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~~The Wall of Light ~ Part Two
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~~~~~~~~~~~~PART ONE ~ The Life of Tesla
~~~~.~~~ Foreword ~ by: Arthur Henry Matthews, E. E.
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Illustration . The Landing of the X-12 ~ April 1941
Illustration . Venus Space Ship X-12 ~ 700 feet wide
~~~~~~~~~~~~PART TWO
Chapter 1
~ The Wall of Light
Chapter 2
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. Tesla Scope 1898 ~ Communicate with Venus
. Tesla Scope 1967 ~ 6 feet long, 4 inches wide
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. Matthews published ~ Quebec City 1939
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ADDENDUM ~We Can See Without Eyes
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Tesla Transmitter built at Sanford payment for article ~January 24, 1935
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~We will give Tesla's idea to head off war publicity ~February 7, 1938
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Suggestion to National Research Council Canada ~June 25, 1940
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~National Research Council Canada found no use ~August 1, 1940
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
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Secretary of State of Canada
pMatthews Patent Application dealt without delay ~February 15, 1944
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Letter of thanks for Arthur Matthews kind words ~September 18, 1952
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Writer finds Tesla Coil and Return of the Dove ~June 22, 1971
Illustration by Arthur H. Matthews
~Enable Blind to See
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The Wall Of Light
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Articles of Interest
~~~~~~~The third visit of the great Space-Ship X-12 was a few days after Tesla died. Members of the crew had attended the funeral with over a thousand people some of whom had come from far off corners of the Earth to pay their last respects to the inventor of the 20th century.
~~~~~~~Frank said that he and Frances had been with Tesla a few days before he died, and that he had died a happy man. "And," said Frank with a smile, as he handed me a large envelope, "he told me to be sure to give you this. It contains some very important papers concerning the work which you must now continue alone." When Frank and I finished our talk about my work of the future, Frances said she had something to say. "Yes," said Frank, "Frances will give us a little lecture which could be a greater help to your world than all the inventions of man." Frances smiled, "I haven't very much to say but I am sure you will like this message which your old friend wrote only a few short days before he left this Earth."
~~~~~~~Frances then read this message, the last words of this great man who did so much for mankind:
The Wall of Light
Chapter 3
~~~~~~~"One of the most important facts in life, even
if we do not always see it, is that we live only one day! The human struggle is mostly for one day, we can not live to-morrow before it comes. If we can live consistently
for one day, we may hope to do the same the next, and the next, and so on to the end. A day has a rounded completeness; it is a little world of life. 'One day is like
to all days,' wrote Montaigne. 'He who has lived a day has lived an age,' said La Bruyere. 'Every day is a little life,' said another; 'those therefore that dare lose a day are dangerously prodigal; those that miss spend it desperate. As our habits, thoughts, words, and actions are on one day, of that same character they will most likely partake as day is added to day and goes on to make up the months and years. If we can get through one day without giving way to temptation, then come night and sleep, and to-morrow we start afresh for another period of hours in which to be strong and true. On this day then, we are each of us bound to begin by asking ourselves, 'Is my conscience void of offense both before God and man?'. 'Do I condemn myself in anything which I allow?' When I have been saying that as one day of our lives is, so will in all probability the rest be, I am only insisting on the blessing of being able to take each unit of our lives as it comes, and making the best of it, making it perfect, making it ideal. One day well spent is a pledge for those that are coming. Abraham Lincoln said, 'The struggle of to-day is not altogether for to-morrow; it is for the vast future also.' Every day is a gift I receive from heaven; let me enjoy to-day that which it bestows upon me; and tomorrow belongs to no one."
~~~~~~~End of Tesla's last words. May this message bring joy to every heart who reads it.
