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Return of the Dove

Part ~ II

The Days Just Ahead

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.Margaret Storm~~.~loved Tesla
....Return of the Dove ~ Part II
.Arthur H. Matthews~.knew Tesla
The Days Just Ahead
~~~~~~~In preparing for the descent of Peace, the return of the dove, let us examine the seething issues of confusion and controversy so soon to be annihilated by the action of the Violet fire of the seventh cosmic ray. This, incidentally, is the Ray discovered by the American scientist, Robert Millikan. coming to us directly as God's gift, from the great central Sun of our galaxy, Alpha and Omega, it carries the transmuting qualities of Divine Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness. If called into action by any human being, it will transmute discord, hate, greed, lust and, in fact, all imperfections.
~~~~~~~It swung into manifestation in 1675, and has steadily gained in potency as the sixth Ray of the Piscean age receded. The sixth or Ruby Ray energy, which stimulated
world-wide devotion to ideals and ideologies for the past two thousand years, began to wane in 1625. The last of this Piscean energy was withdrawn from physical plane matter in 1954. The new Aquarian Age will be energized by the Violet Fire of the seventh Ray, during the next two thousand years. Ten billion souls, currently associated with evolution on this Earth, will react under the effects of the inflowing ray.
~~~~~~~The Earth is being drenched with the Ray coming in from outer space, and focused upon this planet by beamed direction from certain other planets and stars which serve as great reservoirs for this cosmic energy. At the very center of the Earth certain Rays carrying certain colors are blended, and now, during the Aquarian Age, the resultant Violet fire of the mighty seventh will constantly surge up and through the Earth, washing over every single atom that makes up the globe.
~~~~~~~At present the process is devoted almost solely to the cleansing of the planet through transmutation of discordant energy. In olden times, before the laggards came, the Earth was known to be one of God's many mansions, as are all planets and stars. The center of the Earth was regarded as the central altar of the planet, upon which eternally blazed the sacred Flame. The flame knows only perfection; unlike human beings, it has no sympathy for imperfection; in fact, the Flame of God is not even aware that imperfection exists in the cosmos. That is why it is necessary to have mediators such as Sanat Kumara, the Christ forces, great adepts and Masters, Initiates and Disciples; in other words, those who
can look upon imperfection without taking it unto themselves. In turn these Beings have their human disciples, the trainees, who are still at a point of evolution where they are able to work directly in the dreadful snake pit of human karma and at the same time serve the Light.
~~~~~~~The process of cleansing the planet at this time with Violet Fire is directed by the Hierarchy, composed of the Christ Forces, Masters, the Shamballa administration; the Elohim, Archangels and Archaii, Adepts from other planets and stars, and a vast array of white Magicians in cosmic service.
~~~~~~~But so far as the human family is concerned, no Adept, no matter how high His evolutionary rank, can force an individual in embodiment to submit to any type of purification unless the individual voluntarily and of his own free will, asks for such assistance. Free will which is being used destructively can be countered to a certain degree if help is requested by others who observe the case of distress. Angels respond instantaneously to all such calls and assistance is rendered, but usually the individual in distress is so bogged down in self-pity that he creates karma faster than the angels can remove the contamination in the amount allowed under karmic law.
~~~~~~~The soil, the vegetation and the animals may be cleansed and freed of imperfection within certain karmic limitations which are imposed by humans themselves. For example, the Hierarchy cannot, under Law, cleanse the soil of all strontium poisoning from nuclear test fallouts, although vegetation grown on the poisoned soil may cause animal and human deaths. The strontium was released by stupid and misguided men, dedicated to deeds of violence; but these individuals form part of the human family. Therefore
all humanity must bear the resulting karmic burden and the soil and vegetation and animals must bear the karmic burden with humanity until enlightened human beings insist that the tests be stopped. The action of insistence immediately lifts some karma even though the tests continue and the karma begins to pile up again.
~~~~~~~As of today, the tests are still blasting away, but with every boom-boom more and more people, by the thousands, shout their protests. Each time a protest is made, even as a thought, the light thus released is caught up by the angelic hosts, and the exact same amount of light is used to cleanse the atmosphere.
~~~~~~~But it is not enough for us to demand that the tests be stopped, although it is a first step. Human beings are evolving gods and have been endowed with free will. They must, at all times, request help from the Creator, from their own God-Presence, or from a Hierarch if they wish to completely transmute their own imperfections and become free from all distress of body, mind and affairs. But they must also request divine help for the atmosphere, the soil, the vegetation, the elementals, and the animals they have injured. Furthermore, the assistance of the Forces of Light must be requested for all karma created in past embodiments, stretching back through nineteen million years on this Earth, and, in the case of laggards who are still lagging, transmutation must be effective for all karma generated by them previously on other planets and stars.
~~~~~~~This is a new thought for many, particularly for those dreary, dreamy escapists who insist that Jesus died for them and that they have been saved. Those who prate this frightful doctrine of vicarious atonement are probably among the least saved on the planet. They two, someday, will
be called upon to awaken and to stretch their minds and hearts upward to the Light.
~~~~~~~It is in this human area of established and reverenced dogmatism that we find the greatest confusion and misunderstanding today. It is in this area that the modern Noah must search the skies for a glimpse of the dove, winging earthward with the olive leaf. To this area, the Dove must return before these troubled human hearts know Peace.
