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Nikola Tesla
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Creative Electricity
Starts here 1957 :
Interplanetary Session Newsletter.
WOR Radio 1959 :
Tesla taught... Arthur H. Matthews... everything about electrical engineering.
WOR Radio 1959 :
Arthur H. Matthews builds : Interplanetary Communication Set ~ designed by Tesla.
WOR Radio 1959 :
1933 to 1943 :
Video 1989 shows :
Listen to Arthur H. Matthews explain... the gadgets Nikola Tesla created.
Collecting Electricity from the Earth ~ Tesla demonstration
Tesla himself... had been brought here in a spaceship from Venus... in 1856.
Tesla said : All I have to do to duplicate the Sunlight
is to get this number of vibrations to the second
with my machinery on Earth.
Newspaper 1894 :
Story ends with 6 and 7... Nikola Tesla has
two Other Sources of Electricity for Us

Interplanetary Session Newsletter

14 June 1957
Margaret Storm has been assigned to certain work with the Space People,
as follows: She is writing a book -
Return of the Dove - a story of the
life of Nikola Tesla, scientist, and the part his inventions will play
in the New Age. Much of the date for this book has been supplied to Mrs.
Storm through transcripts received on the Tesla set, a radio-type
machine invented by Tesla in 1938 for Interplanetary Communication.
Tesla died in 1943 and his engineers did not build the Tesla set until
after his death. It was placed in operation in 1950 and since that time
the Tesla engineers have been in close touch with space ships. The Space
People have visited the Tesla engineers many times, and have told us that
Tesla was a Venusian, brought to this planet as a baby, in 1856, and left
with Mr. and Mrs. Tesla in a remote mountain province in what is now
( Tesla Engineer )
Arthur H. Matthews
Margaret Storm

1958 Radio Interview

WOR Radio
Your station in New York
710 on the dial
The Party Line Show
host : Long John Nebel
July 11, 1958
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Margaret Storm
Short Clips Below
33 minutes
Margaret Storm : 0:16:05 Yes. And a... he gave that a... design... to his engineer... Mr. Arthur H. Matthews... who lives near Quebec Canada. And he said to Mr. Matthews... a... you don't need to build this now. But he said in a few years... a... spaceships will be approaching the Earth from other planets. And then you build this set... and a... you will be able to talk to the a... crews... the pilots.
Margaret Storm : 0:17:11 So a... Mr. a... Matthews then read
about... Kenneth Arnold sightings in 1947 I believe. And a... so
he immediately looked up his notes... and a... set about building
the set.
In 1948... he had the set completed. So he tuned it in...
and he immediately got a... a... spaceship. And ah...
Long John Nebel : 0:15:02 ... I wonder if you could refresh
in my memory... and possibly we may have a couple of listeners
who did not have the... good fortune of... being with us
the morning that you... told us about the...
Tesla Radio Machine...
I think that was what you called it.

Margaret Storm : 0:15:18 Well... it's a radio type set... for interplanetary communication.

Long John Nebel : 0:15:23 Could you tell us something about that please?

first half of interview
228 seconds
Margaret Storm : 0:15:25 Yes... a... in a... 1938... a... Tesla...
was very interested in a... Space... and outer space... and a... a...
life on other planets. And this is a subject that he seemed to understand quite thoroughly. I have since learned from a...
Mr. Carr... that he... understood it quite thoroughly even as far back as 1925. But in a... 1938 he designed a set... a radio type set... for interplanetary communication. Now...

Long John Nebel : 0:16:01 What's the year again please?

Margaret Storm : 0:16:02 1938.

Long John Nebel : 0:16:04 1938.

Margaret Storm : 0:15:18

it's a radio type set for :

interplanetary communication.

Arthur H. Matthews
Long John Nebel : 0:18:34 You said... twenty-five thousand... miles?

Margaret Storm : 0:18:36 Miles. uh huh. The machine has a range... of from five thousand miles... to thirty thousand.

Long John Nebel : 0:18:41 Oh I see... there is a possibility... of reaching... a distance of thirty thousand.

