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Omnec's first book
From Venus I Came
is a unique classic in spiritual literature.

It's her autobiography in which she portrays her life on the astral level of Venus. In a very detailed and clear way, Omnec describes the surface, the society, and the life on the astral dimension of planet Venus. Additionally, Omnec speaks about the adventure of how and why she decided to manifest a physical body, and about her journey to Earth in 1955.

This book was first published by UFO investigator
US Col. Wendelle C. Stevens in 1991 in the USA.
It was sold out very quickly. As Omnec was guided to focus
her teachings to the German speaking countries since 1993,
this first book and the next ones as a continuation of
Omnec's autobiography on Earth with the title
and the condensed essence of Omnec's spiritual teachings
had not been published in English since then.

English version
544 pages
Perspective from Venus
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From Venus I Came

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Foreword by: G. Kouki Wohlwend
Preface by: Wendelle C. Stevens
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Omnec Onec
1955 replaced Sheila Gipson
1966 she started to write
her manuscript her story
1991 first printing
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Omnec and Curtis
Preface by: Wendelle C. Stevens
Hear Omnec tell Curtis in Preface
she wrote several letters to
Wendell Stevens requesting he publish her manuscript.
Hear Omnec say she gave Wendell plants
she brought back from Venus.

Thank you Wendell for printing
Omnec Onec manuscript
From Venus I Came
It may never have been printed if you didn't
go through a huge expense of time and money.
We all Thank You.

Lieutenant Colonal Wendell C. Stevens USAF Retired
Published : 1991 ~ From Venus I Came
Omnec Onec

The Unknown History of Our Solar System
The Spiritual Transformation of the Earth

Collection of Texts ~ Part I -
Copyright 2000 by Omnec Onec

Non-commercial copying and sharing of these texts
as well as citing is allowed provided that the source is acknowledged.
All rights of content-editing and translation belong to the author
and require written approval.

