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Return of the Dove

Part ~ IX

Let There Be Light

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Venus Tesla Connection introduction ~ home page
.Margaret Storm~~.~loved Tesla
....Return of the Dove ~ Part IX
.Arthur H. Matthews~.knew Tesla
Let There Be Light

~~~~~~~On one occasion Tesla was presented with a medal, a symbol of gratitude, together with a paraphrase of Pope's lines on Newton:

~~~~~~~~~~~"Nature and Nature's laws lay hid in night
~~~~~~~~~u....God said, Let Tesla be, and all was light."

~~~~~~~This was the Venusian, the superman, who arrived on this Earth
in a spaceship, as a tiny baby, and who grew to maturity to fulfill his great mission... that of assisting Ascended Master Saint Germain to set up the machinery for the new scientific civilization that will lift the Aquarian Age to heights of glory. Two thousand years earlier, Saint Germain, then Joseph, watched over the babe Jesus, while a radiant space vehicle, the Star of Bethlehem, hovered above the stable.
~~~~~~~Few people on this planet today have any conception of

the Herculean accomplishments of Tesla on behalf of the Forces of Light. But on other planets in this Solar System and in systems beyond, the people are well aware that they can extend the hand of friendship to us now, in this year of 1958, because of the mighty works of Tesla.
~~~~~~~There are many Earth people who will feel, even now, that Tesla should have found a way to overcome the obstacles placed in his path by the forces of darkness; that he should have forced a showdown that would have thrust his inventions upon the world, regardless of the ignorance and ambitions of a petty-minded opposition. But like the spaceman that he was, Tesla knew that he could only encourage us; he could not force his light upon us; he could
only respect our free will.
~~~~~~~He was aware that humanity was plagued by the forces of darkness. He well knew that people were unable to see the significance of his role as a Lightbearer. He was never bitter, never disappointed, when people failed to appreciate his efforts. He would only smile his slow sweet smile in response to compassionate friends who felt they must offer apologies for human arrogance, for human self-will, and then he would quote in answer a favorite stanza from Goethe's Faust:
~~~~~~~~~~~~"The god that in my bosom lives
~~~~~~~~~~~~.Can move my deepest inmost soul
~~~~~~~~~~~~.Power to all my thoughts he gives
~~~~~~~~~~~~.But outside he has no control."

~~~~~~~Well did Tesla know that each and every individual must find his own Christ-center, must contact his own Source. For the doctrine of vicarious atonement is a vicious one, an escapist's dream. Each must transmute his own misqualified