~~~~~~~Instead of considering the One, we find men and women everywhere running helplessly and hopelessly in pursuit of the many things which they think will increase their happiness. Yet they wonder why they continue to suffer; why they are in financial distress; why they are weary and depleted; why they must earn their bread by the sweat of their brow. They wonder why they must endure a twilight existence only to face death as finality.
~~~~~~~The answer is that they judge by appearances. Because the majority of people are troubled, they rashly assume that trouble is inevitable. Because the majority of people die, they rashly assume that death is a normal and natural change. Because the majority of people are often angry, hostile, aggravated people, full of hate and misery, this condition is accepted as the rule for all mankind on this Earth. It is, they say, the way the ball bounces.
~~~~~~~But, during the next two thousand years, all these delusions will be dispelled. As soon as the people from other planets are received by us in
friendship, we will quickly realize that we, as Earth people, and as very, very stupid people are much in the minority in this solar system. We will quickly realize that trouble is not a normal or a natural condition for evolving gods. Trouble is an atheistic condition,
brought on by the Earth people who have lost contact with their Source, who have lost faith in God, and who have therefore, lost all knowledge of how to spiritualize matter or transmute distress. They leave themselves helpless and at the mercy of matter which they then feed, inflame and imprison with hate; when all the while they should be loving matter into freedom. They thus poison the soil, the atmosphere and their own bodies with hate, openly inviting disease, disaster and death.
~~~~~~~If God is a good God and perfect God, and man is made in His image and likeness even to being endowed with free will, then why should imperfection be accepted? We were told to be perfect, even as our Father in heaven is perfect. We should busy ourselves calling forth perfection, impressing it upon suffering matter so that matter can send forth the radiant energy of love rather than a vibration of pain.
~~~~~~~Man has misused his free will, has misspent his God given energy, and has filled the Earth with monstrous miscreations entirely of his own making because he has been willing to accept imperfection. He has not asked for help from his ever-present source, but has gone ahead on his own, bereft and alone and sorrowful, trying constantly to improve his lot by exchanging one imperfection for another which he hopes will prove slightly less imperfect.
~~~~~~~Man has attempted to build entire complex civilizations by using judgment based on appearances. Now science comes forward, following the power-crazed war machine in a frenzied pace to keep up with things as they appear to be. Or as the misguided scientists and politicians think things ought to be. The bewildered public is told that this is progress. Exactly since when has progress been based on fear, the one and only weapon available to the dark forces?
~~~~~~~So while the dark forces entrenched in science are busy creating imperfect systems to bolster up already imperfect systems, our hearts need not be troubled. We can turn abruptly from this negative point of view and look upon the positive surge toward perfection which is now rapidly engulfing the human family. We can happily see now how the whole world of appearances will vanish within the transmuting power of the fiery cleansing force which is here upon us-and the fire is the Violet Flame.
~~~~~~~This joyous Aquarian Age, in all its glorious fulfillment, has been anticipated for thousands of years; for Those Who guide the cosmos know exactly when certain Rays will swing in and out of manifestation. Of course, all the Rays have been in manifestation many times during the last nineteen million years, but it was only in 1957 that Sanat Kumara had accomplished His great purpose of having humanity ready for the present cleansing, and His preparation was timed to fit in with the waning and waxing of the sixth and seventh Rays.
~~~~~~~The entire Piscean Age, ushered in by the birth of Jesus, was but a preparation for the Aquarian Age. It might appear that little was accomplished during the past two thousand years, but this is not correct. Jesus said: "Let not your heart be troubled." This injunction was disobeyed by tens of thousands, and today they are dropping dead from heart trouble. But many, many others did heed the gentle words and turned their hearts to the One. They stood steady in the Light and served the Light during the Piscean Age, participating in the activities planned by the Christ Forces. In this wise manner, the Forces of Light utilized every precious moment in preparing humanity for its present opportunities.
~~~~~~~The most outstanding opportunity before us now lies in our acceptance of the hand of friendship extended to us by our neighbors from other planets in our solar system, other solar systems, and from various stars in our galaxy. Because the Lord of Venus, Sanat Kumara, spent eighteen and a half million years on this Earth in salvaging humanity, it is to be expected that the Venusians would take a most extraordinary interest in our welfare.
~~~~~~~The great message of cosmic import that the Venusians and others wish to convey to us today is identical with the universal Truths demonstrated by Jesus in the west, by Gautama in the east, and by hundreds of other Adepts round the world during thousands of past centuries The outer world, under the atheistic influence of a global system composed of a mingled mishmash of opportunistic politics, expedient economics, and tyrannical churchianity, has failed to grasp these basic Truths.
~~~~~~~But those who, in some embodiment during past centuries, have escaped from the suffocating restraint imposed by so-called authorities and have turned to the kingdom of the untroubled heart within, have discovered their own center of God-consciousness. They have evolved steadily into that consciousness which is the precious and rightful heritage of all men and women and children everywhere in the cosmos. The only difference between the people on this planet and the people on other planets lies in the degree of unfoldment which has taken place in the consciousness of the individuals.