Editing and Upload: Anja C.R. Schaefer


The Unknown History of Our Solar System

The Spiritual Transformation of the Earth

~~~~~~In 1994, I had a meeting in meditation. I found myself in a valley, surrounded by thousands of people, human and non-human, among them people that I recognized like Paul Twitchell and Uncle Odin, of course. This is when they told me of the transformation process for the first time.
~~~~~~Since the 1930ies they had been working on it, creating the energy here step by step. There had been many meetings about it and needed the cooperation of many beings. Some did not want to participate, some did, and some beings from other galaxies just did not care. But they were convinced that the Earth is such a special planet because of all the different life forms that are on it.
~~~~~~So many different aliens had visited and contributed to the life here. In order to understand the transformation and what the process is, you have to understand the history of this solar system, the human beings and the unknown history of the Earth. This was the information that was shown to me by the Masters and beings at this meeting:
~~~~~~About 40 million years ago - this is not precise because time is of no consequence, only the events are important and time is a concept created by man - from four different galaxies there were sent four different races of humans to this solar system. They were informed by the Spiritual Hierarchy to travel here and colonize the older planets. They were far more advanced that you can imagine. Not only did they have the ability to travel to different galaxies but also into different dimensions and to the future or the past.
~~~~~~They had telepathic abilities and no need of spoken language unless necessary for communicating with less evolved beings. They communicated with all life forms, animal, plant and mineral. They also communicated with those on other dimensions, who previously lived in the physical, angels, ascended masters, etc.
~~~~~~Their technology was in complete harmony with the natural laws of creation. They had mastered the concepts of creativity with the energy of their thoughts. This comes with the responsibility to use it for positive and constructive reasons that are beneficial and harmonic or for selfish reasons, such as gaining power and wealth.
~~~~~~They had complete understanding of creation and the creator. They knew themselves to be Soul and eternal, not restricted to the physical body. Death to them did not exist. For them it was a transition from one existence to another. They chose their own life spans according to the experiences they wished to have or missions they wished to complete.
~~~~~~They came to this solar system to bring human life here and to be the protectors of all life on all planets. The yellow race colonized the planet you know as Mars, the red race the planet Saturn, the black race Jupiter and the white race Venus.
~~~~~~Earth was then only a comet flying around as it had not taken the form of a planet or settled into an orbit around the Sun. When the Earth finally became a planet, it was beautiful with large bodies of water.
The four races went to far galaxies and brought many forms of animals, fish, birds, plants and minerals and created a unique paradise where all life forms lived in harmony.
~~~~~~Within other systems there were also humans and other non-human beings that were not as advanced as these four races. However, they had the technology for space travel but still retained a more aggressive and conquering level of consciousness. They had heard of this beautiful new planet. At this time, Earth had two moons to harmonize the weather conditions and control the tides of the large bodies of water.
~~~~~~The first beings to inhabit the planet were a dinoid and reptoid race from two different systems outside our solar system. They were intelligent and walked on two legs like humans and were war-like considering themselves to be superior to all other life forms. In the past, the four races of humans had conflicts with them before they outgrew such behavior. They arrived on Earth to rob it of its minerals and valuable gems. Soon they had created a terrible war. They were joined by re-
enforcements from their home planets. One set up its base on one of the Earth's moons, the other on Earth. It was a terrible war with advanced nuclear and laser weapons like you see in your science fiction movies. It lasted very long. Most of the life forms lay in singed waste and the one moon was destroyed. No longer interested in Earth, they went back to their planets leaving their wounded behind, they had no use for them.
~~~~~~The four races sent a few forces to see if they could help the wounded dinoids and reptilians and to see what they could do to repair the Earth. They soon found that due to the nuclear radiation it was too dangerous on Earth before it was cleared. Even they had to remain so as not to contaminate their own planets.
~~~~~~Due to the radiation, the survivors of the dinoids and reptoids mutated into the Dinosaurs and giant reptilians you know of in your history. The humans that were trapped there mutated into what you call Neanderthals.
~~~~~~The Earth remained a devastated ruin, covered by a huge dark nuclear cloud and what vegetation was left was being devoured by the giant beings, also humans and animals by some. It was this way for hundreds of years before a giant comet crashed into one of the oceans and created another huge cloud. This created such darkness that the radiating heat of the Sun could not interact with Earth's gravitational field and an ice age was created. This destroyed the mutated life forms and gave the four races the chance to cleanse and heal the Earth with technology and their energy.
~~~~~~Once again, they brought various forms of life to the Earth, creating again a paradise, except for extreme weather conditions and extreme tidal activities.
~~~~~~During this time they realized that their planets were going into a natural dormant stage that they would not be able to support physical life. So they decided to colonize the Earth with their own people. They were concerned about the one moon, because it is creating earthquakes and tidal waves and storms and other difficulties for the structure of the Earth. They knew how to drink fluids to protect and balance themselves. These were the first colonies like Atlantis and Lemuria.
~~~~~~The rest of the people stayed on their planets to await their destiny. They knew that they would perish and die. They had made the decision only to bring the younger generation with some spiritual teachers and elders to the Earth. The planet was too small for all of them. But they had no fear of death.
