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The Days Just Ahead .......................

The End of Man's Crucifixion .............

This Cosmic Moment .......................

The Nikola Tesla Story ....................

Farewell of the Dove .......................

The Arthur H. Matthews Story ...........

The Otis T. Carr Story .....................

Let There Be Light ..........................

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Return of the Dove


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.Margaret Storm~~.~loved Tesla
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.Arthur H. Matthews~.knew Tesla
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Bailey, Alice A. Lucis Publishing Co., 11 West 42 Street, New York, N.Y.

~~~~A Treatise on Cosmic Fire
~~~~A Treatise on White Magic
~~~~A Treatise on the Seven Rays
~~~~~~~Esoteric Psychology.................Vol I
~~~~~~~Esoteric Psychology.................Vol II
~~~~~~~Esoteric Astrology...................Vol III
~~~~~~~Esoteric Astrology...................Vol IV
~~~~~~~Unfinished Autobiography

~~~~~~~The above books (with the exception of Unfinished Autobiography) together with many others presented by Alice A. Bailey, were dictated by Ascended Master Djwal Kul, from Shigatse, Tibet to New York City, via Master-to-disciple telepathy. Djwal Kul is a second Ray Master, and directs the studies of many thousands of disciples throughout the world from a subsidiary ashram affiliated with the ashram maintained by Ascended Master Kuthumi, former Chohan of the Second Ray for many years, until July, 1958.
~~~~~~~Last July Ascended Master Kuthumi and Ascended Master Jesus took over the official duties of the Office of the Christ and World Teacher. This is the first known instance in human history in which two Chohans were called forth by Cosmic Law to serve together in this high Office, indicating the great readiness of humanity to receive the illumination radiated forth by Christ's teachings.
~~~~~~~Ascended Master Lanto, a well-beloved Teacher of Chinese origin, who was for long years in charge of the Retreat of the Royal Teton, Wyoming, has been appointed Chohan of the Second Ray to take over the work of Kuthumi. In turn, Ascended Master Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher and ruler, has once more drawn close to the humanity He so much loved in bygone ages, and has now entered the American scene as gracious Host to the thousands of Cosmic Guests and disciples who gather twice yearly for official meetings at the Royal Teton Retreat.


~~~~~~~Ascended Master Djwal Kul, known to many as the Tibetan since he took His last embodiment in Tibet, is continuing His active work among Second Ray disciples all over the world.
~~~~~~~Since the Ascended Masters will in coming years move more freely in the outer world, as They are rapidly accepted by the general public, it is very interesting to become acquainted with the history of those who have been our friends and neighbors during many lives.
~~~~~~~Ascended Master Kuthumi, as Balthazzer, and Ascended Master Djwal Kul, as Casper, were two of the Wise Men who visited the babe Jesus. The third Wise Man, Melchoir, is now Ascended Master Morya.

Bauer, Maria Verulam Foundation, Los Angeles, Cal.
~~~~~~~Foundations Unearthed

~~~~~~~This is the story of the discovery of the vault containing all of Francis Bacon's private papers and writings. These are the documents which mysteriously disappeared from England when Bacon, in order to close his work there, arranged for his own funeral by borrowing a corpse destined for potter's field, and then attended the services disguised in widow's mourning veils. After seeing the grave close over the mortal remains of a supposed Francis Bacon, he made his way to Germany, and there re-activated the Rosicrucian Order; later he continued this type of work throughout Europe, consolidating groups of disciples and pouring the vital life of the Spirit into weary hearts.
~~~~~~~Years later Francis Bacon made His Ascension from the Rakoczy Cistle in Transylvania, the former home of the great Prince Rakoczy, Who is now the Ascended Being known as the Divine Director. Prince Rakoczy was for centuries the Teacher assigned to Francis Bacon, during that and many previous embodiments. So close was Their association and understanding that Teacher and chela merged in the minds of the public and to this day Francis Bacon is often referred to as the Master Rakoczy. He is, however, correctly identified as the Ascended Master Saint Germain, for He Himself selected the title of "Sanctus Germanus" or holy brother. For many years He has served as Chohan of the Seventh Ray,


taking over that post from the beloved historical figure of ancient Chine, the Ascended Lady Master Kwan Yin. Although Saint Germain still retains His Chohanship, He was recently crowned as Lord of Civilization for the Aquarian cycle.
~~~~~~~In Foundations Unearthed, Maria Bauer tells the inspiring story of the discovery of the vault containing Bacon's original papers. It still lies buried in Bruton Churchyard at Williamsburg, Virginia, where it was placed over 300 years ago by command of Bacon himself. The vault contains papers which reveal the divine Plan for the Aquarian Age, and other valuable documents relating to the destiny of America.
~~~~~~~Three centuries ago Francis Bacon preserved and for safety concealed this most treasured heritage of all times, for it is destined to serve as a guidepost for the American people in their hour of greatest spiritual hunger. Hiding behind the cloak of churchianity, vested money interests have thus far prevented the actual opening of the vault, depriving humanity of its rightful heritage which is so sorely needed now. Bacon predicted that the vault would be opened when "God, speaking through the voice of the people" would lead them to cry out against their overlords, demanding the buried treasure.
~~~~~~~Foundations Unearthed is now out of print, but it is worth borrowing if you can search it out. However, some time in 1959, another book by Maria Bauer will be published, and it will incorporate all of the material presented in this first little volume. The new book will be much longer and much more thrilling, for it will cover two main themes... The Birth of A New Age and Quest for Bruton Vault. The full manuscript is as yet untitled.

Besant, Annie Theosophical Publishing Co., Wheaton, Ill.
~~~~~~~The Self and Its Sheaths

~~~~~~~A guide book for students who wish to take a backward glance through the early days of the Theosophical Movement, founded by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky at the behest of the Hierarchy. Although the turbulence and fiery zeal demonstrated by those pioneers in humanity's upliftment to the Light, have


no place in the calm and measured discipleship through which Light, consumes the dark news of today, it is nevertheless stimulating to look in on these embattled Servers at work.
~~~~~~~Annie Besant, in a previous embodiment of historical moment, was the martyred Giordano Bruno, who was burned at the stake in the year of 1600, by orders of churchianity's Inquisitorial Court which pronounced him a confirmed heretic.
~~~~~~~During that embodiment Bruno departed from his enforced role as a Dominican monk and wandered over Europe and England as an itinerant scholar. He contacted Francis Bacon and many of Bacon's closest disciples and co-workers.
~~~~~~~Recently Bruno again emerged in characterization, although slightly disguised, in the literary marts of the land. He was selected by author James Joyce for a special role in Finnegan's Wake... that of Mr. Brown, a member of the firm of Brown and Nolan, and again as Bruno Nolan.
~~~~~~~In consciousness, Annie Besant continued the path of high evolvement which she set as Bruno. All of her books, and they are many, make splendid reading, even though our Aquarian Age disciples will not have to battle the turbulent sea of hostility encountered by the stormy petrels of the Piscean days. That good fight was fought by the valiant ones like Bruno and Annie Besant.

