The Wall of Light

PART Three ~ Chapter 3

The Wall of Light

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~The Wall of Light ~ Part Three
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~~~~~~~~~~~~PART ONE ~ The Life of Tesla
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Illustration . The Landing of the X-12 ~ April 1941
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~ The Wall of Light
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. Tesla Scope 1898 ~ Communicate with Venus
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~~~~~~~~~~~~PART THREE
Chapter ..1 . The Wall of Light
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ADDENDUM ~We Can See Without Eyes
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Tesla Transmitter built at Sanford payment for article ~January 24, 1935
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~We will give Tesla's idea to head off war publicity ~February 7, 1938
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Suggestion to National Research Council Canada ~June 25, 1940
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~National Research Council Canada found no use ~August 1, 1940
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Patent Office Canada Notice File Application ~February 8, 1944
Secretary of State of Canada
pMatthews Patent Application dealt without delay ~February 15, 1944
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Letter of thanks for Arthur Matthews kind words ~September 18, 1952
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Writer finds Tesla Coil and Return of the Dove ~June 22, 1971
Illustration by Arthur H. Matthews
~Enable Blind to See
Illustration by Arthur H. Matthews ~Tesla Turbine
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The Wall Of Light
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The Wall of Light

The Wall of Light

Part Three ~ Chapter 3
~~~~~~~In the book, "Return of the Dove" by Margaret Storm, mention is made of the "wall of light." Many mistaken ideas have come from that story.
~~~~~~~It was Tesla who conceived the idea of the wall of light during his early life. Very few Earth people have been able to build this wall of light, because, in the first place, they have received the wrong instructions.
~~~~~~~Exactly what is this wall of light? How can it be built? Who can build it? What will it accomplish? The great mistake some persons have made, from reading "Return of the Dove" is the idea that it is man-made. This is not so. The protective wall of light is the power of God. It has nothing to do with will power. The wall cannot be "built" or "formed" around a person or persons. The fact is, this wall, (or tube as some say) is already built. It is all round us. It fills all space, and it has only to be accepted as a gift, and used. Its use depends on perfect faith in the ability, and the wish of God to protect all those who call upon Him.
~~~~~~~Tesla believed in this Divine Power. This is what he termed the "WALL OF LIGHT". The thought power which operates the Venus spaceship is no more or less than the perfect faith which Christ said would move mountains. From his Bible study Tesla knew and believed in this great power, which is free for any person to use. It only comes to those who accept Jesus Christ as the only Son of the living God. No doubt the actual reasons why Tesla's scientific methods are not taught in our school system is the fact he brings God into the picture. The colleges cannot find professors who understand real science, the Bible or Tesla, for no one can understand true science or Tesla, unless he is in tune with the Divine Spirit. Why not train teachers? One reason might be that the adoptions of Tesla's inventions and his faith in the power of God, will disturb the status quo. They will offer a whole new way of life, they will upset churchianity, they will make the establishment of world-wide free Christianity possible and desirable. They will cast profit making high rates of interest and political conniving into oblivion and will make the present economic system look exactly like the silly thing it is.
~~~~~~~Tesla was always a happy man, and the stories told about his last years are not true. He was never in need and died a rich man. He received an income very much larger than the amount which some reports say he received. He was never in debt and as a Christian, he died a happy man.
~~~~~~~On an October night in 1956, when a group of friends met in New York City to talk of U.F.O., very little was known by any of them about Tesla or his work. Over in Paris a Spacecraft convention was held for interested Europeans. Arthur H. Matthews of Lake Beauport, Quebec, Canada, submitted paper on the Tesla set for interplanetary communication, which he had built and was then operating. A report on this paper reached New York a few weeks later and contact with Mr. Matthews was established by correspondence. That was the start of the new interest in the work of Tesla. Imagine! He had worked most of his life in America, and few, if anyone remembered either him or his work.
~~~~~~~Perhaps some one will ask, "What was Tesla's work?" Well, for one thing, he invented the 20th century. Almost everything, which the world of today considers important, came from Tesla. The world of today and for the next
five hundred years at least, will be the world of Tesla, for there are nearly 1,100 Tesla inventions not yet well known to the public. Imagine! A car operated without any fuel; your house lit and heated by the Sun. Free. Yes, even when you do not see the Sun. A voice and thought-operated recorder and typewriter. A two way portable telephone and T.V. which can operate over a distance of 8,000 miles, which in size can fit into your coat pocket and is operated by means of the Tesla battery which is kept charged by the Sun. An aircraft, which has no engine, no fuel, no wings, and no noise, lands at a speed of less than one mile per hour.
~~~~~~~These are just a few of the 1,100 inventions of Tesla, to say nothing about the 100 now in worldwide use, under different trade names, but which a look at the patents, will prove are Tesla's. T.V., radio, radar, all electric light and power, all auto controls which are used to make the moon rockets work, all those new power developments, transmission lines, the microwaves, even your modern car works because Tesla's spark coil makes it run. All these things just because a little boy loved God, and used his head and body to serve God, not as a garbage dump for drugs and smoke. Imagine what good could be done if more people used their bodies and minds as Tesla did.
