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Eden Gray : 1:25:13 In other words... Mr. Tesla and vibrations... music... Well this was... more... physical vibrations. And Ellery was asking me before about a... Mr. Tesla's experiments with vibrations. And how at
one time...
he a... attached a small vibrating machine
to a central pillar
in the loft building that he a... was working in. And the vibrations got higher and higher
and higher... and more things came in resonances
with. Particularly the... buildings fall back away...(?) (?)... and the windows in them. And the windows started... and the...

Warren Icpac : 1:25:56 Were these...

Eden Gray : 1:25:57 ... plumbing started to go on

Warren Icpac : 1:25:57 (?) were these hammer like... were these hammer like (?) destroying mold... or was it...

Ellery Lanier : 1:26:02 It was more than that.

Warren Icpac : 1:26:02 ... or were these... Cyclades?

Ted Brown : 1:26:07 laughs.

Ellery Lanier : 1:26:09 Eden... Eden... please repeat
the story... I really want to know the end of it... but I asked you about it earlier.

Ted Brown : 1:26:15 (?)(?)... laughs.

Warren Icpac : 1:26:16 laughs.

Eden Gray : 1:26:18 Well... I am speaking so seriously Warren. A large section of New York City started to practically collapse... isn't that true? Because a... and a... no... people went... had time to go to the police station... (?)(?).

Margaret Storm
interview clips
May 1959
Part 2
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Margaret Storm

Eden Gray : 1:27:56 You can find it in the police records. Because... people called the police and the
fire department... and they figured out... that
it must
be from... Mr. Tesla's...
because so many explosions and weird things have happened from there.

Warren Icpac : 1:28:08 Yeah... I wouldn't (?)

Eden Gray : 1:28:09 And they came rushing up the stairs... and... the interesting thing about it was... Tesla's laboratory in that building... was the last thing
to vibrate in resonances... with their (?)... so he did
not know...
Mr. Tesla did not know... the damage that he was doing in this... large area... of... of the city. And... soon the police and everybody came running down... but this time the machine was just about to
get ready... to shake this building down. And...

Eden Gray

Ellery Lanier : 1:29:54 Eden Gray can look it up for you. And... a... look... no one ever really found out... what
the gadget was
that Nikola Tesla was using in his laboratory. But it... it was one of these really fantastic things.

Warren Icpac : 1:30:07 How'd it get smashed?

Eden Gray : 1:30:08 Then he... no... but you see...
these vibes... the rate of vibration was so... high that
he worked up to... that he had to go and smash the machine with an axe... in order to stop it

Margaret Storm : 1:30:20 Yes... that's right.

Eden Gray : 1:30:20 ... because if he had just... if he
had just turned off the electricity... on it... it would have taken a while to run down... and the damage would have been...

Margaret Storm : 1:30:27 Yes... that's true... I remember that...

Eden Gray : 1:30:29 ... and the whole building... would have... would have... just collapsed.

Warren Icpac : 1:30:31 Is this before he met Carr?

Eden Gray : 1:30:32 And they said... you could put...
a small... a small type of a vibrator on... the
State Building
... and within a short time... you could
knock the
whole building down.

Long John Nebel : 1:30:41 What happened to this

Margaret Storm : 1:30:43 He had to smash it with a...

Long John Nebel : 1:30:45 Well fine... but what... they couldn't they make another one? (?)(?).

Margaret Storm : 1:30:48 Well... he had... he had done
so much damage... with the first one... I guess he didn't want to take a chance... on another one.

Ellery Lanier : 1:32:11 I mean... you can... you can
jive at the whole thing...
but this is a very profoundly serious thing.

Long John Nebel : 1:32:15 You buy this too? About this vibrator?

Ted Brown : 1:32:18 No... no... (?)(?).

Ellery Lanier : 1:32:19 Oh the vibrator story. I don't...
I don't buy it... not by... I know... it's in the Richter
This was an event that shook New York City.

Long John Nebel : 1:32:24 And... and... how many blocks did it effect in New York?