~~~~~~~As soon as interplanetary communication is established on a world-wide scale the Earth people will quickly realize that they have been very foolish, very foolish indeed, to have wasted their time listening to so-called authorities of church and state, instead of communing with the still, small voice of the One within their own beating heart.
~~~~~~~Since each individual is an evolving god on his way back to the Source, he is never for an instant actually separated from that Source. He only thinks he is alone. In Truth and in fact, he is a complete universe within himself; he need look only to the One for guidance on the path of return to his home star. It is when he looks to his neighbors, his boss, his military leaders, his editors and educators, that he becomes confused... if they are confused. Usually it turns out that they are. Why? Because they, too, have failed to listen to the One; they have lost contact with their source. They, themselves, listen only to higher authorities so-called, who, in the final analysis, consider themselves authorities simply because they have a stronger capacity to argue and spout double-talk.
~~~~~~~Since this planet has now been released from planetary Law, and is to function for the rest of its life span under Cosmic Law, the subject of interplanetary communication has become of paramount importance. We are also learning that the majority of those adepts who have guided us through the tangled maze of years, were not originally Earth people. Inasmuch as Sanat Kumara came from Venus, we have perhaps had a greater number ofvolunteers from that planet than from others.
~~~~~~~However, as we begin to learn to identify the various types of individuals in embodiment on the Earth, we will find that their origin is fully reflected in their stature, their attitudes, their manner of serving the Light, and in their particular Ray attributes and qualities. We find the same thing true of Adepts. Ascended Master Morya, for example, came to this Earth from Mercury. His Mercurian nature is a fiery one that blazes its way like a flaming meteor through all obstacles.
~~~~~~~Jesus, so gentle and so full of compassion and love for humanity, was originally a Venusian, although he had many embodiments on this Earth, dating from the time of Moses when he emerged into recorded history as Joshua, the sun of Nun. It was to Joshua that Moses tossed the flaming torch of freedom, and it was Joshua who carried it through lighted years, and through many human embodiments. These many embodiments among Earth people were all in preparation for the great demonstration which He, as Jesus, made before the benighted ones of this globe... the physical demonstration that death was a cruel delusion, and that disease was another delusion, often more cruel.
~~~~~~~Jesus demonstrated that He not only did not succumb to any type of disease, but that He could heal any type of disease, even to psychological states resulting from obsession by earthbound spirits. He demonstrated before a jeering sneering crowd of social hoodlums, mugsters, politicians and militarists, that He could undergo an experience simulating the popular delusion of death, with His body pierced and broken. Yet he lived through the experience in perfect poise and harmony and later completely resuscitated His flesh form. He then spent forty days in that resuscitated flesh body, teaching, writing and working at the old gristmill in Bethany where His mother and the disciples had assembled. Then, in full view of more than five hundred of His followers, He raised His physical vibrations until His body became a pillar of blazing light that outshone the noonday sun and He made His Ascension.
~~~~~~~He did not make use of a mechanical spaceship to enter the etheric realms which encircle the Earth many miles above its surface. He created his own forcefield. He was able to
do this because He understood the action, interaction and reaction of the cosmic Rays. When He wished to resurrect His broken, physical body from the tomb, He drew energy from the Resurrection Ray, and the resulting Flame, rising back to the Source, carried the physical atoms back into active manifestation. When He wished to make His Ascension, He drew energy from the Ascension Ray, and the resulting Flame, rising back to the Source, raised the atomic vibration from material density to Light and carried His body upward.
~~~~~~~Jesus did not do these things without long years of training in His final embodiments. Nor did He start at the top, for in order to serve the Light and carry a message to the darkened minds of Earth men, He had to start down at the bottom of the pit with the unlighted ones. Therefore, He lived on the Earth through many, many embodiments in order that he might undergo all human experiences and be exposed to all the popular delusions of the day. He voluntarily took on the darkness that fettered other men.
~~~~~~~Yet, in His final embodiments, He realized that He need no longer accept the delusions merely because they were popular, and merely because everyone around Him was battling with illness, trouble and death. In that cosmic hour, He knew that the time had come when He could actually prove these frightful untruths. He refused to accept any surface appearance. He advised others not to judge by such appearances but to go to the Kingdom within each beating heart and there accept in pure love the Reality of the One.
~~~~~~~During His childhood years in His final embodiment, when He was forced to flee Herod and remain in Egypt, His training for His great demonstration continued daily. He had His hours of recreation when He played in the sand
along the Nile, as any other little boy would do under the circumstances. But He also went with His mother each day to the Temple at Luxor.
~~~~~~~Mary had taken on human embodiment as a voluntary task to aid humanity. She had once belonged to the angelic kingdom, and had advanced in evolution until she became an Archaii, the Twin Flame of Archangel Raphael. She trained for thousands of years on the Inner Planes before she was finally offered the great cosmic assignment of becoming the perfect human mother of the perfect human child, Jesus.
~~~~~~~So Mother and Son trained together in Egypt for their Ascension, for Mary was destined to leave the Earth and return to Her own angelic kingdom. These two Initiates were supervised by the great Adept, Serapis Bey, Hierarch of the Ascension Flame at Luxor. The training was extremely rigorous for Jesus was to be crucified and Mary had agreed to assist Him by standing at the foot of the Cross and holding for Him the Immaculate concept of God Perfection, while He held the suspended breath and at the same time withdrew His consciousness from His body and permitted the flesh to take on an appearance of lifelessness. However, since Jesus had been born without karma, it was not possible for Him to actually suffer in the flesh, for there were no impurities in His nervous system to register a vibration of pain.
