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Return of the Dove

Part ~ VI

Farewell of the Dove

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.Margaret Storm~~.~loved Tesla
....Return of the Dove ~ Part VI
.Arthur H. Matthews~.knew Tesla
Farewell of the Dove
~~~~~~~When Tesla left his sleeping body on the night of January 7, 1943, he did not return to it. The three-fold Flame which had blazed so brightly in his physical heart for 87 years was withdrawn into his subtle structure. The flowing line of electronic light known as the silver cord, which enters the body at the top of the head and is anchored in the heart, with another branch anchored in the brain, was broken.
~~~~~~~At once the flow of electronic light ceased; no more pure God-substance carrying the energies of the Rays entered the physical body through the silver cord. The power which beats the heart of a man, the heart of a Solar System, and the heart of a cosmos, was withdrawn from the physical. Tesla stood free to enter in full consciousness the realms of unlimited lighted awareness that he had left 87 years earlier,
in order that he might walk and talk with men on the planet Earth.
~~~~~~~During his years in America Tesla had mentioned to certain persons, among them John J. O'Neill, that he planned to live 130 years. This statement was privately regarded as another bit of eccentricity that could come only from the lips of the genius Tesla. It was understood that Tesla had earlier fixed the period of his stay on Earth at 150 years. He changed the figure shortly after World War I when prohibition was adopted. Because of his paradoxical statements about the matter at that time, and the unusual circumstances surrounding his pronouncement, his words were interpreted in the usual Earth manner, and it was generally believed that the prohibition amendment had somehow shortened his life.
~~~~~~~However, Tesla was not in any sense a "drinking man's, as the term is generally used. Neither was Tesla a hearty eater. It was true that for years and years, immaculately groomed and attired in full dress, he entered the Hotel Woldorf dining room promptly each evening at 8 o'clock, sitting quietly alone at his reserved table, and dining while he read through several newspapers, until 10 P.M.
~~~~~~~It was true that in his early days in New York he often gave lavish dinner parties for many guests, taking them afterwards to his laboratories on South Fifth Avenue for an evening's entertainment. There he demonstrated to his guests thrilling electrical feats of such magnitude that men literally felt their hair rising straight up on their astonished heads. Women squealed and giggled and would have swooned except that they did not want to miss an instant of the magic.
~~~~~~~But Tesla, while the very core and center of these dinner
parties, magic evening, and conversation fests, actually ate little food. As the years passed, he was seldom observed eating. Otis T. Carr said that during the three years that he was being trained by Tesla he never saw him consume any food.
~~~~~~~However, prior to prohibition days, Tesla would occasionally, and after due ceremony, drink a tiny glass of whiskey. He said that it gave him a special type of energy that he could use. Then when prohibition came, he ordered his last glass of whiskey and made the astonishing statement that prohibition would shorten his life by twenty years, reducing his time on Earth from 150to 130 years.
~~~~~~~In retrospect, it is clear that he was making a direct reference to the future political situation in the United States and to the world situation in general. Prohibition was an early symptom that a sick world was growing sicker. A man of Tesla's caliber was certainly not vitally concerned with a glass of whiskey, per se. In the final analysis, it is also clear that Tesla was using the whiskey as a focus for some sort of transmutation. It is doubtless quite true that the tiny glass of liquid would supply him with a special sort of energy, but only after he had called certain energies into action within the liquid.
~~~~~~~Tesla's atomic structure was relatively clean, at least during the first seventy or seventy-five years of his life, or perhaps even longer. Apparently at the close, as he was nearing 87 years, the atoms may have slowed their revolutions somewhat. But at no time did he permit himself to take on an accumulation of astral debris, for remember, Tesla could see the astral filth all about him and took special precautions to avoid it. For many, many years he passed currents of tremendously high voltage and high frequency through his
body. His associates and friends were astonished that these experiments proved not only harmless but healthful, and most people thought it was merely a feat of showmanship. It was not, however, but rather something which Tesla had extracted from the ether as a definite construct for his own protection.
~~~~~~~His atomic structure was normally vibrating at a very high rate, and the vibrations were raised even higher by passing the electric currents through his body tissues. He could not burden such a body with quantities of food intended for the ordinary Earth man. Moreover, the process of transmuting food, already cooked and prepared, would have been to laborious. It would require a useless expenditure of time and energy. But a small glass of distilled alcohol could probably have been acted upon instantly by forces summoned into action by Tesla.
~~~~~~~The little contemplative ceremony in which Tesla engaged before he finally raised the glass to his lips was probably the transmuting ceremony. It could be performed in public, in any bar, without attracting any attention whatsoever.
~~~~~~~A better understanding of this action can be arrived at by reading the accounts of experiences which various Earth men have had while visiting on board space craft. All of these contacts agree on one point. When they board the craft they are handed a beautiful crystal goblet containing a liquid of such delightful flavor and fragrance that it is said to be utterly indescribable. It is non-alcoholic but when it is consumed it provides the body with a buoyant, refreshing type of energy which clears the brain and gives the individual a subtle sense of serene awareness, freeing him from any feeling of fear or hostility.
~~~~~~~Those contacts who have been invited to dine aboard space-
ships have had some interesting experiences along similar lines. George Van Tassel of Giant Rock, California, author of several books on spaceships and space people, said that he was offered small cubes of substance that resembled ordinary cubes of sugar. But before eating them, he was asked to qualify them with any flavor he desired. If he thought of ice cream while gazing at the cube it tasted like the most delicious ice cream. If he thought of a juicy steak, it tasted like a juicy steak, and so on.
~~~~~~~George Adamski, in his book Inside the Space Ships tells about dining on board a space craft and enjoying a wonderful meal of fabulous foods that tasted like the finest meats and vegetables and deserts, but actually the dishes did not seem to fall into any of these categories. Adamski was also treated to a preliminary crystal goblet of the marvelous liquid which has been known down through the ages as "Elixir of the Gods".