~~~~~~They had once again created a paradise. They were instructed to build special temples here as doorways to the other dimensions. Because of the aggressive beings, the temples were hidden for future times when they will be important. There they could do their meditations and the higher beings.
~~~~~~They were informed to build two shields around the Earth out of ice particles to balance the influence of the one moon. They created a tropical climate for the Earth. There were no deserts at that time. They have special crystals for these doorways and they were able to lower their vibration to enter through these doorways. The news spread of the beautiful planet. So the dark forces came here again, they are human beings but not as advanced at that time. They have a different genetic structure. They were very powerful but wanted to use this power for manipulating and controlling.
~~~~~~The people that were left on the other planets were doing a meditation at their last moment and as a reward the Spiritual Hierarchy told them that their culture would exist in the other dimensions and that this would protect the beings here. It was wonderful for them and it would serve a purpose in the future.
~~~~~~Another race of humans from a close system came here and tried to negotiate to get information and technology, but when they were informed that they could not have it for fear of misuse and break of the spiritual laws. They declared war on the colonies. The colonies did not fight back but send most of their people into hiding to rebuild the colonies later. They destroyed everything so that it would not fall into the hands of the dark forces. Lemuria and Atlantis were destroyed by
their inhabitants so that their knowledge and technology would not be misused by the dark forces. Some people hid in the center of the Earth, were they are still living.
~~~~~~In this process the crystal structures were damaged, and part of the people that were hiding on the surface of the Earth were informed that there would be a flood on the Earth, because the crystal structures were going to fall and melt and cause a huge flood. So they were to build huge ships and save as many life forms as they could. There were hundreds of arks, not just one like we are told in the bible. They waited for the flood to recede, as did the dark forces. They came here once again to capture these people because they had realized that they were genetically different. They tortured them to get as much information as they could about the hidden temples for themselves and their power.
~~~~~~As they knew that the people could rebuild the Earth as long as they had their communication with the other dimensions, they separated the brain halves of all the beings they captured, so that they would no longer have the ability to communicate with the other dimensions or remember their past lives or the technology or the temples or anything. The human beings were reprogrammed and set up as different races and colors and they gave them religions and set themselves up as gods to be worshipped. Wars developed and the controlling forces were the rich ones, having all the information and power. It got worse and worse and today it is not different. It is continuing on a more subtle level, and the human beings have no longer an awareness of this. Although deep inside they have a feeling that there is more and they do look to the heavens and believe that they came from somewhere else, because they feel their existence here is not correct. Of course it is their soul that does remember this, but the programming here is so complete.
~~~~~~The transformation is that all of these beings that have reincarnated since then and developed as well as the Spiritual Hierarchy themselves want to correct this. The first thing they did was to introduce the spiritual information here on Earth. There was an influx of information coming, and the esoteric movement grew in the societies and became more and more popular and common. They also contacted the leaders of the countries, but the cooperation was refused as they were not going to give up their control. The spiritual beings knew that they must save the Earth from going into destruction again and they knew that with the technology developed there would be more genetic manipulation here.
~~~~~~Furthermore, the invention of the atomic bomb was the risk that the Earth could be totally destroyed. This would have vast effects, not only for this solar system, but for the whole galaxy, and it would damage innumerous beings.
~~~~~~The Galactic Brotherhood (a federation of innumerous spiritually high evolved beings from different dimensions) therefore decided to put an end to this control, manipulation, and misuse. For decades, they are working to change the whole energy of this planet so that the established technologies eventually would cease to function, but new technologies will be introduced when the transformation is complete and when the frequency of the planet and its inhabitants has changed.
~~~~~~All of the Galactic Brotherhood, many races - human and non-human - the Spiritual Hierarchy, Ascended Masters, non-physical beings like angels, and the nature spirits are cooperating. Lady Gaia is the special angel for the Earth itself.
~~~~~~The hidden temples have been reactivated, so that also energy flows in from the higher realms through them. Space ships were located around the Earth to send vibrations to change the frequency. These ships vibrate at such a rate that they cannot be seen by human eyes or detected by radar, and they are continually sending their special energy to the Earth. The nature spirits informed all of nature to change its frequency - the birds sound, the bees, the water, the wind - everything has an effect on our environment.
~~~~~~The increase of the frequency is a gradual process. Approximately since 1993, when the hidden temples had been reactivated, it is certain that the process will be successful. They did not know it before, but the effort was made on so many different levels and with the people here. The more participation the faster the transformation will take place. They made it a gradual transformation, because the too fast changes would have damaged the cellular structure.
~~~~~~You have an artificial support system which is a new chakra system. It synchronizes the two brain halves to function as one along with the new frequencies, to give them back the abilities of their ancestors, to have mental telepathy, intuition, remember past lives, and receive individual spiritual information.