energy; each must carve out and travel the razor-edged Path to the One. Tesla's inventions can make the journey easier... as can those of his disciples... Matthews and Carr. But only God can say to each pilgrim on the Path: Here is My gift of Violet Fire. Accept it. Use it. Transmute your past mistakes. Put your lower worlds in order. Then come home to Me!
~~~~~~~There are those who will dispute the advantages of Tesla's inventions, and present developments made by Matthews, Carr and others who follow in Tesla's footsteps, arguing that machinery has nothing to do with discipleship. There are those who will say that we must not use a mechanistic approach, such as the anti-war machine, in trying to solve our problems; that we must use only Love and Understanding. But this attitude stems from the dreadful devoteeism generated under the mis-used influence of the Sixth Ray. Jesus was a practical man who lived in the workaday world: He made His Ascension by the application of scientific principles, which is the only method anyone can use. It is only the impractical mystic who views science as a handicap.
~~~~~~~It is quite true that if men and women of goodwill could generate
a sufficient amount of Love and Understanding, the course of history could be changed at once, but the change would still come about scientifically. For the energies generated in this way are simply collected by angelic forces, acting as accumulators, and then poured into certain specified areas of atomic matter, freeing it from low karmic vibrations and raising its frequency so it can function with greater freedom. There is nothing mystical in the process. There is nothing mystical about an angel.
~~~~~~~When angels walked and talked with men, before the laggards came, they were accepted as a necessary adjunct to
successful human evolution, as indeed they are. They are not any more mystical than trees, rocks, soil or rivers; they are not one whit more mystical than the pigeons in the park or Tesla's favorite dove. It is the dark forces who have conjured up that phoney mystical story, so that people would feel that they had to be practical in the materialistic meaning of the word, and depend upon a job, a boss, a national ruler, a military machine, instead of simply depending upon God and His Adepts and His angels.
~~~~~~~So let us not despise a mechanistic approach which will allow us
to lay down our weapons, and give us the leisure time to develop the educated heart of Love, the enlightened mind of Understanding. As the ancient maxim advises; "Do not count the teeth of a camel which has been given to you with love, but ride it with thanks in your hearts that you have a vehicle which will carry you safely through the hazards of the desert." Remember, too, that Tesla's anti-war machine is simply a mechanistic version of the wall of light built by Saint Germain's disciples through directed and controlled thought. But with this difference: Saint Germain's wall of light must, like the Hierarchs Themselves, function without interfering with man's free will. It would not be occultly permissible for Adepts or disciples to build a wall of light which would cause all bombs to explode, as Tesla's anti-war machine will do. By taking human embodiment Tesla could overcome that occult fiat to the extent that he could counter with his human free will the destructive weapons fashioned by other human free wills.
~~~~~~~That is why all Adepts in ascended bodies have to work through disciples who are in physical incarnation. The disciple is perfectly free at all times to do or say anything, even when the word or deed may actually work against the Forces
of Light. Of course in that case the disciple must carry the burden of the resultant karma. But a Master is not occultly permitted to warn the disciple against errors; if He did so He would interfere with the free will of the disciple, and deprive the disciple of learning through his own mistakes.
~~~~~~~A Master working in the Light, never follows a disciple around, telling him what to do and what not to do. On the other hand, black adepts
do nothing else, and they even enlist the aid of parents, teachers, doctors, newspaper writers and a thousand other tools to assist them in their nefarious practice of enslaving the human mind through dictatorship. This kind of tyranny exists in virtually every home today, and it is a well known fact that the forces of darkness are especially proud of the inroads they have made in destroying family love and harmony.
~~~~~~~Masters of the Ageless Wisdom do not direct their disciples to follow certain lines of thought, or point out to them certain ideas which they should absorb. The disciple must at all times use his own discrimination, and must through his own efforts learn to handle only that type of energy which will increase his God-powers. Over the years many disciples have been sufficiently alert to apply ideas which they learned from Tesla, for disciples range far and wide in their search for the truth, striving to recognize it and greeting it with joy when they find it. The mystic or the devotee usually makes the mistake of searching for truth only in nice but innocuous books, respectable surroundings, and sanctimonious environments. Therefore, it has not occurred to many persons to look into the findings of an electrical scientist like Tesla, to confirm the Truths put forward by Ascended Master Saint Germain.
~~~~~~~One of the most interesting examples of alert searching has come
to light in a story reported by Elsie Bulow, and published in Fate Magazine in November, 1957. Mrs. Bulow had worked with the group of Saint Germain's disciples who originally built the protecting wall of light around North, Central and South America. Mrs. Bulow was well acquainted with the work of Tesla and as she explains, in a portion of her article quoted below from Fate, she knew his ideas could be used in a thoroughly practical manner even by an individual. She then demonstrated this in many ways. She told the author that in experimenting with the Tesla methods, she found the techniques to be identical with those taught by Saint Germain and other Hierarchs.
