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~~~~~~~~~~~~PART ONE ~ The Life of Tesla
~~~~.~~~ Foreword ~ by: Arthur Henry Matthews, E. E.
Chapter 1
~ My Early Life ~ by: Nikola Tesla
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Chapter 3 ~ How Tesla Conceived the Rotary Magnetic Field
Chapter 4 ~ The Discovery of the Tesla Coil and Transformer
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Illustration . The Landing of the X-12 ~ April 1941
Illustration . Venus Space Ship X-12 ~ 700 feet wide
~~~~~~~~~~~~PART TWO
Chapter 1
~ The Wall of Light
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
. Tesla Scope 1898 ~ Communicate with Venus
. Tesla Scope 1967 ~ 6 feet long, 4 inches wide
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. Tribute to Nikola Tesla ~ First published 1943
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. Matthews published ~ Quebec City 1939
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Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
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Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
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Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
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Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
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~~The Wall of Light ~ Part Two
~~~~~~Chapter 1 ~ page 41
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Copyright ~ January 4, 1971
Composed ~ 1941 to 1970
Arthur Henry Matthews
Lac Beauport, P.Q. Canada
Included within January 4, 1971
The Wall Of Light
Articles by: Arthur H. Matthews
Nikola Tesla
Articles of Interest
~~~~~~~In relating this account of the landings of a large spaceship on my property at Lac Beauport, of my strange experience in meeting with people who claimed they were from Venus and what I learned about life on their planet, I would like to emphasize that I consider myself of little importance in this story. If my name is known at all, it is due to my long friendship with Nikola Tesla and an intimate knowledge of his great work for mankind. Perhaps I may be excused if I say that it affords me a certain amount of amused satisfaction to realize that I am now probably the last living person who knew and loved Tesla, but in all humility, I am aware that it was only because Tesla left me some of his ideas to develop that I was thus able to meet these people from Venus who claimed Tesla as one of their own.
~~~~~~~Due to the fact that my story covers several visits of the Venusian spaceship, I am, for Space reasons, condensing its details into one account and will therefore leave out dates. It is sufficient to say that the first visit was in Spring, 1941, with continued landings about every two years until 1961, which, to date, included the last landing. These landings took place on my 100-acre property in the hollow of a large meadow formed by the sloping mountainside at the back and the rise of ground at the front.
~~~~~~~It was on a spring morning of 1941 that I was standing near my workshop with my son, Humphrey. We were discussing some matter relating to electrical waves when suddenly Humphrey looked up and exclaimed: "There's something wrong with the Sun!" I looked to the east and gasped in astonishment. Exactly in the center of the golden disc there was a round black spot about one-quarter the apparent diameter of the Sun. It was too big to be a sunspot and besides, it was moving. As we watched, it crept slowly to the upper edge of the Sun and in about 10 minutes had left the solar disc when it simply vanished from sight. We saw nothing more of it that day.
~~~~~~~I went to bed early that night but could not sleep. An oppressive sense of something strange impending descended on me like a pall. Finally, I arose and dressed. I went outside and looked up at the sky but all I could see were the stars sparkling in full brilliancy. I returned to the house and settled down to read - but not for long, for suddenly the alarm signal on the Tesla Scope rang shrilly. I ran outside and at first saw nothing except the sparkling stars. Then I noticed something queer toward the mountain. It appeared to be darker than usual. It was indeed, for some huge object seemed to cover most of the mountain! I began to walk toward it and as I came near to our barn, I was suddenly confronted by two persons.
~~~~~~~Both men were nearlv 6 feet tall and in the brilliant starlight I could discern their bright blue eyes and golden hair, but what registered with me most was that these beings radiated an aura of perfect health and happiness. Immediately I sensed a feeling of goodwill emanating from them which took away any fear I might have had at this sudden meeting. They were wearing grey coveralls and somehow I knew then that they were space beings. I noted with interest that both were bare-headed, with no helmets or other apparatus, and yet they seemed to have no difficulty in breathing Earth air. I have since been asked if there were any physical differences from Earthmen about these
The Wall of Light
Chapter 1
space people and I can only say that I saw none -- and why should there be? Are we not all built the same, in the likeness of God?
