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Illustration . The Landing of the X-12 ~ April 1941
Illustration . Venus Space Ship X-12 ~ 700 feet wide
~~~~~~~~~~~~PART TWO
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~ The Wall of Light
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. Tesla Scope 1898 ~ Communicate with Venus
. Tesla Scope 1967 ~ 6 feet long, 4 inches wide
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. Matthews published ~ Quebec City 1939
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ADDENDUM ~We Can See Without Eyes
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~Tesla Transmitter built at Sanford payment for article ~January 24, 1935
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
~We will give Tesla's idea to head off war publicity ~February 7, 1938
Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
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Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
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Letter to Arthur H. Matthews
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~Writer finds Tesla Coil and Return of the Dove ~June 22, 1971
Illustration by Arthur H. Matthews
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Copyright ~ January 4, 1971
Composed ~ 1941 to 1970
Arthur Henry Matthews
Lac Beauport, P.Q. Canada
Included within January 4, 1971
The Wall Of Light
Articles by: Arthur H. Matthews
Nikola Tesla
Articles of Interest
~~~~~~~Christmas Eve, 1969, I had just arrived from Montreal where by the grace of God my problem had been solved as promised by our two Venusian friends, Frank and Frances. I had driven from Val Morin, which is 45 miles north of Montreal, a very good road in fine weather, but I had a blinding snowstorm for most of the 45 miles, with slow orders all the way. Lucky for me the balance of the 212 mile journey was fine and clear all the way to Quebec. I was a bit tired when I arrived home, and decided to rest before unloading my car, but no sooner lay down to rest when the alarm on the Tesla-Scope sounded. "Of all things," I thought, "a Christmas message?" It was the voice of Frank. "We are landing," he said. "Come right away." As there was not much snow in the fields, it did not take me long to run down to where the great X-12 had landed, in the same old spot. Frank and Frances were standing in the door-way, all smiles. "Christmas greetings old man" said Frank. "Come in, we have a surprise for you." "What do you mean 'Surprise,'" I said, "Is not your unexpected visit surprise enough?" "Well," said Frank, "we have a greater surprise. Come with us." So I followed them up to the top level of the great Space-Ship, which by means of the wonderful 'thought' operated lift took only a few seconds, and there we were, almost 300 feet high. "Take a look Arthur," said Frank pointing to a large silver ball. "What is it?" I asked. "Looks like an over grown foot-ball, a silver Ball."
~~~~~~~Frank laughed, and replied, "That foot-ball as you call it, my good friend, is a TIME MACHINE". "No kidding," I said. "No," replied Frank, "I am not kidding, that is a real Time-Machine. Would you like to go places in it? Back or forward into the past or future history of your world?" I was amazed, and only partly convinced. I had read many stories of Time Machines, very interesting but none of them true. But up to now I had no reason to doubt the word of Frank, and from beholding the wonders which I had seen on Venus, and the fact of this great Space Ship operated by thought alone, I knew that unless Frank was just pulling my leg, the Time-Machine was another wonder of Venus. I said as much to Frank. "O.K.," said Frank, "tell me, where do you wish to go?" "I would like to see what our world will be like two thousand years from now," I said. "For instance, what will my property look like? Will it remain a nice country place? I have ideas of what the world is rushing into so if your Time Machine really works, let's go." Without further remark, Frank opened a small door in the side of the great silver ball." Are you ready?" asked Frank. "I am almost scared to death," I replied. Both Frank and Frances laughed at my amazed face. "No danger", they both assured me. "Just tell us where you would like to go. That is, have you made up your mind? Do you wish to go forward, or go back into history? To what year exactly, and exactly where on Earth?"