~~~~~~~Did you know that the tall towers used for T.V. and microwaves are not required if the Tesla system was completely adopted? All those poles we see in town and other places are not needed. The Tesla anti-war machine follows the same principle. It requires no poles, no lines or large reflectors mounted on towers. Neither does it require an army to maintain it. It does provide positive protection for any coastline or national border. It is not in any sense, a fence. The whole thing depends upon the "peaks" which are, of course, invisible to the human eye. All electric currents of whatever frequency pass in the Earth and can be made to "peak" or bounce up above the Earth at regular measured distances.
~~~~~~~So far as the sputniks and other orbiting devices are concerned, these could not be designed to drop destruction on us from up above, if the Tesla anti-war machine was functioning. In addition to the protecting wall of power, the machine can also be built with a ceiling. If Tesla's machine is adopted there is nothing that can affect it; nothing in the way of an A bomb or H bomb or any other bomb, even if it is transported on a missile, rocket or a sputnik. In the first place and this is the important point, once Tesla's machine is set up, no form of bomb or high explosive can be made. In other words, if some nut tried to make a bomb and Tesla's machine was functioning, the bomb would explode right there, whether underground, in the air or any other place. So along with the adoption of the Tesla idea, no form of bomb or high explosive such as the A bomb or H bomb would continue to exist.
~~~~~~~In a letter which Tesla wrote to me in 1935, he said, speaking of his antiwar machine: "My discovery ends the menace of airplanes, submarines, rockets or space machines, regardless of their height or speed. A century from now every nation will render itself immune from attack by my device."
~~~~~~~I believe, as I believe in God, that the adoption of Tesla's machine will prevent war. Actually, I have been fighting for Tesla to have the world give him credit for the many wonderful things he has done. I have written hundreds of letters, newspaper and magazine articles about his inventions, to help the world know more about this wonderful man.
~~~~~~~Yes, indeed. The world should know more about Tesla, but the hundreds of
letters received, clearly show that most people are just finding out how to spell his name. Almost every letter received begins something like this: "I never heard of Tesla until I read your excerpts from 'Return of the Dove.'
Where can we find out more about this wonderful man?"
~~~~~~~Well, no one will find out more about him, if the Silence group has its way. There is very little published about him, except, maybe, the copies of his patents, which can still be obtained from the patent office. I would suggest that if anyone is truly interested, they write to the patent office for a list and price of the Tesla inventions. Anyone who can read and who is sincerely interested in science, will find these patents highly interesting and instructive. Not every person will be able to understand them; they require most careful study.
~~~~~~~Perhaps it will be interesting to give a short outline of Tesla's achievements. The field of invention has never known a genius as successful in developing far-reaching and original inventions, such as those of this great man, whose name should be known in every corner of the globe for his outstanding scientific achievements. Most writers state that Tesla was born in 1856 in Smilijan, Lika, border country of Austria-Hungary, but that is about all they do state. Little is said or known about his achievements.
~~~~~~~Tesla's practical career started in 1881, in Budapest, Hungary, where he made his first electrical invention, a telephone repeater, and conceived the idea of the rotating magnetic field, which later made him world famous. It may not be amiss to devote a few moments here to the manner in which this prime of savants approached the idea of the rotating field and induction motor.
~~~~~~~One day, while attending the University, one of the Professors was demonstrating an experiment with the Gramme armature type of dynamo, when the idea occurred to the young physicist that the sparking of the commutator, which he alone had minutely observed, could be eliminated. The professor immediately denied that this was possible, but with a steady mind and self-conviction, young Tesla determined to work out his ideas. The result was that the modern induction motor was developed, which operates solely from alternating current and requires no commutator of any kind, thus overcoming the nuisance of sparking inherent in former type direct-current machines. Realizing the value of his invention, he left for France in an effort to interest someone in his device, but his efforts proved fruitless. At the time he was employed by a prominent European engineering concern, but hearing of the rapid growth of the electrical industry in America, he promptly decided to come to that country, which he did in 1884 and since then, became a naturalized citizen of the United States.
~~~~~~~To this country, he brought with him, the various models of the first induction motors, which were eventually shown to George Westinghouse, and it was in the Westinghouse shops that the induction motor was perfected by Nikola Tesla.
~~~~~~~Numerous patents were taken out on this phenomenal prime-mover, all of which are under Tesla's name, and he was therefore the first person, beyond the shadow of a doubt, to introduce the rotating field principle, in perfecting the induction motor, which is today universally used. Large sums of money were expended by Tesla to protect his patents on this prime-mover, and he was at the time not permitted to express himself in print or give the history of his invention. Thus, many erroneous impressions were entertained regarding his inventions.
~~~~~~~Later, another type of machine was brought out by him, in connection with his work in electric power transmission. This one had a field energized by currents of different phase relation (i.e., while one current was at zero amplitude the other would be at maximum etc.) producing a rotating field in which conductors were employed, and in this way the high frequency current was obtained. This type of machine was subsequently developed to perfection and the principle is described in his patent, dated 1889. His next work which attracted universal attention was the production of high frequency currents at high potentials, tremendous electrical discharges. All of these experiments were first performed by this genius and never duplicated. One of the first high tension apparatus built by Tesla, was first used in Europe by Lord Kelvin, the noted English mathematician and scientist, who used it for his lecture demonstrations at the Royal Society.