~~~~~~Chakras are miniature doorways to the energy of each dimension - there is a chakra for each dimension in the body. Children born after 1993 already have the changes within their bodies. They are born with the genetic system and the new chakra system intact.
~~~~~~While getting the new chakra system, there can be some physical uncomfortable feelings, such as short sharp pains like someone is sticking a needle in your body, you have your vision blurring, you have high-pitched sounds in your ears, you will have rapid heartbeats. You will have times when your feel a little panicky, you will feel dreadfully tired even if you have rested plenty. Sometimes you will wake up after only a few hours sleeping and you will feel very energetic. Appetite will fluctuate, you will have times when you are constantly hungry and times when you don't feel the need to eat at all. All these unusual occurrences are temporary. It is important to drink plenty of liquids, to flush certain toxins out of the body.
~~~~~~Your intuitive abilities are returning, and your ability to communicate through mental telepathy with one another.
~~~~~~We have to realize that everything is valuable. Even the negative forces served to help us to experience diverse qualities of ourselves or to experience these qualities and possibilities. But some people become attached to having the power and the control and to use the life energy for control over others. It has been the problem that the people cannot overcome their ego and their tendencies to use each other and this energy for their own general self and selfishness.
~~~~~~In the future, the Earth will serve a different purpose than it has served in the past. It was more or less a place where that people could encounter the opposite energy from the soul - the yin and yang, the negative and the positive. Of course, in reality it is the same energy. The division has been created by concepts. By determining that this behavior is bad and a different attitude is good, you divide the energy into good and bad. This way, you also help support the negative process.
~~~~~~Our ancestors were totally selfless people. They did not want to destroy or damage anything that was from the creator, from nature, because they felt in a harmony with it. It was a natural way of surviving with the existing life forms in this physical world corresponding, communicating, and cooperating with them. These are the things that are going to be reinstalled in the human being.
~~~~~~In the past, during the original colonies on Earth, the feminine qualities were ruling. The people were more using their intuition and the feminine principles of loving and caring. Then, after the genetic manipulation, the male energy was controlling the societies and individuals with more force, more destruction, more might. In the future, the Earth will serve as a place, where that the male and the female powers will be equal and balanced within every individual.
~~~~~~Furthermore, the Earth will serve as a purpose for human beings to experience everything in one life cycle. They can manifest a body of choice. It does not have to be male or female, it can be the both energies and the qualities in one, because the physical body will not be of the same material as it is now and it will be on a different frequency.
~~~~~~People will form communities and connections and work together with the animals and the different life forms. The Earth will be a totally different place than you know.
~~~~~~With the collapse of the negative powers, the aggression will recede, and there will be no need to actually overpower others or to be in charge of something. Every person will be in charge of their own selves and of creating their existence. The fear will be removed, and we will not have the need of the manmade laws anymore, we will just naturally obey the spiritual laws, because as an advanced soul with a full consciousness and awareness, you will be able to govern yourself in a way that is in harmony with everything that exists. We have lived that way on other planets for millions of years. It is just a natural harmony of obeying the spiritual laws.
~~~~~~It takes a lot of willpower and acceptance to go through this process individually and accepting the changes that take place in our societies. You only have to help to visualize and to create these possibilities. Imagine what it can be like or what you like it to be like, and eventually you will have that. We can look forward to actually creating what we are, what we wish to be, what we wish to experience rather than being forced to experience what already exists.
~~~~~~I hope that this information can inspire you and gives you the courage and ability to face whatever will come and accept it as the divine will, because whatever happens in the continuum of life is always meant to be. You have to learn to accept things and depend on your creative abilities to see you through the difficult times. But you have assistance from the other beings who have an alternative method of power and energy for you to use.
~~~~~~In the very very future of the Earth, after the transformation is complete, it will be a totally different living style and a totally different awareness on the Earth.
~~~~~~The thing that I hope that you can remember is: A soul is perfect, a soul is beautiful, and individual and complete. You have to remember your own beauty and qualities, that every experience that you have ever had in your creation, in your life cycles, is a part of what makes up the special jewel that is each individual soul. This beauty and these qualities are determined by your individual process and development through your life experiences. There is no end to your existence. You have eternity to look forward to, when you can overcome the concepts of time and aging. If you can be happy and really appreciate the preciousness of life and experiences, then you have a better chance for a beautiful life and enjoying. Of course, you should enjoy every sense that you have in the physical world, because these senses will not be the same in the future, as the physical body will be totally different. You have to enjoy the different aspects of being a human being, and of course creating a balance and a harmony within yourself, because you are the only one that can do that.
~~~~~~I hope this information is valuable and that you can share it with others, because the more people consciously and actively participate in the transformation process and start using their energy in a positive way, the faster it will go.
~~~~~~I would like to leave you with a Venusian greeting which means "May the Universal love and blessings be": AMUAL ABAKTU BARAKA BASHAD.
Omnec Onec

