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~~~~~~~Some weeks, after receiving the message from Frank, which he sent to me soon after the great X-12 had left me on that cold Christmas morning of 1969, I again heard the alarm sound on the Tesla Scope. Another message, I thought. Yes, sure enough, it was Frank. This time with a startling suggestion, to use his own words. "I wish to suggest that you come with us, on our next trip to the planet Mars! If you agree, we shall come for you sometime around March 9th."
~~~~~~~End of message.
~~~~~~~A trip to the planet Mars! The mystery planet was there life as we know it on the "Red" planet? Frank did not mention anything about special equipment, no doubt he would supply it if it was required. Of course, I asked myself a lot of questions. Mars was far away. We knew now that man could go into space, because just recently a man had landed, and walked on the Moon! Not so far away from Earth as the red planet, it at least proved the possibility of going to the other planets at some future time, but it will need something far better than a rocket! So during the weeks that passed, I did a great deal of thinking, and managed to make up my mind to accept Frank's invitation. The only things I knew about Mars were all pure theory, no one on Earth could be sure of anything concerning anything outside of our world, and after all, we did not know all, or everything about our own Earth! At last, March 8th came and with it, my long wait for news from Frank.
~~~~~~~Perhaps you are wondering what kind of ship we had? No need to wonder, it was the Venus Space-Ship X-12. Frank had long ago suggested that we might pay a visit to Mars. March 9th turned out to be an almost perfect day for take-off. I waited for the alarm to sound on the Tesla-Scope, again I had no sleep during the night of March 8th, but at last the alarm sounded at around 2 A.M. I again ran outside, in the hope I might see it landing, but there it was, at the same spot. I walked up to the door where I was welcomed by Frank and his charming companion, Frances. "Welcome old chap," they said. "This will make history for you," said Frank. "Yes, indeed," I replied, "Mars has always been an interesting subject, but few if any Earth people believe there is life, as we know it, on that planet." "Wait until you arrive there," said Frank. In the meantime, the great X-12 was far above Earth, which now appeared as a beautiful star, from so far away. The X-12 picked up speed, What speed! No Earth man can imagine, contrary to all Earth-science theory, the X-12 at such a speed, should have been completely destroyed, for it was moving 27 times the speed of light! At this speed we should reach Mars in about one-hour, allowing for slow-down at the half-way mark, and the landing. It was around 4 A.M., Earth time, that we landed on the surface of Mars. Naturally, I was tremendously excited. I had looked forward to a possible trip to the red planet ever since our first visit to Venus on the X-12. Now here was I standing on the surface of this mystery! What next?" I asked myself. As Frank opened the door, he told me to "go ahead Arthur, step out. You have the honour of being the first Earth man, since Adam left here, to walk on Mars." "But," I asked, "will I be able to breathe? What kind of air is it?" I soon found out, yes, it was good air, better than on Earth, here so far there was no smell of smoke; yes, it was clean fresh air. I felt no discomfort, Frank and Frances followed closely behind me, and we walked towards a large group of rocks, but what rocks! Some of them were about 45 feet in diameter, and thousands of them covered that which appeared to be, otherwise, a large field, and in the far distance were a range of hills. We walked up to the nearest large rock, which appeared to be almost jet black. Frank scraped away a layer of soft Earth, and by so doing,
The Wall of Light
Chapter 9
disclosed something bright. "What is it?" I asked. "Looks like gold," replied Frank."Gold!" I exclaimed. "Yes," said Frank, "it is pure gold, but to be sure, let us test it, shall we?" Of course I agreed, so we returned to the X-12 and obtained a test out-fit, something like the Tesla-Bridge, with which we soon proved the rock to be pure gold!
~~~~~~~We then made a test of all the nearby rocks, and to our surprise, and delight all of the rocks in the field were indeed, solid gold. "Well", I remarked, "if we could bring that one big rock to Earth, we would be the richest people on our world. There is more gold in that one rock (pointing to the 45 foot high monster) than in all of our world!" "O.K." said Frank with a grin, "So you wish to bring this rock to Earth?" "Yes," I replied, "if it could be done, but as you know, it is not possible." "I do not know any such thing", answered Frank. "It is not only possible to transport all of this gold to Earth, but I will prove it to you!" "Well Frank," I said, "I have every reason to believe you, but it is beyond my understanding, at the moment, just how you can do this. That is to move this heavy mass, which must weigh many times more than your great X-12. I cannot imagine how you can even place it into your ship. How long it will require to break it into pieces small enough to lift into your ship, even if you do lift them with a hoist through the hatch." Frank laughed, "No my dear Arthur, we will not move one piece either by hand or with our hoist. We shall first return to Earth, and then, if you still desire to be the richest man on Earth, we will bring it right into your field, without lifting one ounce. .....
