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The Wall Of Light
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The Wall of Light

The Wall of Light

Part Three ~ Chapter 4
~~~~~~~All electrical machinery using or generating alternating current is due to Tesla. High tension current transmission without which the modern world would be dead, is all due to the genius of Tesla. The world did not know of Tesla because he committed the unpardonable crime of not having a permanent press agent to shout his greatness from the housetops. Then too, most of his inventions, at least to the public mind, are more or less intangible on account of the fact that they are very technical and therefore do not catch the popular imagination. The trouble with Tesla was that he lived at least a century ahead of his time. He was often denounced as a dreamer even by well-informed men. He was called crazy by others who should have known better. For Tesla talked in a language that most people did not understand and still do not.
~~~~~~~In 1893, three years before anyone else made any attempt to use wireless telegraphy (radio), Tesla first described his system and took out patents on a number of novel devices, which were then but imperfectly understood. Even the electrical world at large laughed at these patents. But, large wireless interests had to pay him tribute in the form of real money, because his "fool" patents were recognized to be fundamental. He actually antedated every important radio invention. Tesla was a man of extraordinary knowledge. He was remarkably well read and had a photographic memory whereby it was possible for him to recite page after page of nearly every classical work, -- be it Goethe, Voltaire, or Shakespeare. He spoke and wrote twelve languages. He was an accomplished calculator, who had little use for tables and text-books, and held the slide rule in contempt. Tesla received numerous honours and distinctions of all kinds. He was a knight of several orders, holder of many titles and diplomas. Many extraordinary distinctions were offered to him, which he declined. One instance is very interesting.
~~~~~~~At the announcement of Tesla's high frequency discoveries, while the former Emperor of Germany was all powerful and great men were eager for his favors, Tesla received an invitation from him and the Empress to repeat his celebrated experiments at the Royal Palace in Berlin. He forgot all about it and did not answer for one year, when he politely apologized for his inability to avail himself of the honour. Later the invitation was renewed and nearly two years passed before Tesla answered to the same effect. After a lapse of time, however, upon the announcement of another important invention, he received the invitation for the third time, with the assurance that an altogether unusual honour was reserved for him. "Well, boys," said Tesla to his assistants after he laid the invitation aside (and which he never answered), "the Emperor must be a great man. I do not think that I would be capable of acting in this way if I were in his place.
~~~~~~~"Perhaps the most remarkable tribute was paid to him when he made his famous experiments in Colorado in 1899. It was by J. Pierpont Morgan, the elder, who donated $150,000.00 which enabled Tesla to produce artificial lightning and incidentally, to electrify the entire Earth. Some of Tesla's inventions were of far-reaching importance in the two world wars.
~~~~~~~The resources and productive powers of the entire World, were greatly increased through extended use of his system of alternating current transmission and transformation of energy. Millions of horsepower of water falls have been harnessed by this means, thus saving a large output of coal and oil. The rail-
roads have been completely revolutionized by the use of his ideas, such as the induction motor and electrical inventions of many kinds. His ideas also revolutionized the steel industry and operation of factories. Without going too deeply into the matter, it can be said with truth that without his inventions, we would have no electric light or power, no long distance telephones, no radios or television, no moon rockets, no radar, no motor cars, no dishwashers, no electric heat, no remote controls of any kind, no electric organs. There are many others, but with those few, the world would be back a hundred years.
~~~~~~~The following is only a partial list of terms adopted and published in honest textbooks and technical works. I say honest because, in recent years the name of Tesla has been left out. However, one has only to consult the patent office, to know that they are all Tesla's inventions.
Tesla two-phase, three-phase, multi-phase, poly-phase systems
of power transmission.
Tesla principle, Tesla rotating magnetic field
Tesla rotating magnetic field transformer
Tesla induction motor, Tesla split-phase motor
Tesla system of distribution,
Tesla rotary transformer, Tesla system of transformation by
condenser discharges, Tesla coil, Tesla oscillation transformer.
Tesla electrical oscillator, Tesla mechanical oscillator.
Tesla high frequency machines, Tesla dynamo-electric oscillator.
Tesla tube, Tesla lamp, Tesla high-potential methods.