The True Story of Jesus Christ

Collection of Texts ~ Part I -
Copyright 2000 by Omnec Onec

Non-commercial copying and sharing of these texts
as well as citing is allowed provided that the source is acknowledged.
All rights of content-editing and translation belong to the author
and require written approval.

Editing and Upload: Anja C.R. Schaefer


~~~~~~The true story about the life of Jesus Christ is most fascinating to me. I will tell it the way I have heard it from my aunt Arena on Venus. I will relate the things that really happened in the same way as I have heard them during my studies of the Earth's history on Venus. I do not wish to discredit or condemn any religions or teachings.
~~~~~~Take it as you wish and let it affect your life where it may.
~~~~~~The man that you know under the name of Jesus Christ is one of the most controversial and misunderstood figures of all times in Earth history. Before incarnating here, he lived as a Master on Venus. But his highly evolved Soul decided to balance old karmic debts by living as a spiritual teacher among the same people that he and others had led into ignorance in a former life.
~~~~~~After the genetic manipulation of humans on Earth, the people had forgotten their heritage and former powers. They no longer could communicate with their ancestors in the other dimensions or contact the Ascended Masters. They had become a frightened people. They were ignorant of the most basic truths, about the universe, about God, and about themselves. Physical survival and comfort was the number one care, and death was the number one fear. Religions with their rituals and restrictions had been established by the ruling officials in order to exercise limitless power and total control over the people. Limited beliefs had created a limited way of life for the masses.
~~~~~~Space ships were as familiar in the skies of Biblical times as are the UFOs of today. Space travelers visited regularly to help with Earth's spiritual growth. In the lands of the Jewish people, visitors from outer space were called angels, which means heavenly beings. And Biblical history is full of tales about people meeting with God or the angels, or crude descriptions of space ships such as "ball of fire" or "wheel within a wheel". People who know nothing of advanced technology cannot relate to it other than in their own way. In those days the unknown was usually thrown in with the religious or spiritual. Thus they believed that humans who landed in spaceships, always wore white robes and who had such a peaceful and friendly countenance to be spiritual beings.
~~~~~~A young woman named Mary happened to meet one of these beings from another planet. She was out alone, walking the sheep, when a space ship landed nearby and one of these heavenly beings came out to speak with her. The man from space perceived that Mary was pure of thought and would not be frightened by the visit. Mary of course was awed by him, considered him to be an angel sent by God. When she asked him about this, he said, "Yes, we are all of God." That day he gave her spiritual insights about God and about people from other planets.
~~~~~~They met quite often, and soon they had fallen in love. When Mary became pregnant by him, he asked to marry her. This was impossible, she said, explaining the way of her culture. A person who married outside the faith faced a horrible death by being stoned. This was merely a rule made by the priests to keep the race intact, and the visitor knew this. Mary was also frightened of leaving with him, because she thought this meant she had to die. It was no use trying to persuade Mary to join him.
~~~~~~In the following weeks, the visitor received the spiritual insight on what was happening. For centuries there had been prophesies in this culture that a Messiah would be sent by God to lead the people. This was the child that Mary was bearing! Knowing this, he realized that the boy must be raised among the Jewish people. He agreed with Mary that she would be able to stay and have the child. "You can tell your people whatever you want, but I would tell them the truth. You may have the child here for thirty years, but I shall have the child for the last half of his life. And I will visit him periodically throughout his growth to help him spiritually". Mary agreed to raise her child with the spiritual teachings he had given her.
~~~~~~Then she went to her people and told them that an angel had appeared to her saying she was to give birth to a child of God; immaculate conception it was called later. Mary believed that her lover was of God because he always came from the heavens to visit her, always in a bright light.
The True Story of Jesus Christ
Christ's father tried to explain that it was only a space ship, but this did not make sense to Mary. Machines were unknown.
~~~~~~Meanwhile, there was a man named Joseph who loved Mary very much and had admired her most of her life. He was much older than Mary. He listened to her story and understood what she was saying because he himself had met one of these beings from the heavens and had heard the stories of ancient times on Earth.
~~~~~~Joseph loved Mary enough to care, and was willing to take the responsibility for her and the child. He went so far as to say that the child was his own to those few who ridiculed Mary. People knew she had a miracle child; miracles were very popular in those days.
~~~~~~People from Venus and the Brotherhood of the Planets knew that Mary's child would become a spiritual leader, and space ships were used to spread the message to various parts of the land. Prophets had seen this psychically, and many people like the shepherds had been visited by heavenly beings who foretold the great event.