~~~~~~~Then one of them spoke to me in very good English, saying, "Good morning, Arthur Matthews. May we go with you into your workshop?" If this was a surprise, there was a greater one to follow, as he continued; "We are from Venus and we have come to see what you are doing with Tesla's inventions."
~~~~~~~Completely taken back, I could only blurt out: "How am I supposed to believe you are from Venus?" The one who appeared to be the leader answered calmly: "When you see our ship, you will believe. But before we go, I will make a sketch of Tesla's Anti-War Machine. No one on Earth but you knows its secret. Will that convince you?"
~~~~~~~I nodded and led them to my workshop. With a few deft strokes, he drew a sketch for me which I could only accept as the truth. A brief inspection and explanation of the work I was doing on the Tesla devices followed. No comments were made and I was left to assume they were satisfied with my efforts.
~~~~~~~Then the two Venusians said they would take me to their spaceship. We walked toward the mountain and soon I was staring wide-eyed at the gigantic proportions of the mother-ship X-12, hardly believing my senses, while my two companions chuckled at my bewilderment. The landed ship, which appeared to be made of grey metal (?), looked like two gargantuan saucers put together rim to rim. Circling these rims about 20 ft. away from the main body of the craft was an unsupported band of material (later referred to as the "Guide Ring") which was not attached to the ship by any visible means and appeared to be held in place by some magnetic force. Penetrating the center of the ship was a tubular shaft 50 ft. in diameter and 300 ft. in height, the top and bottom ends of which protruded from the ringed saucers which were 700 ft. in diameter. The bottom end of this large tube rested on the ground and I could see an opened doorway in which stood two of the crew who greeted us with a hand salute.
~~~~~~~My companions invited me in for an inspection tour of the great ship and we stepped into an elevator which I was told had no cables and was operated by will power! We stopped off at the level which was devoted to the storage of some of the 24 small spacecraft this mother-ship carried, ground vehicles and other equipment. The second level comprised the living quarters of the crew, gardens, recreation area, study rooms and a meeting hall. Living quarters were compartments for single persons or "married" couples (for the crew was made up of both sexes) and these units comprised a small hallway, a large living room, bedroom, bathroom with toilet and storage locker. All rooms were carpeted with some form of pliant plastic and the walls were hung with beautiful paintings. I discovered the outer wall of the living room was in fact "see through", giving a full view of space outside. The outer door of each compartment led out on to a small flower-bedded garden. At this point, I commented on the lack of a kitchen in these units and was informed that Venusians never spoil their food by cooking it. They grew their own produce aboard and ate it fresh.
~~~~~~~We then came to the recreation area which was covered with some form of simulated grass on which a number of the crew were playing a game somewhat like basketball. This gave me an opportunity to study these Venusians more closely and I noted that they ranged from 5'6" to 6 ft. in height. They were blue-eyed, skin coloring a bronze sun-tan and their hair ranged from golden
blonde to a reddish brown. They all appeared in glowing health and their eyes sparkled with a natural joie de vivre. Climbing to the third level, I found this was the horticultural section where all their food produce was grown and there were attractive gardens where the crew relaxed and ate their food. The fourth level was divided between storage of more of the small scout ships, heavy material, water supply, etc., and a number of workshops. I had noted that throughout the entire ship all floors were completely covered with some form of plastic material and that all the outer walls were of the same "see through" type. On each wall there was a circular viewing screen, somewhat like television, showing a full view of outer Space and the exact position of the X-12 in relation to other planets, and its directional trajectory in Space, this changing picture being projected from the control tower to all parts of the ship. I was also informed that built into these walls were "accumulators" for storing solar energy which gave constant light and power to operate heating and air conditioning systems.
~~~~~~~We then rose to the exposed top of the tubular shaft which I was told was the control room. My Earthly mind had conjured up visions of all kinds of complex devices to operate this enormous spacecraft, but to my great surprise, there were no visible controls or equipment at all! In the center of the room was a raised circular platform on which had been built a circular couch and seated with their backs to this and facing outward to the North, South, East and West, were four persons - two women and two men. I was informed that these four operators, chosen specially for their great mental powers, controlled and directed this giant ship! It all seemed completely unbelievable until across my doubting mind there flashed the biblical verse: "Faith can move mountains."