Margaret Storm : 0:18:46 Of thirty thousand. This first machine which Mr. Matthews built... is not a full scale machine. He is a... he has since a... a... built another one... or is building another one. In other words... this machine... as it stands now... is really not... equipped for interplanetary communication because... he a... built the model... just with that range... from... five thousand to thirty thousand miles.

Long John Nebel : 0:19:10 Of the distance?

Margaret Storm : 0:19:11 Yes.

Long John Nebel : 0:19:11 The problem there. uh huh.

Margaret Storm : 0:19:13 But a... he can a... a... build... expand the machine so that it can reach... to greater distances. It a... also it's not on radio waves at all... but a... on a... cosmic rays.

Long John Nebel : 0:17:39 In 1940...

Margaret Storm : 0:17:41 48.

Long John Nebel : 0:17:42 Oh... 48... I'm sorry.

Margaret Storm : 0:17:43 In 1938 Tesla designed the set...
1948 it was built... and functioning. The... you see Tesla was the a... father of radio... you might say... the grandfather of radio. And a... so... this was not... unusual for him to a... design a set of this sort. I will not pick up... anything closer... than five thousand miles... the a... ship or whatever it is... must to be five thousand miles above the Earth. And the small set which Mr. Matthews built... first... a... had a range of... up to thirty thousand miles. And
the first ship a... that he contacted... he told me... was twenty-five thousand miles above Quebec. And they had quite a conversation with him... a... on this first a... contact... but...
Margaret Storm : 0:19:28 In this first conversation that they had... that the space people had with a... Mr. Matthews... they told him... that a... Tesla himself... a... had been brought here... in a spaceship that he was not born on this planet. And that he had been brought here from... Venus... in 1856.
Long John Nebel : 0:19:50 Charles Leedham.

Charles Leedham : 0:19:52 This is probably why he knew what
language the Venusian would speak. As I understand there
was a misconception that Tesla was born in Italy wasn't there.

Margaret Storm : 0:20:01 No... he was born... in what is now... Yugoslavia.

Charles Leedham : 0:20:04 Oh I see. You mean... he was put there... by...

Margaret Storm : 0:20:07 He was placed there... yes.
It was a remote mountain Provence... a tiny village... and a...

Charles Leedham : 0:20:12 This would prevent curiosity when the spaceship landed.

Margaret Storm : 0:20:15 Yes... and apparently a...
arrangements had been made a... a... prior to the landing
with a... a... Mr. & Mrs. Tesla.

first half of interview
124 seconds
Margaret Storm : 0:19:28

In this first conversation that they had
that the space people had with
Mr. Matthews..
they told him that

Tesla himself had
been brought here
in a spaceship

that he was not born on this planet.
And that he had been brought here
from... Venus... in 1856.

Otis T. Carr : 0:20:57 There is a universal language which runs throughout the universe. And this is the language of love... and Tesla knew it very well. And he knew how to communicate without words. And all of us people in this entire Universe... can so... communicate.

Charles Leedham : 0:21:16 How about Matthews... up in Canada?

Otis T. Carr : 0:21:19 We have never... met him.

Charles Leedham : 0:21:22 Well... do you think he had... a knowledge of this... universal... language?

Otis T. Carr : 0:21:26 If Mrs. Storm... says so... I believe her.

Long John Nebel : 0:21:29 I didn't hear her say... did you?

Margaret Storm : 0:21:31 Well... I haven't said it... but I will
say it... yes... he certainly... laughs... he certainly has.
Mr. Matthews a... told me... a... as he wrote me one time...
he has provided a great deal of material... for the book and
I have... a quite a lengthy chapter in there about him. And a...
at one time... I asked him some question about... some communication that he had had from... Tesla. And he replied...
and he said... a... well... we didn't always communicate by letter...
we had other ways of communicating.
Arthur H. Matthews
Margaret Storm : 0:34:51 There again... was a
strange... relationship because a... when... Mr. a... Tesla
first a... at the request of Lord Kelvin... a... went to England
to a... a... consult with Lord Kelvin... about a... what they
called... a wireless at that time... radio. There he met...
a... Mr. Matthews...
father and son. Now a... Arthur H. Matthews
who is a... now I guess a man... in his seventies... in Canada,
was at that time... a... just a boy... and a... his father was
an electrical engineer... working with Lord Kelvin. Yet...
Mr. a... Tesla... a... took... such an interest in this boy...
that he taught... Arthur Matthews... everything that he knows
about electrical engineering.
Now Arthur Matthews... today...
a professional... electrical engineer. But he has
had no... engineering training... besides then the...