~~~~~~~"When we lived in Illinois we had a little toy terrier named Midgie. When Midgie was nine months old she was read for love. We were filled with consternation at the thought of all the dogs in the neighborhood congregating outside our door What could we do?
~~~~~~~"I was reminded of the scientist, Nikola Tesla. His scientific knowledge was four-dimensional. He believed in the spiritual nature of the Universe and acted on the principle that all is governed by immutable law; that intelligence is present at every point in so-called Space and can be acted upon through the power of thought. He astounded the scientific world by stating, over twenty years ago, that a wall of light, invisible and impregnable, could be built around a city. Its power to withstand any impact would be greater than that of any physical substance known to man, he said.
~~~~~~~"Tesla was using thought dynamically to establish this wall of light from out of the very atmosphere in which we live, move, and have our being. He called this invisible
substance intelligent energy which could be thought into existence. He knew that thought was creative.
~~~~~~~"Building this wall was not a supernatural feat for we were dealing with energy.
~~~~~~~"I had already learned to draw this wall of light around myself. Therefore, it was not an impossibility to conceive of a wall of light around our home. We decided upon a wall of light to exclude all amorous male dogs, to repel any dog which touched its charged area.
~~~~~~~"Everybody has an atmosphere, or electrical field, and the atmosphere in which we live is filled with invisible atoms. The center of these atoms is the intelligence which keeps the electrons revolving around it like the planets around the Sun, in an orderly fashion, according to law. The pattern of the atoms changes with changing thoughts.
~~~~~~~"With the above understanding... we visualized the wall of light around our house and its environs. We conceived of the outer surface as sending forth charges of electrical energy which would act as a repellent and result in completely discouraging all male dogs ... We watched from the window as the dogs came eagerly and confidently toward our home. There were a half dozen of them, all sizes.
~~~~~~~"They came as far as the place where we had visualized and felt (accepted) the wall of light. There they stopped .they tried to come further but evidently could not and so circled the house in perplexity. Then, dog fashion, they lay down to await developments. But one by one, unable to approach
one step nearer their heart's desire, they left the scene, not to return."
~~~~~~~Mrs. Bulow also said she used the wall of light around her automobile at all times and it was demonstrated that she was saved from car accidents on more than one occa-
sion. As she stated in the article, she long ago learned to draw the wall of light around herself. Later she lived in Chicago for a period and there she found that she could draw the wall of light about her on the coldest winter days, and that she could walk through the biting winds blowing from Lake Michigan, and yet remain comfortably warm. On hot Summer days she used it in a similar manner to keep herself comfortably cool.
~~~~~~~Most of Saint Germain's disciples can report similar personal experiences with the wall of light, which for individual use is visualized as a great tube of light, about twelve feet high and nine feet in diameter. The light should be visualized as cascading down around this tube like sunlight flashing on snow. It is important to understand that in the days before the laggards came to the Earth, every person was born equipped with this tube of light. The tube of light afforded positive protection against accidents, disharmony of any kind, and served an added purpose of constantly radiating forth pure energy which kept the surrounding atmosphere fragrant and refreshed. Therefore, wherever a human being moved, he was rendering a constant service to his Creator, by spreading radiant light.
~~~~~~~Now, during the present Aquarian Age, all persons must re-build this tube of light. In these early years of the new era, the tube has been used only by interested disciples who were eager to experiment with the technique. But as the age advances, each and every person will be called to the ranks of discipleship. That will be the only type of classroom work on this planet. Those who cannot or will not serve the Light on one or more of the Rays, and who refuse to take part in new age techniques designed to banish disease, death
and disharmony, will be removed to a specially prepared planet
with low vibrations. There they can experiment with their own free will miscreations until such time as they are ready to qualify energy constructively.
~~~~~~~In these latter days, since the axis of the Earth is straightened, permitting the vibratory action on the planet to be rapidly increased in order to help individuals to reach the Ascension frequency, it would indeed be the part of wisdom to seriously construct and use the tube of light. Each individual should use it not only for himself, but for others.
~~~~~~~It is usually not wise to inform the person who is being assisted,
of the help that is being offered in silence; this knowledge often causes antagonism which defeats the whole effort, because the person who is being helped is, through his rebellion, accumulating karma more rapidly than it can be dispelled. In fact, the golden rule of the new golden age will be found in that one word... silence. People could halt half of the trouble in the world today if they would just stop chattering like monkeys in a tree and listen to the voice
of the Silence that speaks from the depths of each beating heart.
~~~~~~~In addition to using the wall of light around yourself, it would indeed be wise for every mother and father to keep the wall of light constantly around their children. It can be used either to make a person invisible or for protection. It is even bulletproof. But if it serves as a protective devise only, most people will feel that this is assuredly a sufficient reward. This is a mistake, for in dealing with God's laws it is extremely unwise to place any limitation on them.