~~~~~~~"In the meantime, let us have a look around this planet." I was amazed at what Frank had told me, but knowing of the many wonders which I had already seen, not only on this great space ship, but also on Venus, I knew that any thing Frank said was possible. So, I agreed that we should take a look around this planet, which I, at least, knew nothing about, except the little information from our Earth scientists, which they thought they saw by means of a very distant view, through a system of lens. Because of what they thought they saw, we were taught (on Earth) that life as we knew it could not exist on Mars, because, so they said, humans could not breathe the air, and so many other reasons, none of which could be proved. The findings of these Earth scientists was all based on theory, of course, which could never be proved from a distance of millions of miles. Why, they were even mistaken in their findings about the Moon which is only roughly 240,000 miles away! Well, be that as it may, and to prove that the Earth scientists were all wrong, here was I walking on the surface of Mars, without any special equipment, breathing the air, and so far, meeting no monsters. The place at which the X-12 had landed was almost level, except for these large rocks and the distant hills, which looked exactly the same as the hills we see around Canada.
~~~~~~~The nearby ground was covered with a deep green moss, which was very pretty; here and there were bushes, and a few large trees, which appeared to be some type of oak. It was a clear day, this early morning, a few birds appeared, small and very pretty blue birds, they were not at all shy, and came close to us as we walked towards the hills.
~~~~~~~"Will we meet any of those people we read so much about?" I asked, "mechanical men, with queer long legs?" Frank laughed. "Yes, those queer ideas were invented by Earth persons who do not believe in the Bible story of creation. Otherwise, if they used their heads and believed, they would not think of such nonsense. For as you know, 'God made mankind in His likeness.' Surely," Frank went on to say, "there can be but one likeness of God, therefore, if there are beings on this planet Mars, and other planets, they will be like you and me,
naturally of many sizes and many colours. But of course; we people of Venus have been on Mars many times in the past, therefore we know there are real people of flesh and blood on this world, and I feel sure we shall meet some very soon, not far from those hills which we see in the distance. "Are they friendly?" I asked. "Yes," said Frank, "as friendly as you are. Love reflects love, on Mars as anywhere else."
~~~~~~~We had been getting nearer to the hills as we walked along, and soon approached another group of large rocks which looked very much the same as the 'gold' ones, and there we saw in the distance that which appeared to be a town. Sure enough, as we got nearer we could make out buildings. These were not like those on Venus, but appeared to be more like our buildings on Earth, all shapes and sizes, but no roads until we came almost within this town, which was now about one mile away. I asked Frank about the roads. "The people here," he said, "have no use for roads, which as you know are a great danger on your Earth. You will find good roads within the towns, but as you will see in a moment, they have no need for any roads between towns."
~~~~~~~Then I noticed that which appeared to be a car coming towards us. As it came near, I saw there were six persons in it. The car appeared to glide a few inches above the ground, it had no wheels. As the car came within reach, I noted the persons in it were all dressed in silk-looking clothes. I could not tell if they were men or women; none of the six had any form of head covering. The car came up to us and the six persons got out and walked up to us, each of them with a bright smile. They all held up their hands with the palms outward, and sent us a mental message of welcome. "Welcome to Frank and Frances of Venus, and to you Stranger." Frank quickly made us acquainted. "This is our friend Arthur," he said, "from the planet Earth. Arthur is interested in the field of black rocks, and would like to know if he may take some of them to Earth." The six burst out laughing. "Surely," the mental message came, "Earth Man Arthur is welcome to all those black rocks." "Thank you, kind friends," said Frank, "on behalf of our friend Arthur".
~~~~~~~The six Martians then invited us into their car, we all got in and drove towards the town, the car rode perfectly smoothly without any noise! It appeared to glide over the ground. In a few moments, we were in the town, which Frank said was named "The City of Light". Our car came to a stop, and we all got out. Frank said, "Every one walks in the city". The roads were simply beautiful. The six Martians led us into a chorus hall, where I was told the people remain for hours, even days and weeks in these halls, which fill the city, listening in a sort of stupor or trance to beautiful music; for music is the one great recreation of the Martians. It would appear that gradually, under the influence of this musical immersion, a mentality seems developed, and the soul moves out of the concourse of listening souls, moved by a desire to do something, into the streets of the city.
