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Return of the Dove

Part ~ IV

The Cosmic Moment

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Venus Tesla Connection introduction ~ home page
.Margaret Storm~~.~loved Tesla
....Return of the Dove ~ Part IV
.Arthur H. Matthews~.knew Tesla
This Cosmic Moment
~~~~~~~Preparations for this cosmic moment on Earth have been so stupendous and far-flung that they are quite beyond the grasp of the finite mind of an Earth man, burdened as it is with astral debris. But we can select certain points of light in the human constellation; we can study these points of light, focus our full attention upon them. In this meditative way illumination will come to us, joy will surge within us, gratitude and love will ray forth from us. Then swiftly, silently, the healing wings of Peace will settle over us. In that instant we will know that the Dove has returned.
~~~~~~~Before the laggards came to Earth every individual rayed forth light like the true Sun and Son that he was. Light was his natural heritage which he carried with him when he step-
ped forth as a Spark, a White Fire Being, from Alpha and Omega. He had never known darkness; he had never known distress or limitation or pain. But as millions of years dragged by on leaden feet after the laggards came, only rarely did an individual on planet Earth radiate forth light from his aura.
~~~~~~~There have always been a few disciples in the outer world who have caught and held the vision of light, protected and sustained by the Hierarchs of the Rays who constitute the Christ forces within the spiritual Hierarchy. Very, very few of these Hierarchs have been Earth men. They were all brought in from other planets until quite recently. During the past few hundred years a few Earth men and women have graduated and have been appointed to post as Masters of the Ageless Wisdom and Chohans of the Rays.
~~~~~~~Many of these are well known to us historically, but when we examine the records we find that the total number shrinks considerably because the same person had many embodiments. In a world which vibrated to pain and fear, a disciple whose task it was to externalize the Perfection of the Father had a rough time holding his peace and poise and harmony. His state of consciousness had to be held steady in the light without the slightest wavering; he had to reject appearances as untrustworthy; he not only had to raise the vibration of his own atoms to a frequency that would ward off disease and disharmony of all kinds, but they had to dispel the delusion of death. He had to learn these things during many embodiments, and yet live what seemed to be a normal life so far as the neighbors were concerned. That is why the total number of Initiates is small, because we find the same individual back in embodiment again and again.
~~~~~~~For an example, El Morya, present Chohan of the first
Ray, was in embodiment as Sir Thomas More, Chancellor of the Exchequer under Henry VIII of England. Later we find him back in embodiment as the Irish poet, Thomas Moore. These were only two of his many incarnations and still later in history he graduated into the ranks of the Initiates, the Illumined Ones who serve the Christ Forces, Kuthumi, Chohan of the second Ray until July, 1958, was known to us long ago as Pythagoras. Yet in recent times he was in embodiment as St. Francis of Assisi.
~~~~~~~So as we look down the great corridors of history we see many points of light on which we might focus, but the story of St. Francis, for instance, would not be the complete story. It would give us but one small clue to the spiritual giant... Kuthumi as He is today.
~~~~~~~We like to think that we know and understand so much, so very much, about Jesus and Mary and Joseph. Yet there are few persons today who have even a smattering of correct information about those three Initiates; there are few persons who realize that back in the days of Atlantis, when Sanat Kumara was Lord of the World, the man Joseph was a high priest of the Violet Fire in the Amethyst Temple of Archangel Zadkiel, then located on the physical plane on a high hill in what is now Cuba. There are few who realize that in another embodiment as Columbus, this same high priest, this same man Joseph, sailed across the waters that submerged Atlantis and landed directly on the island of Cuba, where he had formerly served in Zadkiel's Temple.
~~~~~~~Why, we might ask, is such an intricately woven pattern of history necessary to sustain the human race on planet Earth? The answer is that the human race has been sustained here through nineteen million years of darkness, of human response to pain, distress, ignorance of the basest sort. In
order for Sanat Kumara to carry out His original concept of saving the planet from dissolution, He had to carefully choose and select a few souls who had not lost all memory of their Source. These souls were very rare among Earth people; therefore, it was necessary time and again to bring in volunteers from other planets.