Charles Leedham : 0:35:59 He's has no a... formal degrees... or training... of that sort?

Margaret Storm : 0:36:02 No... he has no... he has had no... a... formal training whatsoever... and yet he... passed the examination... and became an Electrical Engineer. This is all because of his association with Tesla.

first half of interview
Margaret Storm : 0:34:51

was at that time just a boy
his father was an electrical engineer
working with Lord Kelvin.

Mr. Tesla took such
an interest in this boy that

he taught
Arthur Matthews

everything that he knows about
electrical engineering.

Charles Leedham : 0:34:34 It comes... it comes only from yourself... in other words. And Mr. Tesla... unfortunately being dead... can't a... comment on it.

Margaret Storm : 0:34:40 Could I a...

Long John Nebel : 0:34:41 Mrs. Storm... please... please do...

Margaret Storm : 0:34:43 I might say... that a... this same question... has been brought up... in connection with... Mr. Matthews.

Charles Leedham : 0:34:50 uh huh.

Charles Leedham : 0:34:07 The thing... the point that I am a... perhaps boringly trying to get at... is this... is that... a... this a... is a very interesting story... about him revealing... many of the secrets of his researches to you. Is not the sort of thing... that might have been mentioned... in journals or a... memoirs... or... things of other people... that... in fact... you might very well not find the... Carr Tesla relationship mentioned anywhere... in any documents or recollections.

Margaret Storm : 0:34:34 Ah...

126 seconds
Arthur H. Matthews
Recorded Before

Arthur H. Matthews

Published :

The Wall of Light
UFOs Connected with Nikola Tesla

Listen below to Arthur explain the gadgets Tesla created.
This will indicate the level of friendship Arthur had with Nikola Tesla.

To find :
The Wall of Light
click on:
Arthur H. Matthews
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side of this page.
In 1933 to 1943
by Arthur H. Matthews
Provence of Quebec, Canada

To understand properly the first part of this story you will need a map of the Provence of Quebec, Canada. It was early in the Spring that Major Henry Sanford of New York City came to Quebec with a number of friends. One of these friends was Nikola Tesla. Major Sanford owned a large camp in the Quebec wood not far from a place called Lake Edwards. Major Sanford invited me to go with them to his camp. We met in Quebec City at the old Lake Saint John railway station. The Lake Saint John railway at that time operated the railway between Quebec City and Chicoutimi at Lake Saint John. Major Sanford had a private train consisting of two coaches and a baggage car. The baggage car was loaded with electrical equipment. One item of that equipment was a 75 KW generated set. This generator was driven with a gasoline motor. Due to the fact that Major Sanford's camp was located at about almost 10 miles from the railway station and the only was to get there was by means of a foot path through the bush and a portage on which canoes could carry materials. And of course this meant that everything that we had... had to be carried by hand. And then to make this more convenient, most of the heavy material such as the 75 KW generator had been taken apart packed in smaller containers.

We left that morning from Quebec at around 8:00 and I don't remember exactly what time it was when we arrived at Sanford Station but it was around noon I believe. Arriving at Sanford Station, the train was placed on a siding and we unloaded the baggage car. And from there I will try to remember all the members in the party as we arrived at Sanford Station. Major Sanford and Mrs. Sanford, there was a trained nurse Miss Kidd, and Tesla and myself and twelve Indian guides. The head guide or chief was a man named Gro Louis. The material was divided up among us and we all had as much as we could carry. Some of the parcels were very heavy and required two guides to carry them. There was no particular rush for we could go as slow or as fast as we pleased, admiring the beautiful woods as we walked along. So finally we arrived at the camp sometime late that evening.