~~~~~~~Together at Luxor, Mary and Jesus had learned how to suspend the breath for long periods and yet to resume breathing when they willed to do so. They learned how to keep the breathless silent human bodies completely purified by sweeping them through and through constantly with cleansing light from the Ascension Flame.
~~~~~~~At this point the reader may say: Ah! Yes, probably so,
probably so. But that was long ago. The great Temple at Luxor is in ruins now. It was fine that Jesus made such a demonstration. It was wonderful that Mary was interested enough to join in the training under Serapis Bey. But they were very important people... important in the cosmic scheme of things. Today there are no more of their kind. No more cosmic VIP's. We are little people, all mediocre nobodies. To look at us you would think we had all been cut out with the same cookie cutter. Can you imagine a great Adept like Serapis Bey bothering with us?
~~~~~~~Yes, it can be imagined. It can be imagined, that is, by all those who are not still lagging with the laggards. It can be imagined very readily by those who have profited by nineteen million years of evolution, and who have finally awakened to the fact that the laggards may lag until the end of time if they wish, according to their God-given free will, but that the rest of us can use our free will positively.
~~~~~~~We can use our free will to examine carefully this demonstration that Jesus made. We can go to the Temple at Luxor this very night; we can leave our physical body at home asleep; we can find the door... the right door amid all the ruins; we can ask one or more angels to guide us on our journey, and to show us the door.
~~~~~~~We will open the door and step inside; step in from the hot desert sands to the heavenly cool, green garden that leads to the vast, magnificent underground Temple. We can go into the great inner chamber where blazes the sacred Flame upon the altar... the ascension Flame of the Fourth Ray. We can meet the Hierarch there, Serapis Bey, and talk with Him while we bathe in the pure white light of the Ray which fills the Temple. This is the blazing white light which carries the virtue of Purity direct from the Godhead.
~~~~~~~The temple room is crowded with visitors. We recognize many of them, our friends and acquaintances who, like us, have left their sleeping bodies at home. Then there are others we knew long ago here on Earth, but they have shed their physical bodies and are now in training, preparing to come back into birth in the New Age.
~~~~~~~We all bathe in the light of the Flame, just as Jesus and Mary did two thousand years ago. We try to absorb its radiance into our subtle bodies. We try to clear our vision to purify our bodies so that tomorrow we can remember. The disembodied ones with their subtle etheric brains, will find it easier to remember when tomorrow comes; but will they remember this sublime purity and clarity of existence when they have once again taken a physical Earth body? That is their problem, their training task.
~~~~~~~Tomorrow when we awaken at home in our physical body, buoyant and refreshed by our visit to Luxor, we can at least make use of the Ascension Flame in a practical way even though we do not remember anything about our travels. The more we can use the Flame in our homes and in our daily work the more familiar it will become; the easier will it be to visualize. More and more of its radiance will penetrate our aura, clearing away all the debris and delusions; all the diabolical accumulations that have weighed us down since the laggards came to the Earth.
~~~~~~~We can always use it in a practical way by visualizing it sweeping through and through our four lower bodies... physical, etheric, emotional and mental; by visualizing it sweeping through and through our homes, our furniture, our clothes... purifying everything. The underground Temple at Luxor has been there for hundreds of years but there is not ever, ever a speck of dust anywhere. And no one has to
clean anything. The whole place is constantly bathed in the Flame, and where the Flame of Purity penetrates all imperfections are dissolved.
~~~~~~~Serapis Bey wants us to use the Flame for all sorts of mechanical things, such as tuning a piano or tuning up a motor. We eventually have to learn to operate everything on this Earth by drawing the energies of the Rays into service. That is how everything was accomplished in the labor-less days before the laggards came. Those were the days of genuine God-abundance; when all necessities were drawn directly from the atmosphere by invocation. There was no economic system or money exchange of any kind, for the people used whatever cosmic Ray power they needed, and then gave thanks to the Creator for providing His children with His own omnipresent Energy.
~~~~~~~After the laggards had contaminated the Earth's atmosphere with their emanations of selfishness and rebellion, negatively refusing to trust in the God-power of the Flames, their self-generated poison spread round the Earth and formed a thick blanket of a murky gray sticky substance which to this day still clings to every object, even to individual atoms. It also penetrates within the shell of the atom and clogs the space between the electrons, thereby slowing down the revolution of both electrons and atom. This in turn, affects the tempo of livingness of everything on the globe... minerals, vegetation, and animal bodies.
~~~~~~~Before the laggards came human brain tissue was sunshine yellow in color... the color of the golden light of illumination. After the laggards infected the atmosphere with their emotional frenzies of hatred, resentment and spite, the beautiful yellow brain tissue became contaminated with the astral debris and gradually, down through the centuries
as the clogged atoms revolved more and more slowly, human perception became dulled and the brain tissue itself took on the murky gray color of astral maya. Today people pridefully boast of their "gray matter"... certainly a condition of which no mortal need be proud.