~~~~~~~But all of this food and drink served aboard space craft is precipitated direct from Universal Supply. All Adepts must be able to practice precipitation. Moreover, during the Aquarian Age, we must all re-learn this method which we knew at one time, but which was blotted form our racial memory by the contamination brought in by the laggards.
~~~~~~~Ascended Master Saint Germain, the Adept in charge of our present era, became a man of mystery all through Europe during the hundred years He served humanity after His Ascension on May 2, 1684, because no one could understand His powers of precipitation. In His high-frequency Ascension body Saint Germain was permitted by Law to mingle with His disciples on the physical plane for an entire century prior to His appointment as Chohan of the seventh Ray. During this time He was constantly supplied with
every good thing; an abundance of money, fabulous jewels, fine clothes, and a whole century of leisure hours in which to teach and train His disciples for the present age. Virtually every disciple who is working with Saint Germain now was called into embodiment during that century to prepare for the present incarnation. It is these disciples who will be able to restore and again anchor the precipitation process on the physical Earth plane.
~~~~~~~Back in the early Lemurian days before the laggards came, and before the world fell into its present state of atheistic materialism, human greed was unknown. In those days, men had never heard of such a preposterous thing as earning a living by the sweat of one's brow. In fact, they were totally unacquainted with sweat. They enjoyed a perfect climate. They did not live in huts or hovels; they lived in the most exquisite surroundings amid an endless globe-encircling garden of trees and grass and flowers prepared under the direction of Amaryllis Herself, the Goddess of Spring.
~~~~~~~When a family group sat down to dine, the family head, the father, presided at the communion ceremony, for that is what it was. The group prepared to eat of the body of God-substance; to drink of the elixir of His circulating energies. In a degraded manner the communion service practiced by churchianity today is an attempt to produce this ancient Lemurian custom of precipitation.
~~~~~~~The Lemurian family group, their minds held steady in the light of Universal Light, joined in the thanksgiving and acceptance ceremony for that which they were about to receive. Instantaneous precipitation followed, with the table bedecked with the finest linens, silver and dishes, and laden with an abundance of food and drink which met the
exact nutritive requirements of that particular family.
~~~~~~~At the close of the meal the mother performed the next necessary ceremony of etherialization, or returning to Universal Supply all unused food and drink and all table accessories. This is the key step in the precipitation process. If the etherialization process is not performed in love, and faith and confidence, then the ability to precipitate further supply is withdrawn. In other words, as children of God we are entitled to as much of His abundance as we can use to serve Life constructively. If we precipitate food then we are not privileged to toss the left-overs into the garbage can or store them in the refrigerator. They must be returned to the universal storehouse where the molecules are broken up and the atoms freed for use elsewhere.
~~~~~~~The depths of depravity reached by the human race can easily be estimated by our one great product... waste. Only Earth people are so arrogant as to speak of waste matter, let alone produce it. There is no waste in the universe. The Father not only knows when the sparrow falls; He also keeps a strict account of each atom, for an atom is a tiny life. The only way to handle so-called waste is to permit it to be returned to the universal storehouse. This storehouse is a reservoir of unqualified electronic substance. In that state it is ready for use by anyone who wishes to qualify it.
~~~~~~~In recent years the space people have pointed out again and again that it is our excessive waste matter from nuclear fission and fusion that constitutes the greatest threat to our destruction. The bomb explosions are much less harmful than the resulting fallout, and the fallout is even less destructive than the waste accumulated during the manufacturing process.
~~~~~~~During the last quarter of a century, Ascended Master
Saint Germain has been working actively among his disciples, particularly those in the United States, because North America is now the physical beating heart of the world and as such it requires the most subtle protection. Without the full functioning of North, Central and South America the sixth and seventh Root Races could not come into existence; the Divine Plan could not continue its unfoldment according to Universal Law.
~~~~~~~Inasmuch as the ancient karmic fiat which man brought upon himself... to earn one's bread by the sweat of one's brow... was active under planetary Law, it was automatically set aside in recent years when the Earth came under Cosmic Law. As soon as the knowledge of this liberating change
penetrates the consciousness of the people, and they can accept the fact that they are free from the curse of drudgery, then they will desire to draw forth free Ray energies to accomplish all things. Therefore, it is obvious that during the Aquarian cycle every person will be required to study the process of precipitation and etherialization. Recently the seven Elohim, the Builders of this planet, have come forth with a dictated book which outlines precise instructions for precipitation. This volume now serves as a textbook for disciples who are studying the process. (See Suggested Reading section.)
~~~~~~~From time to time Saint Germain lowers the vibrations of His subtle bodies so that He may be seen visually, and mingles with groups of disciples. In the United States in recent years He has given actual demonstrations of the precipitation of food, complete with exquisite linens, silver and dishes. He has even made an exception in many cases and retained the linens, silver and dishes in manifestation, presenting them to His dinner guests.
~~~~~~~It is noteworthy that the linens need never be laundered as no effects of soil cling to them. While the linens appear to be of cloth, and apparently are precipitated as cloth, they are probably charged with fourth Ray energies and, therefore, vibrate at such a high frequency that imperfect matter is cast off.
~~~~~~~This is the Ray of Purity which Serapis Bey has urged us to use for such practical matters as cleaning our homes, tuning pianos and tuning up motors. It is apparently the Ray which is used by space people who visit the Earth and who can walk through dusty deserts, muddy roads, and under rainy skies, and yet appear at the homes of Earth people without a trace of soil on their clothing or shoes. Several contacts have observed and commented on this feat.