~~~~~~~Tesla's most important work at the end of the nineteenth century was his original system of transmission of energy by wireless. In 1900 Tesla obtained his two fundamental patents on the transmission of true wireless energy covering both methods and apparatus and involving the use of four tuned circuits. He also obtained a number of other patents at the same time, describing many other improvements. Among these may be mentioned his application of refrigeration and the oscillatory system with which he obtained remarkable results in his well equipped laboratory on Houston Street, New York City.
~~~~~~~In 1901 and 1902 several patents were granted to him describing a number of improvements, among which, two assumed great importance in the radio art. One of these was known under the name of the 'tone wheel' and the other, the 'tikker.' Other persons claimed the inventions, but Tesla was the real inventor. At a little later date Tesla secured two patents on what he termed the principle of individualization, involving the use of more than one oscillation for the operation of receiver. This property is known under the name of beat receptors.
~~~~~~~In long protracted interference proceedings carried on in 1903, however, Tesla was accorded full and undisputed priority over all other claimants. A patent was granted to Tesla in 1914 on an improvement of far-reaching importance in radio and T.V. work. The application was filed in 1902. It describes a new form of transmitter with which, according to Tesla's statement, an unlimited quantity of energy can be transmitted from a small and compact plant. This transmitter possesses the wonderful feature whereby static, the great nuisance of radio can be completely eliminated, because of the speed with which receivers can be operated; it being possible to throw them in and out of tune by a variation of not more than one thousandth of one per cent of the wave length.Tesla also evolved a static preventor which was successfully tested, and proved perfect.
~~~~~~~This great scholar and philosopher did not devote his time to electrical devices alone, but turned his attention to many other fields. He developed a steam and gas turbine, which developed more power than any other motor or engine ever built. It developed 20 horse-power for each pound of engine weight. This turbine should be used in our present day automobiles, aeroplanes, and many other land and water vehicles.
~~~~~~~This master magician, upon whose inventions this modern world depends for its existence, spent a fabulous amount of time and money in perfecting his inventions, which, as I have stated before, numbered 1,200 up to his death in 1943. Perhaps of the total, only a little over 100 are in everyday use, and most of them are not known under his name. Tesla invented the twentieth
century. The general use of his other inventions will make another new world, and prevent all future wars, for his greatest invention (that of 1934) was conceived to prevent war.
~~~~~~~This is the idea with which we first experimented at Lake Beauport, Quebec, Canada. It includes in its design that which is known today as radar, the idea which Tesla invented before the first world war,
~~~~~~~It is interesting to know what Tesla thought concerning "Research". He made the following remarks in 1916, quoted from a letter received from Nikola Tesla to Arthur Matthews, July 9th, 1916.
~~~~~~~"I have called it material research because I wanted to exclude immaterial research. I class under this head pure thought as distinct from thought mixed with matter. It is worth while making this distinction, for from the youngest to the oldest chemist, it is not always recognized. It is very natural for us to think we can think new things into being. Chemistry has advanced only in proportion to the handling of chemical substances by some one. When the study of our science was largely mental speculation, and the products and reagents largely immaterial, like fire and phlogiston, we advanced but slowly. Ages of immaterial, research for the philosopher's stone only led to disappointment. Successful results in modern times came from following nature, learning by asking and experimenting; reasoning just enough from one stage of acquired knowledge to ask the next question of materials.
~~~~~~~In speaking of research, I do not mean to confine my thoughts to the chemists and their knowledge and literature, but rather to that science which is back of chemistry. We may call it natural science, if we are careful. It includes for my present purposes, all philosophy based on measurable facts. Psychology and therapeutics come under this head, so do electricity, anatomy and physics, chemistry and biology. These are inquisitive sciences, where the answers come from asking questions of nature. If I can leave with you even a faint impression of the importance of new knowledge, the strength to be gained from its acquirement, and the pleasure in the process itself, I shall feel repaid. So much useful pioneer work in all fields has been done with simple material equipment coupled with good mental equipment, that it almost seems as though this was the rule. The telegraph and telephone started with a few little pieces of wire wound by hand with paper insulation. The basic work on heredity was carried out by an Austrian monk with a few garden peas. The steam engine came from the kitchen fire. There was, however, the same general kind of mind behind each one of these discoveries, THE MIND OF THE TRAINED INQUIRER."
~~~~~~~Most people have never heard of Tesla, yet he was the world's greatest inventor in all history. He obtained more revolutionary patents than anyone in history. Science accords to him over seventy-five original discoveries, not mere mechanical improvements. Tesla was an originator, a pioneer blazing the trail. Aside from this he was a discoverer of the highest order. When he died in 1943, he left the world richer by over a thousand inventions that God had allowed him to conceive. With his passing, I lost a very old friend, and because of my intense admiration for him, I wrote "Tribute to Nikola Tesla" which was published by a number of newspapers, and which is included in this work as Chapter 12, Part II.
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.Margaret Storm~~.~loved Tesla
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