~~~~~~~As human brain tissue became more and more clogged, it lost all normal sensitivity and would no longer register the higher vibrations or respond to sights and sounds from the subtle etheric worlds which interpenetrate the physical. Remember that the early Root races had magnetized and anchored subtle matter within the physical, thus spiritualizing the very soil of the planet and raising the vibrations of sticks and stones, meadows and streams, trees and flowers. These first people could see and hear on all planes, and for them there was no barrier between the tangible and intangible. But after the laggards came all that sensitivity was gradually lost. As the brain tissue slowly turned from yellow to gray, we all became infected people and we lost even the memory of our source: the memory of those days of divine glory when we first emerged as White Fire Beings, and individualized as Twin Rays, Sparks of flashing splendor in our robes of Light, glowing with the heart love of Alpha and Omega.
~~~~~~~Once the memory of our Source was gone, our capacity to register other subtle contacts vanished. We became helpless, imbruted, degenerate, for we had no inherent knowledge of how to accomplish anything without the aid of the Father within. And we could not remember how to invoke His aid.
~~~~~~~It was then that the Cosmic Council assembled and decided to dissolve the planet. It was then that Sanat Kumura in His wonderful, magnificent gesture of godly sacrifice,
volunteered to come to the Earth, to help us and guide us and teach us, and to stay with His self-appointed task until the last weary pilgrim had found his way home.
~~~~~~~Sanat Kumara could not overrule our free will and set us back immediately upon the Path. It was by misusing our free will and turning our backs on the Perfection of the father, that we had plunged ourselves into this evolutionary morass. Therefore, we had to learn to use our free will correctly; that is, we had to learn to make a correct choice through trial and error methods. Sanat Kumara could have told us which was right and which was wrong and we could have followed Him like blind sheep, but that would have made us into robots. Adepts never use such methods in even the smallest instances, for well They know that dictatorship robs people of any opportunities to exert their own strength to extricate themselves from a difficulty.
~~~~~~~Yet if we look around us today it can well be seen that much of the karma which lay so heavily upon us in ancient Lemuria is still with us. Some of the simplest lessons we have not learned; we have failed to profit by many of Sanat Kumara's simple examples.
~~~~~~~The whole world writhes in agony and responds to vibrations of pain, leading to further pain. Despite what we like to term modern progress, it is in very recent years that virtually the entire world has been engulfed in
dictatorship in one form or another. But this could not have happened had petty tyranny not first started in the home, in the school and above all, in the church. And this discordant rhythm, this vibratory response to pain, the desire to inflict pain on others... this sadism has come down to the world over nineteen million years. This is the karma which is still with us and which must now be transmuted within a matter
of a few years before the planet spirals into an orbit of higher vibrations.
~~~~~~~For in the cosmic order of things the planet itself must now move forward regardless of whether or not the population can stand the high vibratory rate of God's love for His children. That is the individual test that will come to each person in the near future. Can you, or can you not, live in peace and brotherhood with your fellowmen? Can you, or can you not, free yourself from the desire to inflict pain on yourself and on others? Can you give up all pain... especially the pain of death and taxes?
~~~~~~~When Sanat Kumara started to prepare us for this day which is now at its dawning, He could only suggest ways and means. He could not use coercion. He provided us with Adept teachers from other planets to show us the way, and it was up to us to learn the score when and if we could. Obviously we had to begin at the bottom in our classroom work, so the training was made as simple as possible. We were to go out and dig in the soil, much as children playing in a sandbox. Down through the centuries the dark forces, working through the limited minds of theologians who tampered with the scriptural writings, have tried to make this seem like a punishment. They have recorded the event with an awful pronouncement: You must earn your bread by the sweat of your brow.
~~~~~~~But it was not a punishment. It was the only opportunity that could be offered to persons so heavily burdened with karma that they did not know right from wrong. The teachers were there as group leaders; there beside us to show us how to earn our bread. They taught us agriculture, architecture, and homemaking tasks such as building fires,
cooking foods, weaving and stitching. They taught us how to bathe our bodies and bind up our wounds, for now we were always fighting with each other and hurting each other. They taught us how to cultivate herbs that would alleviate the pain in our contaminated bodies.
~~~~~~~They could not teach us how to use the beneficent Rays again and bring about instant manifestation, for we were slow learners now. We had lost all sensitivity because now our brains were choked and clogged with that horrible murky gray astral stuff. Since we could not use the Rays we were forced to use our muscles instead. It was brutal. And it was stupid and foolish to pay such a price, and for what? For the ignominious emotional pleasure of sympathizing with a lot of lazy, ignorant laggards who could not even keep up with their evolutionary homework on their own planets.
~~~~~~~But now it is over. We have awakened to Truth, or at least tens of thousands of us have awakened and responded to the call that is resounding through the galaxy... the call for servers of the Light to restore the vineyard of the Lord on planet Earth. It is springtime in the vineyard now and many souls are still sleeping in their accustomed darkness. But soon, very soon, the Light will reach their inner consciousness. They will stir in their sleep; they will listen to the message of their own beating hearts beating out the rhythm of life eternal. Soon, very soon, the vineyard will be alive and bright and shining with livingness, and the sleeping ones will unfold like blossoms in the warm summer sunshine.