Tesla inductor, Tesla marvels, Tesla impedance phenomena
Tesla electro-therapy, Tesla electrical massage, Tesla currents,
Tesla transmission, Tesla experiments, Tesla capacity,
Tesla arc light system, Tesla third brush regulation,
Tesla devices, Tesla sparks, Tesla arrangements, Tesla theory,
Tesla point, Tesla steam turbine, Tesla gas turbine,
Tesla water Turbine, Tesla pump, Tesla compressor, Tesla igniter,
Tesla condensers, Tesla electro-static field, Tesla effects,
Tesla radio-systems, Tesla methods of wireless transmission of energy,
Tesla magnifying transmitter, Tesla telautomata, Tesla insulation, Tesla underground transmission, etc., etc.
~~~~~~~In all, there are 1,200 original inventions, which cover the entire world of this age.
~~~~~~~On one occasion, Tesla was presented with a medal, -- a symbol of gratitude, together with a paraphrase of Pope's lines on Newton:
"Nature and Nature's laws lay hid in night
God said, 'Let Tesla be,' and all was light."
~~~~~~~This was the man who said he was a Venusian, the superman who perhaps arrived on a space ship, the X-12, as a tiny baby, or again perhaps he came as a "thought," and he grew to maturity to fulfill his great mission, to set up the machinery for the new scientific civilization that will, some time in the future, lift the Aquarian Age to heights of glory. Two thousand years earlier Joseph watched over the Babe Jesus, while the Star of Bethlehem hovered above the stable.
~~~~~~~Few people on this planet today have any conception of the herculean
accomplishments of Tesla on behalf of the whole world. But, no doubt, on other planets in this solar system and in systems beyond, the people are well aware that they can extend the hand of friendship to us now, in this new age, because of the mighty works of Tesla.
~~~~~~~No doubt there are many Earth people who will feel, even now, that Tesla would have found a way to overcome the obstacles placed in his path by the forces of darkness; that he should have forced a showdown that would have thrust his inventions upon the world, regardless of the ignorance and ambitions of a petty minded opposition. But, like the spaceman that he was, Tesla knew that he could only encourage us. He could not force his light upon us. He could only respect our free will. He was aware that humanity was plagued by the forces of darkness. He well knew that people were unable to see the significance of his role as a Lightbearer. He was never bitter, never disappointed, when people failed to appreciate his efforts. He would only smile his slow, sweet smile in response to sympathetic friends who felt they must offer apologies for human arrogance and then he would quote in answer a favorite stanza from Goethe's Faust:
"The God that in my bosom lives
Can move my deepest inmost soul.
Power to all my thoughts he gives
But outside he has no control."
~~~~~~~Well did Tesla know that each and every individual must find his own Christ center, must contact his own Source. For the doctrine of vicarious atonement is a vicious one, an escapist's dream. Each must transmit his own misqualified energy; each must carve out and travel the razor-edged Path to the One God. Tesla's inventions can make the journey easier, as can the inventions of other great thinkers, if they are based on Truth. But, only God can say to each pilgrim on the Path, "Here is my gift. Accept it, or reject it; learn by your past mistakes; then come home to Me."
~~~~~~~There are those who will dispute the advantages of Tesla's inventions and the present developments made by Matthews and others who follow in Tesla's footsteps, arguing that machinery has nothing to do with discipleship. There are those who will say that we must not use a mechanistic approach, such as the anti-war machine, in trying to solve our problems; that we must use only Love and understanding. But, this attitude stems from the dreadful devoteeism generated under the misused understanding of the truth as taught by Jesus.
~~~~~~~Jesus was a practical man who lived in the workaday world. He made His Ascension by the application of the Truth, which is the true scientific principle; which is the only method anyone can use. It is the impractical mystic who views science as a handicap. It is quite true that if men and women of good will could generate a sufficient amount of love and understanding, we could change the course of history at once, but the change would come about scientifically, for the energies generated in this way are simply collected by Angelic forces acting as accumulators and then poured into certain specified areas of atomic matter, freeing them from low vibrations and raising their --frequencies so they can function with greater freedom. There is nothing mystical in the process. There is nothing mystical about an angel. When angels walked and talked with men, they were accepted and not thought of as mystical, but as real and necessary messengers from the Divine Being. They are not any more mystical than trees, rocks, soil, or rivers. They are not one whit more mystical than the pigeons in the park. It is the dark forces who have conjured up that phony mystical story, so that people would feel that they had to be
practical in the materialistic meaning of the world, and depend upon a job, a boss, a national ruler, a military machine, instead of simply depending upon God, His Son, and His angels.