~~~~~~~My leader-companion then took me to a lower level and introduced me to a lovely woman whom he described as his "life companion". She was indeed a most beautiful creature, with sapphire-blue eyes, golden-blonde hair and her face glowed with an inner spirituality delightful to behold. He stood beside her and said simply: "You may call us Frank and Frances, for we stand for Truth."
~~~~~~~I noticed that the girl was seated before a large blank screen and a further wonder was in store for me, as she demonstrated her ability to project onto it thought forms of whatever she was thinking, which appeared on the screen as living motion pictures. To my surprise, she showed me a picture of myself coming out of my house, followed by the scene in my workshop when I spoke with the two space visitors. There followed pictures of Venus, its people, homes and towns and I just stood there over-awed at its natural beauty. And then a strange phenomen took place which I know will sound as incredible as it did to me at the time, although there is much we do not know about the power of mind over matter. For while I was fully aware that I, Arthur Matthews, was standing in the physical form in a landed spaceship at Lac Beauport, yet at the same time I suddenly became a living part of the projected scenes, mingling with the people of Venus millions of miles away! Here was a great mystery indeed, for I could not only see them but feel them just as if I was truly there in body as well as spirit.
~~~~~~~I appeared to be standing at the edge of a vast, cup-like depression. On every side towered tall pillars of basalt, smooth and perfect as if polished by the hand of man. On the farther side of this huge natural theater, a mighty torrent of water descended from the brow of the ebony cliffs in a 1000 foot leap, striking squarely on the edge of the great cup and turning it into a churning mass of foam. Then I saw it was only around the rocky margins of the pool that the water was beaten into foam. The entire center was occupied
by a mass of water perfectly smooth and strangely piled up like a dome of glass. It was not water such as we know, for streamers of living light of every imaginable color darted over the shining surface of the great dome, sometimes blending into masses of rose or green or violet and then mingling into a glittering confusion of rainbow hues. This whole scene of overwhelming grandeur was foiled by a broad band of emerald green turf which framed the central cup, and dotted here and there were graceful palm trees whose fronds glistened with diamond drops of spray.
~~~~~~~Then gazing upward, I gasped in surprise for there, poised in the air above the rim of the waterfall, was a great crystal ball like a gigantic soap bubble, transparent but gleaming with rainbow hues. Around its center was a broad band of gold metal. This girdle formed the equator and at either pole was a projecting boss of the same metal from which were suspended, by cables, inverted cups which hung some distance below the globe. As it drew nearer, I saw that the equatorial band was studded at intervals with circular windows of glass-like material from the center of each projected a long needle which I assumed was for directing the course of the airship, a theory which later I found to be correct. Slowly the great ball sank until the cups touched the grass and the cables were withdrawn into the metal bosses. Here, the shining sphere hung about a foot above the ground, swaying gently. A moment later, a circular window swung open and several figures stepped out.
~~~~~~~Then the scene changed and I beheld a rolling, park-like country clustered with groups of palms and other trees. In the distance I could discern the wall of black cliffs and beyond them rose range upon range or snow-capped peaks from which a wide river wound its way. In the central plateau about 50 miles in diameter, the river broadened into a shining lake and then continued its way until it plunged over the cliffs into the pit of the shining pool. Returning my gaze to the immediate scene around me, I realized I was in the center of a beautiful Venusian town. Innumerable buildings were spaciously scattered among groves of trees. While of varied size, these structures were of the same general design, consisting of an ellipsoidal roof of prismatic crystal supported on a circular colonnade of marble pillars. Above them, hundreds of balloon-like airships darted through the air. Many of the houses were built on top of the basalt columns bordering the river and I could see groups of people standing on the verge of the cliffs. I then observed, standing on an elevation, a very large building of the same circular design which I was told was the community meeting place of these Venusians.
