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PART TWO ~ Chapter 4

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.Margaret Storm~~.~loved Tesla
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~~The Wall of Light ~ Part Two
~~~~~~Chapter 4 ~ page 55
~~~~~~~~~~~~PART ONE ~ The Life of Tesla
~~~~.~~~ Foreword ~ by: Arthur Henry Matthews, E. E.
Chapter 1
~ My Early Life ~ by: Nikola Tesla
Chapter 2
Chapter 3 ~ How Tesla Conceived the Rotary Magnetic Field
Chapter 4 ~ The Discovery of the Tesla Coil and Transformer
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Illustration . The Landing of the X-12 ~ April 1941
Illustration . Venus Space Ship X-12 ~ 700 feet wide
~~~~~~~~~~~~PART TWO
Chapter 1
~ The Wall of Light
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
. Tesla Scope 1898 ~ Communicate with Venus
. Tesla Scope 1967 ~ 6 feet long, 4 inches wide
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Chapter 6
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Illustration . The Silver Ball Time Machine
Illustration . The Giant Space Ship Glided Down
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. Tribute to Nikola Tesla ~ First published 1943
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. Tesla's Invention For Defense By Electrical Energy
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. Matthews published ~ Quebec City 1939
~~~~~~~~~~~~PART THREE
Chapter ..1 . The Wall of Light
Chapter ..2
ADDENDUM ~We Can See Without Eyes
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Tesla Transmitter built at Sanford payment for article ~January 24, 1935
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~We will give Tesla's idea to head off war publicity ~February 7, 1938
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Suggestion to National Research Council Canada ~June 25, 1940
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~National Research Council Canada found no use ~August 1, 1940
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Patent Office Canada Notice File Application ~February 8, 1944
Secretary of State of Canada
pMatthews Patent Application dealt without delay ~February 15, 1944
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Letter of thanks for Arthur Matthews kind words ~September 18, 1952
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Writer finds Tesla Coil and Return of the Dove ~June 22, 1971
Illustration by Arthur H. Matthews
~Enable Blind to See
Illustration by Arthur H. Matthews ~Tesla Turbine
Back Cover
Copyright ~ January 4, 1971
Composed ~ 1941 to 1970
Arthur Henry Matthews
Lac Beauport, P.Q. Canada
Included within January 4, 1971
The Wall Of Light
Articles by: Arthur H. Matthews
Nikola Tesla
Articles of Interest
~~~~~~~As I watched from a distance, the great X-12 rise silently and swiftly, and take off into the sky, I wondered exactly what the present day scientific knowledge concerning the "Cosmic Rays" amounted to. When Tesla first discovered them, way back in 1893, the scientific world laughed at him. They said no such rays existed! Tesla proved they did, that much is history. So today, due to the attitude of supposed scientific experts - who in reality are not truly scientific, for the truly scientific mind never doubts - very little is known about the subject, but some wise men have discovered that our atmosphere is continually being bombarded by atomic particles from outer space. These are known as "primary cosmic rays." These high speed particles are mostly said (by the above-named 'experts') to be protons, and they say that when these 'protons' go crashing through our atmosphere, they break up some of Earth's atoms, the particles of which are (so they say) called "secondary cosmic rays" - which statement, coming from doubters who said cosmic rays did not exist, is something to think about! They also say that both of these minute cosmic rays are extremely energetic and can enter and pass through almost any form of matter. Every minute thousands of them, pass through everything on Earth, including man. Our scientists admit that they do not know exactly where the primary cosmic rays come from. In my opinion the reason for their lack of knowledge is because they neglect to study the Bible! For in it is the place where Tesla first discovered them, 35 years before the scientific world "experts" thought maybe they might exist.
~~~~~~~The Great Nebula in Orion appears to the naked eye as only a single hazy star. But when viewed through a large telescope this great mystery of the heavens is revealed to be a tremendous cavern, perhaps nineteen trillion miles across. Our entire solar system would be lost therein - could not the cosmic rays come from there?
~~~~~~~After the great space ship left, I received many messages from its crew, but they did not return after, that last visit in 1961, until 1969. It was during the evening of January 21st, 1969 that a number of friends came to visit me, and if possible, listen to a message on the "Tesla-Scope." No sound was heard from it until around 10 p.m. after we had been talking for three hours; when the voice of Frank was heard very clearly, with the same old message, which I had received on the Scope, and recorded so many times since that first visit of the great X-12 in the spring of 1941. I will repeat this message for the benefit of those who may not have heard it (apart from the omission of certain personal messages connected mainly with my continued work for Tesla). The following is the message, which I first received in 1941, and which, in essence, has been repeated over the years; in fact it is the message which we can read in the Bible. However, this message which I have personally heard by means of the Tesla-Scope, from 1941 right up to recent months (1969) comes from real live persons, who say they are aboard a space craft, which they call the "X-12" - a mother ship. Here then, is the message: - "When you first receive this message, you will, like most Earth people, doubt. This is one of the strange things we find about the people of Earth, their continued doubting. They say they believe in God, but they doubt! They say God can cure their sickness and their troubles, but they doubt. Therefore, we expect you to doubt also. You will wonder if we really come from the planet Venus, do we come from outer space? And you will wonder how we are able to talk to you in your own language. We use English at this time because you, our friend Matthews, understand that
The Wall of Light
Chapter 4
language, but we have made a study of every language used by mankind. Actually, we would prefer to transmit our thoughts by the use of mental waves. As we look down on Earth, we note the greatest confusion and misunderstanding. Instead of acknowledging the One God and looking towards Him for enlightenment, we find you all over the Earth running hopelessly and helplessly in pursuit of many things you think will increase your personal happiness, and yet you wonder why you continue to suffer. We hear you, year after year, asking the same question, 'Why must we suffer?' 'Why do we still have wars, sickness, poverty, famine and death?' 'Why does pure joy always run away faster than we can so that we can never catch up with it?' The answers to these questions are to be found in the fact that instead of turning upwards to God, your thoughts are earthbound and you judge only by what you see in others around you, the vast majority of whom are sick, unhappy and full of bad habits, doubting the existence of the Supreme Being, and futilely, you follow the crowd. Your Earth is full of hate and misery, and this condition has come to be accepted as the rule for mankind on Earth. This is not how God intended life to be on your beautiful planet, but very few of you obey the law of God. Many of you attend some form of religious service on your Sundays, but how many Earth people carry out God's law in their everyday lives? We are amazed and saddened to find how much of your lives are devoted to inventing and using destructive machines with which you murder each other. We see you spending vast sums of money pretending to bring peace on Earth, when you should know that the only way of obtaining peace is free - through Christ: Love. There is no other way, so why waste your time and money?