~~~~~~~Those of us who have already awakened to Truth have taken a long, long look at our stupidity, our foolishness. We decided to be foolish no longer. Thousands upon thousands began to serve the Light. Tons upon tons of karma
have been transmuted daily with the aid of the Rays. A sufficient amount of imprisoned energy had been released by 1957 to liberate Sanat Kumara from His voluntary exile on Earth and permit Him to return to His home on Venus. At the same time enough karma had been lifted by 1957 to permit the angelic hosts to begin anew their work of straightening the axis of the Earth. Before the end of 1958 they had made the final adjustment. Lord Michael, mighty Prince of the Archangels, had stated that an adjustment of 45 degrees was required to bring the Earth's axis into the line required by galactic measurement. This bending of the axis and the resultant eccentric orbit of the Earth, were caused entirely by the weight of karma on the planet.
~~~~~~~So the great task of Sanat Kumara has been successful. He has returned home... to Venus. Although He will still guide us as a cosmic Regent, His position as Lord of the World has now been turned over to Gautama, formerly our Buddha. Gautama will continue the work of arousing our divine sensitivity; of guiding our feet along the Path that leads back to our galactic source... Alpha and Omega. We are still limping and still weary but we can feel our God-strength stirring within us once more.
~~~~~~~We are learning to use the Rays again, though awkwardly. But we must watch ourselves constantly because the old rhythm, so ancient and so wrong, is still extremely powerful. It can so easily pull us back, turn us aside from our one-pointed goal that leads steadily upward... up there, among the stars.
~~~~~~~Constantly we must remind our unaccustomed lower bodies of the new and better way of doing things. We must keep reminding our physical body that it can do nothing of itself; it is the Father within it that doeth the works. It
is the Father who lovingly supplies the constant flow of energy that beats our hearts and keeps alive our individual life Flame within each heart... itself a tiny replica of the great sacred three-fold Flame which beats the sun-heart of the solar system, the galaxy, the cosmos.
~~~~~~~As White Fire Beings we were given this gift of the Flame straight from the heart of Alpha and Omega. We were made in Their image and likeness for all eternity. Within each beating heart today the image is still clear and perfect as the Father in heaven is perfect. The outer form of the physical body may be ugly or beautiful, diseased or in health, but the inner Flame in the heart remains ever the same as the great Central Sun of the galaxy from whence it came. True, the replica is tiny for it was only a Spark. But in the sight of God the great and the small are equal in potency. God is everywhere and God is all... indivisible. The spark is equal to the Flame. The Spark is God.
~~~~~~~Knowing this, the Flame within our heart becomes the comfort Flame, the blazing pillar of the Father's strength, forever doing His works within us if we will allow Him to have His way. But if we inject our little free will into
the situation and insist upon having our own way, then the Father can do nothing. He cannot even interfere with our foolishness.
~~~~~~~But once we become acquainted with the Comfort Flame within us, life takes on a new meaning. Feeling this buoyant sense of livingness flowing through us limitlessly, we need not cringe when we are told that we must all individually transmute the phoney man-made powers we have handed over to a delusion, a spectre called death. We need not tremble with fear when we are told that we must all, individually, transmute our karma and make our ascension, not
in a spaceship, but in our own forcefield. We need not feel
timid or bashful when we are told that we must one and all stand before Serapis Bey, just as Jesus and Mary did two thousand years ago.
~~~~~~~Using the Rays, we can obtain straight knowledge. Through straight knowing we will know, without anyone telling us, that we must all voluntarily and of our own free will come to terms with our own recalcitrant natures so that we may freely and gladly participate in the training offered at Luxor. And this Temple is the focus of only the fourth Ray; we must go into all the Temples and learn to use all seven Rays. We must each, individually, make exactly the same demonstration that Jesus made in overcoming death, although it is assuredly not required or desired that we be physically crucified.
~~~~~~~But neither can we go on as now, growing old and weary and sick, and then shedding our physical body as a tree sheds its leaves. That process is correct for a tree because it is inherent in the nature of a tree. But it is not correct for an evolving God endowed with free will. Each individual must learn to transmute all his physical, etheric, emotional and mental imperfections, and then make his Ascension in freedom away from the gravitational pull of the Earth, into the lightways of space. That is the simple secret of freedom from
~~~~~~~An individual who is burdened with untransmuted karma is a sick person, an infected person who constantly gives off poisonous emanations into the atmosphere. Since virtually every person on this planet has been sick with karma for millions of years, it was a tremendous cosmic gesture of compassion and mercy on the part of the cosmic Hierarchy to maintain this hospital planet of Earth. Here is a spot in the
universe where those who vibrate to pain can be visited by wise physicians like Jesus and thousands of other Adepts, and now by the space people.
~~~~~~~For in the final analysis each space person, no matter what his role in the liberation of this planet, is basically a physician, ministering to our vibratory rates, raising our frequencies from expressions of hate to expressions of love. The space people, one and all, are here to help us to scientifically transmute our karma and heal ourselves through the use of the Violet fire. This is not in any sense a mystical process which will lead us into ecstasies of sentimentality and give us that holier-than-thou feeling. These feelings simply indicate the presence of a serious karmic infection. They do not indicate healing of any kind whatsoever. They simply mean that the sufferer is bogged down in pride.