~~~~~~~Although no hint has been given that Tesla and Ascended Master Saint Germain actually met and conferred on the physical plane, there is abundant evidence to indicate that they were in close communication. Nearly all Adepts, from Noah down to Saint Germain and Tesla, have been associated with angelic messengers who take embodiment as white doves. This is a subject which is difficult for the Earth mind to understand because we know so little about the angelic kingdom.
~~~~~~~Angels themselves sometimes take human embodiment in order to perform some special service, but little is known nowadays about these cases. However, we can gain considerable knowledge from the story of Mary, the mother of Jesus. (See Suggested Reading section.) She not only belonged to the angelic kingdom, but was originally an Archaii, or Twin-Flame of Archangel Raphael.
~~~~~~~She also spent untold centuries in working with the Elohim, assisting in the training of elementals. The Elohim
design and build planets, but like all good architects and contractors, They have an army of helpers. These are the little elementals or nature spirits. According to the design made by the Elohim, the little elementals carefully fashion each blade of grass, each flower, each tree, and even each tiny lima bean or apple or orange that we eat. When we say that the little elementals build the fruit and flowers we mean precisely that. They build out of the substance of their own bodies just as a spider spins a web.
~~~~~~~After the Ascension of Jesus, while Mary was living with the disciples at the old grist-mill outside Bethany, she spent considerable time training groups of little elementals. She taught them how to make a certain type of fern among other things... a fern which we still have in abundance today, commonly called maiden's hair.
~~~~~~~When Mary made Her Ascension, She returned to Her place in the angelic kingdom, but with the added ability to work freely with humans after spending long years among them. Inasmuch as Ascended Master Saint Germain was Joseph in a former embodiment, Mary and Her angelic group will play a major role in assisting human being to orient themselves in New Age activities. It is very easy to contact Mary mentally and there is always angelic response to every call from a human being.
~~~~~~~Aside from the cases where angels have taken human embodiment in order to render assistance to humanity, the white doves, which are Initiate birds, have served down through centuries of time, as angelic messengers. Angelic entities occupy the bodies of Initiate doves in order to get close to the Earth and close to human companions, serving them in a thousand subtle ways, radiating forth peace and joy and healing. How often, walking in Central Park, have
we felt electrified with sudden joy as a pigeon wheeled through the bright air before us. It is in those moments of flashing splendor that we know the Paraclete is nigh!
~~~~~~~Like humans, not all doves are graduates, or Initiates. Many are undergoing discipleship and the majority are just ordinary aspirants to higher initiations. It is from the ranks of disciple doves that carrier pigeons are drawn forth and trained by humans. Also, like humans, doves vary considerably in appearance. Our rock doves and wood doves which have moved into the big cities of Europe and America have become known as pigeons. Like so many city folks, with all the comforts of urban living at hand, the pigeons have grown somewhat fat and lazy for the most part; so much so that their brethren in the wilderness would not even recognize them.
~~~~~~~When Tesla volunteered to take an embodiment on Earth, he did not come to the planet alone. He was accompanied by his Twin-Ray, an entity so highly evolved that she did not take a human body, but instead manifested through a beautiful white dove. Naturally, living in New York the dove could not appear too beautiful, or too exceptional, or she would have attracted too much attention. So Tesla's pigeon, as she was called, looked much like any other pigeon and mingled freely with her bird companions in the New York parks. But Tesla knew her well, and could spot her instantly among hundreds of other pigeons.
~~~~~~~"A white female, with a touch of gray in her wings." he used to say. "I would know that pigeon anywhere!"
~~~~~~~Naturally Tesla never gave the slightest hint as to the actual identity of the bird. In many quarters he was considered just a little over-touched by genius, and his remarks from time to time left his listeners with their heads fairly
spinning. Assuredly he had no way to reveal that the white dove, with a touch of gray in her wings, was his Twin-Ray.
~~~~~~~It is only in recent years, since Ascended Master Saint Germain began His major activities in connection with the New Age, that even disciples have known a few facts about Twin-Rays. But one of Saint Germain's projects is to bring together the pairs of Twin Rays in embodiment at the present time, and thus far He has united a considerable number. This is of tremendous value to His Aquarian program, because the average disciple, working alone, accomplishes very little at best. But if a disciple can be reunited with his or her Twin-Ray, the spiritual efficiency of the two, working as a team, is increased about a millionfold.
~~~~~~~The Ray divides into positive and negative White fire Beings after the original divine Spark leaves the Great Central Sun of the galaxy. That Sun is composed of two Twin Flames, Alpha and Omega. The White Fire Beings, individualized into positive and negative polarities, are completely free. They also have all the attributes of the Godhead. They are endowed with free will and may do exactly as they wish. They need not leave Alpha and Omega if they wish to remain. On the other hand, they may pursue an evolutionary course if they so desire. Those of us who are here on Earth today are accountable only to ourselves for getting involved in what seems to be a somewhat hazardous ordeal. We were once White Fire Beings but we wanted to go out and explore the cosmos and we were for some reason attracted to this planet.
~~~~~~~Usually Twin-Rays do not remain together during their evolutionary explorations. Sometimes one remains with Alpha and Omega and one goes forth to wrestle with the
world of matter. But at no time are they ever separated so far as their higher Presence is concerned.
~~~~~~~When Tesla volunteered to come to the Earth his Twin Ray, exercising her free will, decided to accompany him, not only because it would be more pleasant for them to be together, but because her presence would enormously increase his efficiency in the job he had to do. She wished to remain in the background, however, so she chose to manifest as a white dove. She was always somewhere fairly near Tesla, and they were in telepathic communication. Frequently, she flew into the open window of his hotel room at night and they would have long talks together. But she was an advanced Initiate in her own right, and made herself as useful as possible in service to the Light.
~~~~~~~Between twenty-five and thirty years ago in the United States, Saint Germain arranged for the reunion of several pairs of Twin-Rays. At that time He frequently used a white dove as a messenger, and although this may not have been Tesla's dove, still it serves as an example of the type of work that she would do for the Hierarchy.
