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Chapter VII of Margaret Storm... blew me away.
rthur H. Matthews is
most important. My Tesla
site follows Arthur from
when he was a boy of 3
to beyond with Tesla. Read his book :
The Wall of Light.
I am on the path of what Tesla passed on to Arthur.
Return of the Dove

Part ~ VII

The Arthur H. Matthews Story

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.Margaret Storm~~.~loved Tesla
....Return of the Dove ~ Part VII
.Arthur H. Matthews~.knew Tesla
The Arthur H. Matthews Story
~~~~~~~It was in October, 1956, that Mr. And Mrs. George Van Tassel, accompanied by Art Aho, arrived in New York for a series of lectures on spaceships. According to our usual custom, we arranged an informal gathering for them, with about thirty guests invited to share the evening.
~~~~~~~As usual, more than thirty showed up, and it was around 2 o'clock in the morning when the last guests reluctantly said farewell. They had listened for hours in spellbound attention to the ready conversation of George Van Tassel about his contacts with space people who had landed their craft on Giant Rock Airport, a landing spot located on the edge of the California desert for the service of private planes.
~~~~~~~George Van Tassel, a former pilot and flight test tech-
nician, had leased the lonely spot shortly after World War II. He was settled there when Kenneth Arnold made his famous sighting of nine flying saucers skimming over mountains in the state of Washington, a sighting which brought the subject of spaceships to the attention of the entire world.
~~~~~~~The Van Tassel family had moved to Giant Rock and lived on the desert nearly eight years before the space people finally landed a craft late one night on the airport strip. They awakened Mr. Van Tassel, invited him aboard the craft to inspect it, and then arranged for additional contacts via beamed facilities. Over a period of months he learned to use the beam, recording their messages and publishing the material received in a little magazine called Proceedings.
~~~~~~~The space people, in addition to giving a digest of their philosophy, also gave practical instructions for the building of equipment which they said could be used in the Aquarian Age.
~~~~~~~They told him how to construct a small metal antenna device in the center of a dry desert spot of sand near his living quarters. Although no rain falls during many months and the desert Sun beats down without respite, the little metal post keeps a large circular area sufficiently damp for a vegetable
garden to flourish.
~~~~~~~The main piece of equipment suggested to Van Tassel by the space people is to be used for health purposes, and its design is now almost completed. Each part must be made by hand, and the entire unit is to be housed in a domed wooden structure built without the use of any metal. Even wooden pegs must be utilized in place of nails. A person may sit comfortably within the unit for a few minutes, permitting the vibrations to act upon the atoms of the body. This ac-
tion raises the vibrations of the four lower bodies of an individual, freeing the atomic structure of astral debris, and permitting electrons to return to their proper orbits, and atoms to increase their rate of revolution.
~~~~~~~Van Tassel first built a small model and found that an injured lizard, its head smashed, returned to normal and crawled away completely healed, after a brief period in the unit. From the description, this mechanism seems to be another piece of New Age machinery designed to push forward Ascended Master Saint Germain's program to abolish the concept of sickness and death from this planet. A unit of this sort could be utilized by anyone from time to time, and would gradually accustom the individual to live in a high-frequency body.
~~~~~~~In the July, 1956, issue of "Proceedings", published by Van Tassel, he carried a remarkable story of some trips he had made in projected consciousness to an Air Force base located in the far north. There he found a mountain, surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards, and inside the mountain were great caverns filled with a vast amount of machinery together with a modern workshop that was humming with activity.
~~~~~~~Van Tassel said that many of the machines were stored there by earlier civilizations, some dating back to Lemuria and Atlantis. It is a well-known fact among occultists that when Sanat Kumara ordered the submerging of Lemuria and Atlantis, He directed that those lands first be stripped of all valuable machinery, gold, gems, and all records and these items were stored in mountain caverns in various parts of the world.
~~~~~~~Several of these storage caves exist in the United States: many are in South America. All of them are carefully
guarded by the Hierarchy and protected with a wall of light. It is utterly impossible for anyone to gain entrance to one of these caverns unless the Hierarchy wishes that to happen in order to serve some phase of the divine Plan. If the cavern in the far north was discovered by our government forces, it was a planned discovery, arranged by the Hierarchy. In this case, it was arranged in order to cast the burden of guilt on those government authorities who insist that flying saucers do not exist; that they are weather balloons, or as one brainy scientist claims... temperature inversions.
~~~~~~~Some day it will be revealed that during the years when the government tried to maintain this phoney screen of secrecy around flying saucers, that high brass within the military forces, supported by American taxpayers, were in full possession of complete information on flying saucers from outer Space and on flying saucers stored in caverns by earlier civilizations. All of this information was withheld from the public because from the beginning of the present flying saucer era, the space people made it abundantly clear to all government leaders throughout the world that they had come to the Earth to abolish war first, and to establish a new way of life after the housecleaning.
~~~~~~~Naturally if there is to be no war there will be no need for a military machine. Militarists and allied bureaucrats, supported by captive taxpayers under constant threat of penalties for non-payment of taxes, have known for years that the space people plan to eliminate the military at the first opportunity. The space people have been most considerate about the whole matter. They said bluntly, but firmly; If you cannot see your way clear to peaceful living without some sort of national defense then use the Tesla anti-war machine
during this interim period when new international and interplanetary relationships are being adjusted. You men of Earth have no time to waste in fighting and building of weapons. You must live abundantly, and have plenty of leisure time in which to study and prepare yourselves for the higher path of evolution which you must pursue. Use machines such as the Tesla anti-war machine to automatically serve you. Do not use human bodies and souls for defense, for you are only adding to your already overwhelming load of karma by so doing.
~~~~~~~Many years ago the disciples of Master Saint Germain were informed by the great Adept Himself that large numbers of space ships were stored away in various caverns, dating back to Lemurian and Atlantean manufacture, and that these ships could be reconditioned and put into service as soon as the general public could grasp the significance of Aquarian Age plans. Let he reader not think for one instant that news of this sort did not reach the ears of the military in a quick flash. Saint Germain was well aware, even when He gave the information, that the dark forces had their spies right within the group of disciples of the Light. The modern Judas type is extremely active.
