors. A gigantic spaceship landed on several occasions near his Canadian lake side home. The second part according to the Canadian Electrical Engineer, gives the only true biography of the late, great genius, Nikola Tesla.
Tesla-Scope 1967 Model ~ 5' Long 4" Diameter
A Third Model Completely New Design
by Arthur Matthews
1. Audio Output
2. Amplifier
3. Converter
4. Filter-Gas Chamber
5. Filter
6. Received Energy Control
7. Automatic Control Chamber
8. Head "Q" Glass Filter
The Tesla Scope for space communication, with intelligences on the planet Venus, first conceived by Nikola Tesla in 1898, and first built in 1918, from sketches made by Arthur Matthews, appearing in his book "Wall of Light."
"Q" glass vacuum tube enclosed in a 9' long, 5" diameter, wooden box.
1. Audio Output
2. Pick up
3. Converter
4. Automatic control chamber
5. Gas chamber
6. Converter
7. Receiver energy control
8. Dark room
9. Head (Q-glass filter)
Tesla Scope, modified, smaller version of the original built by Tesla and Matthews in 1918. Matthews built the second of three such instruments in 1938, then rebuilt it in 1947. The latest design, constructed in 1967 per illustration shown here, adapted the use of microminiature parts, reducing the scope to 6' long, 4" diameter size. The device is energized by cosmic rays. One message received from "Beings" in space said: "You cannot receive our message on your regular radio system, but we hope others will give due honor to Tesla, and succeed in building this scope by means enabling us to pass on our vital message in the dark days ahead."
~~~~~Near the approach of the twentieth century, when the idea of interplanetary communication was primarily a Jules Verne fantasy, Nikola Tesla was already performing serious research and formulating devices for the express purpose of contacting extra-terrestrial "Beings." In addition, he was the first man in our Earth's history to record what he maintained to be intelligently controlled signals from outer space. (See Collier's Magazine "TALKING WITH THE PLANETS," Feb. 9, 1901: THE ELECTRICAL EXPERIMENTER, April 1919, "INTERPLANETARY MESSAGES." Tesla provided complete instructions for the construction of the Tesla-scope, which operates on the same principle as his anti-war device. The actual machine was put into operation by Arthur Matthews. Since it functions on the sophisticated, Tesla micro-wave system, it won't pick up conventional radio T.V. broadcasts, but the instrument is specifically designed to receive transmissions from spaceships and can be equipped to receive from other planets.
~~~~~Matthews is under confidence with Tesla not to reveal the principle operation and construction details until the world can be trusted with these vital secrets. While in operation this device produces a pure, powerful electrical beam of threadlike diameter, increasing the electrical waves to the speed twenty-seven times light velocity. Though Tesla conceived the idea in 1898, with the object of communicating with the planet Venus, it wasn't actually built until 1918, due to the pressures of other work over the twenty year period.
~~~~~Then in 1938, Arthur Matthews, and electrical engineer of Quebec Province, Canada and under Mr. Tesla's guidance, built an improved version of the Tesla-scope at Sanford, P.Q., Canada. He later rebuilt the machine in 1947, and again in 1967, when new micro-miniature electronics were incorporated in the design, thus reducing the scope's size to six feet long and four inch diameter.
~~~~~Despite the fact that more modern models reflect the refinements of modern technology, this space communications set retains the original concepts conceived by Tesla three quarters of a century ago. Though Matthews has presumably received messages from space people who claim they and Tesla are of Venusian origin one becomes more convinced after reading his "WALL OF LIGHT," as astounding account of his, Matthew's space experiences, as well as Tesla's only true autobiography, according to Matthews.
~~~~~One message from spacemen said:
"... did you not tell us your friend Tesla, had discovered and used the Cosmic Ray? This my friend is the Truth which we also call the "Bo?er of Life." It is the essence which animates all living things-- man, animal, vegetable, mineral. It responds to the mind and spirit of all life, and once one has learned to use this great, natural law wisely, one mind be?lic another in all its Truth, so that misunderstanding is impossible. Thus it is we are able to understand you when you speak your own language, for we see not only the outer shell as you do, but the living mind within that shell... Tesla --?-- that more than a purely physical force was involved he discovered the Cosmic Ray responded to mental vibrations.
by Don Reed
Nikola Tesla's Tesla-Scope
For Interplanetary Contact
Arthur Matthews Tesla-Scope... This is a modified version of the original device
conceived by Nikola Tesla at least eight years ago long before the UFO Phenomenon, Tesla with
Arthur Matthews constructed an earlier Tesla-Scope with the goal of communicating with extra-
terrestrial intelligences.
According to Mr. Matthews, the device was completely successful as
he received several contacts from Venusian "beings"
appearing much similar in features to
Earth men and women. "While youthful looking, the visitors were several hundred years old" says
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