~~~~~~~If Saint Germain wished to send a message to a disciple who was not telepathic, He would write the message on a small white card and have it delivered by a dove. In these cases the doves are always Initiates; they are completely intelligent and never make a mistake. The dove, card in beak, would tap at a window or otherwise call attention to his presence. Upon admittance, he would deliver the card, pause for a loving caress, and then fly away. After the message on the card had been noted by the recipient, the card would vanish into thin air. In other words, after the purpose had been served in physical matter, the imprisoned energy was released and returned to Universal Supply.
~~~~~~~Reference has already been made to imprisoned energy which is so weakened by its long and brutal confinement in matter that it must, when transmuted and released by action of the Violet fire, be sent back to the Sun for re-charging. This burden of imprisoned energy constitutes man's karmic burden today. A great part of this confined energy is stored away in attics, cellars, old buildings, slums, abandoned debris, junkyards, crowded clothes closets, the bottom drawer of the dresser, and especially in cemeteries where burial has replaced the clean, swift, releasing process of cremation.
~~~~~~~Man will never have access to Universal Supply until he learns to get rid of junk.. not for the sake of getting rid of it... but with the specific mental injunction that it is to be returned to Universal Supply. Then he must get rid of his magpie-like tendency to hoard, hoard, hoard. The person who hoards does not have faith and trust in God, no matter what he may say to the contrary. Some of the greatest hoarders, and therefore, some of those who trust God the least, are often found up in the pulpit telling other people how to live.
~~~~~~~Persons like Mary and Saint Germain and Jesus set the correct example. Mary wished to leave the planet richer and more beautiful, even on the physical plane. So she precipitated the design for maidenhair fern and taught the elementals how to build it. Saint Germain lowers His vibration so that He is visible to the ordinary human eye, and then demonstrates to His disciples how to precipitate food, dishes, linens and silver. Jesus, during His last embodiment, also precipitated food in a similar lesson for the benefit of His disciples. He supplied enough precipitated loaves and fishes, or what appeared to be genuine Earth food, to feed five
thousand hungry and weary people who had been good enough to give their attention to His discourse. Then, remember that He instructed His disciples to secure baskets and gather up the fragments of the food lest they be lost. In other words, He was obligated to etherialize the left-overs and return them to Universal Supply.
~~~~~~~Later, at the wedding feast of Cana, Jesus demonstrated another form of supply through qualification. For two thousand years the scriptural account of changing water into wine has seemed to be a somewhat useless piece of information. Now we have vital need of this account in order to better understand how and why the space people qualify substance, and how we can qualify all things by thought, molding them to meet our desire. A thought is a thing.
~~~~~~~The scriptural story tells how Jesus commanded that the wine jars be filled with water. Then in a simple silent ceremony He transmuted the water into electronic substance with a high frequency, ridding it of all impurities or qualifications. When the purified and unqualified water was poured into the wine glasses, the assembled guests naturally thought they were to taste a delicious wine. They had been drinking wine and expected to drink more wine. They fully qualified the water with their own thoughts. When they drank the water they declared it to be the finest wine they had ever tasted. Thoughts are things and, in this case, the thing was transmuted water qualified to take like wine.
~~~~~~~When Van Tassell was offered tiny cubes of substance by the space people he was told to qualify the cubes before eating them. He did so and enjoyed a meal of his favorite foods. This bit of White Magic was identical with that demonstrated at the wedding feast of Cana.
~~~~~~~Those demonstrations also lead us to an understanding of
the One. The One is actually the universal Sun-total of unqualified energy. The One is no-thing. The instant the energy is qualified its vibratory action is lowered and it becomes something. When Jesus raised the vibration of the water in the wine jars it became no-thing. When qualified by the thoughts of the wedding guests the vibratory action was lowered in conformity, and it became something which tasted like wine.
~~~~~~~For untold centuries the Masters of the Ageless Wisdom have tried to explain to retarded humanity that they could secure any desired results in their lives by properly qualifying the electronic energy which flows constantly from the Higher Self to the four lower bodies. Finally, after nineteen million years people are beginning to grasp the idea. Since thoughts are things, the time to create something or anything according to a certain pre-determined pattern is at the time the pure unqualified electronic substance enters the bloodstream with each heartbeat.
~~~~~~~Each electron that enters the bloodstream with each heartbeat is necessarily qualified in any event, but usually in an uncontrolled manner. The average individual does not understand the proper method of working with pure God-substance, and, therefore, the electrons, undirected by human thought, are forced to take on whatever qualities the bloodstream carries. If an individual is angry the bloodstream reflects that fact, and the pure electrons, whirling on their course, are surrounded with murky gray astral matter carrying the vibrations of anger.
~~~~~~~On the other hand, if a man is in the act of composing a symphony, the electrons, leaving the heart, enter into a bloodstream that is vibrating at an inspirational level. The shell of astral matter which collects around the electrons will,
therefore, carry a great deal of light and brilliant color patterns which reflect the exact intensity of sincerity and love which the individual has for his creative effort. If he is a composer of the caliber of Wagner, the magnetic qualities of the light will attract memories from the subconscious or etheric body; memories of melodies heard in the Music Temple while the physical body was asleep.
~~~~~~~The memories will come surging back, consuming all darkness which may impede their path, and magnetically anchor themselves to the atomic structure within the bloodstream which is forming around a common center. As the blood is pumped back to the heart and circulated again hundreds of fresh, pure electrons of God-substance are attracted to the atomic center which is to produce a great symphony.
~~~~~~~The atomic structure is vibrating at high speed; the message is carried by the blood to the entire body; the composer brings the entire focus of his attention to his task; he is filled with exultant joy for like the Father, he looks upon his work and finds it good. Thus is a symphony born. Thus is a great poem written! Thus are more humble tasks accomplished in glory... the tending of a home, the tilling of a field, the feeding and loving care of a little child.