~~~~~~~That gambling attitude of... well, I'll take a chance; what have I got to lose; maybe it will work and if it does I'm that much ahead... in attitude that might well carry one through a day at Hialeah or an evening at Las Vegas. But
in building the tube of light one should begin by making an affirmation that is free from limitation.
~~~~~~~"I place a wall of light around myself that keeps me invisible, invincible and invulnerable to everything that is unlike the Christ," is a free avowal. But it must not be left high and dry on the mental plane, for there it will prove sterile. Remember that most of the sorry individuals who were bottled up in the Compound for so long were, for the most part, intellectuals.
It was their lack of feeling that prevented them from expressing love for the Light.
~~~~~~~Therefore, when thinking the tube of light into manifestation, it is necessary to feel very deeply about the glory of serving the Light. There must be no feeling of personal glory, but rather a feeling that one is being absorbed, body, mind and soul, back into the cosmic glory of God which we once knew when we emerged as White Fire Beings from the flaming heart of Alpha and Omega.
~~~~~~~The wall of light or tube of light is formed of electronic substance which is the primal life substance released from the great Central Sun of the galaxy, the twin Flames of Alpha and Omega; so we, as individualized Sparks from the heart of that same Sun, emerged in physical life surrounded by that protective God-substance. Since we lost contact with our Source, we must now regain the full realization of our divinity, and our efforts to re-form the tube of light around ourselves signifies that we are once more willing to serve the Light by using the electronic substance of light itself.
~~~~~~~There is nothing mystical or mysterious about forming the tube of light, as Mrs. Bulow has so clearly shown. It is a strictly scientific matter, as practical and demonstrable as the multiplication tables. Of course, the individual, in his
heart, must know that God-power is the only sustaining power in the Universe. God is an invented name, and should not be used in building the tube of light if an individual feels that it has something to do with church-going. If that concept gets in the way it is better to simply realize that God manifests as Light, and in this galaxy, as the particular light from Alpha and Omega.
~~~~~~~This electronic light is everywhere and is completely responsive to human thought. Thought is a rate of vibration which creates things. The tube of light which you build around yourself will take on the quality of your own thought. Therefore, if you think of the tube as being an invincible and invulnerable protection it will function as such, so long as you can keep your mind free from any doubt on the subject. If you doubt the value of the tube, it will simply disappear, because you have commanded it to do so by your own distrust.
~~~~~~~The first step, therefore, is to command the electronic substance
to surround you and remain permanently invulnerable to all that is not of the Light. The process of manifesting the tube is simple. It requires no money,
no special equipment, no college degrees. It does, however, require a certain amount of practice, but five minutes three times a day is enough to start.
~~~~~~~First of all, try to be alone and undisturbed if possible. In households where privacy is at a premium, it is perhaps best to utilize a few minutes before arising or after retiring. Make your physical body as relaxed and comfortable as possible, and then forget it. Focus your attention upon your
own Inner Self, your Divine Presence within your own beating heart.
~~~~~~~From this focus visualize a great white tube of electronic
light gathering about you. Make this tube about nine feet in diameter and see it extending about three feet beneath you and three feet above you. This tube, as seen in the ethers, is white and scintillating, like sunlight glistening on snow, and the electronic substance rushes continually over it, like the splashing of a brilliant waterfall, ever renewed, ever fresh, and yet ever flowing.
~~~~~~~Needless to say, it is not well at the present time to discuss the
tube of light in idle conversation. In a few years, when chaotic conditions have cleared, every child will be instructed in building the tube of light as part of his home training and school work.
~~~~~~~Once the tube is built it is not advisable to leave it empty, with only you inside it. Visualize it filled at all times with the great surging flames of the Violet Fire of the seventh Ray. Visualize the Violet Light as permeating every atom in your four lower bodies... mental, etheric, emotional and physical. The etheric body substands every particle of the physical body and extends about two inches beyond the physical. The mental and emotional bodies are spherical in shape and form the aura surrounding the physical. The physical body is at the center of the entire sphere, much like the yolk at the center of an egg.
~~~~~~~Visualize the Violet Fire penetrating every part of your aura, blazing in and through every atom, and transmuting all the misqualified energy which is lodged, in the form of astral debris, in every tiny chink between the electrons in each atom. In a short time you will notice an increasing sense of well-being, and a feeling of buoyancy. Meanwhile, of course, every effort should be made to cease misqualifying pure electronic energy as it leaves your heart.
~~~~~~~In other words, refrain from getting mad at yourself and
the world around you; leave off all worry; cast out all fear. If your favorite worrying subject is lack of money, then use the thinking power that is wasted in worry in realizing that all supply is created by the Creator. This forms a magnetic focus for supply and it will flow in naturally; but remember that doubt will immediately cause demagnetization.
