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26 July 2017
I got on the phone with the student of Arthur H. Matthews for a couple of hours.
We are planning our first meeting for August.
We need to put this entire Tesla demo of
collecting electricity from the Earth
together again with a more complete video.
23 July 2017
We are about to move forward with
Tesla's demonstration of
collecting electricity from the Earth.
Six years ago a student of Arthur H. Matthews found this web site for Tesla by searching to see who on the web mentions his friend Arthur's book... Wall of Light.
Which began our many talks... he has send me many pieces of what Tesla
did to create such an event. I'll tell you about his 1989 success. See his video demo.
Listen :
22 July 2017
California Teslawiz we talked Tesla for 2 1/2 hours.
It could have been the spark I needed to post a PayPal request from Tesla readers.
19 July 2017
Into my email...
think that you have thee best Tesla site... hands down!
(signed) Teslawiz
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