My first job on arriving at the camp was to put the 75 KW generator together. When I completed the power plant we then built an exact model of the Tesla transformer which he had built at Colorado in 1898. I don't remember the exact date but I believe this was in 1898. This transformer was to transmit power through the Earth without using any wires. After the transmitting transformer had been built, we then built three other transformers to receive the power, which would be sent from this big transformer. The first one was located about ten miles away in the bush, the second transformer was located at Lake Saint John near Desbiens and the third transformer was built later on at Tadoussac which was on the river Saint Lawrence.

For the purpose of making any required adjustments Tesla first used the nearby transformer which was about ten miles from the transmitter. Power was then sent to this ten mile away transformer and the power sent was considerable and convinced Major Sanford that the idea was practical. After proving to Major Sanford that his wireless power idea was workable, Tesla then turned his attention to some new things.

The first thing was radar and the war preventing idea. The radar was in fact a part of this war preventer It was the guide. TV was demonstrated and a voice operated typewriter and other things, which I will mention later on. Tesla had offered his idea of radar to the American government but whoever it was who investigated the idea did not think it was practical and so it was turned down.

One of the showpieces of Sanford was a gold wire aerial. This was used to receive short wave programs. This gold wire aerial was actually constructed by the Indian. I showed him how to do it and it was placed on top of two tall trees, which were about sixty-five feet apart. It was a gold plated aerial as I said.
A cage type aerial which was used on the battleships at that time with twelve wires separated in the middle by a ring twelve inches in diameter tapering down to each end to two inches. At Sanford I constructed a number of short wave receivers which the major presented to some friends and the local hospital at Lake Edwards. Dr. Creed was one and he also presented one of the receivers to Gro Louis, the Indian guild. I should say the chief of the Indian guides. Tesla also built a microwave receiver, which were very small indeed.

One of the ideas of Tesla was a metal analyzer. This was very useful in finding out what certain pieces of metal were. I first used this at Ottawa in 1969. There was a large lump, chunk of metal had been discovered on the beach near Neuville and this piece of metal weighing something like three thousand pounds was taken to Valcartier Camp where they tried to find out what it was. It was a kind of a mystery and they were not able to find out what it was at Bacarte. And then it was shipped to Ottawa to the National Research Council where they also did everything possible to find out what it was but they were not able to do that. That is to say they could not be certain of what it was. The stories went around that it fell from the sky and it was part of a spacecraft or a something of other of that... that kind but no one could say exactly what it was. And so, in 1969 I was invited...

Part 1 of 3
And so, in 1969 I was invited to go to Ottawa and test this with the tester, with the Tesla analyzer I had. I still have in fact this invention of Tesla. Well, to shorten the story, I certainly found out what the piece of metal was using the Tesla analyzer.

Another wonder, was small portable TV machine. The TV machine could see through stone walls. In other words, like a camera, a special kind of camera, you pointed it at the wall and it could see anything on the other side of the wall. It recorded this on a tape of some kind and then you wind it up, and you could transmit this picture which had been packed up through a stone wall and send it to a small screen. This screen of Sanford's was mounted on the wall and it looked like a color picture of some kind. I said, in other tapes, ah, oil painting TV because when it was operating that's exactly what it looked like to me. Because it was like a picture in a nice frame on the wall and there were no visible wires to it but Tesla had a small box that he was operating from the table and as he operated this it could change these pictures that were seemingly coming from nowhere on this frame of some kind and it looked like, as I say, it looked like a... an oil painting and I had called it an oil painting TV. He had a camera with him during our trip through the bush and he had pictures recorded of us an the guide carrying parcels walking through the forest and he sent this picture to this oil painting picture and as I say it very much resembled an oil painting because it was in color. That's the first I had heard of the TV, and remember, this was in 1932.

Another marvel was a small recording machine, something like our modern tape recorders but it had no moving parts. It had no tape or anything else. It simply recorded and would play back your recording at a push of a button just exactly like our tape recorders but it would record for an hour or so and play back, as I said, what was recorded without the use of tape or any moving parts whatever. There was no motor in it.