Balvatsky, Helena Petrovna Theosophical Publishing Co., Wheaton, Ill.

~~~~~~~The Secret Doctrine (Adyar Edition)
~~~~~~~Isis Unveiled

~~~~~~~In the outer world of discipleship, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky has been aptly compared with the Rock of Bigralter. She can only be described as one of Nature's mighty wonders. In this last embodiment she emerged, or perhaps it might be better said that she escaped, out of Russia and into the world. It was not that any Blavatsky was unwelcome in the old Russia of the last century... quite the contrary. Russia simply did not offer sufficient opportunities, amid its corruption and barbarism, for the impetuous Helena to serve the Christ Forces openly and freely. She felt cramped and awkward in that wasteland of frozen

evil, where even the very Earth was tainted by the satanic forces which had made it a focus of darkness in ancient Lemurian times.
~~~~~~~The entire globe became her abiding place physically; intellectually and spiritually she roamed the far-flung reaches of the Universe. For long centuries, in embodiment after embodiment, she served the Forces of Light. In all history there have probably been few disciples who have enjoyed such a close working relationship with Ascended Masters and Cosmic adepts. Madame Blavatsky was always the general-in-command of outer world strategy. She knew what support the Christ forces needed for their outer world program, and she never failed to measure up to their need.
~~~~~~~Madame Blavatsky was the first tentative public relations agent appointed to serve as a bridge between the Hierarchy and the outer world. The Masters, even in those years of the last century were already preparing for the vast public program being directed today by Saint Germain. Ascended Master Djwal Kul handles outer world public relations for the Hierarchy, and today he works through a large staff of disciples who are employed in various jobs in the outer world. Most of them are trained writers, lecturers, teachers, artists, actors, or theatre craftsmen, and many of them are not aware that they are overshadowed by the Christ forces.
~~~~~~~But in the days of Madame Blavatsky this present stream-lined set-up did not exist. The Masters were just getting the program organized, and Madame Blavatsky was the "girl Friday" who handled the hundreds of outer world office details. She was the ideal type for the job because all barriers, human as well as inhuman, removed themselves in the face of her executive advance. Naturally, in a public relations role, she had many dealings with printers. She was not exactly unreasonable; she was merely unyielding in her demands that "this must be finished at once for the Boss;" or in a tone of hushed confidence she would say: "The Boss wants us to do our very very best on this work, and by the way, He was immensely pleased with your last printing job."
~~~~~~~The harassed printers, bored by the endless daily grind, would

respond to her import-laden words as a dry sponge responds to water. Thus refreshed, they would return merrily to their type-setting, but only after making solicitous inquiries about the well-being of the Boss, and complimenting Madame Blavatsky on her good fortune in working for an Employer Who was obviously most generously endowed with every known virtue. The printers little realized that Truth pressed close upon them.
~~~~~~~The famous document known as The Secret Doctrine, is encyclopediac like Madame Blavatsky herself. Most of it was dictated to her while she was residing in England. Portions of it were supplied by various Adepts, including four Ray Chohans and the Ascended Master Djwal Kul. However, Madame Blavatsky did not hesitate to add her own findings, her own deductions, if she felt that a bit of her own forthright spirit would help to make Truth more refreshing to the public.
~~~~~~~She drew freely on her own experiences as a lesser Initiate, and on her personal visits with many Adepts, especially in India and Tibet. In summation her work is brave and clear, and for many years to come it will be required reading for every disciple. It may not provide much Light on the particular Path which modern disciples will follow under the new Aquarian dispensation. But even the most astute sometimes find an encyclopedia indispensable, and Madame Blavatsky provided, through her writings, a complete index to human evolution as it was understood in the Piscean cycle.

Bulwer-Lytton Farrar, Straus and Cudahy, Inc., New York


~~~~~~~Zanoni is a book which should be read by every aspirant who feels the compelling urge to ask that needless question: What can I do personally to help the Forces of Light?
~~~~~~~This book is classed as fiction, but that is only an editor's way of saying that he does not have the courage to speak the truth. Bulwer-Lytton has set forth facts as experienced by himself or other disciples who were his friends.
~~~~~~~As an established author he served the Christ Forces by writing this book. Disguised as fiction it was widely received


and is still much read and much discussed. It would be reintroduced to the young people of today, for despite its vintage it is still wholly enchanting.

Carr, Otis T. Millennium Publications, 2502 North Calvert Street, Baltimore ~~~~~~~~~~~18, Maryland

~~~~~~~Dimensions of Mystery

~~~~~~~An heretofore unpublished document of scientific symbolism, revelatory of significant technological fundamentals for the Aquarian Age, Dimensions of Mystery offers an entirely new literary approach. It does not fall into any classification set up by Piscean Age editors. It definitely belongs in a free orbit where profundity of spirit can mingle socially with an insouciant
~~~~~~~Otis T. Carr is a Temple-Degree Frater of the Rosicrucian Order, who Cosmic Illumination stems from the first personalities of this recorded age: Amenhotep IV and the beautiful Queen Nefertete.
~~~~~~~This manuscript, which was written and first calligraphed by the hand of Otis T. Carr in 1952, has been previously restrained from public view pending the currently evolving readiness of observers to perceive the esoteric enlightenment that signifies a general preparation for transition into the new millennium.
~~~~~~~This manuscript, which was written and first calligraphed by the hand of Otis T. Carr in 1952, has been previously restrained from public view pending the currently evolving readiness of observers to perceive the esoteric enlightenment that signifies a general preparation for transition into the new millennium.
~~~~~~~Dimensions of Mystery is an allegorical treatise of both historical and mystical aspect, which until now has been exposed to only seven persons in seven years.
~~~~~~~Dimensions is an inspired testament to the true heritage of mankind as graven in the everlasting stone of the great Pyramid of Gizeh, and in the other six Temples of Posterity.
~~~~~~~It makes delightful reading for everyone, but will be of especial significance to all true mystics, adepts, and other illuminati.