~~~~~~~This is controlled precipitation. It is controlled entirely by the attention of the individual, and in the normal course of events, from day to day, we become that upon which we focus our attention. The majority of people focus their attention upon becoming older, and they look about them at others who have likewise focused their attention upon old age. They find that these individuals have become aged in appearance. They say to themselves: Yes, that is normal; one does grow older, that's for sure. They are falling right
into that ancient human booby-trap of judging by appearances. They, therefore, precipitate old age.
~~~~~~~It is wholly unnecessary, because thoughts are things and the pure electrons, if qualified with thoughts of youth and beauty when they enter the bloodstream, will produce youth and beauty as surely as an apple tree produces apples, not grapes.
~~~~~~~Adepts and Masters who work behind the scenes or only among understanding disciples, never seem to be more than about 30 years old in appearance, although they may be hundreds or even thousands of years old. But if they are working among ordinary people who observe them each day, they voluntarily take on the appearance of age so as not to attract undue attention and even jealousy.
~~~~~~~Tesla did not need to grow old in face and form with his ability to apply Inner knowledge. But he attracted so much attention by his outstanding genius and was the focus of so much jealousy, that had he remained youthful besides it would simply have been too much for the hostile public to swallow.
~~~~~~~Tesla was highly prophetic but he seldom demonstrated his gift, for he was seldom in the presence of an understanding human being. Thus his prophecy that prohibition would shorten his life by twenty years was misinterpreted. Tesla, after World War I, could already foresee the political situations that were in the making. He knew that out of the particular piece of stupidity known as prohibition would develop certain activities of the dark forces that would necessitate his leaving his physical body sooner than originally planned. Thus his prophecy that prohibition would shorten his life by twenty years was misinterpreted. Tesla, after World War I, could already foresee the political situations that were in the making. He knew that out of the particular piece of stupidity known as prohibition would develop certain activities of the dark forces that would necessitate his leaving his physical body sooner than originally planned.
~~~~~~~A little dictatorship leads to more dictatorship. A little
government leads to a lot of government. Goodness cannot be legislated into the hearts of men. The withdrawal of the freedom of man to make a choice, even in is brand of whiskey, is bound to have a weakening influence and a bad karmic effect on both parties... in this case the government and the governed. No Master ever achieved mastery over matter by having the matter removed from His reach... especially if the removal was carried out by politicians seeking to satisfy their lust for power over people.
~~~~~~~Many years ago a gentleman by the name of C. A. Wragg came to New York from Australia. Mr. Wragg was and is associated with aircraft development. Upon arrival he sought out Tesla for an interview on certain patents designed to improve the speed of aircraft.
~~~~~~~When Mr. Wragg arrived at Tesla's office, he sat in the reception room waiting for Tesla to finish talking with another visitor. The door into Teslaa's office stood open and his conversation could be heard clearly in both rooms. Tesla was speaking to his visitor about the plane he had designed in 1917 and given to the United States government to assist in World War I. The government officials at that time were merely amused when they looked at the design and promptly buried it in their files.
~~~~~~~The design showed a circular craft which looks very much like the flying saucers observed in the skies today. The craft carried no power plant but was to be operated from a central power station on the ground which would broadcast a beam of energy that could be picked up at any distance around the Earth by suitable receiving devices. Tesla told his visitor that an airplane of this type in the skies over Australia, for example, would be able to fly with power drawn from a generating-projecting plant in America.
~~~~~~~At this point the visitor left and Mr. Wragg then entered into a long discussion with Tesla on various subjects, including his aeronautical devices. Tesla was animated by Wragg's theories which he heartily approved. Suddenly Tesla became silent and appeared to be looking into space directly over Wragg's head, with a fixed gaze. Then his eyes filled with tears which streamed freely down his face, and he said: "They"ll steal it... they'll steal it!"
~~~~~~~Well, the end of this story is that they stole it, just as Tesla predicted, and Wragg, to this day, wonders at Tesla's great gift of prophecy. The two men never met again and Wragg often speculated on what had happened to the aircraft design which Tesla had described to the other visitor.
~~~~~~~When Mr. Wragg chatted with the author recently we were able to bring him up-to-date on the plane which was known in 1917 as the Tesla Sphere. After the government of Yugoslavia established the Tesla Research Institute in Belgrade during the '30's the design for the Tesla Sphere was turned over to the Institute library, together with all other information which Tesla had released. After Tito rose to power the papers in the Institute were available to Soviet scientists.
~~~~~~~By 1957 the Russians had discovered the secret of the Tesla Sphere, and had placed the plane in production. It is still probably the most advanced aircraft in the skies today, although the United States had the design in its possession for forty years and had not bothered to develop it. The Russians have given Tesla full credit for the design.
~~~~~~~The Tesla Sphere, as has been said, is Earthbound, but is highly maneuverable and can fly at tremendous speeds, drawing power beamed to it from a single power plant located on the ground. However, Otis T. Carr now has his
new circular-foil aircraft design ready for production, and, undoubtedly, it will supplant all present planes including the Tesla sphere. Carr's craft is not Earthbound because it draws fuel directly from the atmosphere in the form of electrical charges. The Tesla Sphere, if seen during daylight hours, can easily be mistaken for a flying saucer. But the Carr craft glows at night and actually is a flying saucer although designed on this planet.
~~~~~~~Although Tesla had announced his own prophecy about his life span being reduced from 150 to 130 years, the very political situation which he had envisioned at the time of prohibition, turned out to be even worse than he had anticipated. Tesla was fully conscious that he alone was responsible for the power age which had made World War I possible. No Earth man would have been able to invent alternating current. Tesla was brought to the Earth to rescue the electrical age from the limitations of direct current and to set power geographically free, in order to prepare the people of the planet for the space age. Without alternating current a vast, global war, even on the relatively small scale of World War I, would not have been possible.