~~~~~~~Every military group in the world today is riddled with members of the dark forces, pledged to serve the cause of ignorance, savagery, war and confusion. Originally churchianity was the center for dark force activity, and later the political and economic arenas served as a focus for evil. These three centers still serve, and another is coming up to a strong second lead right behind the military... and that is the whole field of medicine and associated interest such as pharmaceuticals. The military is still in the lead because since the invention of the printing press the more astute
black disciples have concentrated on building a global propaganda machine. They have need of strong military backing to keep the machine running and to keep the unfree press under strict control and censorship.
~~~~~~~The dark forces work only by inspiring fear; in the final analysis fear is their only weapon. Of necessity they must always work secretly or at least they must think they are harboring secrets. Actually, however, the Hierarchy has complete and instantaneous accounts of their every activity and even of their every thought and plan. But even those who serve the cause of evil, degraded as they are, still have free wills which must be respected. They are still children of God, even though benighted children.
~~~~~~~When Van Tassel visited the cavern in the far north, he found that secrecy shrouded every movement in the area. Or so these deluded people thought. It is high time that every individual who has reached the age of reason and is of sound mind, should learn to think correctly about that which is not directly in front of his nose. Tesla would never have been able to invent alternating current had he not been able to work in the fourth ether.
~~~~~~~There is nothing mystical about working with gas which may be invisible to the average human eye .Therefore, why should anyone hesitate to work with physical matter which is one grade finer than gas? And why should anyone be considered lunatic who can project his consciousness into areas where he cannot conveniently take his physical body?
~~~~~~~The guards in the cavern, according to Van Tassel, were psychically aware of his presence in that they senses something unusual. They were extremely tense and suspicious. He said the people working in the cavern had the finest equipment including the latest electronic and magnetic de-
vices. The cavern was well lighted, heated and ventilated. All machine parts were covered so that no person could see any assembly except the one he was working on. In one super secret area Van Tassel came across what appeared to be a flying saucer under construction. It stood on a large base, and across the base were stenciled words... Tesla Sphere... P-A.
~~~~~~~On that October night in 1956 when the Van Tassels visited us, very little was known by any of us about Tesla's current activities. Therefore, after the last guests had gone the conversation turned to Tesla, and the fascinating trip which Van Tassel had made to the northern Air Force base was discussed in detail. Van Tassel was of the opinion that perhaps Tesla did not die. He also thought that the Tesla Sphere was a flying saucer.
~~~~~~~It was out of this early morning conversation that this book began to take shape. A magnetic focus had been formed and suddenly a flood of information on Tesla came pouring in, much of it from strange and unexpected sources. Over in Paris a spacecraft convention was held for interested Europeans. Authur H. Matthews of Canada submitted a paper on the Tesla set for interplanetary communication, which he had built and operated since 1947. A report on this paper reached New York and a contact between Mr. Matthews and the present author was established by correspondence.
~~~~~~~Mr. Matthews frequently contacts spaceships on the Tesla set, and has had numerous personal conversations with the crews as well. His property in the Province of Quebec is quite secluded and the spaceships can easily land at night without being observed by the merely curious. Over the years since he first built the Tesla set and since the space
people first came to visit him, he has cleared up many points about Tesla, such as those discussed by Van Tassel.
~~~~~~~Mr. Matthews had never been uncertain about the death of Tesla, although many persons are of the opinion that he did not die. Probably this doubt is stimulated by the fact that both Tesla and the White Dove have continued their work in Shamballa in their subtle bodies, and many people intuitively feel that they are still here. Apparently the White dove does manifest from time to time. Recently there was an interesting experience reported where two white doves... not pigeons... flew into a tree and perched there for a brief period where they were observed by persons who had just completed some work on a Tesla project. This happened in an area where doves had not been seen for more than a quarter of a century.
~~~~~~~If Tesla cares to use the methods followed by Adepts who are members of the Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet, he could lower his vibrations if necessary, and his body would appear to be physical. The Masters use this method, as do Adepts among space people. By lowering his vibrations he could engage in normal physical plane activity, but since he has trained disciples in embodiment it is not likely that he would find it necessary to perform physical plane work.
~~~~~~~Another reason why many people think that Tesla is still alive and active in a physical body, is because of an unexplained incident which happened at his funeral; an incident which was extremely puzzling to the press. The funeral service was held at St. John the Divine Cathedral in New York, and a special Yugoslav honor guard, resplendent in their uniforms, stood around the casket, which was draped with the American flag. Many reporters and press photo-
graphers were present and during the service made a large number of pictures.
~~~~~~~However, not a single negative turned out successfully. The cameras were focused on the casket, of course, and this entire area on each picture was blurred with what appeared to be currents of oscillating energy. Around the edges of each picture the background of the cathedral itself was clear and in perfect focus, but not a single picture was obtained of the casket, the honor guard, nor even of the people who sat in the pews near the casket. After the service the body was cremated.
~~~~~~~There was a rumor that the body in the casket was not that of Tesla; for that the body of Tesla had been resuscitated and possibly removed from the casket before the funeral. But there is a more likely explanation. There have been cases where bodies of advanced disciples have been removed from the casket with angelic assistance, after the casket was closed, but this was done in order to prevent the body from being buried. Since Tesla's body was cremated this precaution against the barbarous practice of burial was unnecessary. More, Tesla's body had been used for a long time and was quite worn, so it is not likely that resuscitation would have been considered. It would be far easier to simply get a new body for him if he needs one.
~~~~~~~The probable explanation is in line with a New Age practice now being used by disciples who are ready to make their Ascension, but who are tied to families and social groups whose members are less advanced in evolution and unable to understand the Ascension process.
~~~~~~~If one individual in an average orthodox family is ready for his Ascension, he cannot under ordinary circumstances raise the vibratory action of his body and disappear. The
shock would be too great to those left behind, and besides a disappearance of this sort would result in police action and a search for the missing person. Consequently, the individual follows custom and sheds his physical body. Then he remains with the body for a few hours and with angelic assistance he withdraws every electron, leaving only empty atomic shells. All the electrons are then recharged and returned to Universal Supply to be used over again.
~~~~~~~There have been many instances of this type of withdrawal in recent years since so many disciples are completing their Earth experience and leaving this planetary classroom. In these cases the body structure that remains after the withdrawal of the electrons is a source of puzzlement to undertakers. They cannot understand what has taken place, although they quickly realize something unusual has happened.