~~~~~~~The Martians call this 'the Act Impulse'. From that time on the soul rushes, as it were, to its natural occupation. Its mentality, aroused by music, becomes full of some sort of aptitude, and it enters the avenues of its harmonious activity as easily, as quickly, as justly as the growing flower turns toward the Sun wherever it may be. Let me present to you the curious scene my eyes saw as we sat in the great Chorus Hall. I say my eyes. It is hard perhaps for you to realize what an organ can be in a creature, so apparently, as we are, little more than gaseous condensations.
~~~~~~~You have seen faces and forms in clouds. How often have we watched their changing. It is the same way with Martian music. I seemed to be in a great
alabaster cage enormously large and very beautiful. Its shining walls rose from the ground and at a great height arched together. The front was a network of sculpture, it held the rising rows of what seemed like ivory chairs on which the motionless white, and radiant assemblage were seated. The whole place glowed, and this glow prevails throughout the City of Light. The music came from a wonderful array of beings seated all around the great hall. I could almost see the music, as if it was truly formed like clouds. After remaining a long time in the chorus hall, Frank said that due to our limited time, we had best move on, so we left the solemn, swaying music and stepped out upon the broad steps which face the city. We stood amid a colonnade of arches; the white shining columns rose around us to the high shining roof, before us a long descent of steps, and beyond us and around on a softly swelling eminence was spread the City of Light. It was a marvelous picture.
~~~~~~~The City of Light is simple and monotonous in architecture, but its composition and its radiance quite surpass any earthly conception. The buildings are all domed and stand in squares which are filled with fruit trees, low bush like spreading plants, bearing white pendant lily-like flowers or pink button shaped florets like almonds. Each building is square, with a portico of columns placed on rising steps, a pair of columns to each step. Vines wind around the columns, cross from one line of columns to another and form above a tracery of green fronds bearing red flowers; a sort of trumpet honeysuckle. The walls of the buildings are pierced on all sides with broad windows, filled it seemed, with an opalescent glass. Avenues opened in all directions, lined on both sides with these wonderful houses, which appear to be made of a peculiar stone, veined intermittently with yellow, which has the property of absorbing and emitting light. Another strange feature in these Martian houses was the hollow sphere of glass upheld above each house. It is a sphere some six feet in diameter made up of lenses, enclosing a space in the center of which is a ball of the phosphorescent store. During the day, the rays of the Sun are concentrated upon this ball of stone, and at night, the stored-up sunlight (energy) is radiated into light and heat.
~~~~~~~It was the close of a Martian day that we left the chorus hall. As we emerged, as I said before, upon the broad platform with its colonnade of columns and arches we saw the city as the night drew on. Each house built of this strange substance, which during the day had been storing up the Sun energy, now, as the fading day waned, became a center of light itself. At first, a glow covered the sides of the houses, the colonnade and dome, while the glass prisms above them sent out rays from their seat of stored up energy. The glow spread, rising from the outskirts of the city in the lower grounds to the summits of the hills where the Sun's last rays lingered. It became intensified. The green beds of trees were black squares and the houses, pulsating fabrics of light between them. The whole finally blended and a sea of radiance was before me in which the beautiful houses were described, the illuminated groves, and like enormous scintillations, the glassy spheres above them. As the night settled down the light grew more intense, more beautiful. I could discern the opalescent glasses in the houses sending out their parti-colored rays, patching the trees with quilts of changing colours, and far away there came, still unsubdued by night, the continuous elation of music.
~~~~~~~So, we went down the steps into the city, and as we walked I asked Frank to tell me something of the Martian world. "The Martian World," said Frank, "is one country, very much like Venus. There are here no nationalities. The center of the country is in the City of Scandor, quite removed from the City of Light. Business is carried on as with you on Earth, but its nature and its physical elements vary. As you will see, there is a circulating medium, banks and business enterprises. One prime element of difference is in the nourish-
ment and the area of population. The Martian lives only on fruit, and he lives only a few degrees on either side of the Equator. All the businesses that in your Earth arise from the preparation and sale of meat, and all the various confections disappear here, and also all the mechanism of house heating and lighting. There are no highways, no railroads, but many canals, which form a labyrinth of waterways, and are fed from the tides of the great northern and southern seas. The business is largely agricultural, but in the cities the pursuit of knowledge still continues. There is, however, on Mars a much lessened intellectual activity than on the Earth. It is a sphere of simplified needs and primal feelings exalted by acutely developed love of Music. Mars is the Music planet."