~~~~~~~Tesla accepted full responsibility for his inventions, however, and knowing that World War II was just over the horizon, he perfected and offered to the world in 1935 an anti-war machine. This mechanism, electrical in operation, is capable of setting up an invisible and impenetrable curtain of polarized light which can be directed along national borders, thus making a nation safe within its own boundaries. Tesla offered this protection to the governments of the United States and Great Britain. The offer was flatly rejected.
~~~~~~~Tesla's vision of the future had been perfectly clear.
He knew that the dark forces were driving into the very heart of American civilization, and that a world blood-bath had been scheduled. He knew that it had been planned as a preliminary effort to set up a world dictatorship under a leader of the dark forces. The dark forces were well aware that Ascended Master Saint Germain was breathing down their necks, so close was His pursuit. They also knew that the American nation was of vital importance in the Aquarian Age, and that many of Saint Germain's most steward disciples were Americans. Under a world dictatorship these disciples could be so hampered in their efforts that little could be accomplished for the Forces of Light. Further, under a world dictatorship America could be so merged with all other nations that it might even cease to exist as a separate entity.
~~~~~~~Tesla knew all this, and he knew that his alternating current had made it possible by making the power age possible. But he knew, too, that the Forces of Light would do whatever could be done for the American people short of interfering with their own free will. That They could not do. They could not exert any pressure to get newspapers, magazines or radio to place the issue of Tesla's anti-war machine before the people. The government, having already rejected it, would naturally not make it a public issue.
~~~~~~~The anti-war machine was described in many newspaper and magazine articles back in 1935 and the years that followed, but at no time were the people told that the Tesla invention was absolutely necessary to protect this nation against a world war which was even then in the making. Those in high places in many nations were fully aware of this fact, but it was carefully concealed from the public.
~~~~~~~So the days passed with complacency on all sides. People
everywhere were talking about the depression. Little did they know that the depression had been carefully staged so as to give them something to talk about; something to distract their attention from the fact that they were about to be sold down the river. Finally, after years on the dole and years on various boondoggling jobs, the American people were in a mood for war. they were in a mood for anything that would open up factories and get Tesla's alternating current humming, although they were not even aware that he existed or that his invention had supplied the power they were so eager to use. But they wanted jobs, jobs, jobs. Anything to make some real money for a change.
~~~~~~~Meanwhile the forces of darkness were driving deeper and ever deeper into the heart of the nation. The people were completely in their grip. Disciples who had been in incarnation back in 1776 and remembered Valley Forge could hardly believe their eyes and ears. The seventh Ray was growing stronger and the sixth Ray power was waning, but the Aquarian Age was not yet in full control. Ascended Master Saint Germain, Chohan of the seventh Ray, took up His work, however, and His disciples in the United States struggled valiantly to carry out His instructions.
~~~~~~~While the governments were busy turning down Tesla's offer of an anti-war machine, a polarized light mechanism that would protect the nation's boundaries, Saint Germain's disciples themselves proceeded to mentally qualify energy and with it build a wall of light around North America; they later extended it around Central and South America. It stands today, more firm than ever before, about three miles out from the mainland. While it is invisible to the majority of people, it is sometimes seen by travelers at sea who are mystified by it, and who attribute it to all sorts of
things such as atmospheric disturbances. There is nothing unusual about it, however, because similar walls, built by Adepts have been used down through countless ages to protect certain sacred spots on the Earth, such as the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas.
~~~~~~~The wall of light built by disciples of Saint Germain through the power of directing electronic substance by human thought, can be constructed to meet many human protective needs, personal or national, but it cannot be built for any selfish reason. Therefore, it can be said the wall of light can be built only by Adepts, or by disciples in training and affiliated with Hierachial interest. It is always a product of the Forces of Light acting directly or through disciples. This is a protection, because it would be extremely inconvenient and impractical if persons with less than honest intent, could build a wall of light which might be detrimental to the constructive interest of others. On the other hand, the tube of Light, described in a later chapter, can and should be built by everyone for self-protection.
~~~~~~~The Tesla anti-war machine is a stepped-down utilitarian version of the wall of light as constructed by Adepts and disciples. The light which is utilized in the Tesla invention is related to certain Ray frequencies, but since the curtain of light is produced by an electrical mechanism, it can be used without the understanding or even the support of the people within the nation which is being protected.
~~~~~~~The wall of light built by Adepts and disciples without the use of any mechanical devices, but only by controlled and directed thought power, must be maintained. It must be strengthened almost hourly by feeding into it visualized energies. It demands focused attention from groups of disciples, for it must be kept firmly anchored to Earth and must
be kept free from rents or weak spots. The wall is actually anchored Ray energy, and since it is in the nature of all flame to rise, the wall would simply disappear and return to the Source if the attention of the disciples was removed for any length of time.
~~~~~~~Saint Germain requested the American disciples to construct this wall of light in order to protect this nation from direct attack by the forces of darkness operating in other nations, and also to lessen the activities of the dark forces within the United. States. The wall of light served the desired purpose during the years of the so-called phony war in Europe which finally exploded in World War II. But the black magicians opposing Saint Germain finally took their activities away from the mainland of the United States and concentrated on Hawaii, where they succeeded in conniving with black magicians in Japan to arrange the attack on Pearl Harbor. Neither the dark forces within the United States nor those working outside the country were able to break the wall of light and stage a direct attack. Therefore, the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor was devised in order to draw this nation into World War II.