~~~~~~~It is probable that this process was used by Tesla. Intense angelic activity was centered around the casket while all living electronic substance was being removed from the body, resulting in the peculiar oscillations recorded on the photographic negative. The camera is not sensitive enough to handle high frequencies. That is why an actual photograph of a Master of the Ageless Wisdom is seldom seen, unless it is made by certain photographers in India who have special equipment. A Master's body is vibrating at such high speed that the camera cannot record the image. That is also why space people are seldom photographed. The camera will catch them only if they have lowered their vibrations to an Earth level.
~~~~~~~Arthur Matthews learned last year that the Russians were manufacturing the Tesla Sphere, the powerless aircraft which Tesla designed late in 1917, and which the
United States government rejected at that time. It is probable that the craft which Van Tassel saw in the cavern represented a belated and recent attempt to utilize the old design for the American military machine. Whether or not the attempt was successful is not known, and, of course, is no longer of interest. Russia is already producing the ship, and even now it is already completely outmoded by the new craft designed by Otis T. Carr.
~~~~~~~It becomes more and more clear as we follow events in recent months that it is Ascended Master Saint Germain Who is riding in the saddle these days. Steadily, inexorably, the Forces of Light are moving forward, transmuting all darkness as They advance. Always the message is the same: Abolish sickness and death on the planet Earth. Use the Violet Flame to transmute your destructive human creations. Set your four lower worlds in order. Prepare to make your own Ascension, but meanwhile prepare all humanity for the same eternal glory of evolutionary progress through God's many mansions.
~~~~~~~Fantastic new mechanisms are now being brought forth by many inventors, unheard of until now. Some of these inventors are completely lacking in scientific or even technological training in the outer world, proving that they are actually outpicturing that which they understand and develop on the inner planes. This does not mean that they are necessarily considered spiritually advanced in the outer world, or that they are working in Higher Realms while in their physical bodies in a waking state. In full waking consciousness many of these inventors and discoverers of methods of applying universal principles, are working in the fourth ether, just as Tesla worked. The fourth, third, second and the first ethers are part of the plane; they are merely
finer grades of what we can visualize as gaseous substance.
~~~~~~~However, even though inventors like Arthur H. Matthews, Otis T. Carr, Nikola Tesla and many others, are able to work in the fourth ether, the full understanding of the free-energy concept as visualized by these men involves the utilization of power drawn forth from the highest galactic realms... even the Cosmic Light from the Great Central Sun of Alpha and Omega. It matters little about the outer garb, or physical body, worn by these men. An understanding of the great power Sources from which they draw forth energy, can be obtained only by removing the attention from the outer of human forms, and focusing it steadily upon the Light which illumines their efforts.
~~~~~~~A disciple is an individual who has voluntarily surrendered his human control of his human free will, and who has asked that he be guided at all times to merge his cretive efforts with the unfoldment of the Divine Plan. Inasmuch as the average person is not aware that there is a Divine Plan, and knows absolutely nothing about surrendering self-will, the tendency is to emphasize the human side of an inventor, and forget the magnificent ability that makes a creative genius who serves the Light, at one with the Cosmos.
~~~~~~~Today the average person who knows something of the work of Tesla, Matthews and Carr, is impatient that this work is not brought into actual manifestation right now. They expect Matthews and Carr to leap forward over all human obstacles, and give to humanity a war-free world protected by the Tesla anti-war machine, and a spaceship in which to spend leisure hours sightseeing around the Solar System.
~~~~~~~A disciple cannot do such things, for a disciple is serving the Light. A disciple is such because he conforms to
real discipline. Real discipline does not mean that he must rise with the Sun in the morning, sit cross-legged on the floor, eat raw carrots, or commune with invisibles. A disciple refrains from all tyranny, however gentle, which would thwart innate progress. A disciple holds in check the urge to exhibit human qualities, and instead gives the inner or Real Self an opportunity for expression.
~~~~~~~Matthews cannot give the Tesla anti-war machine to a public which still nourishes the viper of hostility within its own heart. The public, or at least a majority of people within one nation, must use the Violet Fire to transmute their own discord. Then this same nation can demand the Tesla anti-war machine to protect its borders from hostile advances by other nations. It would not be the first time in history that a single nation stood firmly on the side of the Light and won victory through total pacifism.
~~~~~~~The inner core of the Earth is populated today by such a nation. These people originally lived on the surface of the planet, and they served the Light at all times, completely surrendering their human free will to the Divine Plan. At one point they were threatened with immediate extinction as they stood and watched invading hordes approach. Suddenly the Earth opened and they were gently lowered into a magnificent region at the globe's center... the
kingdom presided over by Lord Pelleur.
~~~~~~~There they live today, still serving the Light, and helping to maintain the balance of the planet while its surface is torn asunder by plunderers and wastrels, descendents of the hostile hordes they once faced. The interior of the Earth provides living conditions so magnificent in every phase that the mind of surface man cannot conceive of such wonders. The air is pure and vital at all times, with a soft white light
illuminating the whole scene. The climate is perfect. The vegetation is basically a soft rose pink shade varied with golden tones, and with gem colors of the seven Rays. Not a single vibration of pain penetrates to this great Core of Harmony. The last vibration of distress which touched these people was on that day long ago when they stood valiantly in the Light, watching the hostile hordes advance, and the good Earth opened to offer them the hospitality of its innermost heart.
~~~~~~~Long aeons of time have since passed upon the surface of this Earth and within its pulsing heart, where abide those blessed with the unique joy of serving the Light under the leadership of the great Lord Pelleur. Even though they abide within the Earth, they are still part of the human race, and are one with us in all harmonious things. They constantly work to bring about greater balance in conditions on the surface of the Earth, and many lifestreams who are able and willing to free themselves from discordant karma, take embodiment in Lord Pelleur's kingdom rather than return into incarnation in the disturbed atmosphere on the globe's surface.