~~~~~~~When your tube of light is blazing with the soothing, cooling, healing rays of Violet Fire, then further enhance it by filling it with a delightful perfume, such as the fragrance of lilacs in a spring rain. As a final touch add to the whole a joyous melody from your favorite music. Follow this practice diligently, day after day; focus your attention upon your Inner Self; cultivate an abiding faith in God, and you will find your outer world swinging into a wonderful new orbit of harmony.
~~~~~~~Remember that if you need special help at any instant of the day or night to solve any problems, you should call on the angelic kingdom. You will get an immediate response, even though you may not recognize the energy form in which it comes to you. And when you gaze at the skies overhead on a clear night and you see an apparent star shoot suddenly through the heavens, know that it is a flight of cherubim speeding forth on some cosmic errand. Recognize them, acknowledge, and bless them, and you will receive their blessing in return.
~~~~~~~In the very near future, as soon as the governments of the world are forced to release their information on spaceships, more and more of these vehicles will become visible in the skies. Remember that at present all spaceships and space people can use the tube of light at any time to make themselves invisible. As Earth people themselves learn to
form and use the tube of light they will develop a consciousness which will make them fit companions for space visitors.
~~~~~~~At the present time, there will be no space travel permitted except for those persons who are using physical bodies vibrating at the Ascension frequency. In certain cases the space people may take visitors to other planets for some special purpose, although it is difficult to imagine what purpose would be served. Those individuals who have passed through the Ascension Initiation are free to come and go as they wish, but they travel only if they are serving Life by so doing.
~~~~~~~Science is now attempting to solve the riddle of gravity, if it can be called a riddle. Gravity has no effect on a physical body or object vibrating at a high frequency. Otis T. Carr has solved the problem of gravity in designing his free-energy motors and his spaceships. There is no apparent reason why Carr's spaceships could not travel to distant planets and stars, but there is a very excellent occult reason why they cannot be used for that purpose at the present time unless they are piloted by individuals who have an Ascended body.
~~~~~~~It is very possible that Carr himself might be permitted to travel
in his own ships for test purposes, and because he has worked so closely with Tesla in designing the ships. But the average tourist is not going anywhere in outer Space... not yet, for all unascended beings are held firmly within the
orbit of the Earth, not by gravity alone, but by the Rod of Spiritual Power.
~~~~~~~Anyone who wished to learn about the Rod of spiritual Power or the Rod of Initiation, as it is sometimes called, has certainly had every opportunity to study the subject
during the past century. Every writer on occult subjects from Helena Petrovna Blavatsky down to Alice A. Bailey, had had much to say on the Rod.
~~~~~~~A Rod of spiritual Power is assigned to each and every planet or star, and is given into the keeping of an entity known as the Lord of the Sphere. For the past nineteen million years, the Lord of the World for planet Earth, has been Sanat Kumara of Venus. Only at the beginning of 1956 was He liberated from his self-imposed task, and now Gautama, the former Buddha, is the new Lord of the World.
~~~~~~~The Rod for this planet has, therefore, been given into the custody of Gautama. It is this Rod that keeps us all firmly held to our classroom work until our evolutionary lessons are completed. The Rod is used on many special occasions, however. It is always used during the formal ceremonies of the Wesak Festival which takes place annually during the time of the Taurus Full Moon. It is also used when individuals undergo the higher initiations, when they are touched by the Rod. When a person attains Adeptship, the Rod is used in the initiation ceremony for magnetization purposes, signifying that the individual is ascended and free. Thereafter, the Rod cannot hold him within the Earth's orbit, and he may travel upon the cosmic lightways at times when they are officially open.
~~~~~~~All cosmic lightways or highways between planets and stars are controlled magnetically by the various Rods of Spiritual Power, one of which is on each sphere. The highways are normally closed to all interstellar traffic, but on specific occasions they are formally opened in this galaxy by entities from Alpha and Omega, and in other galaxies by similar entities from their Central Sun.
~~~~~~~The magnetic control functions automatically. The cosmic highways remain closed so long as the Rod on a planet is completely magnetized. If travelers desire to go to another planet, they must travel at a season when the planetary Rod is partially demagnetized in a manner which will permit properly qualified persons to leave the globe. On some occasions the Rod permits visitors to enter. On still other occasions the highways are open to traffic in either direction.
~~~~~~~Frequently the cosmic highways leading to the Earth are crowded with visitors from other planets and stars, and other galaxies, all in preparation for Saint Germain's great planetary triumph of restoration. Many of these cosmic visitors go direct to the royal Teton Retreat in Wyoming, the spot where the First Root Race people established themselves as the first inhabitants on planet Earth. The Royal Teton Retreat is the scene of much global activity, both within the mountain where a magnificent ampitheatre is maintained on the physical plane, and above the mountain where the etheric counterpart exists for those entities who work in subtle bodies.
~~~~~~~In the Aquarian Age, it is expected that the various retreats around the world will be opened once again to the public. At present it is impossible for any visitor to gain admittance unless he has achieved at least minor initiatory status and has raised his vibrations to a point where he is seriously making an effort to advance to the Ascension frequency. In that case he is given every assistance by Adepts working on the various rays.