~~~~~~The truth is always a threat to those who preach lies. The religious organizations and leaders of the day felt threatened by the birth of the child. This led to the order that all male children born within a certain time were to be killed. This threat and a contact made to Joseph caused him to take Mary to a safe location to have the child. The star that led Joseph and Mary to safety was actually a small ship. This same kind of star led the wise men and the shepherds to the stable where Jesus was born. At night, the ship hovered above the small stable, glowing like a star.
~~~~~~Christ's childhood was a rather quiet time. Joseph's work as a carpenter supported the family, and Mary taught Jesus the principles she had learned from his father. He also met regularly with his father who taught him all about Earth's history.
~~~~~~By the time Jesus was twelve, he began to travel and study on his own. His studies of secret teachings led him as far as Egypt, Tibet and India. For three years he studied under Fubbi Quantz, abbot of the Katsupari Monastery in Northern Tibet. There he learned the secrets of the Laws of the Supreme Deity. He received the spiritual name Jesus, which could also be taken to mean "King of the Jews", and the name Christ because of his new teaching, meaning "Bearer of Truth".
~~~~~~When Jesus returned to his family he was thirty years old and now ready to begin teaching his people. His disciples were twelve in number, chosen for their character and their karmic connection with Christ, and for the different roles each would play in his life. Christ knew that one of them would betray him; another would deny him. Christ also knew Simon would be the one to carry on the work after he had left. He was shown this via the inner knowingness when he first met them.
~~~~~~Christ was a very spiritual individual and knew much about the spiritual laws. His teachings about the journey of Soul through the lower worlds and the power of each individual were given mainly in fables and stories. The people of his culture were very simple and had not reached a very high level of consciousness. The principles of the Laws of the Supreme Deity can be recognized underlying Christ's messages. To seek first the kingdom of heaven meant literally that man can and should experience the higher planes before physical death, by leaving the body. This is only one of many, many examples.
~~~~~~Unfortunately Christ became more important than his teaching. He became more of a celebrity than a spiritual leader. Finally his compassion overcame what he was trying to do for the people - lead them from the ignorance.
~~~~~~Christ's compassion did not leave him much of a free will to say no when so many clung to him begging for a healing. He succumbed because of his great compassion for the poor and suffering people, but he knew that he would have to pay for it. And he needed to pay for it in this lifetime because it was to be his last physical incarnation.
~~~~~~Therefore, when it is said that Jesus took upon himself the sins of the people, and later died for their sins, it means that all of this karma added up to one horrible death of physical torture by the very people he helped.
~~~~~~In the scriptures it is written that Christ went to the wilderness to pray, and great beings of the past appeared to him. These spiritual leaders of the time included Christ's father, who told Christ that because he had succumbed to compassion and had become sidetracked from his teaching, he would have to physically suffer in this life or reincarnate to pay the karmic debts. At first Christ did not wish to go through with it. But finally he realized that the karma was his to resolve, now or in the future. He said; "Not my will, but thine be done." He knew that he would have to obey the spiritual law, and so he decided not to defend himself and rather have the suffering now, to be finished with it.
~~~~~~Toward the end of his life, Christ was healing too many people and doing too many miracles, enough to frighten the Roman and Jewish leaders. He was hunted down and finally captured. Pontius Pilate had a great respect for Christ and even tried to persuade him to defend himself. Christ refused because he knew the debt had to be paid.
~~~~~~The Roman and Jewish leaders were well aware of what had taken place on Earth during Atlantian times as they still had some of the technical devices hidden for their own power and use. Because they knew how dangerous Christ was becoming as he was exposing the past and turning the people away from the organized churches they devised a plan. They were to release one prisoner and let the public choose. This way they were not responsible. Barabas, a known murderer and thief or Christ! Their plan was to send soldiers throughout the crowd and pay gold to those who shouted for Barabas to be released.
~~~~~~The second part of the plan was to set up a whole religion based on Christ after his death. They knew of the prophecy of his return. They also knew the laws of Karma. If they could convince the future generations to worship Christ and baptize their children and dedicate their whole lives and all they do in the name of Christ, his spiritual evolution would be slowed down and he would be bound to a certain dimension by all the responsibility and karma of these people and not ever be a threat again.