~~~~~~~Until recently the outer world had heard little about the activities within the heart of the Earth. However, when Tesla was brought here from Venus it was decided to reestablish communication and acquaintanceship with these lovely people who have labored ceaselessly to restore harmony on the surface of the planet. Tesla was charged with the task of bringing wireless or radio communication to the attention of a forgetful humanity, as well as television. He then confided to Arthur H. Matthews precise instructions for the building of the interplanetary communications set. Beyond that point it was not necessary or even prudent
for Tesla to reveal the ultimate plans for communication.
~~~~~~~There was a reason for this, and it is explained by a well-known statement that is a truism in esoteric teachings: Take a single step toward the Light, and the Light will advance two steps toward you. Tesla came into embodiment to take a single giant step on behalf of humanity. In the matter of
communications he discovered radio waves and then invented a machine to use them, the wireless set which was later developed to transfer pictures as well as words. He discovered cosmic waves from rays and then invented a machine to use them... the interplanetary communications set which will make Venus as close as a neighbor on a telephone.
~~~~~~~It was not necessary for Tesla to build a machine to communicate with the folks at the center of the Earth because such a machine had already been provided. It was invented by a woman known to us today only as Leonora. She is now an Ascended Being. Leonora was among Saint Germain's disciples who were in embodiment in France at the time of the French Revolution. She knew Lafayette well, and through his assistance left France and went to the land of Wyoming where she had the protection of Saint Germain's Retreat... the Cave of the Symbols.
~~~~~~~There she completed her work on an instrument which she called a radio. In Volume II of Law of Life, a new book by A.D.K. Luk, will be found a biographical sketch of Leonora, and a description of the room in the Cave of the symbols in Wyoming, where the machine now stands on a table, awaiting the moment when man's inhumanity to man will cease, and he can enjoy the full abundance of cosmic fellowship.
~~~~~~~A.D.K. Luk tells us that Leonora spent seven embodi-
ments perfecting this machine. Four of these embodiments were masculine and three feminine, and She carried the memory of Her technological work over from one incarnation to the next, without interruption. Her machine can be tuned in to the center of the Earth; in another operation it can tune in to any spot on the surface of the Earth or anywhere above the Earth in any etheric realm; and in a third operation it can tune in or any planet in this Solar System, and some planets in adjacent systems.
~~~~~~~Thus it can be seen that Tesla was working I accord with the divine Plan when he brought to the attention of the public the fact of radio waves in the atmosphere, and then invented a machine to use them. This was Tesla's quiet way of taking a step toward the Light for an ignorant humanity. Tesla was well acquainted with Leonora's machine, but he also knew that humanity would never even suspect that this instrument, complete and ready for instant operation, has stood for many years in a room in a cave I Wyoming. So he invented a radio. He got the public interested in radio and television.
~~~~~~~Then to Authur H. Matthews he gave a design for an interplanetary communications set. He left to Matthews the task of getting the public interested in communicating with the inhabitants of other planets. He took the young Otis Carr under his guidance and into his confidence, and told him that he was to explore Space. He left to Carr the task of getting the public interested in actual mechanical spaceships, and the task of building such spaceships.
~~~~~~~Now comes the next phase of the unfoldment. To saint Germain's disciples have been entrusted the task of actually publicizing the Divine Plan and urging the people to cooperate with the Aquarian Age program of restoring the
planet Earth to its rightful place as Freedom's Star. In the Cosmic Records the name of our great Aquarian Lightbearer is not Sanctus Germanus. Our "holy brother" is known as Freedom. The Earth is known as His Star, or Freedom's Star, for He has labored steadily for more than 70,000 years, without respite, to ring this planet to its present point of evolutionary unfoldment.
~~~~~~~This planet has a pulsing heart center at the core of the Earth, but it likewise has a pulsing heart upon the surface... the United States of America. Surrounding this power source are the great American continents... North, Central and South. Saint Germain might have had His Ascension over seventy thousand years ago, but He refused in order to remain in embodiment, close to his people, and guide them to Freedom. His active work for freedom on Freedom's Star now stems from the American heart center. He has worked through thousands of years in close association with the Ascended Being know as Lady Nada, Who was recently appointed Chohan of the sixth Ray. Saint Germain and Lady Nada have brought civilization after civilization into the Light, despite every obstacle presented by the dark forces. They will bring our civilization into the Light, and it is the great privilege of humanity to assist Them in this phase of the Divine Plan.
~~~~~~~These are the things it is necessary to review when we consider such a concept as free energy, and such mechanisms as those presented by Tesla, Matthews and Carr. These men are pioneers, but there will be many, many others, all working toward the Light, until all humanity will be illumined. The mechanisms already described, all based on the free-energy concept, whether invented by struggling disciples, or Beings already Ascended, like Tesla and
Leonora, all point to one thing... the hour of freedom is here. It is not some dreamy, metaphysical concept; it is a reality. It is the freedom that leads to man's Ascension; it is freedom from the curse of drudgery.
~~~~~~~No longer will coal, petroleum and gas hold humanity in enslavement. Existence limited by that type of primitive power will shortly come to an end, and with the changeover to free energy will come an entirely new way of life; an economic system based on unlimited abundance instead of scarcity, maximum leisure and a work schedule devoted only to those constructive creative efforts designed to produce heaven on Earth in accordance with the Divine Plan for this planet.
~~~~~~~Tesla held this vision for humanity as a sacred and inviolate trust. Even when the dark forces, entrenched behind the world money racket, made it impossible for him to develop his world wireless system for power distribution, and when the same forces of evil, entrenched behind the world political racket, made it impossible for his anti-war machine to be accepted, Tesla's felt no sense of frustration or defeat, for he knew the physical activities would continue as usual through his many disciples.
~~~~~~~He knew well the face of his Father, and his brushes with evil forces on the physical plane touched him but lightly At the moment we are still faced with the same problems that faced Tesla, but the old order changeth swiftly.
~~~~~~~After Tesla tried to get the various governments to accept the anti-war machine in 1935 and failed, he asked Arthur H. Matthews to continue working on the design
and to experiment with certain improvements. He had assigned the work to Matthews in 1934 and it has been in his trust since that date. Matthews has operated an experimental workshop in Canada since 1904. It was in this laboratory, near Quebec, that he built the Tesla interplanetary communications set, in 1947.