Ellery Lanier : 1:32:28 I don't remember the exact

Long John Nebel : 1:32:29 About ten blocks?

Margaret Storm : 1:32:30 Yes... yes.

Ellery Lanier : 1:32:32 I don't know... if that's true...
I mean... its... its... something...

Long John Nebel : 1:32:34 What year?

This was an event
which shook
New York City

Eden Gray : 1:33:32 I have found the place in the book... but I don't find the date (?). It says... Tesla's laboratory was on the upper floor of a loft building. It was on the North side of Houston Street, and the
second house East of Mulberry Street. About three hundred feet south of the house... of the house... and a... there is a police a... headquarters right there. And then it said... in this highly variegated neighborhood that
Tesla unexpectedly staged a spectacular demonstration of his properties of sustained powerful vibrations. And it said... Could they reach... Tesla's Laboratory in time to stop him? Or would the building come tumble down... on their heads and everyone in it... be buried in the ruins, and probably every building in the neighborhood. Maybe he was making the whole Earth shake in this way! Just as the cops rushed into Tesla's laboratory to tackle... they knew not what...
the vibrations stopped... and they beheld a strange sight. They arrived just in time to see... the tall gaunt figure of the inventor... swing a heavy sledge hammer and shatter a small iron contraption... mounted on the post in the middle of the room.

