The Wall of Light

PART TWO ~ Chapter 14

Copy of my notice published in Quebec City
Newspaper, January 2, 1939

Page 93

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.Margaret Storm~~.~loved Tesla
.Arthur H. Matthews~.knew Tesla
~~The Wall of Light ~ Part Two
~~~~~Chapter 14 ~ page 93
~~~~~~~~~~~~PART ONE ~ The Life of Tesla
~~~~.~~~ Foreword ~ by: Arthur Henry Matthews, E. E.
Chapter 1
~ My Early Life ~ by: Nikola Tesla
Chapter 2
Chapter 3 ~ How Tesla Conceived the Rotary Magnetic Field
Chapter 4 ~ The Discovery of the Tesla Coil and Transformer
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Illustration . The Landing of the X-12 ~ April 1941
Illustration . Venus Space Ship X-12 ~ 700 feet wide
~~~~~~~~~~~~PART TWO
Chapter 1
~ The Wall of Light
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
. Tesla Scope 1898 ~ Communicate with Venus
. Tesla Scope 1967 ~ 6 feet long, 4 inches wide
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Illustration . The Silver Ball Time Machine
Illustration . The Giant Space Ship Glided Down
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Illustration . The Machine ~ Gold From Mars
Illustration . Built by Tesla 1917 Space Ship
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12 . Tribute to Nikola Tesla ~ First published 1943
Chapter 13 . Tesla's Invention For Defense By Electrical Energy
Chapter 14 . Matthews published ~ Quebec City 1939
~~~~~~~~~~~~PART THREE
Chapter ..1 . The Wall of Light
Chapter ..2
ADDENDUM ~We Can See Without Eyes
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Tesla Transmitter built at Sanford payment for article ~January 24, 1935
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~We will give Tesla's idea to head off war publicity ~February 7, 1938
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Suggestion to National Research Council Canada ~June 25, 1940
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~National Research Council Canada found no use ~August 1, 1940
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Patent Office Canada Notice File Application ~February 8, 1944
Secretary of State of Canada
pMatthews Patent Application dealt without delay ~February 15, 1944
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Letter of thanks for Arthur Matthews kind words ~September 18, 1952
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Writer finds Tesla Coil and Return of the Dove ~June 22, 1971
Illustration by Arthur H. Matthews
~Enable Blind to See
Illustration by Arthur H. Matthews ~Tesla Turbine
Back Cover
Copyright ~ January 4, 1971
Composed ~ 1941 to 1970
Arthur Henry Matthews
Lac Beauport, P.Q. Canada
Included within January 4, 1971
The Wall Of Light
Articles by: Arthur H. Matthews
Nikola Tesla
Articles of Interest
~~~~~~~"Concerning the strange Air-Craft which appeared at Lake Beauport, Quebec, Canada, at 2 O'Clock in the morning of Tuesday, December 27th, 1937, the drawings shown are made from marks left on the snow, by a very large object, which for the want of a better word, I name an "Air-Craft". Because of the all too brief a glimpse, which I had of the strange craft (and almost total darkness), my description is mostly surmise. But the size of the machine is based on actual measurements taken immediately after it's departure. It is possible the machine is an experimental Blimp, or Air-Ship, that is in fact one reasonable explanation, which, however, does not explain it's speed, lack of noise, or the mysterious power which can make people unconscious at a distance! Another explanation of the craft, which is not so feasible, is that it comes from outer space, perhaps the planet Mars, or Venus! CERTAINLY it's mode of propulsion must be new, otherwise the craft would have been detected by the sound of the usual motors or jets as used on our air-craft. The only reason, which made me aware of it, is the fact that I have erected on my property; a Tesla Intruder Alarm. This instrument, which I have built from information outlined by Dr. Tesla, detects the intrusion of any object which comes within it's working radius, which is adjustable to close range, or a great distance. My present testing apparatus consists of a 75 foot pale, on which is fastened a metal plate, the surface of which is sensitized, and by means of an amplifier and conductors, any heat impulse of an object within it's range, is recorded in my laboratory, where it is again amplified and relayed to the alarm system. The most important feature of the system, is however, an ultra-high-frequency wave detector (also a Tesla invention), which is maintained in a poise in relation to normal surroundings, this also by means of a system of relays and amplifiers - sounds and records an alarm, if anything comes within it's range.
~~~~~~~"Therefore in the early hours of last Tuesday morning, my alarm sounded, (and under normal conditions I would have awakened, but I was in profound sleep, induced by over-work) and I became aware of some disturbance only by degrees, and when I actually woke the alarm was not sounding, but heard the strange sound which I thought came from the Radio, but after a careful inspection of my alarm system, I found it had been in operation between two and two thirty, and the reason I did not hear the alarm was an important part was fused, as if by a powerful current, evidence of some strange force on the mystery craft. This could be a new development of a foreign country or something from outer space! If this can be used beyond the range of our weapons, it would place us at the mercy of any country who had it, a small force in a space flyer would make armed resistance futile.
~~~~~~~"Perhaps the oldest known records of space ships is found in the Hindu Classics Hamayana and Maha Bharata of Ancient India, while the Annals of Thutmose III of Ancient Egypt (1504-1450 B.C.) which are in the Vatican, give many stories of "Fire-Circles." There is also a space ship mentioned in Henry VI, Part 3, Act 2, Scene l, by Shakespeare, and if one has the time to look through many other old dusty books, no doubt many other stories will be found.
~~~~~~~"The Bible is full of such accounts. It is well worth ones time to search through the Bible books; I will list a few which I found very interesting. You might have to study the stories before you can get the correct picture. Not
The Wall of Light

Copy of my notice published in Quebec City Newspaper, January 2, 1939

PART TWO ~ Chapter 14
is it an interesting game, but it will give one a new, and perhaps a better, understanding of scripture. I hope so at any rate, so good hunting to you all.
~~~~~~~"I found these: Genesis 18: verses 1 to 3; Genesis 19: 24-26; Exodus 3: 2-5; Exodus 13: 21-22; Exodus 14: 24; Exodus 19: 9-16 and 20; Exodus 34: 5-6. Judges 13: 3 & 24; II Kings 2: l, 9, 10, 11; II Kings 6: 17; Psalms 60: 12; Psalms 68: 33, 34; Psalms 99: 7. Zechariah 5: 2; Isaiah 9: 8; Isaiah 16: 15; Isaiah 60: 8; Ezekiel 1: 4; Ezekiel 4: 22, 23; Ezekiel 10: all chapter. Daniel 9; 21; Matthew 11: 9, 10; Matthew 25: 13; Mark 13: 27; Luke 21: 27; Acts 1: 9 to 11; Revelation 1: 7; Revelation 14: 6; Revelation 19: 17."
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Venus Tesla Connection introduction ~ home page
.Margaret Storm~~.~loved Tesla
.Arthur H. Matthews~.knew Tesla
~~The Wall of Light ~ Part Two
~~~~~Chapter 14 ~ page 93