~~~~~~~Arthur Matthews was a boy in England and his father, an electrical engineer, was working there with Lord Kelvin, when he first met Tesla. Kelvin had become interested in Tesla's wonderful new discovery of wireless or radio, and had invited Tesla to come to England to discuss the subject. It was there that the lifelong friendship began between Tesla and the Matthews, father and son. The three worked together until the death of Mr. Matthews, the father, in 1915. Then Arthur Matthews carried on until Tesla left the physical plane in 1943, and has continued the activity since.
~~~~~~~During his last years, after the farewell of the dove, Tesla turned over a vast amount of material to Matthews in trust and confidence. He had in earlier years inspired Otis T. Carr to pursue 30 years of basic research leading to the present development of the Carr free-energy devices and the Carr spaceship. Apparently Tesla did not acquaint John J. O'Neill with any of these facts, because O'Neill claimed that Tesla had left a few papers in his safe and that these comprised the extent of his heritage.
~~~~~~~In fact, when Tesla died in New York City on the night of January 7, 1943, it was generally assumed that his Earthly work was finished. The forces of darkness rejoiced at news of his death which they considered most opportune. The world was at war and under pressure of this need
the patents of Tesla were considered as royal plunder. The government agents moved in swiftly and seized all papers which Tesla had left in his safe, never suspecting that the incomparable genius had left them there merely to satisfy the idle curiosity of nosey people.
~~~~~~~Later, after due inspection and after World War II, most of the papers were considered of such little value that they were turned over to the Tesla Institute in Belgrade, despite the fact that Tito was in power in that country. The Yugoslav Institute recently published, in English, a very impressive volume which they indicate is definitive, and which lists about 87 Tesla patents, together with reprints of some of his lectures and a brief story of his life.
~~~~~~~However, Arthur Matthews is acquainted with at least 1,200 inventions, very important inventions, perfected by Tesla. He is only amused when he inspects recently published volumes, such as the Yugoslav book and another new American book, purporting to set forth the true facts bout Tesla. These researchers have scraped the bottom of the barrel trying to turn up Tesla's inventions, but they all seem to stop when they reach No. 85, falling
1,115 short of the correct total.
~~~~~~~Many top-flight scientists seek out Arthur Matthews these days in a belated attempt to "pump" him for information about Tesla's discoveries. But Arthur Matthews wisely keeps his own counsel; he also keeps the confidence and trust which Tesla bestowed upon him. However, the scientists do not go away empty-handed, even if they do depart with an empty. Mr. Matthews gives to each and every one a sound piece of advice which he, himself, has tested over the years, and which he has found to be the ultimate goal for all seekers.
~~~~~~~"Every time we wish to do something'" he says, "we should go to God first for wisdom, because He is the Author of all science. Tesla was able to accomplish so much and see into the future because he understood God. From my own personal contacts with the space people, I find that their advancement is due to their faith and their obedience to Divine Law."
~~~~~~~We might pause here and remember that the laggards lagged only because they had lost their faith in God and refused to serve the Light.
~~~~~~~The scientists who visit Matthews usually arrive heavily burdened with many university degrees and much learning, but, as they confess, they somehow missed Tesla and now they would like to know something about him. Tucked under their arm is the new communist-issued volume on Tesla which they have just purchased in order to bone up on the subject of the great scientist who did his major work in the United States. But something is either wrong with them or wrong with the book, because the two cannot get together. So they trek all the way to Quebec, and far beyond Quebec, out into the deep countryside of lakes and forests, in order to seek out Matthews in the hope of getting some light on the subject of Tesla's theories, which they admit they cannot grasp.
~~~~~~~Mr. Matthews receives them in his serene and cordial way, and then he tells them, as kindly as he can, "If you would understand Tesla, you must first attune your mind to God." Since the unfortunate scientists usually know less about God than they know about Tesla, the result is confusion worse confounded.
~~~~~~~Since publication of Return of the Dove was first announced over a year ago, the forces of darkness, especially
in the United States, have become very active in their efforts to suppress the truth about Tesla. Matthews and Carr have been ridiculed repeatedly, and often by the very scientists and government officials who sought their advice. The present author has received hundreds upon hundreds of letters praising her efforts, but she has received a few telling her she is just plain crazy. The writers do not explain why they think so, but they just think so. Oddly enough, these critical letters, so naive they might have been written by a somewhat retarded schoolboy, come only from men who call themselves experts and authorities.
~~~~~~~They are experts, to be sure, but it must be clearly understood that they are experts in working for the dark forces only; they are authorities on the subject of evil; they are the chosen tools of the black magicians who roamed the astral plane freely and even the physical plane until just before the opening days of World War II, when they met their come-uppance from the Forces of Light.
~~~~~~~It was at that time that the great Prince of the Archangels, Lord Michael, in one mighty Herculean effort, led the Forces of Light against the forces of evil and put the last of the black magicians on this planet out of business permanently and forever. There has not been such a housecleaning on this Earth since the laggards came.
~~~~~~~After He finished that mopping up operation Michael cleaned out a horrible astral center which had hovered over Africa since Lemurian days, releasing thousands and thousands of Earthbound entities who had been trapped there for countless centuries. This astral cloud had so lowered the vibrations in Africa that the country became historically known as a land of darkness... the dark continent.
~~~~~~~Michael's angelic legions were lined up, tier upon tier,
so that they formed a dome over the astral cloud, and as the trapped souls were cut free they floated upward, each one ballooning right into the arms of a waiting angel. They were carried swiftly away to Temples of the Violet Fire and today these millions of disembodied ones are being healed, purified, and trained, so that they can be restored to civilization at some future date.
~~~~~~~The entire astral cloud of continuation so dreadful it is impossible to imagine, was then dissolved by legions of angels firing it through and through with lightning-like bolts of Ray energy. The released matter, so long and so cruelly imprisoned, was carried back to the Sun for repolarization.
~~~~~~~But that was not all, for Michael then tackled His third great housecleaning job in the astral region over Siberia, where for countless centuries a Compound had been maintained for disembodied souls who had refused to serve the Light.
~~~~~~~In the astral cloud over Africa the Earthbound souls were all persons who had failed to develop much intelligence when in embodiment. They were so retarded in evolution and so attached to matter, they simply had no desire to learn or to handle new experiences. They did not refuse to serve the Light, because they were not able to even generate enough energy to make a decision one way or the other. They had free will, and they could have freed themselves from bondage, received training, and then returned into incarnation. But they simply did not wish to be bothered.