Eden Gray
Finds what she wants to read...
She is reading from chapter 10
John J. O'Neill book...
Prodigal Genius
The Life Story of Nikola Tesla
Tesla's laboratory was on
the upper floor of a loft building.
find this on page 159 below
First Printing 1944
This copy
printed in
Here is the beginning of
Chapter 10
~~~~~Tesla had a remarkable ability for carrying on simultaneously a number of widely different lines of scientific research. While pursuing his studies of high-frequency electrical oscillations with all of their ramifications from vacuum lamps to radio, he was also investigating mechanical vibrations; and he had a rare foresight into the many useful applications to which they could be put, and which had since been realized.
~~~~~Tesla never did things by halves. Almost everything he attempted went off like a flash of lightning with a very satisfactory resounding clap of thunder following. Even when he did not so plan events, they appeared to fashion themselves into spectacular climaxes. In 1896 while his fame was still on the ascendant he planned a nice quiet little vibration experiment in his Houston Street laboratory. Since he had moved into these quarters in 1895, the place had established a reputation for itself because of the peculiar noises and lights that emanated from it at all hours of the day and night, and because it was constantly being visited by the most famous people in the country.
~~~~~~The quiet little vibration experiment produced an earthquake, a real earthquake in which people and buildings and everything in them got a more tremendous shaking than they did in any of the natural earthquakes that have visited the metropolis. In an area of a dozen square city blocks, occupied by hundreds of buildings housing tens of thousands of persons, there was a sudden roaring and shaking, shattering of panes of glass, breaking of steam, gas and water pipes. Pandemonium reigned as small objects danced around rooms, plaster descended from walls and ceilings, and pieces of machinery weighing tons were moved from their bolted anchorages and shifted to awkward spots in factory lofts.
Page 155
Sounds like New York City's biggest earthquake.
~~~~~"It was all caused, quite unexpectedly, by a little piece of apparatus you could slip in your pocket," said Tesla.
~~~~~The device that precipitated the sudden crisis had been used for a long time by Tesla as a toy to amuse his friends. It was a mechanical oscillator, and was used to produce vibrations. The motor-driven device that the barber straps on his hand to give a patron an "electric massage" is a descendant of Tesla's mechanical oscillator. There is, of course, nothing electric about an "electric massage" except the power used to produce vibrations which are transmitted through the barber's fingers to the scalp.
~~~~~Tesla developed in the early nineties a mechanical-electrical oscillator for the generation of high-frequency alternating currents. The driving engine produced on a shaft simple reciprocating motion that was not changed to rotary motion. Mounted on either end of the shaft was a coil of many turns of wire that moved back and forth with high frequency between the poles of electromagnets, and in this way generated high-frequency alternating currents.
~~~~~The engine was claimed by Tesla to have a very high efficiency compared to the common type of engine, which changed reciprocating to rotary motion by means of a crank shaft. It had no valves or other moving parts, except the reciprocating piston with its attached shaft and coils, so that mechanical losses were very low. It maintained such an extremely high order of constancy of speed, he stated, that the alternating current generated by the oscillator could be used to drive clocks, without and pendulum or balance-wheel control mechanism, and they would keep time more accurately than the Sun.
~~~~~This engine may have had industrial possibilities but Tesla was not interested in them. To him it was just a convenient way of producing a high-frequency alternating current constant in frequency and voltage, or mechanical vibrations, it used without the electrical parts. He operated the engine on compressed air and also by steam at 320 pounds and also at 80 pounds pressure.
Page 156
Author was well informed...
Author was well informed...
It was a mechanical oscillator
~~~~~While perfecting this devise, he had opportunity to observe interesting effects produced by vibration. These were objectionable in the engine when it was used as a dynamo, so he adopted suitable measures to eliminate or suppress them. The vibrations as such, however, interested him. Although they were detrimental to the machine, he found their physiological effects were, at times, quite pleasant. Later he built a small mechanical oscillator driven by compressed air which was designed for no other purpose than to produce vibrations. He built a platform insulated from the floor by rubber and cork. He then mounted the oscillator on the under side of the platform. The purpose of the rubber cork under the platform was to keep the vibrations from leaking into the building and thereby reducing the effect on the platform. Visitors found this vibrating platform one of the most interesting of the great array of fascinating and fantastic exhibits with which he dazzled the society folk who flocked to his laboratory.
~~~~~Great hopes were entertained by Tesla of applying these vibrations for therapeutic and health-improving effects. He had opportunity to observe, through his own experience and that of his employees, that they produced some very definite physiological actions.