Elsom, John R. Meador Publishing Company, Boston, Mass

~~~~~~~Lightning Over the Treasury Building

Frazer, Felix J. and Elsa Peters Morse New Age Publishing Co.,
~~~~~~~~~~~~.1542 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles 26, California

~~~~~~~Tomorrow's Money


George, Henry Henry George School of Social Science,
~~~~~~~~~~~~~50 East 69 Street, New York, N.Y.

~~~~~~~Progress and Poverty

~~~~~~~Here are three books, listed above, which will provide neophyte armchair economists with a feast beyond compare. However, with the possible exception of Progress and Poverty, they are already as outmoded as the dinosaur so far as Aquarian Age disciples are concerned. Money as we know it in this year of 1958 is in the museum-piece stage on the Inner Planes. The black magicians and their teeming hordes of tools have held money completely captive for millions of years, irrespective of whether money was represented by gold, wampum or slaves from Africa.
~~~~~~~Now all black magicians have been removed from the planet and cannot return. This is a Hierarchial decision and irrevocable. The only remaining tools are those till in embodiment, and every minute of every hour of everyday, their own discordant creations are closing more tightly around them. All tools, even the unwitting servers of darkness and ignorance, will destroy themselves during their present embodiment, and the rapidity of their self-destruction is being speeded up daily by the inflow of cosmic Light.
~~~~~~~This Cosmic Light, beamed upon the Earth and its inhabitants from the heart of the Great Central Sun, causes extremely rapid fulfillment of the Law of the Circle which governs all life in the Universe. Under the old order a crotchety individual could indulge for entire lifetimes in temper tantrums, emotional orgies, anger, hate, greed or lust, or any type of violence including murder. He could cycle in and out of embodiment time after time, and repeat all of his mistakes over and over again. Under the Law of the Circle his poisoned thoughtforms would travel to the periphery of the global atmosphere and back again before striking their fangs into him. Often he would be out of embodiment before the discord which he sowed returned. Of course his karma would be sitting there waiting for him when he did come back into embodiment, but by that time he was off on another destructive course of living, and it was mentally