~~~~~~~"Well," I said, "if you are not pulling my leg, I would like to see my property, this exact spot, on the 24th day of December, 2000 years ahead from
now." "O.K.," said Frank, "go inside, sit down, and do not move at any time - remain in the exact same spot. But if you feel yourself to be in danger, or for whatever reason you wish to return, call out, or as you say on Earth, "Yell". We will bring you back just as soon as we hear you." Without further words, I sat down, and Frank closed the door leaving me in almost total darkness. Then a slight buzzing started. After what appeared hours, but really it was only a few moments, I found myself seated alone, and after a few seconds for my eyes to get used to the bright light, I noticed there was no snow, and the thing
The Wall of Light
Chapter 7
which I noticed most was the very warm temperature; in fact it was hot. But, I thought, how could this be? For when I had walked to the Space Ship on the 24th day of December 1969, it was about 25 below zero at Lake Beauport, not much snow, but we did have a couple of inches. Now here was I in exactly the same spot, with no Space Ship in sight, seated on a block of stone, outside in the open. Yes, it was hot. But, I thought, if this time machine is a fact, this was the year 3969! The world had passed through 2,000 years, and what a change! That which had been a tree covered mountain in 1969, was completely covered with ruins, no sign of any buildings, only ruins, block piled on block, no trees at all.
~~~~~~~Was I dreaming? Was the Silver-Ball Time Machine a Fact? WHAT caused this ruin? Many questions passed through my mind. Large stone blocks, crumbling ruins, reminded me of pictures I had seen of the ruins of old Rome. Some day in the past, great stone buildings had been built on what had been my farm property. What caused their destruction? As far as the eye could see, complete total destruction; where was the once beautiful country gone? I sat there with sadness in my heart. There did not appear to be any life - no birds, or any little wild friends, who once used to come to meet me when I walked down into the woods. The ruins appeared completely dead, as far and in every direction the eye could see - nothing but ruins. I appeared to be free of the Silver-Ball, as I saw no sign of it. I was sitting on one of the stone blocks, and I could see in all directions. I did not dare to move because Frank had warned me not to, so I remained in the one spot. No life did I say? What on Earth is that? Did my eyes play tricks? For there coming out from a space between large stone blocks, was a queer looking monster. It appeared to be about 50 feet long, with a large head, and all the appearance of a large lizard. It saw me and started to approach. It came within 100 feet and sat up! It looked funny, but I did not laugh. I wondered should I yell and let Frank bring me back to 1969, or should I wait to see if the monster came nearer? I also wondered, who was more scared, me or the monster? No doubt it had never seen a human creature before. Well, it did not appear interested in me, for he (or she?) soon got tired of watching me, and got down on all four feet, and started to eat some weeds growing between the stones.
~~~~~~~All this time I had been wondering if the people who had built this place had left any records, and if so, how could I discover them? This was a problem because Frank had warned me not to leave my seat. I could see many stones of all shapes and sizes, perhaps someone had cut some form or kind of record into one or more of the stones, such as we do with a corner stone, but unless I could move from my seat, it would be impossible to find any record. There did not appear to be anything which I could do until I returned to the year 1969, and perhaps, interest Frank to return with me so that we could search for records. I was thinking along that line when I saw the creature, whatever it was, run back into the space between the stones. Something had scared it, but at first I saw nothing except the rocks. Then I looked up as I noticed the creature was doing, and in amazement I saw something was gliding down from the sky! Nearer and nearer it came, slowly it came and grew larger and larger until it almost covered the sky! "A space ship," I cried in amazement. Yes, indeed, but what a space ship! It appeared to be at least four times the size of the X-12. At first, I felt like running, but something told me to remain where I was.
~~~~~~~At last, the giant ship came to rest. The control tower, made exactly like the X-12, was roughly 250 feet in diameter, and I figured it would be 900 feet high! The body of the ship covered everything in sight, it was roughly 2,400 feet in diameter. As I sat there, almost frozen with fear, the door opened - can you guess who came out? Yes, with a boyish grin, it was Frank, not look-
ing a day older than when I had left him 2,000 years ago! Laughing at my surprised look he asked, "Why are you surprised? Did I not tell you that we of Venus live for thousands of years?" "Yes," I replied, "you did, but I am hard to convince. Is Frances with you?" "Yes, right here," said the silver voice of our beautiful friend as she came to the door, also not looking a day older. They both came and sat on the stone blocks with me. "Well Arthur," said Frank, "have you seen enough of the future?" "Yes and no, Frank," I replied. "I have a few questions, first how can I search these ruins? I would like to find, if possible, some record perhaps cut into the stones: try to find out what caused this ruin. Can I leave this seat or will you tell me the answer to this problem?" Frank looked thoughtful. It is impossible for you to leave your seat, even for a moment without danger. But I will search for you", he said.