~~~~~~~But the tens of thousands of disembodied individuals who were held in the Compound were of an entirely different caliber. While in physical incarnation they had sat in
high places. They had educational advantages and trained intellects. They had swayed large masses of people by their opinions and activities. They had positions as military leaders, theologians, fortune makers, doctors, scientists and teachers. But they were confirmed skeptics... ambitious, cunning, proud, and extremely expedient. They never missed an advantage, regardless of resultant harm to others. They were basically criminal but outwardly respectable. They were all tools of black magicians, devoting their lives on Earth to serving the forces of darkness. They knew about the forces of Light, but ridiculed all those who tried to serve the Light in a simple and practical manner, free from orthodox trappings.
~~~~~~~Over the centuries, as these individuals shed their physical bodies, their vibrations magnetically drew them into the Compound. In order to spare the population needless suffering, these tyrants were not permitted to reincarnate. Neither were they permitted to mingle with other disembodied persons on the astral plane. If they decided through the exercise of their own free will to serve the Light, they knew they would be immediately freed from the compound and could resume a normal existence. But so great was their rebellion that they remained bottled up and isolated as the years passed, their monotony broken only by the endless quarreling among themselves, and the arrival of newcomers.
~~~~~~~Finally a sufficient number of disciples on Earth became conscious of conditions in the Compound so that by combining their invocative strength they could do something about lifting some of the karma. They offered their assistance in making calls on behalf of the prisoners. If an individual in incarnation asks for help for another, whether embodied or disembodied, under Divine Law that help must be given.
But the assistance granted depends upon the amount of energy expended by the person who is making the request. A half-hearted request calls forth a half-hearted response.
~~~~~~~That is why most people complain that their prayers are not answered. A sincere request is in effect a demand and it is not only the privilege, but the duty, of an evolving God to demand whatever he requires for his successful evolvement. A begging attitude or a servile approach to God will result in nothing, except possibly more trouble. God is a good God and He wants only perfection, only abundance, only beauty, only harmony for His children. The only demand that will penetrate to the higher spheres is a demand for these attributes. When a person demands harmony in his life and affairs, he immediately sets the Law into motion and is granted assistance by Masters and angels alike.
~~~~~~~So much energy was expended by disciples in requesting help for those in the Compound that finally Lord Michael Himself was able to take action. The calls for help were continued over a period of years, until finally in 1957 the last prisoner left the Compound, using his free will to make the constructive choice to serve the Light. The Compound has now been demagnetized and dissolved and will not be set up again. Under the Aquarian System all disembodied persons are required to remain in Temples of the Violet Fire until their personal rebellions are transmuted.
~~~~~~~The dissolution of the Compound will also have a refreshing and wholesome effect on the unhappy land of Siberia, and, in fact, on vibrations throughout Russia, and even throughout the world. The Compound was located in the area over Siberia because at one time, in long ages past, the physical territory was the focus for such extreme evil that Sanat Kumara ordered the land to be frozen. It is not
always necessary to submerge an evil land; a deep freeze is just as effectual sometimes.
~~~~~~~In this instance the angelic kingdom was called upon to freeze the Siberian territory, and they did such a thorough job in such a fast, efficient manner, that today bodies of animals are being dug up from the ground in a frozen state, and, in some instances, they still have grass in their mouth. In other words, when the big frost came, they did not even have time to swallow their last mouthful of food. Incidentally, the land has now been ordered to be defrosted and the polar ice caps melted in preparation for the Aquarian Age and new population movements. Scientists speak of ice ages and assume that such catastrophes were accidents of nature. But ice ages were planned, ordered affairs, designed to stop evil in its tracks.
~~~~~~~It is Lord Michael who cooperated with Saint Germain in the tremendous task of straightening the axis of the Earth. This work was handled entirely by the angelic kingdom, but the great cosmic entities, Polaris and Magnus, governing the North Star and South Star Rays, where these Rays meet at the center of the Earth, have cooperated in making the axis project possible at this time.
~~~~~~~Actually the long years of planetary housecleaning conducted by Lord Michael were preliminary to the axis project, for it was necessary to lift the heavy karmic burden of the Earth and clear out much of the astral contamination before the angelic host could work on the bent axis. Furthermore, since it was the karmic burden that first caused the axis to bend, there was assuredly no purpose in straightening it until the weight of karma was considerably lessened.
~~~~~~~Now that the axis is straightened and the Ray forces can act on the planet in a direct rather than an eccentric
manner, changes will take place with incredible speed. These changes will occur among disciples almost at once, because disciples have long worked for the new Aquarian order. They welcome change and are not frightened by mounting evidence that the old order is being swept away. They understand the divine Plan which the Hierarchy is trying to precipitate and they want to serve as co-workers in that precipitation. They have supreme faith only in God and have no faith whatever in man-made institutions wherein God is not recognized as a co-worker. Therefore, they are not distracted by the glamour of militarism, politics, economics, and churchianity, because they have not placed their trust in these booby-traps.
~~~~~~~Arthur H. Matthews clearly declared the depth of his dedication to New Age developments when he advised seekers to go straight to God, as Tesla had done. Tesla did not fear change even when it meant that his new inventions would obsolete his earlier ones. Nor did he ever attempt to harbor secrets concerning his discoveries. Arthur Matthews has pointed out that the lectures which Tesla gave in London and in America between the years 1889 to 1894 contain all information that is needed to construct virtually all devices patented by Tesla. These lectures have been collected and printed in book form, and have been available at least in all major libraries throughout the western world since the turn of the century. Yet hundreds of readers have scanned them and passed them by as interesting but not practical.
~~~~~~~Mr. Matthews attributes this lack of realism to the darkness in which men's minds are immersed... the darkness of materialism. He says that Tesla's lectures cannot be understood by those whose minds are not attuned to God. Mat-
thews has actually tested out this theory in the presence of top-flight scientists and engineers who visited him to inspect the Tesla set for interplanetary communication.
~~~~~~~These men looked at the set; they asked questions which were frankly answered. Mr. Matthews even went beyond that point and gave several hints, but not one seeker could even guess at the underlying scientific principles which Tesla had discovered and which made the set possible.