~~~~~Samuel Clemens, better known to the public as "Mark Twain", and Tesla were close friends. Clemens was a frequent visitor to the Tesla laboratory. Tesla had been playing with his vibratory mechanism for some time, and had learned a good deal about the results that followed from varying doses of vibration, when one evening Clemens dropped in.
~~~~~Clemens, on learning about the new mechanism, wanted to experience its vitalizing vibrations. He stood on the platform while the oscillator set it into operation. He was thrilled by the new experience. He was full of adjectives. "This gives you vigor and vitality," he exclaimed. After he had been on the platform for a while Tesla advised him: "You have had enough, Mr. Clemens. You had better come down now."
Page 157
Author was well informed...
Author was well informed...
~~~~~"Not by a jugful," replied Clemens. "I am enjoying myself." "But you had better come down, Mr. Clemens. It is best that you do so," insisted Tesla.
~~~~~"You couldn't get me off this with a derrick," laughed Clemens.
~~~~~"Remember, I am advising you, Mr. Clemens."
~~~~~"I'm having the time of my life. I'm going to stay right up here and enjoy myself. Look here, Tesla, you don't appreciate what a wonderful devise you have here to give a lift to tied humanity... " Clemens continued along this line for several minutes. Suddenly he stopped talking, bit his lower lip, straightened his body and stalked stiffly but suddenly from the platform.
~~~~~"Quick, Tesla! Where is it?" snapped Clemens, half begging, half demanding.
~~~~~"Right over here, through that little door in the corner, said Tesla. And remember, Mr. Clemens, I advised you to come down some time ago," he called after the rapidly moving figure.
~~~~~The laxative effect of the vibrator was an old story to the members of the laboratory staff.
~~~~~Tesla pursued his studies of mechanical vibrations in many directions. This was almost a virgin field for scientific research. Scarcely any fundamental research had been done in the field since Pythagoras, twenty-five hundred years before, had established the science of music through his study of vibrating strings; and many of the wonders with which Tesla had startled the world in the field of high-frequency and high-potential currents had grown out of his simple secret for tuning electrical circuits so that the electricity vibrated in resonance with its circuit. He now visualized mechanical vibrations building up resonance conditions in the same way, to produce effects of tremendous magnitude on physical objects.
~~~~~In order to carry out what he expected to be some minor and very small-scale experiments, he screwed the base of one of his small mechanical oscillators to an iron supporting pillar in the middle of his laboratory and
Page 158
Author was well informed...
Author was well informed...
my feeling is the author had ties to Tesla assistant who's true identity was kept a secret from Tesla and the world until it leaked in 1999.
set it into oscillation. It had been his observation that it took some time to build up its maximum speed of vibration. The longer it operated the faster the tempo it attained. He had noticed that all objects did not respond in the same way to vibrations. One of the many objects around the laboratory would suddenly go into violent vibration as it came into resonance with the fundamental vibration of the oscillator or some harmonic of it. As the period of the oscillator changed, the first object would stop and some other object in resonance with the new rate would start vibrating. The reason for this selective response was very clear to Tesla, but he had never previously had the opportunity to observe the phenomenon on a really large scale.
~~~~~Tesla's laboratory was on the upper floor of a loft building. It was on the north side of Houston Street, and the second house east of Mulberry Street. About three hundred feet south of Houston Street on the east side of Mulberry Street was the long, four-story red-brick building famous as Police Headquarters. Throughout the neighborhood there were many loft buildings ranging from five to ten stories in height, occupied by factories of all kinds. Sandwiched between them were the small narrow tenement houses of a densely packed Italian population. A few blocks to the south was Chinatown, a few blocks to the west was the garment-trades area, a short distance to the east was a densely crowded tenement-house district.
~~~~~It was in this highly variegated neighborhood that Tesla unexpectedly staged a spectacular demonstration of the properties of sustained powerful vibrations. The surrounding population knew about Tesla's laboratory, knew that it was a place were strange, magical, mysterious events took place and where an equally strange man was doing fearful and wonderful things with that tremendously dangerous secret agent known as electricity. Tesla, they knew, was a man who was to be both venerated and feared, and they did a much better job of fearing than of venerating him.
Page 159
Eden Gray : 1:33:32 says...
I have found the place in
the book...
~~~~~Quite unmindful of what anyone thought about him, Tesla carried on his vibration and all other experiments. Just what experiment he had in mind on this particular morning will never be known. He busied himself with preparations for it while his oscillator on the supporting iron pillar of the structure kept building up an even higher frequency of vibrations. He noted that every now and then some heavy piece of apparatus would vibrate sharply, the floor under him would rumble for a second or two... that a window pane would sing audibly, and other similar transient events would happen... all of which was quite familiar to him. These observations told him that his oscillator was tuning up nicely, and he probably wondered why he had not tried it firmly attached to a solid building support before.