Many of these ideas had been conceived by Tesla many years before but he did not have the opportunity to develop them and here at Sanford it was a beautiful place a magnificent place, a beautiful workshop which had been constructed by Major Sanford, well equipped with almost everything you could think of.

03:41 Another fearful fantastic idea which Tesla developed with Sanford was
his Dark idea.
This would also prevent wars. But would it? I believe that this could also be used to make war because the equipment could be carried in an airplane and it would float over a city and put it to dark. Not a bit of light anywhere would show. This is a, to me, a most fearful idea. You turn on a switch and everything goes dark. There would be no electric lights, no lights in your car, the headlights would not show. If you strike a match it would burn but it would not show any light. No form of light whatever, instantly, the moment the switch is closed. So then Tesla said that if war started and the switch was turned on, the war would not be able to continue because nobody would be able to see. I wonder that it would be? I wonder if it would ever be used? Can you imagine what would happen in a big city, say at noontime, suddenly, not a pick of light anywhere... the Sun would suddenly die out. Headlights of cars would not turn on and so it would be a terrible mess. And this apparatus, according to Tesla, could be put to work and control the whole nation, either a city, or a village, a town, or the whole nation. All of America, all of Canada, of a press of a button. Is it a good idea? I really don't know.

Apart from the very big things used all over the world, inventions of Tesla, there are a number of little things. Very important little things. For instance, the ignition system which, I believe, is used in almost every car in the world.
It was invented by Tesla many years ago. But certainly all of the cars that I can think of use the same identical ignition system which was invented by Tesla at the beginning of the century and no one has been able to find a better system. The speedometer, which is also used in almost every car in the world, also invented by Tesla. So was the ship's log. Most ships in the world use the Tesla Log.

The hydro system, that is to say, the method for driving generators to produce electricity from waterfalls, was one of the great inventions of Tesla. The first power plant in the entire world was Niagara Falls, which was built by Westinghouse Company in 1895. It's one of the few things, which had Tesla's name on it up to recent years.

7:22 Tesla also developed a number of ideas for helping overcome pain in the human being such as sciatica, rheumatism and all kinds of things like that and he uses a small electrical vibrator.

Another one of his great inventions was the electric car. He built the first one in 1897 and he drove from New York City to Buffalo, New York. And it had an average speed of 94 miles an hour. This car, if it was built today, would cost one cent a mile to operate and it would cost practically nothing for repairs because apart from the mechanical parts, that is to say the wheels and the steering apparatus where they would compose the only moving parts, the engine in this electric car is a small alternating current motor which runs at the tremendous speed of thirty thousand RPM and this is reduced to eighteen hundred by means of a fluid transmission, also the invention of Tesla. The whole electric car is a magnificent piece of work and it could be put in use today and save the public hundreds of billions of dollars now wasted on gasoline and oil and spare parts, I could give a few details about this electric car. You see, it does not use a storage battery. It uses a special primary battery and if you know anything about primary batteries you'll know that the only part of a primary battery which fails is the negative plate. Any little dry cells you use for your flashlight for instance, is the zinc which give way, and when that gives way the battery goes dead. Well now Tesla...

I have called it : Tesla's
Violet Ray Generator.
Arthur made me realize
Tesla called his own creation...
Electrical Vibrator. >

Tesla said in 1894
Electricity has no weight,
and therefore
no opposition is offered to
its moving backward and forward
freely any number of times
to the second.
Find 1894 article in :
Nikola Tesla

Part 2 of 3
Well now Tesla invented a completely new kind of primary battery. And in this primary battery, if the negative plate wears out, it can be replaced even by a child in a few seconds. And the battery, when installed in this electric car, will run that car five hundred miles before the battery needs to be attended to. And when the battery does need to be attended to it would take you ten minutes to remedy whatever is going wrong and the spare parts are all in the trunk. You have enough spare parts to keep that battery running twelve months of the year. You do not have to stop at the service station. You could run five hundred miles for instance at seventy five miles per hour, if you were allowed to do it of course. But you could run this car say fifty or sixty miles an hour right across the country and probably not have to stop more than fifteen minutes to attend to the battery.