~~~~~~~Yet these same scientists and engineers and hundreds more of their kind are the very men who are called into government service and who are supported by the taxpayers. They are presumed to have sufficient intelligence to handle whatever scientific problems arise in the course of their work. Yet the greater part of their energy is expended in trying to maintain an attitude of secrecy so that the long-suffering taxpayers will not find out the cold scientific facts advanced by Tesla even before the year of 1900.
~~~~~~~How many Americans know that Tesla designed the Sphere, a powerless aircraft that the Allies might have used to end World War I even before November, 1918; and that might have been used to launch an air age forty years ago which would have rivaled the jet age of 1958? And how many Americans know even today that Tesla had designed another aircraft far superior to the Sphere, and that he actually built a model of it in 1893?
~~~~~~~And how many people in the world today realize that Tesla knew all about cosmic rays long before the turn of the century, and that in 1891 Tesla built a cosmic ray engine, a free-energy device, to utilize the rays, which, like God and electricity, are everywhere? Just as an electric generator by force or by some other action brings electricity into
motion, so did Tesla's cosmic ray engine bring the rays into motion.
~~~~~~~Tesla was the original discoverer of so-called radio waves and invented the wireless to utilize these waves. But Tesla knew that the operation of radio waves depended upon ground currents and induction; therefore they were Earthbound and their action extremely limited. When Tesla designed the set for interplanetary communications, he therefore avoided the use of radio waves. The set will not receive on any frequency used on Earth. The small model which Mr. Matthews built is designed to receive from spaceships which are at least 5,000 miles above the surface of the Earth and not more than 30,000 miles distant.
~~~~~~~Mr. Matthews believes that our entire electrical system as used here on Earth will not work beyond 8,000 miles out in Space. However, when he first contacted spaceships on the Tesla set, the space people told him that our radio waves did not reach much beyond 5,000 miles, and that it is impossible to send a message on the present Tesla set from a spaceship more than 35,000 miles distant. Mr. Matthews has since started construction of a new set which is expected to provide a wider range, and he is incorporating many of his own discoveries in it, although it follows the basic Tesla design.
~~~~~~~The interplanetary communications set is, however, only an interesting gadget. Like the telephone, it requires someone on the other end to make conversation; otherwise, it is simply connected with the silence of Space. The set has no commercial value whatsoever, as the space people have no time to engage in idle chit-chat, and they are assuredly not in the entertainment business. They use the set only when they have an important message to give to Mr. Matthews
and do not wish to take the time to land on his property and speak to him personally.
~~~~~~~They explained to him in the very first conversation, that they had contacted him on the set because of his great faith in Tesla, the Venusian they had brought to Earth as a baby in 1856. They have, in recent years, made a world-wide survey to find out exactly what we have done with Tesla's inventions. They have also probed the depths of our hatred for each other, which is the main reason why most Tesla inventions have not been utilized, and they have reached the conclusion that, according to normal standards in this Solar System, the entire population of the Earth must be considered
~~~~~~~When the space people landed for a personal interview with Mr. Matthews they were primarily interested in stimulating renewed activity in the Tesla anti-war machine. They found the Canadian location of the Matthews
property ideal for the landing of their ships. They had previously given Mr. Matthews details of spaceship construction, size, shape, and so forth, in talks on the Tesla set.
~~~~~~~Mr. Matthews has described his place in detail in his letters, and it does sound so delightful that it probably reminded the space people of our lovely, flower-decked globe which we enjoyed before the laggards came.
~~~~~~~"Our place was originally an old Quebec farm," Mr. Matthews writes. "I love trees, so I planted many thousands of them to offer shelter, to attract the birds, and for their beauty alone. My little electrical shack is just that... a small rough building surrounded by trees; just like a hen in her nest, and just large enough to h old me, a desk, bench, books and tools.
~~~~~~~"Besides this small shack we have the barn... really a
barn... which we use for the larger stuff. But our real laboratory is the land, the open fields and bush; the mountain and the river. Here we study closely with God; it is wonderful what one can do when we walk with the Master!
~~~~~~~"At one time we had a wonderful flower garden, but as the children grew up and got married off, and my lady and I traveled, we could not devote the necessary time to it; so at the moment we have a lovely garden of weeds, neck high, but the flowers do shoot through the tangle. Besides, we have a lovely inside-the-house garden. You know... flower pots which do clutter up, and which keep me busy watering when their slave is away. Off-hand I cannot say how many flower pots there are, but they are plentiful.
~~~~~~~"Anyhow, I use every bit of this property. In the winter I work in the old farmhouse which has stood here for over 200 years and which, like us, is old-fashioned. I have always been a tinker and always have something to fix for someone, from dolls to power plants. Then we must take time to listen to the wants and troubles of others, for there is always someone requiring help, which is our great joy to give, for this is our obligation to Him.
~~~~~~~"In the early spring we start traveling, and most summers are spent this way, visiting and helping others. By faith I am a Christian Scientist, but let us always remember that Christ was and is the only true scientist.
~~~~~~~"Mary Baker Eddy discovered a very wonderful thing in the Bible when she discovered Christian Science. Most people do not understand it, but even a slight study of her works does give one a better understanding of the Bible. I first obtained her works in 1937 and have found wonderful help through their study. It gives one a deeper sense of God and things outside our Earth.
~~~~~~~"You have, no doubt, noted the mention of spaceships in the Bible?
~~~~~~~"I am a member of the Laymen's Movement for A Christian World. I am a Christian and don't care a hoot who knows it. I'm not a bit ashamed to display my belief in public. People who deny God are nuts.
~~~~~~~"I have studied every branch of science, but I see pure science only in the work of God. I don't believe in pretense, bluff, bull or humbug. I never doubt anything until it is proved by demonstration and by every test to be impossible. I also believe that all things which man can think of are possible.
~~~~~~~"In this work concerning Tesla we must expect the materialistic world to be against us. That is our Cross, but be of good courage, for God never fails those who have faith in Him. Having a true understanding of God we can do anything so long as we serve as witnesses for the Christ. We have the supreme power of God on our side in preparing the world for the return of the Christ, and I believe spaceships have a great deal to do with it. There is nothing impossible, for Christ is with us, and the spirit of Tesla is with us. All we need is the will and courage to continue our resent efforts. God will provide the wisdom and point the way.