~~~~~~~I then found myself walking with the crew of the X-12, through a broad avenue of stately palms toward the white pillars of the great assembly hall. Soon we were climbing a noble stairway flanked by mighty columns until we stood in the center of a splendid amphitheatre surrounded by tiers of marble seats in which a large group of people reclined. As we entered, they all arose, their hands raised in the Venusian salute and I heard a unanimous cry of "Brothers! Goodwill unto you!" It was then that I realized that these Venusians wore no garments but stood as nature created them, but such was their noble build, I could feel no embanassment, only admiration of their physical beauty.
~~~~~~~I was led by Frank to a seat at one side of the huge auditorium and he then addressed me: "Friend from across Space, Earthman Arthur Matthews, we welcome you. The people of Venus ask me to speak for them because I can talk your language freely. We have brought you here out of no idle curiosity, but because we believe it lies in our power to offer your world some help in its present troubled state. We have a priceless gift to offer you which is known
to us as Truth, but first we would ask you to tell us more of the world in which you live. Tell us something of its history, social conditions, science and what you call religion, and we will then judge if we are right in revealing to you the secret of Truth. Speak in your own tongue, for all will understand your thoughts. Fear only to say that which is not true, for we shall know immediately the true from the false."
~~~~~~~Somewhat bewildered, I arose and after a pause, I spoke: "People of Venus, I thank you for your kind welcome and your offer. I do not know what this gift of Truth may be, but if all the radiant health, happiness and beauty I see among you are due to this truth, I greatly desire to know its secret and share it with the people of Earth. But before I tell you something of conditions on my planet, may I first ask a question?"
~~~~~~~There were nods of approval and I continued: "Why have you chosen me to speak for Earth instead of going to the leaders of my world? 'I am a humble person whose name is unknown and I have no power with which to convince few, if any, on Earth."
~~~~~~~"We understand your question." Frank replied. "We have chosen you because, as a friend of Tesla, we believe you will tell us the truth. As for your humble origin, did not the Supreme Creator in Whom we of Venus all believe
--your God--choose One of lowly birth to spread the truth of your Christian philosophy? In your Bible, you will read "In the Beginning there was the Word" or the Truth as we call it, and of God's desire that His children should believe in the Word.
If we decide to pass on this Truth to you, then God will surely see that channels are opened up to you to pass on His Word." In deep humility, I replied: "In the name of Jesus Christ, I thank you."
~~~~~~~And then, to the best of my ability, I proceeded to tell the Venusians what I knew of Earth's history. I described the development of war from the days of the cross-bow and sword to its present stage of destructive sophistication. I dealt with what ancient history I knew and briefly brought it up to modern times. I talked on present day social conditions, our technological achievements, a little on medicine, psychology, philosophy and comparative religion, and then I turned to science. Up to this point, these god-like Venusians had listened to my poor talk with absorbed attention, but as I attempted to explain Earth's concept of physics, there was a great commotion as members of the assembly leaped to their feet and I heard repeated cries clamoring for the Truth! I could only conclude from this that our scientists' present knowledge of physics left much to be desired! A few words from Frank, explaining that I was telling the truth only as I knew it, quieted the group and he apologized to me for the interruption. At the conclusion of my talk, I was invited by Frank and his beautiful companion, Frances, to spend some time with them, and, to my great delight, they took me for a flight in their small airship where I sat back entranced at the glorious landscape unfolding beneath us. And then, as mysteriously as I had been "teleported" to Venus by the thought projection process, I suddenly found myself back in the landed spaceship at Lac Beauport, facing an empty screen.
~~~~~~~Over the years of the continued landings of the X-12 at Lac Beauport, I was able, by means of Frances' strange ability to project me into her living pictures, to continue my contacts with the Venusians, whom I grew to love for their gentle, courteous ways, their radiant happiness and beauty of mind and body. Always, Frank and Frances acted as my host and hostess and I spent many happy hours with this gracious couple, sometimes wandering on pleasant walks through groves of cinnamon and nutmeg trees, breathing in the soft, perfumed air, sometimes going on fabulcus flights of exploration in their airship, and
at other times, we relaxed in their beautiful crystal dwelling, discussing many matters, exchanging information on our respective planets, and all the time, I learned more of the harmonious way of life of these happy Venusians. Frank talked freely on all aspects of the life of his people, with one exception -- the nature and meaning of the Truth --- from which I gathered that the time was not yet right for this revelation.