Well, some time in the future somebody will no doubt build this Tesla electric car but it will be when we have no more fuel oil or gasoline? I don't know how long the present oil supply oil supply will last. It certainly will not last forever so we will have to have other means of transportation. Would it be by the Tesla electric car?

If you have read my book... The Wall of Light... you will know the first part is the life story of Tesla. This story was written by Tesla himself and you will note in this story that Tesla gives full credit to God for his ability to discover some amazing new ideas in the Bible. As I have mentioned before the microwave comes from the fourth chapter of Revelation. In many places in his work Tesla mentions the fact that he was inspired by Bible study to conceive his amazing ideas. His idea of the alternating current comes from the book of Matthew. In other words from the Trinity. Tesla explains that his microwave, for instance, is not what many others think it is. It is not a wave, it is a dimension. The actual dimension of the beam. Tesla clearly states that his microwave is a beam which grows smaller. But he states that it's diameter is smaller than the hair of your head.

Another idea of Tesla is a locator. This will help you to find anything underground. It will help you find metal deposits or liquid deposits such as oil and water. I wrote a story about this locator many years ago which was published in one of the radio magazines of that time. And a man out west read my story and he wrote to me and he said that his father had died suddenly and left his money buried someplace on their three hundred acre farm and did I think that Tesla's locator would help him to find it? Well I wrote back and told him that sure, if you can build the Tesla locator you certainly would be able to find it if your father put it in a metal box or a metal lined box. Because if it was in a wooden box and the money was in paper then it would be very difficult to find it. But if the money was in cash, coin or if it was in a money box then I was fairly sure he would be able to find it. Well, to make the story shorter I sent him a diagram of this locator. This man built the locator and he found the money.

Another marvelous idea of Tesla was what he called the translator. This was not a very large affair either. It was something about the size of a small tape recorder and it had many buttons on it and you pushed one of these buttons to translate a language. In other words the button would be of Japanese for instance, you'd push Japanese button and it would translate the Japanese into whatever language you wanted such as English and French, Chinese, what not and so on.

Tesla also had a small gadget, which was a speed warner. This was about as big as a pocket wallet and once you were driving the car for instance he would set it and if you went too fast over the speed limit it would yell loudly and tell you if you were going too fast or not. There is no connection to the car whatever. You simply could carry this like a purse in your pocket. You set it for instance at fifty miles per hour, and if you went over fifty miles an hour it would yell out.

Also at Sanford, Tesla built what he called a gravity motor. This was a tripod of three tall trees, the logs of three tall trees, latched together at the top and in the center of the top part there is a pulley and over this pulley was a rope and you handed this rope that goes down a shaft at the base and a weight on the other end and when the weight was coming down it was turning the shaft and you had free power. Free power, which would last as long as the rock was falling down, turning the shaft. Leonardo da Vinci was said to have built such a power plant. It was absolutely free and very useful but one difficult point was the fact that you had to wind it up.

Many people write to me asking the question where can they find the best books concerning the life of Tesla? I have been answering letters like that for many years since the early twenties in fact, and I give the same answer to everybody that writes to me. Where can they find information which is true about Tesla? Well, you can find it in copies of his patents. You can get those patents, or copies of the patents in the Washington Patent Office, Washington D.C., United States of America. Now there also lectures and articles, which Tesla had published before 1943, in other words before he died. Anything published in recent years might be a little bit altered. I don't know. I don't say that the present day publications are altered but if you want all the truth without any guess work... get copies of the original papers, lectures, articles and patents, and his life story which is published in the first part of my book... The Wall of Light.

Tesla was a man who minded his own business and he wanted other people to mind theirs. He did not like gossip. His private life was his life and it belonged to no one else. He did not interfere with other people's business and he did not want anyone to interfere with his. Tesla was a down to Earth kind of man. He was a mechanical engineer... (tape ends)

Part 3 of 3
More on Tesla from Venus
Read Page 41 from : The Wall of Light

Nikola Tesla

of New York, United States of America

(Patent number and issue date not shown here).

This invention relates to the transmission of electrical energy.