~~~~~~~We now approached the top of the broad hill on which the City is built, and came suddenly out into a square filled again in its park-like center with trees. From amid these trees rose a massive building, which I recognized as an observatory. The many round domes, as on Earth, were unmistakable. We entered the building and found that it was illuminated by its phosphori-glass walls, and its cool broad halls and stairways were, in the soft light, very beautiful. But, their wonderfulness consisted in the insertion upon the walls of illuminated plans and maps of the heavens. These miniature firmaments were all afire, so that each opening, carefully graded in size to represent stars of the first, second or third magnitude, was filled with a beaming point of light, and I walked in these noble corridors between reduced patterns of the universe of stars. We now reached the ascending stairway which we walked up slowly, past great celestial spheres which filled the higher hallways. We entered a large central space, furnished with ivory chairs, and a broad massive center table, also of ivory, curiously inlaid with particles of the strange rock which gave out a liquid light and imparted indescribable beauty to the carved ornaments upon them. The floor was dark, a leaden colour, lustrous, however, like black glass and made up in mosaic. Around the room were alcoves lit by lamps of the 'light' rock, and in each alcove a glove of a blue metal upon which were painted sketches like charts or maps. A chandelier of this blue metal was pendant from the ceiling, and in its cup-like extremities, arranged in vertical tiers, were round balls of the 'light-rock' glowing softly.
~~~~~~~Wide windows, unprotected by glass or sashes, just embrasures framed in white stone which everywhere prevails in Mars, looked out upon the marvelous City, which thus seemed a lake of glowing fires, over which, rising and refluent waves of light constantly chased each other to its dark borders, where the surrounding plain country met the City's edges. The walls of this beautiful room rose to an arched ceiling which was inlaid with this wonderful blue metal, seen in the globes, designed in scrolls and waving ribbons, and just descending upon the walls, themselves in attenuated twigs and strings. The walls were bare and shining. How thrilled and awe-struck I became as I gazed around me, so many wonders on this planet and so little time to see it; we must move on.
~~~~~~~We left this wonderful building and made our way towards the "Garden Fountains," which I was told lies over toward the great Halls of Philosophy, Design and Invention, whose domes and temple-pointed roofs of copper and blue metal I could easily discern. It covers over half a square mile of space. It is supplied with water from an enormous lake resting in the hollow of an extinct volcano, fifty miles to the east of the City of Light, at an elevation of 5,000 feet. A great conduit or water pipe, as we would say, conveys the water to the garden. The Garden is built actually upon piers of concrete and stone, connected by arches of brick, and through the subterranean chambers thus formed, the division of the streams is made, and there controlled. The whole
was designed by the great Martian artist, Hinudi. The garden is approached through a labyrinthine avenue made up of Palms, which on that side of the city seem to be plentiful and over these palms, in extraordinary profusion, the vines of the red flowered honeysuckle. You cannot see beyond the wall of green on either side in this winding way, and only as you gaze upward does the eye escape the imprisonment of its surroundings, where above the waving summits of the palms you see a lane of the bluest sky.
~~~~~~~As you draw near to the end of this oscillating road, into the garden, the splash and roar of falling waters invades your retreat. And then suddenly as if a curtain had arisen or dropped to the ground, you emerge upon a great marble terrace of steps and before you is spread a forest of geysers distributed in entrancing vistas in a lake of tumbling and scintillating waters. The scene is amazing and transporting. Rushing jets of water are enclosed in hollow pillars of glass, whose lines are ravishingly combined in the separate clusters of fountains. The heights of these fountains vary from 160 to 200 feet, and they are arranged in a peculiar disorder, which however, conforms to an elaborate plan. The water rises in these colored tubes in green columns, then breaks into sheets and bubble-laden cataracts of spray above them, pouring far outward like blazing showers of little lamps in the full sunlight. Many of the tubes are inclined, and the ejected shafts of water collide above them, producing explosive clouds of shattered vesicles of moisture that float off or drop in miniature rains over the lake. It made a bewildering picture. The exposure of water in the great lake which holds these fountains is broken with waves and the tempestuous scene with the constant excitement of the rising and flowing avalanches of water creates feelings of abounding wonder. The marble steps extend around the lake, and behind them on all sides rises the wall of the palms, beaten into motion by the wind blowing ceaselessly.
~~~~~~~Frank decided it was time for us to get back to the X-12. We bid good-bye to the six who had first met us, and also to a great number of others as we walked the beautiful streets in this wonderful City of Light. Back on board the X-12, on our long TRIP BACK TO EARTH THE QUESTION IN MY MIND WAS THE GOLD ROCKS which the Martians said we could have. I was wondering, would we be coming back to Mars soon? And in what manner Frank would place that heavy gold in the X-12.