~~~~~Things were not going so well in the neighborhood, however. Down in Police Headquarters in Mulberry Street the "cops" were quite familiar with strange sounds and lights coming from the Tesla laboratory. They could hear clearly the sharp snapping of the lightning created by his coils. If anything queer was happening in the neighborhood, they knew that Tesla was in back if it in some way or other.
~~~~~On this particular morning the cops were surprised to feel the building rumbling under their feet. Chairs moved across the floors with no one near them. Object on the officers' decks danced about and desks themselves moved. It must be an earthquake! It grew stronger. Chunks of plaster fell from the ceilings. A flood of water ran down one of the stairs from a broken pipe. The windows started to vibrate with a shrill note that grew more intense. Some of the windows shattered.
~~~~~"That isn't an earthquake," shouted one of the officers, "it's that blankety-blank Tesla. Get up there quickly," he called to a squad of men, "and stop him. Use force if you have to, but stop him. He'll wreck the city."
~~~~~The officers started on a run for the building around the corner. Pouring into the streets were many scores of people excitedly leaving near-by tenement
Page 160
Author was well informed...
and factory buildings, believing an earthquake had caused the smashing of windows, breaking of pipes, moving of furniture and the strange vibrations.
~~~~~Without waiting for the slow pokey elevator, the cops rushed up the stairs... and as they did so they felt the building vibrate even more strongly than did police headquarters. There was a sense of impending doom... that the whole building would disintegrate... and their fears were not relieved by the sound of smashing glass and the queer roars and screams that came from the walls and floors.
~~~~~Could they reach Tesla's laboratory in time to stop him? Or would the building tumble down on their heads and everyone in it be buried in the ruins, and probably every building in the neighborhood? Maybe he was making the whole Earth shake in this way! Would this madman be destroying the world? It was destroyed once before by water. Maybe this time it would be destroyed by that agent of the devil that they call electricity!
~~~~~Just as the cops rushed into Tesla's laboratory to tackle... they knew not what... the vibrations stopped and they beheld a strange sight. They arrived just in time to see the tall gaunt figure of the inventor swing a heavy sledge hammer and shatter a small iron contraption mounted on the post in the middle of the room. Pandemonium gave way to a deep, heavy silence.
~~~~~Tesla was the first to break the silence. Resting his sledge hammer against the pillar, he turned his tall, lean, coatless figure to the cops. He was always self-possessed, always a commanding presence... an effect that could in no way be attributed to his slender build, but seemed more to emanate from his eyes. Bowing from the waist in his courtly manner, he addressed the policemen, who were too out of breath to speak, and probably overawed into silence by their fantastic experience.
~~~~~"Gentleman," he said, "I am sorry, but you are just a trifle too late to witness my experiment. I found it necessary to stop it suddenly and unexpectedly and in and unusual way just as you entered. If you will come around this evening I will have another oscillator attached to this platform and
Page 161
Author was well informed...
Author was well informed...
Author was well informed...
each of you can stand on it. You will, I am sure, find it a most interesting and pleasurable experience. Now you must leave, for I have many things to do. Good day gentlemen."
~~~~~George Scherff, Tesla's secretary, was standing near by when Tesla was so dramatically smashed his earthquake maker. Tesla never told the story beyond this point, and Mr. Scherff declares he does not recall what the response of the cops was. Imagination must furnish the finale to the story.
~~~~~At the moment, though, Tesla was quite sincere in his attitude. He had no idea of what had happened elsewhere in the neighborhood as a result of his experiment, but the effect on his own laboratory had been sufficiently threatening to cause him to halt is suddenly. When he learned the details, however, he was convinced that he was correct in his belief that the field of mechanical vibrations was rich with opportunities for scientific investigation. We have no records available of any further major experiments with vibration in that laboratory. Perhaps the Police and Building Departments had offered some emphatic suggestions to him concerning experiments of this nature.
~~~~~Tesla's observations in this experiment were limited to what took place on the floor of the building in which his laboratory was located, but apparently very little happened there until a great deal had happened elsewhere. The oscillator was firmly fixed to a supporting column and there were similar supporting columns directly under it on each floor down to the foundations. The vibrations were transmitted through the columns to the ground. This section of the city is built on deep sand that extends down some hundreds of feet before bed rock is reached. It is well known to seismologists that earthquake vibrations are transmitted by sand with much greater intensity than they are by rock. The ground under the building and around it was therefore, and excellent transmitter of mechanical vibrations, which spread out in all directions. They may have reached a mile or more. They were more intense, of course, near their source and became weaker as the distance increased. However, even