impossible for him to tie in present effects with causes which he had rooted in past centuries.
~~~~~~~In order to rationalize these constantly recurring situations, millions of people turned to the easy way of blasphemy. They either profaned God because of their misfortunes or, if they were the more sanctimonious type, they raised their pious eyes to the ceiling cobwebs and spoke disconsolately of God's will. Official churchianity applauded loudly, because so long as their contributors shunted God out to the left field, there was a greater demand for on-the-spot services of professional prayer-mongers. For a small fee these agile performers could take the twinges out of the hinges of consciences that were creaking across the land like rusty gates.
~~~~~~~Under their self-appointed power role, these paid professionals could officially forgive profanity and blasphemy, but they could not explain the hidden cause of such actions. They solved that problem by officially upholding as divine and insoluble all vagaries of a lucky or unlucky pattern of living, the outcome of which was more uncertain than a spinning roulette wheel.
~~~~~~~From time to time, rumors that had to do with karma drifted through from the mysterious East. Outraged churchianity took care of that subject in a hurry, and in a way intended to make the listening sinners stop their ears and hold their tongues. The collection box was passed around with strict instructions to contribute to the poor heathens who were languishing in spicy lands like India, so ignorant that they had never heard of churchianity.
~~~~~~~Under the new dispensation all of this has been changed. The inflowing cosmic Light forces the closing of the Circle very rapidly. An individual who sows discord may feel the effects in his own body within an hour or two. This is of tremendous advantage to the disciple, for when he feels discord around him or within his lower bodies, he can transmute it instantly by visually blazing Violet Fire through it.
~~~~~~~But the tools of darkness know nothing of these methods, and when their own discord closes around them they are helpless. In a short time disease grips them, and then death ensues. As
soon as they shed their physical body they are removed to Temples of the violet Fire to undergo purification. This purification must be satisfactorily completed before they will be permitted to come back into embodiment.
~~~~~~~This cleansing process will sweep through the entire economic system on the planet in a very short time, because that is probably the most critical focus of remaining evil. Although war, churchianity, crime and sex, are all foci of evil in themselves, they have virtually lost their individual identities, and have merged almost completely with the engulfing contamination of the root of evil... money.
~~~~~~~The secret of abundant money has been lost by the race of man on this planet, because man has hidden it from himself in a place he would never remember in his searchings. The secret of money lies hidden in the law of gravity.
~~~~~~~In the very near future man will discover that the force of gravity can be safely utilized only if associated with levitation. The free-energy spaceships now being built by Otis T. Carr of Baltimore do not get off the ground by fighting against gravity. Mr. Carr utilizes gravity to achieve the opposite effect... levitation. In order for a man to levitate or a craft to levitate it is not necessary to do anything about gravity. It is not necessary to challenge gravity. Gravity can be left right where it is... in its own negative forcefield. Any positive forcefield will naturally float away from it.
~~~~~~~Levitation is the exact opposite of precipitation in its effect. In principle they are the same. Whatever is being levitated goes up; whatever is being precipitated comes down, or is attracted into the gravitational forcefield. We can therefore precipitate abundance from the atmosphere, or we can, under the Law of the new dispensation, attract to ourselves any commodity such as money.
~~~~~~~As a race we have completely forgotten how to levitate at will, and yet at one time it was as simple for us as raising our hand. But since the time of Newton we have become quite gravity-conscious. Therefore, it is relatively easy for us to learn to attract or precipitate.
~~~~~~~It is easy, that is, if we clearly recognize that we are dealing
with physics, and not with metaphysics. Precipitation and etherialization, gravitation and levitation, belong strictly to the high realm of pure science, and the individual who would use these powers successfully must be pure in heart. This protection is a great divine blessing bestowed upon the race. If the impure in heart could levitate machines they would have landed rockets and warheads on the Moon long ago.
~~~~~~~Abundance of wealth will come about naturally under Law as the space Age focuses the attention of the people on levitation of men and machines. Once levitation is accepted as possible, practical, and extremely desirable, the more familiar force of gravity will lose its hold upon the minds of men. The problem is in the mind, not in gravity itself. We must simply know and prove to ourselves that we can employ gravity at will, and that we can likewise levitate at will. The difficulty now is that we accept appearances. We see everyone around us walking on the Earth by lifting only one foot at a time, so we unthinkingly do likewise. We see automobiles rolling along on four wheels and continue to manufacture them to operate in that clumsy, inefficient manner.
~~~~~~~If we wish to change these things, we must simply refuse to accept appearances. We must re-focus the beam of our attention. Actually it is much easier to lift two feet off the ground at the same time and levitate. It is easier to design an automobile to go over traffic, than to shug along, bumper-to bumper, and swing in and out of traffic, mile after weary mile. In any case it is necessary to change the attention first. The result will follow naturally.
~~~~~~~The change in our money system will come as soon as we take our attention away from the present diabolically engineered scheming, and follow natural, scientific methods of blessing money. That which is blessed grows and expands. As a race we will unite in freeing money from the imprisoning thoughtforms no longer needed, thus releasing the atoms and returning them to the universal storehouse.
~~~~~~~The drastic change needed in our money system can be brought into manifestation with rapidity if we will thoughtfully
focus our attention on the third book listed in this series... Progress and Poverty by Henry George. This economist was one of the great men among the spiritual giants who have appeared at opportune times upon the American scene. His science of political economy is solidly rooted in one certain aspect of the Cosmic Law governing the service required of elemental life held in manifested form. A form, whether it be a human body or skyscraper or automobile, should be held in manifestation only as long as it is being actively and creatively used. But a form such as a planet is not subject to man's control, and is held in manifestation as long as it is being used as a physical body by a planetary Logos.
~~~~~~~All land and water on the surface of the planet therefore belong to the universal storehouse of manifested natural resources. Man sins against the land when he lays personal claim to it, holds it out of creative use, exploits it, or otherwise abuses it. Henry George presented a system which, if followed, would result in freeing all imprisoned and abused land and returning it to the global supply of natural resources. Under his system anyone may borrow the use of land for any constructive purpose of production that will benefit mankind. But he states that private ownership of land must not be permitted to continue. It is an abuse which must be wiped out.
~~~~~~~In his philosophy, written before the turn of the century, he presents his reasons, in a calm, lucid manner. He always tried to be a politely reasonable man. He hoped to win his points with the gentle approach, for he could not bring himself to believe that humanity was actually in love with its own foulness. Yet at every turn he met with hostility and lack of acceptance. He was too valuable a man to waste on ingrates, so he was permitted to withdraw from embodiment, leaving his work for others to develop as a part of Saint Germain's program, until such a time as he may desire to again return to the physical plane to take up New Age tasks.
~~~~~~~Today we can be more forthright in our protests against private ownership of land. Owning a piece of the physical body of the planetary Logos, or a piece of land, is exactly the same as owning a piece of the aggregate physical body of mankind,
or a captive slave. One is as bad as the other. The slaves have been extremely vocal about their situation and it has been alleviated in part. The good Earth suffers in silence. But on the inner planes it is a silence which resounds like thunder. The storm is building up in intensity and will soon break over the usurious muddle which man pridefully calls his economic system.
~~~~~~~Jesus had something to say about usury two thousand years ago. When He returns into outer activity as a World Teacher it is to be hoped He will not have to mention that subject. The least we can do for Him is to clean up the mess ourselves. Usury and private ownership of land are virtually synonymous today, and both must go.
~~~~~~~Henry George knew all these things, for he carried over great memory sequences form a previous embodiment in Paris during the fateful years that preceded the French Revolution. At that time he was an active working disciple in the field of economics, although he served in another capacity at the court of Versailles. It was during those years that Saint Germain tried to stem the tide of revolution in Europe and form the United States of Europe. At the same time He succeeded in establishing the United States of America, and it was His desire to have the entire western world peacefully organized into states held together by a common bond of understanding.
~~~~~~~The plan of Saint Germain for a United States of Europe still remains to be carried out, but it will be successfully finalized during the next century, together with similar groupings in Asia and the Orient. Thus it can be seen that Saint Germain's United States of America is a pilot nation for the entire world.
~~~~~~~To understand the system of political economy toward which the world is trending at the moment, we can find significant guideposts scattered all through the writings of Henry George. Progress and Poverty is his outstanding book because of its tremendous heart quality. The quality is there because he carried over the formulated science of political economy acquired during his years at the Court of Versailles.
~~~~~~~When he wrote Progress and Poverty in the United States he was a lone worker, bringing forth cherished memories from the past. But in Paris he was part of a group of intellectuals
who were spiritually oriented to their task by Saint Germain.
~~~~~~~Their mission was a dangerous one politically and stood more to fail than to succeed at that particular time. But the men and women in the Versailles group had seen so many civilizations rise and fall that they were not concerned about that aspect. Had they not had that kind of experience in previous embodiments they would have been of no value to the group.
~~~~~~~The Versailles group did not accomplish all that had been planned, but the one main objective did succeed and stands unshaken today... the United States of America, under the firm guardianship of Uncle Sam. Saint Germain was Samuel, the prophet, in a former embodiment, and in many incarnations had used that name. He therefore established the symbol of Himself as Uncle Sam, so that the nation which grew up around that symbol could always enjoy the protection of His guardianship.
~~~~~~~France and America were firmly united in mutual assistance, for it was thought that when the new United States of America was launched, the French people would have the strength to lead Europe to its great destiny of unification. Russia was likewise to be included and Saint Germain was successful in placing Catherine the Great on the Russian throne. Had France continued on her path of destiny, Russia would likewise have succeeded. That plan was interrupted, but such interruptions are always temporary and hurtful only to those who refuse to follow a plan which will fit into the divine Plan. For more than 150 years most of the energy which France and Russia have expended on their outer world work has been mis-used. Now they will have to start over again, for destiny cannot be avoided.
~~~~~~~The Versailles group remained steadfast until the very end, hoping that Marie Antoinette would not succumb to the cloud of despair that hung over her. Saint Germain was untiring in His efforts to help her, but the task which she had so graciously accepted in happier days was more than she could cope with emotionally when she heard the ugly sound of the rabble at the palace gates.
~~~~~~~Marie Antoinette became queen many years after the Versailles group had been organized during the reign of Louis
XV, and she had never really grasped the vision of the original plan. It was the socially gifted Countess Jean DuBarry who actually held the group together, both inside and outside the palace, and during both reigns... Louis XV and XVI.
~~~~~~~Countess DuBarry had the good sense to turn every opportunity to advantage to further whatever projects she might be sponsoring at the moment. She possessed great personal beauty and charm of manner plus an amazing ability to play any role demanded, and play it to perfection. Her consummate skill as an actress was so outstanding that she became historically identified as a courtesan, the role which she played year after year. She was always on stage, always in character, and always willing to change roles a dozen times a day if necessary. And it was indeed very necessary for those who expected to survive court intrigue, scandal, lies and general blackmail. Survival in itself was considered sufficient, and it required the gay courage of a person like Countless DuBarry to accomplish anything beyond that.
~~~~~~~It was the Countess DuBarry who successfully and secretly arranged for the cloistered meetings of the Versailles group in an upstairs room near her quarters in the palace. Over a period of many years these roundtable sessions were held and detailed plans formulated for the new United States of Europe. Documents were drafted and re-drafted, studied, discussed, and submitted for general approval.
~~~~~~~Downstairs in the palace reception rooms Countess DubBarry played her gayest of roles while the meetings were in progress. It was her task to keep everyone amused and interested so that the long absences of certain key guests would not be noticed. The work upstairs continued undisturbed and the final draft of the necessary document was at last completed. It was prepared in the palace by the most astute minds in Europe, but it was essentially and basically for the humble, not for the great.
~~~~~~~It was a noble plan, prepared by those who were noble in spirit, and it linked a free people to a free world. It was to be a Declaration of Independence for all Europe, but it never