~~~~~~~In this galaxy the Earth is regarded as a beachhead which can be held only by the strongest of commando forces. Yet force in the common military meaning of the word cannot be used; the force must be entirely electronic in nature; it must consist basically of scientifically directed currents of energy or light... penetrating deeper and even deeper into the darkness of men's minds. The task of bringing light to Earth is not an easy one, and when volunteers are requested from other planets to assist in the work they do not snatch up their assignments thoughtlessly.
~~~~~~~The Cosmic Hierarchy works on what we could call a time plan which schedules certain events thousands of years ahead. Actually time and space as we understand it on this Earth is based entirely on illusion but in order to fit our darkened minds into the cosmic scheme of things, the Hierarchy makes an effort to bring to our attention certain time relationships which we can grasp. Time as it affects us in relation to the galaxy might best be understood if we use the seasonal approach. Spring comes to our land and we are aware that certain changes take place in temperature and in vegetation. In the galaxy similar changes occur as the seven rays swing in and out of manifestation in major and minor cycles. Here on the Earth we are energized by a certain Ray which is extremely powerful for a period of approximately 2,000 years. Certain achievements can take place under certain Ray conditions and cosmic plans are made accordingly.
~~~~~~~When the man Joseph was selected as the spouse of Mary, the cosmic appointment was based not so much on events in his past, as on events in his future. The appointment had to fall to a man who was adept in the use of the Violet Fire. Away back in Atlantean times when Joseph had been one of Zadkiel's high priests, he had tended the sacred Flame on the great central altar in the Amethyst Temple. The Temple was actually built entirely of amethyst stones held together by a mortar of pure gold, for the amethyst as found in nature is but crystallized Violet Fire of the seventh Ray.
~~~~~~~During the 2,000-year period of the Piscean Age which followed the birth of Jesus, it was the Ruby Fire of the sixth ray that energized this planet. So Joseph played a somewhat minor role in the Holy family because his cosmic moment had not yet arrived. Coming back into embodiment again and again, he spent the two thousand years preparing for the greatest role that has ever been played out upon the world stage. As Joseph, as Roger Bacon, as Francis Bacon, as Count Rakoczi and as many other historical figures, the present Lord of Civilization, the Adept who is now guiding our planet into the new Golden Age of Aquarius, has emerged as Sanctus Germanus, the "holy brother", known to millions today as Ascended Master Saint Germain.
~~~~~~~At the present point in history, and from now on for the next two thousand years, the very fate of every atom on, in and around the planet Earth, will be influenced by the cosmic fact that Saint Germain is now the Lord of Civilization on this globe. It was under His jurisdiction that the axis of the planet was straightened by the angelic kingdom; it is under His jurisdiction that the planet is edging, with a sidewise motion, into its new orbit; it is under His jurisdiction that the planet is spiraling upward into a new special region; it is
under His jurisdiction that all imprisoned energy on, in and around the Earth is now being released and returned to the Sun for
~~~~~~~Imprisoned energy is now held captive in virtually all atoms where astral matter clogs the orbital passages provided for the revolution of electrons. This astral matter, man-created, cannot be destroyed under universal Law. It can only be transmuted by the Violet fire acting upon it under the divine Laws of Mercy, compassion and Forgiveness. The seventh Ray is also known as the Ray of White Magic because of its instantaneous alchemical action of transmutation. The transmuted energy, freed by divine forgiveness, is usually so weakened by its brutal imprisonment that it must be carried by the angelic kingdom back to the Sun for recharging. In recent years, since the fission-fusion boys have roamed the Earth, seeking to destroy, the situation has become extremely serious, and that is one reason why hundreds of spaceships regularly fly through the atmosphere, transmuting vast areas of atomic infection.