Page 162
Author was well informed by George Scherff.
true identity is...
George H. Scherff Sr.
Do a search yourself for...
George H. Scherff Sr.
look for :
Deathbed confessions
read it all.
weak vibrations that are sustained can build up surprisingly large effects when they are absorbed by an object with which they are in resonance.
A distant object in resonance can be thrown into strong vibration whereas
a much nearer object not in resonance will be left unaffected.

~~~~~It was this selective resonance that was, apparently, operating in Tesla's experiment. Buildings other than his own came into resonance with the increasing tempo of his oscillator long before his own building was affected. After the pandemonium was under way for some time elsewhere and the higher frequencies were reached, his immediate surroundings started to come into resonance.
~~~~~When resonance is reached the effects follow instantly and powerfully. Tesla knew this, so when he observed dangerous resonance effects developing in his building he realized he had to act fast. The oscillator was being operated by compressed air supplied by a motor-driven compressor that fed the air into a tank, where it was stored under pressure. Even if the motor were shut off, there was plenty of air in the tank to keep the oscillator going for many minutes... and in that time the building could be completely wrecked and reduced to a pile of debris. With the vibrations reaching this dangerous amplitude, there was no time to try to disconnect the vibrator from the air line or to do anything about releasing the air from the tank. There was time for only one thing, and Tesla did that. He grabbed the near-by sledge hammer and took a mighty swing at the oscillator in hopes of putting it out of operation. He succeeded in his first attempt.
~~~~~The device was made of cast iron and was of rugged construction. There were no delicate parts that could be easily damaged. Tesla has never published a description of the device, but its construction was principally that of a piston which moved back and forth inside a cast-iron cylinder. The only way to stop it from operating was to smash the outer cylinder. Fortunately, that is what happened from the first blow.
~~~~~As Tesla turned around after delivering this lucky blow and beheld
Page 163
Author was well informed...
the visiting policemen, he could not understand the reason for their visit. The dangerous vibrations had developed in his building only within the preceding minute, and the policemen would not have had time to plan a visit in connection with them, he figured, so they must have come for some other less critical purpose, and therefore he proposed to dismiss them until a more opportune moment.
~~~~~Tesla related this experience to me when I asked the inventor's opinion of a plan that I had suggested some time previously to Elmer Sperry, Jr., son of the famous inventor of many gyroscope devices. When a heavy gyroscope, such as is used in stabilizing ships, is forced to turn on its axis, it transmits a powerful downward thrust through the bearings in which the supporting gimbal is mounted. If a battery of such gyroscopes were mounted in regions where severe earthquakes take place it would transmit thrusts to the ground at equally timed intervals and build up resonance vibrations in the strata of the Earth that would cause earthquake strains to be released while they were of small magnitude, thus producing very small earthquakes instead of letting the strains build up to large magnitudes which, when they let go, would cause devastating earthquakes.
~~~~~The idea made a strong appeal to Tesla; and in his discussion, after telling me of the experience here related, he further declared that he had so far developed his study of vibrations that he could establish a new science of "telegeodynamics" which would deal not only with the transmission of powerful impulses through the Earth to distant points to produce effects of large magnitude... in addition, he could use the same principles to detect distant objects. In the later thirties, before the outbreak of the war, he declared that he could apply these principles for the detection of submarines or other ships at a distance, even though they were lying at anchor and no engines operating on them.
~~~~~His system of telegeodynamics, using mechanical vibrations, Tesla declared, would make it possible to determine the physical constant of the
Page 164
Author was well informed...
Earth and to locate ore deposits far beneath the surface. This latter prediction has since been fulfilled, for
many oil fields have been discovered by studying the vibrations reflected from sub-surface strata.
~~~~~"So powerful are the effects of the telegeodynamic oscillator," said Tesla in reviewing the subject in the thirties, "that I could now go over to the Empire State Building and reduce it to a tangled mass of wreckage in a very short time. I could accomplish this result with utmost certainty and without any difficulty whatever. I would use a small mechanical vibrating device, an engine so small you could slip it in your pocket. I could attach it to any part of the building, start it in operation, allow it twelve to thirteen minutes to come to full resonance. The building would first respond with gentle tremors, and the vibrations would then become so powerful that the whole structure would go into resonant oscillations of such great amplitude and power that rivets in the steel beams would be loosened and sheared. The other stone coating would be thrown off and then the skeleton steel structure would collapse in all its parts. It would take about 2.5 * horsepower to drive the oscillator to produce this effect."