reached the eyes or ears or hearts of the very people it might have set free from limitations.
~~~~~~~At the very end, when the people were crying for bread, Marie Antoinette was urged to give them more than bread... to give them the good Earth itself and its abundance, for that is what the document would have provided. But Marie was a queen, carefully schooled in the ways of a queen. She knew noting about the ways of a peasant mob. She was easily disturbed by their noise, their jeers, their uncleanliness. The document was beyond her scope of understanding. The people had asked for bread, and she had suggested cake. In utter confusion she attempted to flee from the scene of her great error.
~~~~~~~Long years after the guillotine had taken its toll, and peace had settled over Paris once again, a clerk placed the document of the Versailles group in a proper file in the public library. Sometimes American visitors in Paris call to see it and to ponder over its quaint script. But the message is not quaint. It is still as fresh and bright as the high vision that Henry George brought with him into embodiment in America .The ideals which have been set forth when Henry George worked with the Versailles group remained so crystal-clear in his consciousness that his Progress and Poverty is almost a duplicate of the Versailles document.

Leadbeater, C.W. Theosophical Publishing Co., Wheaton, Illinois

~~~~~~~The Chakras (Adyar Edition)
~~~~~~~Thoughtforms (In collaboration with Annie Besant)
~~~~~~~Man, Visible and Invisible
~~~~~~~Occult Chemistry (1951 Edition)
~~~~~~~Man... Where, Whence and Whither

~~~~~~~Here is a reading feast that includes some of the very choicest Piscean Age ingredients. Some of the statements in the two books on that most puzzling of subjects... man... may be confusing to the Aquarian disciple. But the reader should keep in mind one salient fact... when these great spiritual pioneers were plowing a path through a world atmosphere which reeked with the stuffy smugness of Victorianism, they were working

blind, trying to feel their way. If the furrow they plowed is not quite straight it only means that Aquarian disciples must smooth out the rough places. A reading of these books will orient the alert disciple as to where to begin his work.
~~~~~~~Remember that this globe and all inhabitants, both in embodiment and between embodiments, have been under planetary Law until very recently. When spaceships began to be seen frequently, and the attention of the people became focused on things interplanetary, a new state of consciousness was born. Nearly ten billion souls associated with evolution on this planet must now get themselves into a state of mind wherein they can freely accept, not only space visitors from other planets, but also the complete freedom from limitations which cosmic Law will bring to this planet.
~~~~~~~We can no longer accept death as a natural event here on Earth, because our new neighbors on other planets do not know limitations such as disease, and death from disease. They do change physical bodies from time to time, but the change is completely under control of the individual. It is made for some specific reason and is not regarded as a matter of distress for anyone.
~~~~~~~Likewise, we can no longer accept the scientific methods used on this planet, and the long and costly experimental research projects. It is an utter waste of time to spend years in a laboratory trying to find an answer to a certain problem, when a few minutes spent in communication with scientists on another planet would result in the needed data. Those students who would like to start some fascinating scientific explorations immediately, can do no better than get acquainted with Leadbeater's Occult Chemistry.
~~~~~~~Leadbeater and Annie Besant worked in close collaboration on the original volume which is out of print. But when the Hindu disciple, C. Jinarajadasa, grew to maturity and became head of the Theosophical Society, he revised Occult Chemistry and brought it out in a large new edition in 1951. ~~~~~~~There is a very interesting story connected with these two men. The Leadbeater family originally lived in England, and the father, a railroad builder, was called to South America to
supervise a new line which was being constructed in forested territory inhabited only by wandering Indian tribes. There were two sons in the family... Charles and a younger brother. One day when the father planned to visit the construction site for a couple of hours and then return directly to his home in a nearby town, he took the two boys with him.
~~~~~~~Shortly after they arrived the construction camp was attacked by hostile Indians, and the younger boy was killed. Many years passed and, back in England again, Charles completed his education and entered the ministry. He was assigned to a parish and was regarded as highly successful in his chosen work. One evening he happened to go to a lecture which was given in London by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. He sat listening in spellbound attention, and when at the end of the lecture Madame Blavatsky announced that she was leaving the following day for India, Charles Leadbeater determined that he would accompany her, and her small group of disciples.
~~~~~~~Within a matter of hours, Charles Leadbeater changed the entire course of his life. He left everything... home, church, family, friends, financial security, and even his native country. With only his personal possessions and a completely new state of consciousness, he joined the group for the long boat journey. On the boat he had many conversations with Madame Blavatsky. With this brief instruction he arrived in India and embarked upon a new way of life that was almost the exact opposite of the one he had so abruptly left behind.
~~~~~~~He had been in India only a short time when he discovered why he had made the journey. The parents of a small boy in a distant village sent for him. They had discovered that their little son had a certain destiny planned when he came into incarnation, and he was to be placed in the care of Charles Leadbeater in order to receive proper training. It was in this manner that the little boy who was killed by the Indians in South America, was restored to his older brother, Charles.
~~~~~~~These days we are living through now are the most spiritually exciting we have known on this globe for millions of years, particularly in America. In times past, about the only opportunities that disciples had to get together in mutual recognition and

compare notes, was between embodiments or during sleeping hours when they met in their subtle bodies.
~~~~~~~But now, since the beginning of this century, they are being gathered together again, and this time on the physical plane. Those who went out of embodiment, even recently, are returning to help establish Saint Germain's new Golden Age civilization. America is the heart center, and as the years pass, disciples who have served the Forces of Light down through long ages, will meet here in physical embodiment, but this time they will recognize each other's historical accomplishments.
~~~~~~~It is around these historical accomplishments that the new history books will be written. All school children should bless this happy day when those frightful Piscean compilations of dates, dates, dates, and wars, wars, wars, can be tossed into the nearest trash basket. If book-burning fiestas should become the vogue, this is one time in history when they will be justified, and a big of delicious fuel could be contributed in the form of many, many magazines, newspapers, and other periodicals which serve as shockers to jolt man's emotional body and force it to absorb more astral debris.