~~~~~~What Christ did not know was that he would be responsible for all the Christians of the future who would look up to him, all of the people who considered him to be their personal Master. He did not realize that his simple teachings would be turned into a religion, or that he would become more important than what he was trying to teach.
~~~~~~The same powers that helped destroy Christ now turned around and set him up to be worshipped as God's son. Even the Jewish people allowed the scriptures of Christ's life to be created into a book for the whole world. Excluding some of the truths Jesus taught. And how is Christ portrayed in most churches - tortured and bleeding.
~~~~~~In suffering on the cross and being ridiculed by the people he had helped, Christ resolved most of the karmic debts upon his shoulders. On the one hand, Christ was compassionate enough to say to the Deity, "Forgive them, for they know not what they are doing!"
~~~~~~But the suffering was much worse and lasted much longer than he had expected. He was not able to leave the body until much of the suffering was over. But because his father did not come zooming up in a spaceship to save him, he cried, "My father, my father, why hast thou forsaken me?"
~~~~~~The people from Christ's home planet had a plan, which his father had told Christ in the wilderness where Christ had pleaded so much that he did not want to suffer. This plan was to show the people that there was such a thing as life after death, and that the body is only a vehicle to live in, that Soul could leave and reinhabit it. But the people of Christ's time did not interpret the resurrection in this way. They considered it as one of Christ's greatest miracles.
~~~~~~Meanwhile, at the time of Christ's passing, a great storm developed and black clouds covered the Sun. This very much frightened the non-believers and added a great deal to Christ's story. The storm was actually caused by the collective psychic power of Christ's followers who believed God to be an angry dictator.
~~~~~~After the death of Christ, his body was moved to a tomb prepared by Mary and friends of Christ. The authorities placed guards at his tomb in order to keep people from stealing the body. In
reality they knew of the plan for his rescue and tried to prevent it. When the ship landed near Christ's tomb, the guards passed out from the light and intense energy field. His body was carried away to be repaired.
~~~~~~Christ remained in his astral body while his father prepared to repair the physical body. A body less than twenty-four hours dead can be repaired by rays which rebuild cells and tissue. Soul can then inhabit the body again.
~~~~~~Mary Magdalene was the first to arrive at the tomb to find Christ's body missing. After regaining consciousness and as the details of what had happened came to her mind, she remembered just arriving at the tomb to see the angels arriving in a bright light, wearing shining garments and giving the news that Christ was alive. She remembered their words, "Do not be afraid", as they rolled away the huge rock at the entrance. She assumed that the angels from heaven had healed Christ and went her way to find him.
~~~~~~There are many passages in the bible where Christ appeared to many of his followers and they did not recognize him at first - until he spoke to them. There are also other reports of beings in shiny garments being seen at the tomb.
~~~~~~When Christ appeared to her, he said, "I am not yet of the body; do not touch me. I will return." He appeared to quite a few people like this, and walked through doors and walls in his astral body. The physical body was repaired on board the ship, whereupon Christ as Soul reentered the form. Then he was able to show the people his body, and allow them to touch him. He told his people", I am leaving now to live with my father who is in heaven." The people interpreted his explanations as best they could; the ascension into heaven was their way of explaining Christ leaving in a spaceship. He returned with his father, where he married and later had children. He lived many years before he died again physically.
~~~~~~Christ guides his people through their many lifetimes. He is their inner Master and communicates with his followers by the inner channels. His karma is to be spiritually responsible for all the people who have put their hope for salvation in him. He takes each individual as far as he can, then will push him out of Christianity into a greater spiritual path. He does this to rid himself of the karma that keeps him in the Causal dimension of the lower worlds. All the acts done in his name, all wars fought in his name, all children baptized and all who live their lives in the name of Christ are more chains binding him to the lower worlds.
~~~~~~Until the day comes that Christ can rid himself of all the misunderstanding, and until all these Souls in Christianity go to other paths, Christ must remain on the Causal plane, within the lower worlds of time and space. This heavenly part of the Causal was created by the group consciousness, the belief in heaven of the Christians here on Earth.
The first part of this video
1:12 minutes
next part is an interview
38:28 minutes
39:40 total time
The Jerry Springer Show

My Mom is From Venus

Sheila Gipson ~ Omnec Onec

Recorded 7 September 1993
Producer Kuhlman
Show 50921-93

YouTube video
Length 58:18

Omnec Onec with her three children
Tobi Schultz, Zandar Schultz and
Joe Hobson with Frank Stranges and
Omnec Onec ex-husband Stanley.
Omnec Onec
Berlin Germany 2003
YouTube video
1 hour 29 minutes
English only
42:00 minutes
Less 404 German sections
Omnec Onec
Anja Schaefer
Omnec Onec
New/old video surfaces
Posted on this site
16 July 2019

Thank you Anja Schaefer

Hello Curtis,