~~~~~~~Beginning in 1957 tens of millions of angels began moving Earthward in shining legions. The angels serve throughout the galaxy wherever they are accepted. Only a minimum number have remained in the Earth's contaminated atmosphere during the past centuries because they were rejected by the majority of people who could no longer see them. However, by 1957 the calls for angelic assistance had become so urgent that under the direction of the seven great Archangels, each serving on one of the seven Rays, millions upon millions of angels moved into the etheric regions around the Earth to stand in readiness to answer any calls. The cherubim are particularly active now and very often their flights through the night skies are observed and they are mistaken for space-
ships. The cherubim fly in large groups, in V-formation, and as they fly within their own forcefield they give off a brilliant white light.
~~~~~~~The return of the angels to the Earth's atmosphere will have a profound effect on the planet as a whole, because no other planet in the system attempts to operate without the aid of angels, with as least five to every member of the human population. Only the arrogant humanity of Earth has rejected angelic assistance. Now under the jurisdiction of Saint Germain, Chohan of the Violet Fire, the angels are being encouraged to return to help mankind.
~~~~~~~Ascended Master Saint Germain has also supervised the selection of thousands of volunteers from other planets who have been infiltrating into the Earth's population in large numbers during the past hundred years. Of course, certain individuals from other planets have been coming to the Earth since the days of Sanat Kumara's regime, but during the past hundred years more than ten million volunteers have either embodied here in Earth families, or have been brought in as babies and reared as Earth children. Within the past decade the space people have used the moon as a space station, and have built tremendous installations there in which adults from other planets are conditioned to live in a simulated Earth atmosphere, and then landed here in space ships. These people mingle freely with the population, live as Earth people do, and are seldom recognized as interplanetary visitors.
~~~~~~~During the past hundred years, Ascended Master Saint Germain has concentrated particularly on the scientific field because this is at once the most dangerous area now being plundered by Earth men and also the area most necessary to the spiritual welfare of man. The Ascension process is strictly a scientific one. It is neither mysterious nor mystical.
Certainly it is not religious. Each and every person must learn, in some embodiment, how to raise the atomic vibration of the four lower bodies... mental, emotional, etheric and physical. Each and every person must, in some embodiment, discard that disgusting ancient habit of dying and leaving his physical body lying around for someone to bury. In the New Age, with the tremendous increase in vibratory rates in and around the planet, the entire emphasis of civilization will be placed on living. The habit of dying will be forgotten as soon as the majority of people have cleaned out their etheric bodies by using the Violet fire.
~~~~~~~The etheric body contains all records, all memories of past lives, back to the very beginning of our individualization as White Fire Beings. The etheric body is what modern scientists call the subconscious, which is perhaps as good a name as any other providing its meaning is clearly understood. At the present time the term is used glibly and in a meaningless manner. That situation will have to be changed because a person with a clogged etheric body can make little evolutionary progress. He must understand clearly that the etheric records of bad habits must be transmuted so that the tiny etheric filaments are clean and firmly woven in a perfect pattern of triangles. Wherever the etheric body registers disease or disharmony of any kind the tiny filaments become disarranged and tattered. These records of disharmony remain until transmuted. Meanwhile they are built in, embodiment after embodiment.
~~~~~~~A striking example of the horrible after-effects of war memories retained by the etheric body, is now being illustrated on a world-wide scale. It seemed very noble back in 1940 to train young men to march forth and kill the enemy. Now the bewildered public wonders why we have so much
juvenile delinquency. The answer is that many boys who were killed in World War II are back in embodiment, with their etheric memories of violence freshly imprinted on their subtle bodies. The sight of a gun, of a blood-and-thunder TV show or movie, membership in a street gang, or even a family argument is sufficient to stir these etheric records into violet upheavals. Yet the public remains captive to churchianity, militarism and death, resolutely refusing to even investigate the glorious possibilities of living in a clean and wholesome world.
~~~~~~~In the following chapters are set forth the broad outlines of Saint Germain's New Age program as it has manifested in recent years, and as it will affect the immediate future of every Earth person... indeed of every Earth atom. Since the program is in the final analysis a scientific one, designed to prepare individuals for the Ascension process, we will focus our attention first upon the vast preparatory work which was started in 1856 by that great scientific genius, Nikola Tesla.

Part IV

This Cosmic Moment

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