~~~~~~~Had the Tesla anti-war machine been used as Tesla planned, the entire question of attack would have been brought out in the open, on the physical plane. The American people could have been assured of their safety and could have remained within the protected borders of the country until the European storm blew over. Moreover, England had been offered the Tesla anti-war machine and could have utilized it in the same protective manner. There was no reason whatsoever for either Britain or America to have been drawn into this challenging activity of the forces of darkness.
~~~~~~~There was no reason except stupidity, that is. The American people, had they heard of the so-called mystical activities of Master Saint Germain's disciples and of the wall of light, would have laughed out loud. The very people who would have laughed then, are the ones who are laughing today at the idea of space ships. They are the people who would like to laugh at Tesla if they dared. Not daring to come out openly against Tesla they have managed to keep his name out of school books, and his theories out of university science courses.
~~~~~~~The actual reason that Tesla's scientific methods are not taught is because colleges cannot find professors who understand Tesla. Why do they not train them? Because the adoption of Tesla's inventions will disturb the status quo; they will offer a whole new way of life; they will upset churchianity, and, in fact, abolish it; they will make the establishment of Christianity possible and desirable; they will cast political conniving into oblivion; they will make the present economic system look exactly like the silly thing it is.
~~~~~~~Darkness never wins out over light in the long run, and if there is a seeming victory it is but temporary. So the forces of darkness, conniving with their colleagues within the United States, smashed at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The attack was carefully planned but not by the Japanese people. They stood only to lose, not to gain. How much they have lost the world now knows, and perhaps some day the Japanese people will have the courage to probe the depths of their side of the story... the story of how they flew into Hawaii with a gun at their backs, and with every thing all set and prepared in advance for swift destruction.
~~~~~~~Out through Saint Germain's great wall of light American battleships then sailed forth to their destiny. American
aircraft flew through the wall and out upon their unknown missions. The great Tesla, the incomparable genius whose inventions might have prevented this world tragedy, sat in his hotel suite preparing to wind up details of his physical plane work and take up his new activities in Shambala.
~~~~~~~The Dove had returned to him for a final farewell. She told him she was going to shed her physical body, but that when the appointed hour came she would return for him, and together they would go to Sanat Kumara's headquarters at the White Island of Shamballa, now located in the etheric realms over the Gobi desert.
~~~~~~~Even in those last days, in the little time left to him on Earth, Tesla did not forget the hundreds of companions of his Twin-Ray, the White Dove. Over a long period of years Tesla had fed thousands and thousands of pigeons in New York, our wood doves and rock doves. In constant care and tenderness,
he had ministered to birds that were sick or injured. During the years that Otis Carr was in training, he assisted Tesla daily with the feeding of the pigeons in Bryant Park, around the Cathedral, and in other areas. Carr often went out into the parks and gathered up ailing or injured birds, bringing them back to Tesla's hotel suite. Tesla fabricated splints for their broken wings or broken legs, ministered to their various ailments, and kept them in his room until they were ready to fly again.
~~~~~~~It was around the year of 1940 when Tesla, in the presence of a witness, told John J. O'Neill the beautiful and magnificent love story of his life... his love for the White Dove. Tesla described her last farewell.
~~~~~~~She flew into his room in the dark of the night when he was deep in
meditation. They had a long conversation, and it was then that she told him she was going to die, and that
she would not come to him again. Then she flew to the windowsill and stood there gazing at Tesla sitting alone in the darkened room.
~~~~~~~"Suddenly," said Tesla, "from her eyes came great sweeping rays of light. Powerful, dazzling, blinding light... light more intense than had ever been produced in my laboratories."
~~~~~~~His listeners remained utterly silent as he paused to remember.
~~~~~~~"I loved that Dove," he said softly. "She was a white female with a touch of gray in her wings. I loved her as a man loves a woman."
~~~~~~~In speaking of O'Neill about the farewell, Tesla omitted all references to the actual identity of the dove, and to their plans to go to Shamballa, for O'Neill would not have understood. He did tell O'Neill that after the dove's last visit he knew that he would not remain long on Earth.
~~~~~~~O'Neill's esoteric knowledge was so limited that he completely missed the significance of the dove's farewell. He was utterly confused, as he stated later when he related the incident to friends, about the phrase which Tesla used in describing the depths of his love: "I loved her as a man loves a woman." But in the light of later revelations as to the identity of the White Dove, it is clear that Tesla was using the only words he could use to describe his Twin-Ray.
~~~~~~~So it was O'Neill's great privilege to hear the story of the dove from Tesla's lips. Yet later O'Neill stated that he would have regarded it as a dream experience had a witness not been present. He included the story of the dove's farewell in his book Prodigal Genius, but unfortunately, he tried to interpret it and completely missed the point which Tesla had attempted to get across to him. Tesla
assuredly had some special reason for telling the story to O'Neill, although he must have known it would not be understood. Perhaps Tesla knew that O'Neill was also living out his final years in a physical body, and perhaps the story of the dove was told in order to provide some future link on the subtle planes.
~~~~~~~O'Neill was a great admirer of the genius of Tesla, and he sensed the fact that Tesla had profound esoteric depths to his nature. But O'Neill was caught between two opposing forces... his longing to plunge deeply into esoteric
studies, and his need to serve the forces of materialistic science in his
capacity as science editor of the New York Herald Tribune.
~~~~~~~His job prevented him from freely and openly exploring esoteric subjects. He carefully avoided being seen in public places with certain well-known occultists. He regularly had occult books brought to him by friends so that he would not be observed entering or leaving occult libraries. He lived in constant fear of making a slip of his newspaper writing; of putting something esoteric into print that would make him the laughing-stock of the materialistic scientists to whom he had to cater in order to earn a living.
~~~~~~~Moreover, O'Neill was glamored by esotercism; it was all so new and so wonderful to him. Down through the years Tesla often had discussions with him about various subjects that touched on the mystical and the occult... or so O'Neill thought. Actually they were scientific discussions but O'Neill did not grasp that point. He wanted to keep the two entirely separate, and yet sip the honey from both. Tesla repeatedly pulled O'Neill down abruptly from his mystical clouds of glamour, pinning him firmly to Earth.