~~~~~~~So let us not despise a mechanistic approach, which will allow us to lay down our weapons and give us the leisure time to develop the educated heart of love, the enlightened mind of Understanding. As the space people have quoted, "Do not count the teeth of a camel which has been given to you with love, but ride it with thanks in your hearts that you have a vehicle which will carry you safely through the hazards of the desert". Remember too, that Tesla's anti-war machine is simply a mechanistic version of the wall of light; it does not pretend to replace the supreme power of God. But, God is not a dictator. He does not force His will upon mankind. We are free to make mistakes and if we are wise, we must learn by our mistakes. A good master never follows his workers around, telling them what to do and what not to do. On the other hand, a bad master does nothing else. Not trusting himself, he has no real love or trust for others. This kind is a coward and he even enlists the aid of teachers, doctors, newspapers and many other means, to assist him in his nefarious practice of enslaving the human mind through dictatorship. This kind of tyranny exists in virtually every part of the world today, and it is a well-known fact that the forces of darkness are especially proud of the inroads they have made in destroying family love and harmony. Divine Love does not direct His disciples to follow certain lines of thought, or point out to them certain ideas which they must absorb. The disciple must at all times use his or her discrimination, within the limits set by Divine Law and must through his own efforts learn to handle only that type of energy which will increase his working knowledge of Divine powers; and how to apply such power, by allowing himself to be used as a lens, through which God shines His power, by means of the cosmic ray.
~~~~~~~Over the years many disciples have been sufficiently alert to apply ideas which they learned from Tesla, for disciples range far and wide in their search for truth, striving to recognize it and greeting it with joy when they find it. The mystic or the devotee usually makes the mistake of searching for truth only in nice but innocuous books, respectable surroundings, and sanctimonious environments. Therefore, it has not occurred to many persons to look into the findings of an electrical scientist like Tesla to confirm the Truths put forward by Christ. Tesla's scientific knowledge was four-dimensional. He believed in the spiritual nature of the universe and acted on the principle that all is governed by immutable law; that intelligence is present at every point in so-called space and can be acted upon through the power of thought. He astounded the scientific world by saying, in the year 1934, that a wall of light, invisible and impregnable, could be built around a nation. Its power to withstand any impact would be greater than that of any physical substance known to man, he said. Tesla was using thought dynamically to establish this wall of light from out of the very atmosphere in which we live, move and have our being. He called this
invisible substance intelligent energy, which could be thought into existence. He knew that thought was creative. "Building this wall was not a supernatural feat, for we were dealing with energy. I had already learned to draw this wall of light around myself, therefore it was not an impossibility to conceive of a wall of light around our home. Everybody has an atmosphere, or electrical field, and the atmosphere in which we live is filled with invisible atoms. The center of these atoms is the intelligence which keeps the electrons revolving around it like the planets around the Sun, in an orderly fashion, according to law.
The pattern of the atoms changes with changing thoughts. With the above understanding, we visualize the wall of light around our homes and their environs. We conceive of the outer surface as sending forth charges of electrical energy which will act as a repellant and result in completely discour-
aging all unwanted things, --including sickness, accident or thieves, nagative thoughts of ourselves and others. Such things may come as far as the place where you visualize and accept the wall of light, but no evil regardless of its nature will enter. Now during the present days which approach the end, all persons could rebuild this wall, or tube of light, for it will banish disease, death and disharmony without cost. In these last days, as the axis of the Earth is changing and as the vibratory action on the planet is rapidly increased, it would indeed be the part of wisdom to seriously construct and use the tube of light. Each individual should use it, not for himself, but for others. It is usually not wise to inform the person who is being assisted, but we must not enforce our help on persons who do not want it. We must at all times do our best to help others without thought of receiving thanks. In fact it is the golden rule of silence. People could halt half of the trouble in the world today if they would just stop chattering like monkeys in a tree and listen to the Voice of the Silence that speaks from the depth of each beating heart."
~~~~~~~In addition to using the wall of light around your country, town, or yourself, it would indeed be wise for every mother and father to keep the wall of light constantly around their children. But if it serves as a protection device only, most people will feel that this is assuredly a sufficient reward. This is a mistake, for in dealing with God's law it is extremely unwise to place any limitation on it.
~~~~~~~That gambling attitude of "Well, I'll take a chance, what have I to lose, maybe it will work and if it does I'm that much ahead," - is an attitude that might well carry one through a day or evening at Las Vegas, but in building the tube of light, one should begin by making an affirmation that is free from limitation. "I place a wall of light around myself that keeps me invisible, invincible and invulnerable to everything that is unlike Christ" is a free avowal. But it must not be left high and dry on the mental plane, for there it will prove sterile. Remember that most of the people who feel sorry for themselves are, for the most part, intellectuals.
