The Wall of Light

PART TWO ~ Chapter 8

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.Margaret Storm~~.~loved Tesla
.Arthur H. Matthews~.knew Tesla
~~The Wall of Light ~ Part Two
~~~~~~Chapter 8 ~ page 69
~~~~~~~~~~~~PART ONE ~ The Life of Tesla
~~~~.~~~ Foreword ~ by: Arthur Henry Matthews, E. E.
Chapter 1
~ My Early Life ~ by: Nikola Tesla
Chapter 2
Chapter 3 ~ How Tesla Conceived the Rotary Magnetic Field
Chapter 4 ~ The Discovery of the Tesla Coil and Transformer
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Illustration . The Landing of the X-12 ~ April 1941
Illustration . Venus Space Ship X-12 ~ 700 feet wide
~~~~~~~~~~~~PART TWO
Chapter 1
~ The Wall of Light
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
. Tesla Scope 1898 ~ Communicate with Venus
. Tesla Scope 1967 ~ 6 feet long, 4 inches wide
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Illustration . The Silver Ball Time Machine
Illustration . The Giant Space Ship Glided Down
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Illustration . The Machine ~ Gold From Mars
Illustration . Built by Tesla 1917 Space Ship
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
. Tribute to Nikola Tesla ~ First published 1943
Chapter 13
. Tesla's Invention For Defense By Electrical Energy
Chapter 14
. Matthews published ~ Quebec City 1939
~~~~~~~~~~~~PART THREE
Chapter ..1 . The Wall of Light
Chapter ..2
ADDENDUM ~We Can See Without Eyes
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Tesla Transmitter built at Sanford payment for article ~January 24, 1935
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~We will give Tesla's idea to head off war publicity ~February 7, 1938
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Suggestion to National Research Council Canada ~June 25, 1940
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~National Research Council Canada found no use ~August 1, 1940
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Patent Office Canada Notice File Application ~February 8, 1944
Secretary of State of Canada
pMatthews Patent Application dealt without delay ~February 15, 1944
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Letter of thanks for Arthur Matthews kind words ~September 18, 1952
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Writer finds Tesla Coil and Return of the Dove ~June 22, 1971
Illustration by Arthur H. Matthews
~Enable Blind to See
Illustration by Arthur H. Matthews ~Tesla Turbine
Back Cover
Copyright ~ January 4, 1971
Composed ~ 1941 to 1970
Arthur Henry Matthews
Lac Beauport, P.Q. Canada
Included within January 4, 1971
The Wall Of Light
Articles by: Arthur H. Matthews
Nikola Tesla
Articles of Interest
~~~~~~~After the great X-12 had left Lac Beauport on that cold morning of 1969, Frank sent the following message which I received on the Tesla-Scope:
~~~~~~~"The people of your world are on the verge of being wiped out by a cataclysm, as the result of the approaching Armageddon, whereby combatants and civilians alike will be blotted from the face of the Earth if something is not done to stop the present methods of evil and hate, which appear to be spreading all over the Earth!
~~~~~~~"Only sensible recognition of all national and individual rights of all people, and the right of all people to live in accordance with God's law will avert this cataclysm.
~~~~~~~"The wholesale building of destructive engines of war will not save the world; and is only the method of lunatics who have lost faith in God. It is the right and duty of all sane thinking people to deliberately and definitely think of Him, and peace. All of the people on Earth, each one of you, will be responsible for every life lost. It is not so much of what you do, but that which you do not do - for good, as you may read in the third chapter of Revelation. Each one of you will be held responsible if you do not do your utmost to prevent hate, or war. Engines of war, which is murder, are not required to prevent war. If you expect God to help, you must keep His law. If you keep that thought in mind, your problem will be solved. But to have peace, we must have peace in our hearts, for that which we receive is the reflection of our own desire, even if we do not know it. No one can deceive God because He can see into our hearts. In the past, from that which we see of you, the world has always been ready to blame God, or bad luck, or even to say 'There is no God' because He did not prevent sickness, death, and war, or to save you from the results of your sins. How can you expect Him to help you, when you only pretend to keep His rules or to even say that He did not give you enough strength to keep them?
~~~~~~~"Therefore the answer to all of your problems is to be honest with yourself, give up your foolish lust for personal wealth and power. Take a look at your history, where are all the great people? Where are your war lords? You know the answer. Is there any future for all those dead Earth people? Did they take their silly power and false pride with them? Was their lust for power
~~~~~~~"If the millions of people on Earth were to wake up and put Christian leaders to govern them, using only the law of God, the results would be peace and happiness for all.
~~~~~~~According to the sixth commandment, "Thou shalt not kill." The true meaning of this has been rendered by Christ in His Sermon on the Mount, which you may read in the book of Matthew, Chapters 5, 6, 7. Some people try to make themselves believe they are not guilty of murder, because they have their own personal meaning of the law. Blinding yourself to the truth does not make you one bit less guilty. Entering into, or encouraging of wars, or the envy of others, to hate or to dislike, to control by the force of will, to hunt for sport, to kill anything, to destroy any good desire on the part of any one, it is all murder. As Christ said, angry and evil passions are the seeds of
The Wall of Light
Chapter 8
murder. Cain first envied his brother, and after that he murdered him. The Pharisees first hated Christ, and after that they were the means of His being put to death. Christ our Saviour not only did not go about wounding and injuring men, and putting them to death, but He went about befriending them, and doing them good, and we must, according to our opportunity, go and do likewise.
~~~~~~~"Let us all reflect also, that when one thing is forbidden in scripture (and common sense), the thing contrary to it may be considered a command, in other words do the positive. 'Love worketh no ill to his neighbor', therefore love is the fulfilling of the law. Do we then feel a tender concern never to hurt any one by word or deed? Do all Earth people consider it as a part of their business in life to support the weak, to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, according to each ones ability, and also to comfort them that are afflicted, to heal the wounds which others give, and to all without thought of receiving thanks, and to remember that our own neighbor does not mean just our own kind, our own race, colour or country? It is a silly excuse to say we go to war because we must have more territory, for expansion; no country needs expansion. Your Earth is supposed to be free to all who wish to live in peace and good will."
~~~~~~~End of Message.
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Venus Tesla Connection introduction ~ home page
.Margaret Storm~~.~loved Tesla
.Arthur H. Matthews~.knew Tesla
~~The Wall of Light ~ Part Two
~~~~~~Chapter 8 ~ page 69