* This figure may have been .25 horsepower.
The notes are old and somewhat indistinct. Memory favors the latter figure.

~~~~~Tesla developed his inventions to the point at which they were spectacular performers before they were demonstrated to the public.
When presented, the performance always greatly exceeded the promise. This was the case with his first public demonstration of "wireless," but he complicated the situation by coupling with his radio invention another new idea... the robot.

Page 165
~~~~~Tesla was patriotic, and was proud of his status, which he had acquired in 1889, as a citizen of the United States. He had offered his invention to the Government as a naval weapon, but at heart he was opposed to war.
~~~~~"You do not see there a wireless torpedo,"snapped back Tesla with fire flashing in his eyes, "you see there the first of a race of robots, mechanical men which will do the laborious work of the human race."
~~~~~The "race of robots" was another of Tesla's original and important contributions to human welfare. It was one of the items of his colossal project for increasing human energy and improving the efficiency of its utilization. He visualized the application of the robot idea to warfare as well as to peaceful pursuits; and out of the broad principles enunciated, he developed and accurate picture of warfare as it is being carried on today with the use of giant machines as weapons... the robots he described.
8 paragraphs later...
How could the author appear to have a close association with Nikola Tesla
suddenly switch intention to print such obvious non-truths?
There is a reason.
Truth here
Tesla was born on a spaceship from Venus.
In an Agatha Christie murder story
chief inspector Japp says to Poirot...
There was a reason
Arthur H. Matthews... was not included in...
Prodigal Genius... The Life Story of Nikola Tesla
Well why should the murderer telephone at all?
There seems no rhyme nor reason to it.
Poirot says...
Oh there was a reason chief inspector... of that you can be sure...
and when we know it... we will know everything.
Tesla... born on a spaceship from Venus...
that's a BIG reason to keep Tesla a secret.
Throughtout... hello-earth.com You'll find the reason on about every page.
Margaret Storm
11 July 1958
~~~~~In relating this account of the landings of a large spaceship on my property at Lac Beauport, of my strange experience in meeting with people who claimed they were from Venus and what I learned about life on their planet, I would like to emphasize that I consider myself of little importance in this story. If my name is known at all, it is due to my long friendship with Nikola Tesla and an intimate knowledge of his great work for mankind. Perhaps I may be excused if I say that it affords me a certain amount of amused satisfaction to realize that I am now probably the last living person who knew and loved Tesla, but in all humility, I am aware that it was only because Tesla left me some of his ideas to develop that I was thus able to meet these people from Venus who claimed Tesla as one of their own.
Read Arthur H. Matthews
when he writes Tesla
arrives on Earth from Venus.
Arthur H. Matthews knew Nikola Tesla personally
you'll hear one of Tesla's kind hearted ideas to stop war.
This is
Arthur H. Matthews
personally taught by
03:41 ~~Another fearful fantastic idea which Tesla developed with Sanford was his Dark idea. This would also prevent wars. But would it? I believe that this could also be used to make war because the equipment could be carried in an airplane and it would float over a city and put it to dark. Not a bit of light anywhere would show. This is a, to me, a most fearful idea. You turn on a switch and everything goes dark. There would be no electric lights, no lights in your car, the headlights would not show. If you strike a match it would burn but it would not show any light. No form of light whatever, instantly, the moment the switch is closed. So then Tesla said that if war started and the switch was turned on, the war would not be able to continue because nobody would be able to see. I wonder that it would be? I wonder if it would ever be used? Can you imagine what would happen in a big city, say at noontime, suddenly, not a pick of light anywhere... the Sun would suddenly die out. Headlights of cars would not turn on and so it would be a terrible mess. And this apparatus, according to Tesla, could be put to work and control the whole nation, either a city, or a village, a town, or the whole nation. All of America, all of Canada, of a press of a button. Is it a good idea? I really don't know.
The Wall of Light
by : Arthur H. Matthews
Part 2 Chapter One
page 41

Tesla would never come up with clever ideas to kill people.
Tesla hated war. Tesla hated the Nazis.
Tesla was from Venus.
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