It has long since been known that electric currents may be propagated through the Earth, and this knowledge has been utilized in many ways in the transmission of signals and the operation of a variety of receiving devices, remote from the source of energy, mainly with the object of dispensing with a return conducting wire.

It is also known that electrical disturbances may be transmitted through portions of the Earth by grounding only one of the poles of the source, and this fact I have made use of in systems, which I have devised for the purposes of transmitting through the natural media, intelligible signals or power, and which are now familiar. But all experiments and observations heretofore made have tended to confirm the opinion held by the majority of scientific men, that the Earth, owing to its immense extent, although possessing conducting properties, does not behave in the manner of a conductor of limited dimensions with respect to the disturbances produced, but on the contrary, much like a vast reservoir, or ocean which, while it may be locally disturbed by a commotion of some kind, remains unresponsive and quiescent in a large part or as a whole.

Still another fact, now of common knowledge is, that when electrical waves or oscillations are impressed upon such a conducting path as a metallic wire, reflection takes place under certain conditions, from the ends of the wire and, in consequence of the interference of the impressed and reflected oscillations, the phenomenon of "stationary waves", with maxima and minima indefinite, fixed positions, is produced. In any case the existence of these waves indicates, that some of the outgoing waves have reached the boundaries of the conducting path and have been reflected from the same.

Now I have discovered, that notwithstanding its vast dimensions and contrary to all observations heretofore made, the terrestrial globe may, in a large part or as a whole, behave towards disturbances impressed upon it in the same manner as a conductor of limited size, this fact being demonstrated by novel phenomena which I shall hereinafter describe.

Electricity from the Earth

Nikola Tesla to: Arthur H. Matthews

This is the base of the first coil as
seen in a video demonstration
sent to me by a lifetime friend of
Arthur H. Matthews.
The video shows this base and
the entire coil w/ battery and told...
we will turn it ON for 6 seconds
then OFF for 4 seconds.
We will repeat this as you observe
the next coil at the next
nodal region w/ meter shows
an increase 2.15 to 2.23 times
more electricity for 6 seconds
then drops off for 4 seconds.

The video is posted at the top
of this html page
with 11 images from the video
to describe more clearly.

Here is some of Tesla's patent describing important parts of the function.
Yellow text is the most amazing stuff to read.
In the course of certain investigations which I carried on for the purpose of studying the effects of lightning discharges upon the electrical condition of the Earth, I observed that sensitive receiving instruments, arranged so as to be capable of responding to electrical disturbances created by the discharges, at times failed to respond, when they should have done so and, upon inquiring into the causes of this unexpected behavior, I discovered it to be due to the character of the electrical waves, which were produced in the Earth by the lightning discharges and which had nodal regions following at definite distances, the shifting source of the disturbances. From date obtained in a large number of observations of the maxima and minima of these waves, I found their length to vary, approximately from twenty-five to seventy kilometers, and these results and certain theoretical deductions led me to the conclusion, that waves of this kind may be propagated in all directions over the globe, and that they may be still more widely differing lengths, the extreme limits being imposed by the physical dimensions and properties of the Earth.

Recognizing in the existence of these waves an unmistakable evidence that the disturbances created had been conducted from their origin to the most remote portions of the globe and had been thence reflected, I conceived the idea of producing such waves in the Earth by artificial means, with the object of utilizing them for many useful purposes, for which they are, or might be found applicable.

skip a page...
Tesla wrote :

upon inquiring into the causes
of this
unexpected behavior,
I discovered it to be due to
the character of

the electrical waves,
which were produced
in the Earth by the lightning
discharges and which
had nodal regions
following at
definite distances