~~~~~~~One of their most heated argument s was touched off by
O'Neill's sentimental concern for imperfections of the human body. Tesla, who had no time for imperfection in anything, stated without qualification that the human body was a meat-machine. O'Neill was horrified to hear such a bold statement come from the superman. But Tesla was perfectly correct for the human body is, in itself, without value; it can become a servant of God only when it is powered by God-substance that will beat the physical heart, pouring free and pure electrons into the bloodstream.
~~~~~~~In Prodigal Genius, O'Neill relates some extremely revealing points which were covered in his discussions with Tesla on the meat-machine topic. As a rule, persons who are glamored emotionally, but who are at the same time intellectuals, have the good taste and the judgment to refrain from obvious negativity in their statements. O'Neill did not dwell unduly on the negative aspect of the meat-machine theory. He insisted, rather, that Tesla, in his consistent and unremitting demonstration of genius, was a living contradiction to the very meat-machine idea which he advanced.
~~~~~~~O'Neill held that under the meat-machine theory we would all have to be geniuses like Tesla, or all mediocrities, since we would all be living inside similar meat-machines, all responding in the same way to uniform external forces. This was not the situation, so O'Neill flatly regarded the meat-machine theory as disproved, and went on to his next point.
~~~~~~~He rather chided Tesla for failing to be frank with him, claiming that Tesla was afraid to discuss certain strange and supernormal experiences for fear of being misunderstood and ridiculed. Then he went further and challenged Tesla to some day open up and talk about these cloistered experiences to one who would not fail to understand him...
namely, John J. O'Neill. As one reads O'Neill's recounting of this conversation between a great genius and a neophyte, memories crowd close---memories of another similar moment when Jesus turned to His disciples and closed a discussion with the gentle words: There are other things which I cannot tell you, because the Light would be more than you could bear.
~~~~~~~Tesla knew that a great unquenchable thirst for Truth was physically consuming O'Neill because his atomic structure, clogged with astral debris, could not stand the Light. The meat-machine in which O'Neill was living stubbornly refused the concentrated diet of illumination that Tesla was able and willing to offer. Tesla could not get his lighted words through the coarse vibrations of the meat-machine, and thereby release the inner splendor of the three-fold Flame imprisoned within O'Neill's heart. Had he been able to do so, the Flame from within would have provided O'Neill with Its eternal sustenance. The greatest gift of compassion that Tesla could offer to his beleaguered pupil was withdrawal of the tremendous stimulation induced by these verbal discussions.
~~~~~~~O'Neill says that he did not see Tesla for a long time after the meat-machine episode, but when they did talk together again Tesla made a statement which, had it not been so subtle, so carefully couched in vibrant words of compassionate, loving understanding, pulsing with the very essence of Truth, might have filled O'Neill with overwhelming discouragement. But the gentle Tesla knew the innermost heart of his earnest, striving chela, athirst for Truth in a barren wasteland of materialistic science. Confidingly, Tesla said: "Mr. O'Neill, you understand me better than anyone else in the world."
~~~~~~~O'Neill grasped this crumb of comfort and cherished it in sheer ecstasy. He never even suspected that he had been tested and had failed. He did not catch even a hint of the correct meaning of Tesla's pronouncement. He lived out the last glamored years of his life without ever knowing that Tesla had finalized an evaluation of a pupil who, after long personal exposure to some of the highest teachings ever offered in the outer world, had in the end turned from the powerful brilliance of an Illumination he could not bear. Like so many others who stand in the valley of decision, gazing at the distant peaks, O'Neill turned back once again, back toward the familiar shadows, vainly seeking in outer darkness to discover and to understand the Light that lighted the loving heart of his great Teacher.
~~~~~~~O'Neill, like all materialists who dread to face facts, had a way of reversing higher truths. He claimed that he was the one with occult understanding, and that Tesla was the materialists, thus freeing himself from any obligation to listen to Tesla with serious intent and an open mind. When Tesla told him the story of the dove, O'Neill jumped to the conclusion that Tesla was a frustrated romanticist. O'Neill could not find any suitable explanation for the great beams of dazzling light that came from the eyes of the dove during the farewell, so he just mentioned the incident and ignored its meaning. Later, when he wrote Prodigal Genius he related the story in a manner which indicated he had entirely missed its profundity. He even went so far as to state it was Tesla who did not understand the symbolism of the Dove.
~~~~~~~As the years passed and as O'Neill's book was read more and more widely, the story of the dove's farewell became almost a source of embarrassment in many quarters. Many
of the more materialistic scientists privately expressed the opinion that Tesla should have stuck to his laboratory and not messed around with pigeons, especially one certain pigeon. It was even suggested that Tesla had fabricated the story and was just having fun in relating it to O'Neill.
~~~~~~~But in 1956 many electrical engineering groups in the United States prepared to honor Tesla by observing the hundredth anniversary of his birth. The White Dove chose this occasion to prove Herself. One evening an anniversary committee member was in his home preparing some publicity for the forthcoming Tesla observance. Suddenly he was startled by an object alighting on a windowsill near him. As he looked at it he realized that it was Tesla's Dove. At that instant great dazzling rays of light came from the eyes of the Dove; powerful, blinding light; light more intense than Tesla had ever produced in a laboratory.
~~~~~~~For a few minutes at least, on that evening in 1956 Tesla's White Dove returned into manifestation. Who knows what great and special work is being performed by this messenger from a far kingdom? Tesla knows. And perhaps the White Dove will return again and again, until all humanity becomes aware of the sacred Presence of Peace on Earth.

Part VI

Farewell of the Dove

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