Luk, A.D.K. 2502 North Calvert Street, Baltimore 18, Maryland

~~~~~~~Law of Life (Book I)
~~~~~~~Law of Life (Book II)

~~~~~~~Here is the new textbook for the Aquarian Age, and it can be truly said that a book of this kind has never before been published. It is the Aquarian Age in essence, expressed in lucid words. Without a single quibble, it presents straightforward rules for traveling the swift evolutionary road that will lead us all away from Earth's classrooms to the distant stars. No longer will the student or seeking aspirant have time to spend laborious years in the pursuit of truth. The pace will be swift and one-pointed in this Aquarian cycle, with all paths leading to the one glorious goal of the Ascension.
~~~~~~~In this simple but magnificent work by A.D.K. Luk, the answers to life's problems stand clear and serene above the Piscean muddle of everyday living. With these two volumes

at hand, one can forget all yesterdays and step over into the new Aquarian way of life with confidence and joy.
~~~~~~~Specifically Law of Life presents unified teachings of Principles. No matter where you stand at the moment, and regardless of previous training, you can apply these unified teachings without the slightest trepidation, because they are solidly rooted in Principles; they are not tainted by personal opinions. Yet they are vital and refreshing, and have the appealing warmth of heart-quality that makes them a joy to read over and over.
~~~~~~~The inner heart's search is for Truth, not fiction. The great universal miracle of creation, the operation of the Universe, and the Principles which govern all, are Truth-in-Action. This is the Truth that nourishes the eternal heart Flame.
~~~~~~~Law of Life gives methods of practical application of laws which cover every phase of daily living, in every walk of life. These laws can be applied to adjust all your affairs of the day, from the moment you waken in the morning until you sleep at night. It is all there, to be applied to family and home life, to business, health, and supply, to friends, to strangers, and to all world events, from weather to politics.
~~~~~~~Life's essentials are no longer a mystery, and a reading of these two books will tell you why we are here, where we came from, how we individualized, what we are meant to do, where we are going and exactly what the goal is, and how we may attain it.
~~~~~~~The Real You can be drawn forth into expression through applying the laws of life, not at some particular moment or hour of the day, but all day and every day. Latent talents and powers from within can be drawn forth into outer activity, and any task completed in joy and in triumph.
~~~~~~~Law of Life is based on Retreat Work, formerly offered only to those who gave up all outer world activity and devoted their entire time to cloistered instruction supervised by Ascended Masters. In the Aquarian Age the student will remain right where he is... in home, family, business, nation... and yet receive Retreat training. In other words, all persons will be students, and the entire globe will constitute one vast classroom offering

Retreat studies. Law of Life is therefore a Retreat textbook, available for immediate use in the outer world.
~~~~~~~It gives explanations of the Sacred Fire, of the actions of the Flame, of the word of Power... I AM. It explains the Presence, the use of the Transmuting Violet flame, the organization of the Hierarchy, and the location of Retreats which are now used by students during their sleeping hours when their subtle bodies are freed from the physical.
~~~~~~~Law of Life is a condensation of instruction given by Ascended Master Saint Germain and other ascended Masters, covering potent points, vital information, and instruction never before published. Certain points of law which might have proved difficult to understand under the old dispensation are completely clarified.
~~~~~~~The books will appeal to all readers... those who are just getting acquainted with this type of teaching, those who are sincerely desirous of stepping on the Path, and those who have traveled further along the way. Advanced disciples will not only discover a fresh approach to certain points, but will also find these books ideal to offer to those seekers who are in need of a constructive compilation of this sort.
~~~~~~~Most home problems will vanish if these books are placed in the hands of parents and their children. In the Aquarian Age even very young children will seek to understand the eternal verities, and they will not be content with a partial answer. They will want the Truth.

Mann, Thomas Knopf, New York

~~~~~~~The Magic Mountain
~~~~~~~Joseph and His Brothers

~~~~~~~Keep these books in mind when you need another solid plank in the bridge between the old age and the new. For a while now we can still use the retrospective view so admirably expressed in Joseph and His Brothers. But as Joseph and all the other great figures of history cycle back into incarnation and achieve new heights of spiritual greatness, we will see them in-action-now and the past will fade from human memory. We will remember only the future, the goal which will com-


plete our circle of evolution by uniting us to the only past worth grasping... our Source.
~~~~~~~The Magic Mountain makes delightful reading at any time, but it belongs to a special group of books which tell in somewhat symbolical, yet extremely practical terms, the story of evolving man scaling his last mountain peak of consciousness... a peak that has for so long concealed from his view the effulgent glory of his Father's House.
~~~~~~~Do not read this book until you have digested the paragraphs listed toward the end of this compilation, under the name of author James Ramsey Ullman.

Morgan, Charles Macmillan, New York and London

~~~~~~~The Fountain
~~~~~~~The River Line

~~~~~~~Seek out a quiet spot and live with these books. Let their healing essence flow over you. Here is discipleship of the highest order expressed in books that reached best-seller popularity. The River Line was made into a play which had a short run in London, and as the writer seems to recall, it also laid an egg in New York. But that was not the fault of the play. It was presented in an era when theatergoers had acquired such jaded appetites that everything they consumed tasted like eggs, very scrambled and very stale.
~~~~~~~Now that we have lived through dark days, and the darker nights, of tawdry episode, let us relax and breathe the fresh, clean atmosphere created by the magic pen of Charles Morgan. Again, it should be kept in mind that the beating hearts of matters considered by this author are anchored in the last days of the Piscean age. The rugged path of discipleship revealed in these stories presents an appalling picture at times, with the suffering disciple in the full grip of every neurosis in medical annals.
~~~~~~~The picture is correct, nevertheless, for a disciple achieves Mastership only by learning to master all situation he meets in the outer world. Sloshing through Piscean puddles he meet with one abomination after another. If he was not exactly


serene and clear-headed at all times he can be forgiven for his off-the-beam moments.

O'Neill, John J. Ives Washburn, Inc., New York City

~~~~~~~Prodigal Genius

~~~~~~~Here is the great story of the electrical age, founded by that Venusian genius, Nikola Tesla, who volunteered to take embodiment on this planet in years when life here was not fit for a pigeon, much less a man... and unspeakably putrid for a gentleman and a scholar. However, he stayed with it physically for 87 years, and then arranged to keep his eye on the situation from a higher and more pleasant vantage point among the Ascended Masters.
~~~~~~~Tesla went out of embodiment in 1943, and O'Neill followed him a few years later. Prodigal Genius was published in 1944 and has served until now as the only substantial record of Tesla's inventive achievements on this globe. However, in 1944, Kenneth Arnold had not yet made his famous sighting of spaceships which led to the flying-saucer-conscious world of today.
~~~~~~~O'Neill probably knew nothing of Tesla's true origin, and from his writings in Prodigal Genius it is quite apparent that he hadn't even a slight suspicion that Tesla's great mission was a voluntary one on behalf of the Forces of Light.
~~~~~~~In Return of the Dove, this aspect of Tesla's role in the unfoldment of the Divine Plan, is made clear. The fact then emerges that the relationship between Tesla and O'Neill was that of Teacher and aspiring disciple, and it is likewise apparent that the relationship had to be continued on the inner planes. O'Neill had not yet achieved a clarity of consciousness and freedom from limitations which would have enabled him to remain in physical embodiment and receive teachings through overshadowing.
~~~~~~~The Aquarian Age civilization should reap rich benefits from this association between Tesla and his eager pupil, when O'Neill returns to the Earth plane from his sojourn in the realms of wisdom, and finds this happy planet to be once more a fertile spot for the application of constructive endeavors.