~~~~~~I am currently editing the English version of Omnec's book - it will be published soon. I was just stumbling over a part about Tesla, and I would like to share it with you. In case you want to quote it somewhere, please mention that it is a quotation from Omnec Onec's book FROM VENUS I CAME, chapter 9 (now published as part 1 of
~ thank you.

~~~~~~Remember - this was written in the end of the Sixties and published in 1991 for the first time in English. Now, in 2012, it will finally be made public again to the English speaking countries.

~~~~~~"However, the negative powers have a strong hold on Earth. Anything which may give more power and freedom to the individual is considered a threat, and this includes the Laws of The Supreme Deity. In areas of technology, inventions which are good for the people but bad for those in power are usually locked away or destroyed, or at least discredited. Earth owes much to the electrical inventor Nikola Tesla. Without him Earth would not be where it is today. At one time he worked with Thomas Edison in designing electric motors and generators. It was Tesla who was responsible for the power system at Niagra Falls. By the time he had reached his 70s, Nikola Tesla had more than 700 inventions to his credit. But Tesla was too advanced for his time. Even Edison turned against him and tried to discredit his more brilliant ideas. Tesla pioneered in tapping the unlimited energy available from the Earth itself, and understood that energy does not need to be generated at great power plants. Those who knew what Tesla was talking about at that time succeeded in discrediting the man and his ideas, and in that way kept the secrets of magnetic power from benefitting the world. Tesla's own words tell us what he was aiming at, "The most valuable application of wireless energy will be the propulsion of flying machines" ... Upon his death, Tesla's laboratories were locked up and over the years, the memory of his greatness has all but faded away. Few people on Earth know that he ever existed, and fewer still know that he came here from the planet Venus to help you." (Omnec Onec)



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