~~~~~~~He then walked towards a large group of stones, and started to search, moving from stone to stone, and writing on a pad, which he carried. It appeared to be hours before he returned with a smile on his face. "You found something?" I asked. "Yes," replied Frank, "I found something, not a complete record, I fear, but we have the sad story." "Sad?" I questioned, "just how sad?" "Well," said Frank, "I will try to give you a good picture of the past 2,000 years, according to that which I know personally, and from the records cut into these stones. It was during the late 1970's, between 1971 and 1978, that an Atomic war broke out between China and Russia. This led to the third world war; America, Canada, England, and South America included. In the end no one won, as could be expected; most of the known world was almost completely destroyed, only a few persons who lived in the hills, and close to the North and South Poles managed to keep alive. The whole nature of Earth changed: the very seasons altered. The only people left were those of the hills of China, good people who had little use or need of those things which most of the western world depended on for their existence. It was (according to the records cut in the stones) in 1983 that the people of China moved to Canada, and the ruins, which you see before you, are a part of their development which continued until the year 2,920. In other words, the Chinese people owned most of the world at that time. Then without warning, the end came. One moment the people were doing everything they liked to do and worshiping the Sun-God. The next moment, all was destroyed, the Sun-God could not save them. As we read in the book of Revelation, there is but one God."
~~~~~~~Frank continued, "The world of 2,920 thought they were above God. They had invented a super-system, as they thought, to maintain their material lives 'for ever.' They had no use for the God of love, they had completely forgotten the Atomic war of 1978. And then, the blow fell. The Astronomers had seen; had been looking at a bright red something for years. This something turned out to be a large ball of fire, and as it approached closer to Earth, it was seen to be much larger than Earth, and a good deal 'hotter.' In fact, it turned out to be a ball of Atomic-Energy, but as it had been seen for ages, the world took it for granted. It was said to be 'just another bright star' until! -- the blow fell. The chief Astronomer at Montreal saw something new; the ball of fire seemed to be closer, in fact it appeared to be falling to Earth fast! During the next few days many other Astronomers saw the same thing. Of course, the world at large said funny things about the old men who look at stars, but the ball of fire was getting larger, any fool could see that. But they had seen these comets before. After all, people were too wise to believe in God. Science said nothing like that could happen in this modern world - who was fool enough to believe in a God? So at last when the world Astronomers combined their findings and said the ball of fire would hit the Earth very soon, no one believed, except the small handful left of that old group of fools who said they were 'Christians.' Of course, they were a laugh!
~~~~~~~"Finally, after a few months of having fun with the silly Christians, the heat from that ball of fire was felt all over the world; the ice caps at the north and south poles were melting, causing floods, shocks were felt, rivers started to dry up, and in a few months no large steamers could pass up the great St. Lawrence River. The world leaders started to think, 'well maybe the Christians had something after all, they appeared to be the only people left on Earth who could still smile! But what was wrong with our boys of science who had told the world that this ball of fire was just a bright light, no danger!' The Hot Ball of Fire drew closer, no one could find a cool spot. Most people had fled to the Arctic, but it was even hot there. There appeared only one thing to do; get off the Earth fast, but how could several billion persons leave? There was not a space ship to be had, and no time to build one, even if they knew how, but of course, no one believed in space ships, any more than they believed in God. The end came quickly, shock after great shock hit the Earth, and there was no place to hide, even the large caves inside the Earth were destroyed, not one stone standing on another, a great big pile of rubbish: ruins, ruins. The few Christians were moved to the planet Venus, and returned to Earth many years later, to start a new world, with God.