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These adjustments and relations being carefully completed, and other constructive features indicated rigorously observed, the electrical movement produced in the secondary system by the inductive action of the primary A will be enormously magnified, the increase being directly proportionate to the inductance and frequency, and inversely to the resistance of the secondary system. I have found it practicable to produce in this manner an electrical movement thousands of times greater than the initial, that is, the one impressed upon the secondary by the primary A, and I have thus reached activities or rates of flow of electrical energy in the system E C D, measured, by many tens of thousands of horse-power. Such immense movements of electricity give rise to a variety of novel and striking phenomena, among which are those already described. The powerful electrical oscillations in the system E C D, being communicated to the ground, cause corresponding vibrations to be propagated to distant parts of the globe, whence they are reflected and, by interference with the outgoing vibrations, produce stationary waves, the crests and hollows of which lie in parallel circles, relatively to which the ground plate E may be considered to be the pole. Stated otherwise, the terrestrial conductor is thrown into resonance with the oscillations impressed upon it just like a wire. More than this, a number of facts ascertained by me clearly show, that the movement of electricity through it follows certain laws with nearly mathematical rigor. For the present it will be sufficient to state, that the Earth behaves like a perfectly smooth or polished conductor of inappreciable resistance, with capacity and self-induction uniformly distribute along the axis of symmetry of wave propagation and transmitting slow electrical oscillations without sensible distortion and attenuation. Besides the above, three requirements seem to be essential to the establishment of the resonating condition.
Tesla wrote :

I have found it practicable
to produce in this manner
an electrical movement

thousands of times
greater than the initial

that is, the one impressed
upon the secondary by
the primary A, and
I have thus reached
activities or rates of flow
of electrical energy in
the system
E C D,
measured, by

many tens
of thousands
of horse-power

Tesla's practical demonstration collecting electricity from the Earth was performed by my two buddies in 1989.

From Tesla's initial coil seen in video... to the first nodel region coil location... you will see 3 test runs with a
measured electric energy boost of 2.1 to 2.3 times more electricity.

We need to run this Tesla demo again... then move to the next nodel region location... and so on... until
many tens of thousands of horse-power... just as Nikola Tesla wrote in his patent.

Arthur Matthews
with several friends
could be a meteorite.
Arthur Matthews
demonstrating a
device he learned
from his friend
Nikola Tesla.
Arthur Matthews
friends in a field doing
some kind of
Tesla demonstration

Collecting Electricity from Earth ... Tesla style... source : lightning strikes

Accomplished so far by my two buddies... George being a lifetime friend of Arthur H. Matthews.
Arthur must have handed this to George before Arthur died in
George doing a search to see any activity with : The Wall of Light ~ by Arthur H. Matthews
found my site... saw we were on the same path.

Since 2011 we've spent many hours on the phone and George sent me many wonderful Arthur H. Matthews things.
Since I love electricity I always wanted to hear more about...
collecting electricity from the Earth.
Maybe he needed to feel confident about me... then sent me his
Tesla demonstration video.
We set-up to meet November 2017 out west at his location for 5 great days.
The fifth day he decided to continue and introduced me to his partner.
Then sad to say George died 2 months after my visit.
I flew out July 2018 for a 4 day meeting with his partner.
We agree Tesla's electricity from the Earth source lightning strikes...
needs to be tested at Tesla's next nodal region and the next and the next and the next...
until we reach rates of flow Tesla wrote in his US Patent (see above)...
I have thus reached activities or rates of flow of electrical energy...
measured, by many tens of thousands of horse-power.

Of all the people who walked our Earth... Nikola Tesla gave us Electricity.
Lets follow Nikola Tesla's work continue his path his direction.

When they performed Tesla's demo... their video shows their test at only the first nodel region as Tesla named it.

In 1894 newspaper article Tesla said :

All I have to do to duplicate the Sunlight
is to get this number of vibrations to the second
with my machinery on Earth;
I have succeeded up to a certain point,
but am still at work on the task.

Tesla made it clear
about matching the number of vibrations to produce Sunlight...
As a transmitter it would be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands.
As a receiver it could be the abundant energy source of the Universe.

Tesla could be telling us our Sun is Oscillating
at this huge exact number of vibrations to produce Sunlight
as well as the stars.

I found Nikola Tesla's
exact Five Hundred Trillion Vibration Number
in a doctor's chart from 1933
states that number of vibrations to the second
produces : Visible Light Color.

My Nikola Tesla Vibration Report
3 tips-of-the-iceberg
shows Tesla teleforce energy used on twin towers NYC.
This energy is real... as a receiver... a gift from the Universe.

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