~~~~~~~In another great underground installation near the Royal Teton, is the collection of machinery which has been assembled for the New Age, and this will be released to the
public as soon as present obstacles are removed. Saint Germain has been extremely active during the past century in preparing certain mechanisms which will assist people to rapidly raise their vibrations, once the New Age training can become part of the world educational system.
~~~~~~~About twenty years ago Saint Germain perfected a device which he calls the Ascension chair. When an individual is mentally ready for the Ascension he may speed up the physical process by sitting in the chair while
a Master, using White Magic methods, directs a flow of pure energy into the device. This acts upon the physical atoms of the body and raises the vibrations to the Ascension frequency in a matter of minutes.
~~~~~~~The Ascension chair cannot be used by anyone who is below a certain mark in evolution, for if the individual is not ready the effect would be shattering to the physical body. The chair is mentioned here, however, because it is one more example of the many devices which will serve to advance Aquarian evolution, and which will lead to the end of death and taxes on this planet.
~~~~~~~Although the Ascension chair perfected by Ascended Master Saint Germain is for the few, the masses have by no means been forgotten. The rejuvenation equipment which George Van Tassel is building at Giant rock, California, is definitely designed to assist people physically to raise their
atomic vibrations. As the New Age advances similar equipment will be in
widespread use.
~~~~~~~But the immediate need for individual assistance can be answered by the tube of light. All possible aid should be given at this time to help children and young people to not only build the tube of light, but to help them to understand
something about the tremendous evolutionary opportunities awaiting them.
~~~~~~~This is a very difficult period for children, because they are coming into a world filled with confused and bewildered adults who cannot find any sense of peace or security within their own hearts. Also, it must not be forgotten that hundreds of these children have been out of embodiment only
a short time, having died during the violence of World War II. Their etheric memories of that period are still fresh and very disturbing. The United States is in an especially difficult situation so far as its young people are concerned, for thousands of those who formerly embodied in other nations have been attracted to rebirth in America.
~~~~~~~However, it is cheering to know that at least one organization has been set up to assist these young people to become oriented in the Space Age as it dawns on the three Americas. This is the Junior Skywatch of the Americas, located in Washington, D.C. It was founded by Arnold Kruckman, a former newspaper writer and a friend of Nikola Tesla.
~~~~~~~Mr. Kruckman has been interested in flying since its pioneer phases in the early days of the balloon. He originally helped to organize many of the pioneer flight groups, their membership drawn from those who owned balloons or who flew in them. At the same time these early pioneers were devoted to the new skyflier, the airplane. Mr. Kruckman finds that those who were interested in the rudimentary elements of flying that went into balloon activities, parallel those persons today who are interested in spaceships.
~~~~~~~Mr. Kruckman was very fond of Nikola Tesla and utilized every opportunity to observe the unusual experiments which Tesla made in the field of aeronautics. At one
time Mr. Kruckman wrote a series of articles about Tesla for the New York World, relating an instance when Tesla rented an armory in New Jersey and flew a dirigible in it, using only his will power to make the dirigible move through the armory. Mr. Kruckman also recalled a time when Tesla took an airplane to Marblehead, Massachusetts, and sent it out upon the water for a great distance, without any motive power except that which he himself supplied mentally.
~~~~~~~Arnold Kruckman was a child prodigy and while still very young he performed brilliantly upon the violin, playing for the crowned heads of Europe. Later, as a teen-ager, he forsook the violin and took up writing and then journalism. He had a long friendship with Tesla, and for many years he wrote articles on flight for the New York World in the days when Tesla was about the only living man who had a comprehensive knowledge of the subject. It was in 1896 that Tesla built his first model plane in London.
~~~~~~~Now Arnold Kruckman has grown to maturity, but his interest is still the same as it was in his teen-age days. He states, and rightly so, that the boys and girls in the Junior Skywatch of the Americas have a new light in their eyes; the work of sky scouting sinew and it is real; the only boundary is the cosmos. Mr. Kruckman's organization answers a definite New Age need for young people. It forms an intriguing outlet for youthful energy and provides a unique educational opportunity in a subject which is still not under the dull control of the school curriculum. It should be remembered that Einstein did not pursue his education until he received his doctorate. He escaped from the dreary classrooms at the earliest opportunity, and he stated that had he been imprisoned within those limiting walls only a
few days longer, he would have given up mathematics forever, and turned to the violin as a more worthy instrument.
~~~~~~~Now that Otis T. Carr's free-energy inventions have been announced, a vast new field of splendid far-flung wonderment opens up to the teen-agers. It is these young people who will refuse to be caught up in the outmoded power limitations that led to the past dull years of brutal human struggle. Mr. Carr has expressed his great concern for the young people of today, struggling for creative expression in the turbulent world in which they have been forced to live. He speaks as follows:

~~~~~~."Emotions were bursting their bonds wherever you'd go.