~~~~~~~"We ask this question realizing that most Earth people have known for almost 2,000 years, that the only way to secure peace on Earth and goodwill towards your fellow men, is by following the teachings of Jesus Christ whom a God of love sent to your planet to bring spiritual enlightenment to mankind."
~~~~~~~"Therefore we can only sadly conclude that the people of Earth must be suffering from some form of mental sickness which can only BE CURED BY THE ADOPTION OF CHRIST'S PHILOSOPHY OF LOVE. You have heard all this before and much of what we say may fall on deaf ears, but our thoughts are directed to those few of the Earth people who have sufficient mental and common sense power to think clearly and to know right from wrong. These few have been placed among you to help others to live as God intended you to live, to think clearly and to know right from wrong, and to grow in a manner to be of service to the great, all-knowing, all-loving God, and to all His creatures. Your present behavior is the reason for the continued visits to Earth by those of the space people. It is our duty to warn you, remind you, that if you continue to refuse to obey the law of God, you will surely destroy yourselves, and we shall not have many people to pick up when the Earth is about to be destroyed. To help the people on Earth, we brought down one of our own to live among you. During a trip to Earth, a child was born on our space ship, which we call "The X-12". We landed our ship at midnight, on July 9, 1856 and we decided to leave this boy on your Earth. This boy was Nikola Tesla, we left him on your Earth in the hope that his higher mental power would enable him to help your world, which even then was torn by hate and war, to come out of the darkness into the light. During the years between 1856 and 1943, we landed many times on Earth, but we found no improvement there. At the death of Tesla in 1943, we landed again and attended his funeral. We were saddened to find that the Earth people had used the gifts of Tesla and other great inventors only to satisfy their greed and lust for power, that the same evil conditions existed on Earth and that its people continued to expend their energy on war and killing their own kind, which is contrary to God's law which clearly states, "Thou shalt not kill." These things are beyond our understanding, for Venus in all its history, has
never had war. We have but one purpose in life to serve God, and this we do with all our energy of body and mind, and because we do this, our mental power grows stronger with age. We remain in perfect health until the day we die. We enjoy perfect harmony, health, and happiness with our loved ones all the days of our lives. We have no place in our hearts for selfish desires because we know and believe that God's law is good and therefore we have no need of man-made laws. Lack of faith in God has left your Earth in the Dark Ages and you will never progress or know peace of mind, true happiness, and complete harmony until you learn to renew your faith and to become higher in your thinking and living than the crawling things, which you now appear to copy. To overcome hatred, and prevent wars, you must learn to remove every trace of national pride and racial discrimination, for there is, in fact, only one race of mankind whom God created. The truth of God's Law may be learned by all people on Earth. You have a book, probably the most important book in your history, called the Bible, which contains the truth for all those with eyes to see. It teaches the only way in which mankind should live, for the law of God is Love.
~~~~~~~"We suggest that you turn to the teaching of Christ for the only solution to all of Earth's problems. At present, the law of Earth men appears to be mainly one of hate, they are always fighting, and killing each other, war is murder. We of Venus do not understand how you can truly call yourselves 'Christians' for Christ taught only love. If you continue to make war, you will bring about the destruction of your planet, and in this regard, we refer you to the book of Isaiah. We have tried to talk to the people of Earth for many hundreds of years, but without good results. Some of our people landed on Earth thousands of years ago, as you may read in your Bible, which contains many references to the visits of space people to Earth.
~~~~~~~"We bring this same message to you in the hope that whoever receives it, will extend it word for word, to as many people on Earth as possible. You cannot receive our message on your regular radio systems, but we hope that others will give due honour to Tesla, and succeed in building his Scope, by means of which we can pass on our vital message in the dark days ahead. We cannot interfere with your destiny, which by God-given free will you have created for yourselves. "We can only hope that some of you will listen to Christ, asking God for wisdom. We have repeated this message for so many hundreds of years, can we ever hope to see the people of Earth learn and live by it?
~~~~~~~"You should. It is your only hope, your only salvation.
~~~~~~~End of message
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Venus Tesla Connection introduction ~ home page
.Margaret Storm~~.~loved Tesla
.Arthur H. Matthews~.knew Tesla
~~The Wall of Light ~ Part Two
~~~~~~Chapter 4 ~ page 55