Printz, Thomas The Bridge to Freedom, Box 5, Flourtown, Pennsylvania

~~~~~~~The Seven Mighty Elohim Speak on the Seven Steps to Precipitation
~~~~~~~The Seven Beloved Archangels Speak
~~~~~~~Memoirs of Beloved Mary, Mother of Jesus
~~~~~~~The Archangel Michael, His Work and His Helpers
~~~~~~~The First Ray (By Its Chohan, El Morya)
~~~~~~~The Seventh Ray (By Its Chohan, Saint Germain)
~~~~~~~The Bridge to Freedom (A monthly journal)

~~~~~~~Thomas Printz is an American pseudonym used by El Morya, Chohan of the First Ray. He has recently presented several books through His publishing enterprise in Pennsylvania.
~~~~~~~The monthly journal, which is edited by Thomas Printz, presents writings by the seven Ray Chohans, and by Their group leader, the Maha Chohan, formerly the historical personage known as Homer, who gave the Iliad and the Odyssey to the world.

Rochambeau Congress of the United States of America

~~~~~~~A Commemoration (Prepared by authority of the American Congress ~~~~~~~~~~~and the Congressional Library by DeB Randolph Keim.)
~~~~~~~Rochambeau, Father and Son (Translation published by Henry Holt ~~~~~~~~~~~and Company, New York. First part by Jean-Edmond Weelan; ~~~~~~~~~~~second part by the Vicomte de Rochambeau.)

~~~~~~~In the pattern of swiftly changing world events that formulate the Aquarian program of the new Lord of Civilization, Ascended Master Saint Germain and His Twin-Ray, Portia, the Goddess of Justice, the name of Rochambeau will stand as a guiding beacon. This is a name to which our New Age school children will turn in love and confidence, as they struggle to separate Truth from that steaming bog of emotionalized fiction which our deluded educator dare to call history.
~~~~~~~The history of a redeemed humanity is now being written... but not by those who love to wallow in blood and gore, and

certainly not by those misguided free-willers who feel they are not really living it up unless they bathe daily in sweat and tears.
~~~~~~~Return of the Dove is a swift historical review covering the past nineteen million years, and it will be a blessing to world consciousness if such a review can be accepted as a post-mortem to end all post-mortems. To continually dwell upon the sordid story of the past, and to continually hunger after juicy and rotten morsels of history, is not only useless but extremely dangerous. Such emotional and mental dawdling establishes darkness to this planet. Remember that thousands of these dark force tools are still in embodiment, and still contaminating the air we breathe with their emanations of hate and greed.
~~~~~~~Some fortunate disciples have enough light in their consciousness to just call quits with the past and transmute the etheric records which tie them to it. But the average person still craves for comprehension. He must have a clear, visual picture of the last nineteen million years, and then take a good understanding look at it before he can generate enough courage to transmute and sever all links which bind him to nostalgic memories.
~~~~~~~Transmutation is achieved only through proper use of the Seventh Ray of the Violet Fire. This Ray swung into manifestation in 1675. Francis Bacon had been prepared through many, many embodiments for his present great historical role as Chohan of the Seventh Ray and Lord of Civilization. He has the task of housecleaning the globe of all laggards, and from this time on a laggard will be one who refuses to accept the Ascension story, personally demonstrated by Jesus. The planet must be completely cleared of laggards and all their accumulation of filth, during the next 2000 years.
~~~~~~~The reason for the present over-population of the globe is because we are trying to accommodate about eighteen sub-races of three Root Races, on the planet. It simply cannot be done, and no Ascended Master would have attempted it. The abortive attempt was made by the free-willers who desired to take all matters concerning Creation away from God, and handle them
in a high and mighty, and extremely brassy, pentagon manner.
~~~~~~~Now that Ascended Master Saint Germain is back on the job in His role as Uncle Sam of America, the big global house-cleaning is in full swing. This is not just a surface dusting, for even the etheric records (which some call the akashic) are getting a thorough Violet Ray treatment. The etheric records of the world contain all the subconscious memories of all events on the globe, back to the beginning. The etheric body or the subconscious of each individual contains a similar record of all memories relating to that individual. Thus an individual is constantly adding to his own subconscious structure, and at the same time contributing to the global subconscious.
~~~~~~~Before the laggards came these subconscious structures were perfect. After discord was introduced the etheric records had to accurately register all disharmony as well as harmony. Now Saint Germain is housecleaning certain etheric records with the aid of His disciples who, in former embodiments, were present when the etheric records were made.
~~~~~~~For instance, until a few years ago there existed a complete etheric record of the beginning of the Revolutionary War. In the ethers, the first shot was still coming out of the gun barrel, and any historian who wished to write on the subject of the War could, by mentally reflecting on the theme, tie in with the etheric vibrations. He could pick up such an accurate vibrational picture that he might well feel that he was there on the original scene, firing the first shot.
~~~~~~~In line with the Aquarian program, Ascended wished to remove all such discordant memories of great battle events, so that humanity might more easily forget war. Nearly all of the disciples who worked closely with Uncle Sam in the American and French revolutions, are back in embodiment. With the aid of Washington, Lafayette, Benjamin Franklin, Rochambeau and many others, Saint Germain has visited certain historic spots, and together the group has transmuted the discord in the original etheric records. Thus the cleansed Revolutionary records still stand, but they no longer give off a vibration of pain and discord. They do give off a true vibration of magnificent triumph, of glorious achievement,
and of a cosmic victory gained by Ascended Masters working in collaboration with angels, elementals and men.
~~~~~~~All history of the future will date approximately from the late Francis Bacon period, with flashbacks to those great scenes of Bacon's earlier triumphs as Joseph, gentle guardian of Mary and the babe Jesus; as Columbus, setting his face toward America, the heart-center of the globe; and as Uncle Sam, sitting in a secluded Boston garden, counseling with His disciples, pouring His great strength into Washington; and finally, when even that was not enough, calling upon the noble Rochambeau, the valiant disciple who could lead French troops into America to save the beating Heart of the world.
~~~~~~~In 1940 George Washington, back in embodiment for the last time to assist Ascended Master Saint Germain in the Aquarian program, made his Ascension. The other great Revolutionary leader, Rochambeau, will continue to carry on outer world projects for Saint Germain. In 1907 the Congress of the United States of America compiled and published an impressive commemorative volume, honoring Rochambeau as leader of the French auxiliary forces in the War of Independence. At the same time a magnificent statue of Rochambeau was unveiled in Lafayette Park, near the White House, in Washington, D.C.
~~~~~~~In 1936, just four years before Washington made his Ascension, a book was published in New York, entitled Rochambeau, Father and Son. The first part was published earlier in France, and the second part was originally written by Rochambeau's young son, who accompanied his father on the historical marches in America, and who had the foresight to keep a running diary of daily events. A forward to Rochambeau, Father and Son, was written by Gilbert Chinard of John Hopins University of Baltimore. It was in the area of Baltimore, south to Yorktown, Virginia, that Rochambeau marshaled his strongest forces and achieved his brilliant victories that enabled the Duc d'Enghien to say: "Thanks to you America is free."
~~~~~~~It is to be hoped that all Americans in this great land, this heart-center of planet Earth, will remember those words, and repeat them in gratitude and in recognition of the magnificent

comradeship shown by Saint Germain's stalwart disciples who went forward and prepared the way.

Saint Germain Saint Germain Press, Chicago