~~~~~~~I was amazed at the perfection of the Venusian mode of one planetary government guided by a small council of wise leaders and also at the extreme simplicity of the social relationships of its people who appeared to be one large family bound together by love and understanding. At one time I asked Frank if Frances was his wife. "No, not in the sense your world interprets this word," he replied. "We have mutually elected to become life companions."
~~~~~~~"Then surely you have been united by some ceremony such as we call marriage?"
~~~~~~~"No, with this mutual desire in our hearts, we have no need for meaningless words."
~~~~~~~"So there is nothing to prevent you from separating at any time"
~~~~~~~"Nothing at all."
~~~~~~~"Then what we call divorce must be common on Venus," I ventured.
~~~~~~~The Venusian couple laughed outright. "As common as the rose voluntarily cuts itself from the bush," remarked Frances with a gentle laugh.
~~~~~~~"Let me explain," said Frank. "When Venusian couples unite, because of their knowledge of the Truth, it is impossible for them to make a mistake, for they recognize each other as soul-mates and the union is forever. It is sad that your world lacks this knowledge, for it would appear that such legal ceremonies are necessary because your people are insecure and uncertain of each other."
~~~~~~~During one of our aerial excursions over the wooded countryside, I remarked on the absence of any burial grounds and that the word "death" had never been mentioned in our talks. Frank countered with: "How old are you, Arthur?"
~~~~~~~"48 years."
~~~~~~~"What is the normal life-span on Earth?"
~~~~~~~"70 - 100 years."
~~~~~~~"Then you will probably be surprised to learn I have seen over 800 summers and Frances over 650."
~~~~~~~"You must be joking!" I exclaimed.
~~~~~~~"Sickness and old age sap the vitality of the body and within 100 years, it dies." Frank shook his head. "Because we apply the knowledge of the Truth, we know nothing of sickness or old age. True, we finally leave our bodies, not because they are worn out but because our appointed time has come to transfer to another sphere of existence. But a few of us with special missions here, such as those with the required wisdom to govern our planet, may live on in perfect health for thousands of years!" I was left dumfounded at these remarks
which seemed more than my Earthly mind could absorb.
~~~~~~~And thus the periodic contacts with the Venusians continued, with information exchange and progress reports on my work on the Tesla devices passing between us until finally the great day arrived when Frank informed me that the Venusian Assembly had decided that the gift of Truth should be extended to me and through me, to the people of Earth. You may well imagine my excitement on learning that this great mystery was at last to be revealed to me! It was to take place, Frank said, at the Venusians most sacred shrine, the "Palace of Truth" and although he spoke of its great beauty, I was little prepared for the further wonders in store for a bewildered Earthling!
~~~~~~~First, I was taken to the edge of the cliffs where the river gathered for its final plunge and Frank led the way to a flight of spiralling steps carved out of the solid rock. We descended these steps which eventually entered the rock itself and we came out on to a small platform directly under the mighty waterfall which thundered down to the abyss. With a thrill of horror, I realized we were standing on top of one of the towering basalt columns and I admit I shook with fear. But Frank grasped my hand and led me to a further flight of spiralling steps. Down we went, sometimes passing close to the water whose roar grew louder as we descended, and sometimes passing through tunnels in the rock. Behind us there followed a seemingly endless line of figures. Finally we came to a great cave directly under the fall and the living rock trembled with the force of its tremendous impact. On we went until we passed through an arched opening and stood at last in the Palace of Truth! At the glory of the sight that met my eyes, I let out an involuntary cry of delight and amazement. We stood on a broad shelf of black basalt surrounding a great circular depression about 1000 ft. in diameter which was filled with a mass of colored water which surged and rippled like a sea of rainbows. A closer inspection revealed that it was in fact a floor of living crystal (See Chap. 4, Revelations) and looking up, I saw it was reflecting the underside of the great dome of water in the center of the pool below the waterfall. By some strange magic beyond my comprehension, the crystal lake held this mass of churning, multi-colored water suspended in mid-air, its under-surface reflecting a thousandfold. It was the most breathtakingly beautiful sight I had ever seen.