~~~~~~~When we are truly healed, scientifically healed through transmutation of karma, we can prove that fact to ourselves by raising the vibrations of our purified physical bodies and ascending from the gravitational pull of the Earth. This is not the ordinary levitation of the misguided psychic or
medium. Those unfortunate individuals usually have no control over levitation; nor do they have any control over the wagging tongues that love to prattle about the mystical and the psychic.
~~~~~~~The space people can move freely from star to star or simply remain in the etheric realms because they have gone through the Ascension Initiation. There is no untransmuted karma within them that can be held by gravity. They do not need to use mechanical spaceships, for they can travel freely, protected by their own forcefields. But when they come into the contaminated atmosphere of the Earth for the purpose of working and teaching, they must of necessity protect them-
selves with certain devices, just as a diver would prepare to use oxygen if he anticipated an extended stay under water. This does not apply to the higher Adepts, but They rarely mingle with the public, coming only to Shamballa, the Grand Teton, or some similar Retreat.
~~~~~~~The value of a mechanical spaceship should not be over-estimated, either here on the Earth or outside the Earth. It is a convenience, a device, but it will not, in itself, give any individual the true freedom of the solar systems or galaxies. Moreover, not all spaceships are mechanical, for even though they may carry dozens of people and are true spaceships they can be formed by a group for a certain purpose and need not contain any mechanisms. They might better be understood as organic in nature, or at least better understood in that sense by our limited Earth minds.
~~~~~~~During the year of 1957, thousands of Earth people gazed at the passage of a magnificent comet as it sailed through the skies and swung close to the Earth. It was first sighted by two Belgian astronomers... Arend and Roland... and it became known as the Arend-Roland comet. But the poet Woodsworth, a devotee of the sacred Flame, long ago correctly defined comets as "the diaphanous vestments of some passing plenipotentiary of Heaven's farthest kingdom".
~~~~~~~These efforts to assist us by actually bringing their light to us is the reason why all space people and spaceships visit the Earth, or at least the upper special regions around the Earth. For we cannot, because of our untransmuted karma go to them at the present time.
~~~~~~~Now, on this Earth, we have at least one man, Otis T.Carr of Baltimore, Maryland, who states that he has solved the problems connected with building spaceships and he is prepared to manufacture them upon order. He claims that these
ships will fly safely anywhere in our atmosphere, to the Moon, and to Venus, Mars or other planets in our solar system. The ships need no fuel as they generate electricity from the atmosphere as they fly. However, Mr. Carr has discovered that if the ships are to fly into outer space the passengers must be prepared to undergo an instant of transmutation or transition when they go into the etheric realms. Mr. Carr understands that this can be a spiritual experience but he believes that for those who are spiritually unprepared the impact might have a shattering effect upon the physical body.
~~~~~~~Mr. Carr is one hundred per cent correct. In fact he is so right that recently no less a person than El Morya, Chohan of the First Ray, stated that no Earth person in an unascended body would be permitted the freedom of the cosmic highways. A person with an unascended body is a person who is carrying around in his atoms a heavy load of untransmuted karma. El Morya also stated that an individual with an Ascended body could, of course, travel the cosmic highways freely at any time they are open. But a person with an Ascended body does not need a spaceship for his travels, although it might be convenient in some instances.
~~~~~~~This does not mean that Mr. Carr's ships should not be built and used around the Earth to replace all present types of aircraft, since they need no fuel. It does not mean that the ships could not be used for outer space travel by those who have made their Ascension, but who have volunteered to work here on Earth in an ordinary physical body. Such individuals can instantaneously raise their physical vibrations to meet outer space vibrations, and there will be no discomfort in the process, but only the glory of a heavenly experience.
~~~~~~~So now that we can have spaceships built in Baltimore,
Maryland, at any time we wish, we must ask ourselves a few serious questions before we decide to take off for Venus. We must first ask ourselves if the Venusians would welcome us. They most certainly would not permit us to set foot on their planet so long as we are enslaved by karma. When they extend to us the hand of friendship, it only means that they are willing to come here to the Earth and teach us how to be free.
~~~~~~~In other words, the Earth people as a whole now have a cosmic opportunity to reap their reward for the tremendous sacrifice made by our Third Root Race people when they received and welcomed the laggards. From the beginning of the trouble on Earth the Venusians have never stopped trying to help us, and they have had unlimited assistance from numberless solar systems and galaxies. Sanat Kumara took the first step toward our eventual liberation, even though it was a giant step which covered eighteen and a half million years of effort.
~~~~~~~At this point the Venusians are not going to give up the struggle to liberate us, but neither do they intend to have us running tourist spaceships to their planet, laded with persons who have not bothered to transmute their karma. The Venusians want no poisonous emanations on their planet, and we are invited to keep our stench of hatred, violence and ugliness right here at home until we have learned the art and science of deodorizing. Remember that
Lady Venus is the Goddess of Beauty in this solar system.