~~~~~~~"And that," said Frank, "is the story of the end of the people of Earth, according to my personal knowledge, and the records cut into these rocks. The records were made by the last people to live, a few months before the world was destroyed." "But," I asked, "what was this thing seen by the chief Astronomer?" Frank looked at me with sad eyes. "It was the 'Red Planet.' The people of Earth were completely destroyed by the Atomic Energy transmitted from this planet when it came within reach. Man, by means of his foolish science, had destroyed himself. You see my friend, no one can live apart from God forever. God did not destroy them. This is not new, as I have repeated so many times in my message to the Earth people. You never appear to learn by your mistakes, your great scientists appear to believe they know everything, and because in reality they know nothing, they bring destruction on themselves and all who have faith in them. Science under Divine Control is good, but without His will, it is evil." With those last words, Frank said "Good-bye." Frances waved her hand, and walked into the great X-12, leaving me alone with my thoughts, and many questions I would like to ask Frank. I then yelled, and found myself within the silver-ball, and in a few seconds, Frank opened the door, I stepped out, back again to Christmas Eve 1969! "Welcome Home," said Frank. "Tell us all the news." I told them all I had seen; the ruins, the monster, the giant space ship, and the story he had told me.
~~~~~~~Frank and Frances were sad. "But," said Frank, "is it not true that your world has been warned for generations? The people of Earth are working to destroy themselves by their foolish ways. God made one race of mankind, some red, some black, some of other colour - but all one race; need we tell you that you judge others because their skin is different, or because others have more, or less money, or perhaps their 'social background' is different! It is little wonder you have war and other problems. We still believe the Earth man, in general, to be mentally ill; we have great difficulty of convincing ourselves that sane persons would behave as Earth people do."
~~~~~~~"In our first message we told you of our surprise to see the people of Earth running around like insects, doing little of practical or constructive use, but just living as play boys, for self. Most of you end your lives sadly; even at this moment your nations plan to murder each other, watching to see who can throw the first atomic bomb, to blast the other, if possible, without getting hurt. You in Canada have the highest standard of living on Earth, and in what manner do you thank God? It would appear from their actions, that the people do not appreciate their lucky position. From what we see, none of the
Earth people are satisfied with the good life, world conditions in this age appear to be the same as they were before the great flood; when every one except eight persons were destroyed. The people of that day were almost the same as the people of Earth today! They were very religious, but worldly, materialistic minded. Note that before the flood, they had about the same 'new' morality as you have on Earth at this time, and that is the reason for our coming in large numbers. You will note that the people before the flood were laughing at the few who saw signs, laughing at the silly old man building his flying-saucer (Arc), no one saw the signs. Note today, very few see our space ships! Yes, the majority laugh, for as Christ said 'There are none so blind as those who refuse to see'. Only those who believe can see further than their nose, and that is why you saw ruins."
~~~~~~~With these words, Frank ended his talk, and Frances said she would give us a little talk for us to meditate on. "I will not say very much Arthur," she said. "We must leave, but we shall return soon, and at that time I will bring you another meditation. Here are a few thoughts about 'Visions.' Have you ever considered, my dear Arthur," she said, "that God's truest servants have lived by the power and guidance which came to them through their 'Visions,' while they looked not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. To most people, Venusians and your people of Earth, and those of other worlds, glad and happy days come from time to time. Let us remember to keep our eyes and hearts open, to drink in all we can of joy in what we see and hear, during those glad days. It may come true even for us, that God should be with us in our gardens, and that we may learn to know Him better through the things that are made. But, how may we keep this spirit of life and light with us when the days darken again, and the shadows fall so early? Have we any inner vision, which is not dependent on the various happenings of our lives? What can make us brave and quiet in grievous anxiety? What can steady us when the cloud of depression and sickness comes to us? What can calm us when the deep dark shadow of death falls on our homes and takes with it all our joy? What can give us patient wisdom with, and loving interest in, the children, old and young, according to their need? What can inspire us with understanding and love for all creatures? You know the answer, the world knows the answer. Your world trouble is the direct result of your rejection of the simple truth, as taught by Christ. Anticipating this rejection of idealism, of the true idea of God, this salvation from all error, physical and mental, Jesus asked, 'When the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the Earth?' " With these words my Venusian friends bid me goodbye, leaving me with the greatest truth, and wonder of my life.
~~~~~~~I expected wonders. I saw a miracle.
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