~~~~~~~While I had been absorbing the indescribably beauty of this natural kaleidoscope, the basalt shelf had been filling with the great company of people assembled for this meeting. Then Frank raised his hand in salute and spoke: "Friend from Earth, the glory you behold is our Palace of Truth and we have brought you here as a fitting place to reveal to you its secret. You have told us truly of the world in which you live and we are grieved at your story. Therefore we hope this revelation in time will lead to a great improvement in conditions on your planet. Make no mistake! We do not worship the Truth. We worship the One God Whom no man may know. As for the Truth, we know not from whence it comes -- only that it fills all space and permeates all things. It is no great mystery confined to our planet alone -- it is free for all to seek and use throughout the universe. You yourself have revealed that you have known the Truth for many years, but you have not recognized it as such. Did not you tell us that your friend, Tesla, had discovered and used the cosmic ray? This, my friend, is the Truth which we also call the Power of Life. It is the essence which animates all living things -- man, animal, vegetable and mineral. It is the vibration which responds to the mind and spirit of all life and once one has learned to use this great natural law wisely, one mind beholds another in all its truth, so that misunderstanding is impossible. Thus it is we are able to understand you when you speak your own language for we see not only the outer shell as you do, but the living mind within that shell. It is because of our understanding of the Truth that we enjoy long life in perfect
health, happiness and harmony, that we are able to construct and operate by pure thought our spacecraft and other technological wonders you have seen, erect beautiful dwellings with every comfort and convenience, transmute our planet into beauty and agricultural productivity, effect climate control and avert natural disasters -- in short, we have transformed our planet into a paradise. And all these things, my friend, may be achieved by the people of Earth if they learn to recognize and use the Truth!"
~~~~~~~I had listened in some surprise to learn that the Truth should be none other than the cosmic ray, which I knew something about, for Tesla had built his "Scope" and other wonderful inventions to utilize the power of this ray. I knew too, that more than a purely physical force was involved because in harnessing the cosmic ray, Tesla had discovered that it responded to mental vibrations.
~~~~~~~But one big question burned in my mind and I asked Frank: "But how can the people of Earth recognize this Truth?"
~~~~~~~"We do not see the Truth with the physical eye," he replied. "We see it with an inner eye that lies in the metaphysical area of the mind and which is opened up by spiritual development."
~~~~~~~"You seem to forget," I returned. "That most of us on Earth lack this special sixth sense which enables Venusians to visualize mental images produced by the Truth. You can tell a blind man of the light, but you cannot make him see!"
~~~~~~~"Arthur, this special faculty is not the exclusive possession of Venusians. It is common to all mankind -- inherent in life itself. For countless generations, your race has lived and died like men who bandage their eyes that they might not see the light! Listen carefully."
~~~~~~~And then in words so simple that the humblest person could understand, Frank revealed the secret whereby people of Earth -- if they choose to accept it -- can learn to develop this marvellous sixth sense and the full consciousness of Truth. In essence, it was nothing more or less than to carry out the philosophy of love of God and all His creatures, as taught by Jesus Christ, which in turn, would open up that special spiritual area of the mind to see the Truth!
~~~~~~~Then, in ringing tones that sounded like the clear notes of a bugle, Frank addressed me: "Go back to your Earth, Arthur, and tell its people of the things you have seen and the knowledge you have acquired."
~~~~~~~"But Frank!" I cried in an anguished voice, "although I shall speak the truth, few will believe me. Most will dismiss my words as, at best, a Utopian fantasy! Many will label me "crackpot" or worse!"
~~~~~~~Frank grasped my shoulders and spoke firmly. "Heed not the words of the foolish. Speak for those with sufficient wisdom to learn. If you only reach a few, your efforts and all the ridicule, will not have been in vain. Go forth with the Word, Arthur -- and God go with you."
~~~~~~~With these words still ringing in my ears, I found myself back in full consciousness on the landed X-12. As I prepared to depart, the beautiful woman of countless years rose from her blank screen and with a lovely smile, extended her hand in farewell. Later, from a distance, I watched the great ship rise silently and swiftly and take off into that summer's night of 1961.
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