~~~~~~~When we have learned to utilize the Rays, and when we have become open- minded enough to study the teachings offered by the Chohans of the Rays in the many Retreats right here on this planet, then, and only then, should we start dreaming of transferring our home to Venus. Naturally no one can be blamed for desiring to escape from the Earth so
long as it is in its present condition. And to get it out of its present condition, and restore it to its original state which existed before the laggards came, we must have help from the space people. They are trained in handling and transmuting troubled conditions. We have not even the faintest notion of where to start. In fact the majority of people think they are living a normal life and are not even aware that they are in difficulty. When we are able to travel the cosmic lightways we will know it, and we can prove it scientifically right here on Earth. We do not need to get sensational and start off on some madcap expedition in an attempt to explore outer space. Outer space has been explored thoroughly. If we want to know anything about it, we can ask the people who explored it... the space people themselves, and they are right here among us.
~~~~~~~What is this true human freedom which we are seeking? Freedom for man comes to him as a result of his using God-free energy in its natural free way. God-energy in its pure form flows into man heartbeat by heartbeat. As the pure electrons are released by the sacred three-fold Flame within the heart, they enter the bloodstream. As they enter they are immediately qualified or stamped with the pattern of the individual. They can be qualified with love or they can be misqualified with hate.
~~~~~~~In other words the electrons, which provide all power, can be used to carry out loving deeds, to think loving thoughts, to speak loving words. Or they can be used in an opposite manner, depending upon the choice we make through the use of our free will.
~~~~~~~When man misuses this electronic power in performing hateful acts, he misqualifies the energy. In other words he leaves his stamp of imperfection
upon millions of electrons
that flow into his bloodstream. This energy is God-energy and as such it must obey the free will of man for man is god- created as a free being. When man chooses to enslave this free and pure energy, so that it will do his bidding and supply him with power to carry out some questionable enterprise, he thereby enslaves himself.
~~~~~~~He starts each pure electron on its way through his own bloodstream with a handicap... the weight of his own feeling of discord. The electron itself remains pure, for it is God energy and can know no impurity. But as it whirls on its course it collects around itself a shell of impure matter; the same murky gray astral matter that the laggards brought to Earth. As it takes its appointed place with other electrons and forms an atom, the sticky substance clings, and soon the revolution of the electrons within the atom is slowed by the clogging; then the revolution of the atom itself is slowed, and in addition, the atom collects the same astral substance on its outer shell, adding further weight.
~~~~~~~The resulting rate of electronic revolutions, plus atomic revolutions, taken as a whole in a man's physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies, constitute what is known as his state of consciousness or his vibratory note.
~~~~~~~If his electrons and atoms are revolving slowly, he is not only subject to disease, but he is subject to ugly delusions such as death. He begins to feel old age creeping on and in his limited understanding, he assumes that death is not far away. He feels fearful, bereft and alone. He cannot understand who he is or why he is here; he has no purpose in accord with the divine Plan; he is, in short, a materialist, weighed down by his own burdens of hate which he carries right within his own atoms.
~~~~~~~He tends to be separative in relation to his God and his
fellow men because he is usually quite charmed by the amount of astral debris he has accumulated in his atomic structure. The weight of the misqualified energy he is using places him under the delusion that the rioting force within gives him power. He throws his weight around, as the popular saying goes. He likes to give orders; put people in their place; clamp down on this situation or that; and in general act like a big-shot.
~~~~~~~If he happens to be a scientist seeking to ferret out the secrets of atomic power, he can only react according to the limitations he has imposed upon his own atomic structure. He therefore, seeks to enslave the atom, just as he has enslaved his own atoms that he lives with each day. He can think of atomic power only in terms of fission and fusion. He wants to split the atom; to tear it apart by brute force; to strip it bare as one would strip the skin off an orange. His way is the way of hate, of fear, of snickering smugness.
~~~~~~~The individual who is separated from his source by this barrier of astral debris within his four lower bodies, works with the Rays and the Flames; he forms a close friendship with the seven great Elohim who built this planet, and with the seven mighty Archangels and their angelic hosts who guard the planet and aid all persons who ask for angelic assistance.
~~~~~~~He reasons that if the Elohim constructed the planet then he must come to an understanding with these mighty Builders; he must try to learn Their techniques; he must try to follow Their way. Their way is the way of Love. Therefore his way must be the way of Love. If he observes the work of the fission-fusion scientists, he understands that they have
brought all humanity to the verge of disaster with their way of hate, of fear, of black magic.
~~~~~~~He understands that while this planet was yet a paradise, before the laggards came, the light within the atom was released in beauty, in peace, and in all the mighty strength of the One. He knows that this way of Truth must once more shine upon the minds of all men everywhere before man can release himself into freedom, before he can ascend to his home star.
~~~~~~~He knows that man can accomplish nothing in his bereft state of loneliness because he feels so far from his Creator. He knows that every individual must someday accept the great gift of God, the Violet fire of transmutation.
~~~~~~~He knows that someday, sometime, some place, each individual must visualize that Flame sweeping through and through each atom in his four lower bodies, transmuting all electronic energy which he himself has misqualified down through countless ages of embodiments. Individual by individual, until ten billion souls have been counted, this transmuting process must go on, atom by atom, electron by electron, until all humans on this planet emerge into freedom's light, and the planet itself enters its new orbit as Freedom's star. For that is the name written in the Book of Life for planet Earth. ~~~~~~~This is the program for the Aquarian Age.

Part II

The Days Just Ahead

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