~~~~~~~Health is a mental condition, physical well being depends on one's mental condition. All bad habits, such as smoking, strong drink, drugs, etc. depend on a mental factor: a sick mind breeds a sick body. Bad habits indicate a sick mind and a sick physical condition, and when the majority of people suffer from bad habits the end result is a sick world; so said Tesla. And while we are on the subject of a sick world I would like to quote from a little book-
let by Perry F. Rockwood who has granted permit to copy. Mr. Rockwood has the same idea as Tesla and Frank, the people of Earth are wasting their time on rubbish and there is no time to waste. I quote in part -
~~~~~~~"The greatest peril to western civilization today is not from communism, but from the constant erosion of faith in God. Large numbers of supposedly religious people simply do not believe in God. The curse of our day that has brought about this faithless way of living is so-called evolution. Our young people are being taught by unscientific text-books about the biggest fraud ever brought into the class-rooms. And our young people, in order to be sophisticated, allow themselves to be brain-washed into thinking that there is no personal God who created this universe. This message is offered to those who are willing to think independently of archaic teaching that characterizes so many class-rooms today. Those who criticize the Bible the most read it the least, and know little or nothing about it.
~~~~~~~"WHAT is Science?" Can we improve upon the Dictionary's answer? 'Knowledge gained and verified by exact observation and correct thinking; especially as methodically formulated and arranged in a rational system.'
This definition takes you out of the realm of speculation. It disposes of such terms as 'theory' and 'hypothesis,' making them possible servants of Science, but never its synonyms. Science is the 'verification of knowledge by exact observation and correct thinking' and is the highest accomplishment of which the human mind is capable. Not every man, however, who cries 'Eureka' has found it. What is the Bible?
The Bible is the 'God-breathed' Book, written by holy men of God who spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost -----.
The remarkable evidence of the skepticism of this generation is that so many educated leaders and preachers are willing to throw away the fact of the Verbal Inspiration of the Bible. At the same time they try to tell us that God stimulated the thought of the Bible but did not determine the speech; that some parts of the Bible are literally true, and others only allegory or myth; that some are factual, others are fiction; that some are to be treated with credence, and others with criticism; that all must come to the test of one's inner consciousness or the logical processes of man's wisdom and, at that court, be either accepted or rejected. The Bible itself is God's special revelation to man and this revelation is truth absolutely. The pursuit of scientific research, on the other hand, can never achieve more than relative truth.
The growth of science is a history of constantly increasing knowledge resulting from human investigation or discovery. The Bible, on the other hand, bears eternal, absolute truth. The pages of scientific research are replete with examples of abandoned ideas, discarded theories, and repealed laws resulting from a continuous process of adapting earlier ideas to more recently discovered scientific data. The Bible is God's revelation and does not change with the changes of men. Evolution is a theory of a materialistic philosophy of life based upon suppositions, which have not been verified by science. Evolution is the foundation stone of communism, based upon the false theory of automatic and inevitable progress. It is the foundation stone of militarism based upon the concept of the survival of the fittest. Two world wars were the logical outcome of evolutionary teaching and we are now preparing for the next world war. Evolution is also the foundation stone of atheism based upon a materialistic concept of life. The word 'evolution' is often abused. The casual speaker talks of the 'evolution' of the telephone, the 'evolution' of the electric light, and other products of man's industry and intelligence. The proper word here is 'development.' All of these mechanical improvements came about because of direct supervision and control. Organic evolution in its simplest definition can be best expressed by the word transmutation. The theory admits of no active intelligence in control, and design is foreign to the entire process. Evolution is not scientifically possible. First, 'Acquired-characters' are not transmitted to or inherited by the offspring
as the evolutionists declare. The habit of foot binding, for example, common among Chinese women for centuries has not led to any inherited deformity of the foot. Our domestic chicken is a descendant of the Roman fowl and no essential change has taken place in 2000 generations of breeding." End of quote from the booklet of Perry F. Rockwood.
~~~~~~~If any one would sincerely like to know if they are standing on a sure foundation, I suggest they write for the booklet, for if you have been misled to believe in evolution, you are heading some place fast, but you can be sure it is not Heaven! or a "higher" level. It is your life, and you are free to do as you like with it. But, whatever you do, don't try to mix evolution with Divine Love. We either believe without question in the Bible, or we do not believe. To take a half-way stand is a lukewarm attitude and if you wish to know what that mans, read Revelation, Chapter 3.
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Venus Tesla Connection introduction ~ home page
.Margaret Storm~~.~loved Tesla
.Arthur H. Matthews~.knew Tesla
~~The Wall of Light ~ Part Two
~~~~~~Chapter 3 ~ page 52