~~~~~~~To my question Frank said "Think well about this large amount of gold. Will having all that in your possession keep you happy and in good health? Do you know anyone on Earth who has millions of dollars who is truly happy, healthy and well? Consider it well my friend. The gold is yours if you wish to have it, but in my opinion, nothing can replace your present well being, your good health, and the joy you share with others. Therefore, I want you to think the matter over until we arrive near to Earth. Then, and only then, give me your answer." Frank then left me to my thoughts while he went about the great ship. It required deep thought. Few, if any, Earth men had seen even one-thousandth part of the amount of gold in that big rock. As the owner of it, I would be the richest man on Earth. Did I really wish to be that rich? I will not trouble you with all my thoughts, except to say that I came to the conclusion not to have the gold!
~~~~~~~When we came within a few miles of the Earth, Frank and Frances came to talk with me. "Well," asked Frank, "have you made up your mind? Do you, or do you not, want that gold?" In reply, I found it hard at first, but managed to say, "No, Frank, I do not want that gold, but I would like you to tell me how you expected to bring it to Earth, if I had said yes?" Frank said "Good thinking Arthur, we are very pleased to hear you say that you do not want the
gold, as for the means by which we can bring the gold to Earth, if you desire I will show you. As it is still daylight, we will remain at this level, and during our wait, which will be several hours, we might just as well set up our machine, by which we can transport the gold of Mars right on to your property." Frank grinned at me as we walked into the workshop on, the second level of the X-12. "In this manner I will show you that which I intended to do, if it was your wish to have all that gold, however we are more than pleased to know that you do not want it. But we shall, if you like, transport just a little of that gold, to prove to you that we could, if it was your desire, place all of it right in your field!" Frank gathered together an assortment of things, tools and materials, electrical parts, wire, condensers, etc., and with all these things, I helped Frank to build a machine, a queer, looking thing, which I thought was a very large high-frequency generator, until Frank enlightened me to what it really was. "This," said Frank, "is the Tesla method of developing a microwave of great power. Thousands of electrical horse-power is by this means built into a tiny beam, of less than one degree in diameter. By the power which we have on the X-12 we shall operate this machine, when we land on your property.
~~~~~~~The tiny wave, or ray, developed will be directed exactly to hit the desired rock of gold. This gold rock, now located on the planet Mars, will be our positive pole, then by means of this Tesla device the power ray, or beam, will be reflected from the gold rock, that is the positive atoms, and directed towards this negative pole. The gold is now broken up into its microscopic elements and becomes united with the elements of the micro-wave and thus carried to the negative pole by means of the reflective elements of the power ray. The Tesla device is therefore a practical method of transmutation of solids, that is the extracting ore or metal from a distant body without intervening physical means." By the time, we had completed the machine, it was late evening, the X-12 completed the trip, and we landed around 10 P.M. We set up the machine in our field, beside the X-12.
~~~~~~~Frank applied the power and directed the Ray so that it would hit the gold rock on Mars, then driven by accurate clock work, the wave could be depended upon to retain the proper direction, when once set. The ray was thus aimed directly, as I have said, at the large rock of pure gold. With breathless interest, I watched the proceedings of rank. The strain upon my poor nerves was such as could not have been born for many hours at a stretch! When everything had been adjusted to his satisfaction, Frank stepped back, and pressed a lever. the powerful atomic engine, which he had built a few hours ago, instantly responded. "The beam is set exactly in the center of the large gold rock," said Frank. Then we waited; a minute elapsed, two minutes! I could hear the beating of my heart - the engine shook the ground - three minutes! Four minutes! We were like statues with eyes fixed on the polished ball of silver, supported by means of a high metal frame-work, which had a polished rod curved over the top like a crane. This was in fact the pole from which the energy was transmitted to the golden rock on Mars. Five minutes! "At last!" I shouted. "Look! Look!"
~~~~~~~The shining ball had become a confused blue in colour, and I violently winked to clear my eyes. "At last!" The silver knob again changed colour, what seemed like a miniature rainbow surrounded it with concentric circles of blinding brilliance. Then something dropped flashing into a dish set beneath the ball, another, and another, glittering drop followed, and another, almost before a word could be spoken the drops had coalesced and become a tiny stream, which as it fell, twisted itself into a bright spiral, gleaming with many shifting hues, then overflowing from the dish. The tiny stream gradually grew in size, faster and yet faster it flowed, an interlacing maze of rings. After the
five minute start, we timed the flow at One-Ounce per minute. Frank said this could be speeded up to a much greater amount. Frank let the machine operate for another minute, then turned off the power and we placed the parts of this wonderful machine into the X-12. Frank and Frances bid me good-bye with the promise of returning soon.
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