~~~~~~~It is their lack of feeling which prevents them from expressing any love for Christ. Therefore, when thinking of the tube, or wall of light into manifestation, it is necessary to feel very deeply about the glory of serving God.
~~~~~~~There must be no feeling of personal glory, but rather a feeling that one is being absorbed, body and mind, back into the glory of God of which we are a part, according to His will. I know this sounds very religious, but there is no other way which I can find to explain this power, man has tried every other means under the Sun, and has always failed, I refer to God's power in very matter of fact way. After all, there should be no mystery about the power of God, why fool ourselves? Why blind ourselves to the fact that there is not power but of God: The wall of light is formed of electronic substance which is the primal life substance released from the great Power. How, or why this is, no man can know. There is nothing mystical or mysterious about it, for it is strictly scientific, as practical and demonstrable as the multiplication tables. Of course, the individual, in his heart, must know that God is the only sustaining power in the Universe, otherwise He can not build the wall of light. In other words, one must be in tune with Divine Will; that is the only cost. The tube of light which you build around yourself will take on the quality of your thought. Therefore, if you are in tune with God, if you believe, His protection is invincible, and an invulnerable protection, it will be just as you believe, no more or less. If you doubt in the least, in that case the wall will not exist because you have destroyed its power by your own
distrust. It's all a matter of believing. The first step, therefore, is to know that God does exist, that He loves all people, and that He does have the power to command the electronic substance to surround you and remain permanently invulnerable to all that is not of the light. The process of manifesting the wall or tube of light is simple. It requires no money, no special equipment, no college degrees. It does, however, require a certain amount of practice, for one must be in tune with Divine Being. As with all true prayer, one must be undisturbed and without the least doubt, doubt is the one great thing which will prevent the manifesting of the wall of light.
~~~~~~~Two or more persons should be able to be in tune with each other, and with God. For when two or more are gathered together in His name, He is right there with you. Then focus your attention upon your own Inner-Self, the Divine Presence within your own beating heart. If you are in tune, with the Divine, you will visualize a great tube, or wall, of invisible electronic light gathering about you, or, and, your nation. There is no limit to the bounds of its protection. Think great, and it will be as you think; never limit the power of God. The power of man, depending on his own limited power, is not great, but when we build the wall of light, it is not us, we are only the instrument used by Divine Power.
~~~~~~~To be effective, we must be willing; and to be willing we must believe, otherwise there will be no good results. It was perfect faith, knowing the power of God, which enabled Joshua to destroy the walls of Jericho, by the means of 'sound' - the power of 'thought' (read that story in the Bible, book of Joshua, Chapter 6). No doubt, some time in the future, when chaotic conditions have cleared, every child will be properly instructed in the true, and simple understanding of the power of God, instead of the sometimes foolish man-made religions, which hog-tie our spiritual progress, to say little of our material being. Meanwhile, of course, every effort should be made to cease misqualifying the pure thoughts, or the reflection of Divine Power, as it leaves your heart. In other words, refrain from getting mad at yourself and the world around you, leave off all worry, cast out all fear. If your favorite worrying subject is lack of money, then use the thinking power that is wasted in worry in realizing that all supply is created by the Creator.
~~~~~~~This forms a magnetic focus for supply and it will flow in naturally; but remember that doubt will immediately cause loss of power. God knows your every need, and if the need is worth while - from the Divine point of view - more than the need will be supplied. Christ said we do not receive an answer (supply) because we ask wrongly, cultivate an abiding faith in God, not simply because you want something, but from pure love, and you will find your outer world swinging into a wonderful new orbit of harmony. Remember that if you need special help at any instant of the day or night to solve any problem, you should call on power of God. You will get an immediate response, even though you may not recognize the energy form in which it comes to you.
~~~~~~~And when you gaze at the skies overhead on a clear night and see an apparent star shoot suddenly through the heavens, know that it might be a flight of cherubim speeding forth on some cosmic errand, would there be any harm to think we recognize them? Acknowledge, and bless them, and believe we will receive their blessing in return. In the near future, more and more of these vehicles will become visible in the skies. Remember that at present all space ships and space people can use the tube of light at any time to make themselves invisible. As Earth people themselves learn to form and use the wall of light, they will develop a consciousness which will make them fit companions for space visitors.
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