Secret of Lightning
Nikola Tesla discovered electricity abundant here on Earth.
This was given to Arthur H. Matthews.
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla
Inside the primary coil of his Tesla Coil
Colorado Spring
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.Secret of Lightning
.Margaret Storm~~.~loved Tesla
.Arthur H. Matthews~.knew Tesla
Electricity is good for us.
Lightning Bolt... the violet color
is not visible sometimes the camera doesn't catch it.
This bright bolt of lightning is surrounded by a violet color.
Amazing lightning bolt strikes very close. Violet is everywhere.
Electricity is everywhere.
The violet color are the finest
of the lightning bolts... they go everywhere.
They come all the way down to you and thru you.
Lightning a mile above your head
and smell Ozone all around you
means the fine lightning came down to you.
This seems to be a
round object in the sky
producing lightning bolts.
Could this be an
Electrified Craft as
This is Blow-up image
from below.

This seems to be a saucer
producing lightning bolts.

At sea aboard
US aircraft carrier
USS Abraham Lincoln ~ Night vision flight deck.
I'm not sure what this is.
It was called ball lightning.
I'd like to see what is going on
above this building.
It appears the concentrated
electric bolts are coming from
the top of this building.
What is this?
This is not ball lightning.
This shows we have an abundance
of electrical energy shown here in concentrated bolts of lightning.
This Tesla Coil is a bit too big for the inside of this house.
Lightning bolts split oxygen in half
producing many single atoms of oxygen natural ozone. This Tesla Coil is producing a lot of Ozone you can smell it. Ozone cleans the Earth and it cleans us too.
Tesla Coil
displays beautiful
violet color.
I use this violet color for :
Nikola Tesla
This Tesla Coil enthusiast
may not be smiling however he's showing what Tesla demonstrated
at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago.

Read the 1894 World Newspaper
on the Nikola Tesla page to hear Tesla tell his story.

Tesla Coil electricity is not harmful even if sparks do come out
of your fingers.

The wall paper shows this woman
could be in her doctor's office.
She is alive to tell the tale
and alive to show what
Lightning can do to you.
She is lucky to be alive.

Lightning breaks Oxygen in half
creating single atoms of
Oxygen cleaners.
Lightning cleaned her body real fast. Too fast for our nerves.

Lightning Bolt Neckless

It's not funny
beautiful in a very unique way.

Struck by Lightning
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Tesla has taught us to capture and collect
lightning bolts from our Earth.
We are on this path.
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Tesla Electricity
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Tesla Created Ozone
We Create Homozon
Tesla discovered how to
Collect Earth Electricity
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to run everything on
our Earth.
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Venus Tesla Connection introduction ~ home page
.Secret of Lightning
.Margaret Storm~~.~loved Tesla
.Arthur H. Matthews~.knew Tesla