~~~~~~~Unveiled Mysteries
~~~~~~~The Magic Presence
~~~~~~~The I Am Discourses

~~~~~~~These three outstanding books were dictated by Ascended Master Saint Germain to Godfre Ray King in the years of the early '30's. King, a former historical personage associated with Saint Germain's newly established United States of America, completed his discipleship in this embodiment and made his ascension. The recording and publishing of these books rounded out his centuries of work on behalf of Saint Germain, and presented to readers a formulated concept of Principles through which Ascended Master Saint Germain's new golden Age will rise to untold heights of glory.

Spaulding, Baird T. DeVorss & Company, 520 West 9 St., Los Angeles 15, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Calif

~~~~~~~Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East (Five vols.)

~~~~~~~In presenting his five-volume narrative on experiences during several years of living and learning among the Great Masters of the Himalayas, Mr. Spaulding has emphasized his personal belief in the Masters' abilities to demonstrate the workings of the profound laws of the Universe, which carry a promise that Man on Earth will soon inherit the illumination that will let him learn to transcend death and find the way to Eternal Life.

Steiner, Rudolf Anthroposphic Press, New York

~~~~~~~Knowledge of the Higher World and Its Attainment

~~~~~~~Rudolf Steiner was in many ways a great disciple, but he will be best remembered as an educator who wrote his own textbooks and then established schools in which his teachings could be presented, even in a world hostile to his basic concepts.
~~~~~~~Many readers will find the followers of Steiner somewhat fanatical in their zeal, but only the most determined and emphatic servers were able to stand up against Piscean dogmatism.


~~~~~~~So if you are inclined to the mistaken notion that Steiner was at heart an old-fashioned schoolmaster, just search through his early writings for one of his memorable statements. In effect he said that the dark forces were always on guard to prevent people from becoming too alert mentally. He predicted that in the twentieth century improved conditions in education would lead the forces of evil to use poisonous chemicals to make the populace stupid. He said that the people would even give their approval to mass-poisoning, for they would endorse and uphold fluoridation of the public water supply.

Ullman, James Ramsey G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York

~~~~~~~Tiger of the Snows

~~~~~~~This is a fine example of a new age book designed to please the readers of popular sellers, and yet carry the high message that speaks only from the inner heart of a great solitude.
~~~~~~~Author James Ramsey Ullman has given to the world some of the best books ever written on the subject of mountains and mortal men. The Tiger in the Snows he has presented the autobiography of Tenzing Norgay, the simple unlettered Sherpa who climbed his way to world fame by scaling Mount Everest with Edmund Hillary in the spring of 1953.
~~~~~~~To the average reader the book has a warm, heart appeal not usually associated with so factual a story. But to disciples who understand the significance of two human beings standing atop Mount Everest, the successful pilgrimage to that high peak heralds the actual dawning of the new age on Earth.
~~~~~~~Great events have to be rooted in certain spots which serve as a magnetic focus. At the dawn of the Piscean Age the final triumph of the old and the great beginning of the new took place on Mount Calvary. It was not until around the time Everest was scaled, that a motion picture of The Robe portrayed a scene on the journey up the slopes of Calvary in which Jesus was shown as a Man tied to the end of a rope, and pulled forward and upward in this fashion by another man.
~~~~~~~In 1953 a similar drama was re-enacted on the heights of Everest, but with a joyous, triumphal ending that sounded round the world by radio. The successful scaling of Everest by those


particular men at that particular time was not a happenstance. It was a planned revelation and fulfillment of an ancient prophecy, as was the ascent of Calvary. If the rope was used in the original Calvary scene, the fact was apparently not recorded. But when The Robe was filmed, that was one of the never-to-be-forgotten scenes in the picture.
~~~~~~The release of the film was timed to make its impact on the consciousness of the public during the period when the Everest expedition was receiving widespread publicity and documentation. This penetration of world consciousness came about through energies which are released during great cosmic moments. A few years before the final successful achievement, the Ascended Master Djwal Kul had stated in His writings that the ancient prophecy was nearing fulfillment, and that the Hierarchy was watching with careful interest all plans to scale Mount Everest. He stated that when the peak was scaled, it would indicate that the hour had come when the human race had completed its last evolutionary ascent out of the densest aspect of materialism.

Wood, Ernest E. E. P. Dutton & Co., Inc., New York

~~~~~~~Practical Yoga, Ancient and Modern
~~~~~~~The Glorious Presence

~~~~~~~Professor Wood has authored these and many other books, all of which make inspiring and worthwhile reading. The writer is one of the great educators of the world, but his achievements in that field were confined largely to India. He labored there for thirty-nine years after becoming interested n colonial problems which were very close to his early life in England.
~~~~~~~His years in India were colorful ones, for he had a flair for establishing lasting bonds of friendship wherever he went. He entered into the profundities of the very spirit of India, and emerged as an understanding student of their ancient philosophies, and also of Sanskrit. He handled the language so gracefully that he contributed to the English-speaking world one of the most acceptable of all translations of the Bhagavad Gita.


Return of the Dove

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