~~~~~~~Crimes of passion and violence raged the globe.

~~~~~~~Bored juveniles ignored all mandate of family or public authority
~~~~~~~~~~~and harassed their neighbors with deadly intent.

~~~~~~~Already crowded asylums doubled and tripled their quotas to admit ~~~~~~~~~~~every increasing numbers of the over-stressed for treatment.

~~~~~~~And still there seems to be no good end in sight.

~~~~~~~Those in greedy control of the mass of minds and materials still ~~~~~~~~~~~persisted in draining off all the wealth to feed their war

~~~~~~~Prices spiraled always higher while reserves of natural resources ~~~~~~~~~~~crept ever more swiftly toward wasted exhaustion.

~~~~~~~The public media were splashed with these pressures of fear and ~~~~~~~~~~~hate. News of nations at each other's

~~~~~~~~~~~throats with boasts of bigger and ever more powerful ~~~~~~~~~~~weapons of devastation were coupled with loud threats, which ~~~~~~~~~~~if ever carried out could only result in the total annihilation of ~~~~~~~~~~~existing life on planet Earth.

~~~~~~~Little wonder then that boundless joy came to the hearts of men ~~~~~~~~~~~when they learned that free energy and Space flight had been ~~~~~~~~~~~returned to our beloved globe.

~~~~~~~Soon will the spirit of Peace descend upon mankind.

~~~~~~~Soon will the Dove return bearing the symbolic olive branch."

~~~~~~~This, then, is our heritage, our divine and glorious destiny. Now in the glad years ahead, our New Age children will grow into the golden age of heaven on Earth, with scarcely a memory of past darkness. This has been made possible because countless men and women, drawn from the farthest reaches of the galaxy, together with a certain White Dove, have chosen to steadfastly serve the Light.
~~~~~~~There is more to be said, much more, and the story of the Light that ever lights the beating heart of mankind, will be continued in a second volume... Flame of the Dove.


Part IX

Let There Be Light

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