~~~~~~~"You may use any material which I supply so long as it will be helpful in witnessing for the Christ, but I do not want any cheap publicity. As far as I can understand, the coming of the spaceships to Earth ties in with the spiritual revival which seems to be worldwide in action, and the tone of several messages I have received recently on the Tesla set points that way,
~~~~~~~"On my summer trips I take the Tesla set right along
with me in case the space people wish to send through any messages. We combine business and pleasure on our long trips, for I usually do some research. We travel slowly and stop along the way to serve and help, and to share our knowledge with others, for that is a practical way of applying Divine Law and is far better than preaching.
~~~~~~~"We do all kinds of work on these trips. We sketch, write, paint, consult, draw, lecture, hold prayer meetings, and help wherever we can. Nothing is either too big or too small, from fixing a radio, knitting a sock, or building a transmission line. Of course, we have a wonderful time and there is nothing like having God on the tow!
~~~~~~~"I just draw for pleasure. I'm no expert and never had a lesson. I sketch, paint with oil, water, and colored pencil, from life, just to rest on the trips.
~~~~~~~"I have been on Earth a long time, so require some rest. I drive slowly and never over three hundred miles a day, which is enough, considering that most of it is via Canada gravel. If I have any trouble I either fly or jump a
~~~~~~~Mr. Matthews sent along some snapshots of us in the early days of our correspondence, so we knew that his description of his farmstead was indeed inadequate. But we were in no sense prepared for our first actual glimpse of the magnificent land of mountains and forests and open skies which greeted us on our first visit to this Canadian home.
~~~~~~~It was autumn, and just at that moment of greatest loveliness when all Nature seems to hold its breath and say: "No, no, we cannot let this rapture fade. Let us hold this jeweled, this lighted moment forever! Let us breathe this wine-bright air; let us send forth our vision into the limitless blueness of Space; let us dwell forever amid these
Jewell-tinted forests! Let us listen only to Wisdom spoken unto us by the Voice of Solitude!"
~~~~~~~Then suddenly we were standing on historic ground... the great, sloping meadow that sweeps down from a forested mountain, aflame with autumn colors. "Here," said Mr. Matthews, "is where the ships land. This meadow, protected by the mountains at the back and the rise of ground at the front, forms a comfortable hollow in which the spaceships can nestle like birds."
~~~~~~~He went on to explain that the first ship which came winging its way through the dark, Moonless night, safe from prying eyes of the merely curious or the hostile, was a mother ship. "It was seven hundred feet in diameter." said Mr. Matthews, "three hundred feet high, with a center tube fifty feet in diameter. It held twenty-four small ships, each one from seventy-five to one hundred feet in diameter. None of the ships had windows as we know them, but the crew could obtain a full view on all sides by a device which somewhat resembles television. The ship was of Venusian origin."
~~~~~~~Mr. Matthews emphasized the fact that all his contacts, both on the set and personally, had been with real, living, material persons, not spirits. He does not hold with mediumship or communication with the dead, for he believes that we can all be in contact with God... the only true spirit... through the living Christ. He believes that all of us can receive comfort and other help from the Christ, and that only those who study spaceship information in the Bible and seek wisdom from God can ever understand the things of Space.
~~~~~~~Mr. Mathews has here touched upon a point which has proved to be an almost insurmountable handicap to many
lifestreams who would otherwise go forward quickly into the Light, and take their place beside the other disciples in active service. The barrier which individuals place before themselves, and which keeps them immersed in psychism, is a tendency based upon morbid sentimentalism and the wrong use of the memory function.
~~~~~~~During the past few years, since the public has become aware of visitors from outer Space, the Earth has been literally flooded with messages from so-called space people, most of which proved to be phoney.
~~~~~~~Hundreds of mediums took advantage of the interest in Space to pour out endless messages of meaningless drivel, purportedly coming from the space people themselves, or from disembodied relatives and friends of the eager listeners. These disembodied ones presumably knew all about spaceship activities, according to their story, which is ridiculous on the face of it. Disembodied entities until very recently, were confined to the astral plane as long as they had a tendency to waste their time in gossip, which is the proper term for the type of communication in which they indulged. A genuine space person avoids the astral plane as we would avoid a plague. A genuine space person knows that he is making the sacrifice of coming to the Earth in order to abolish death on the planet... certainly not to encourage it.
~~~~~~~Ordinary mediums who seek to contact the astral plane and the disembodied, are not used as channels by the space people, no matter what the mediums may say to the contrary. This entire psychic situation was running riot in 1956, but it cleared noticeably in 1957. Mediums today are no longer receiving exciting messages from the astral plane because they can no longer contact disembodied persons. The vibrations which mediums contact today come from
thoughtforms on the physical or astral plane, or from astral shells. The whole psychic lure is waning. This is because of the drastic action taken on the Inner Planes by the Hierarchy in an effort to get the disembodied ready for reincarnation in the New Age.
~~~~~~~In addition to the housecleaning by Lord Michael, the Aquarian Age fiat has gone forth which requires that the disembodied study, render service, and spend a certain portion of their time each day in the Temples of the Violet Fire, transmuting their karma and preparing for activity in the new civilization.
~~~~~~~The unwholesome habit of embodied individuals seeking contact with dead relatives or friends must be ended if people are ever to restore normal contact with their source. It must certainly be ended if death itself is to be abolished on this planet. Attempted communication with the dead is not only distracting to both the embodied and disembodied, but leads to a sense of smug satisfaction which prevents contact with the higher vibrations of the forces of Light. There is nothing to be gained by seeking advice from a disembodied person; there is heaven to be gained by seeking advice from the Christ-self within each beating heart.
~~~~~~~Space people, or people from other planets and stars, are much more highly evolved than Earth people. Otherwise, they would not be allowed to come to this planet, because we have trouble enough of our own without importing more from the outside. Therefore, space people, with their higher vibratory rate, fall into the same evolutionary category as our own Masters and Adepts who are members of our own Spiritual Hierarchy.
~~~~~~~Tesla, being a Venusian, cannot be classed as a disembodied astral entity. He will not be found on the astral
plane. If a medium makes a supposed contact with Tesla, the medium is only contacting a thoughtform hovering in the astral atmosphere... but not the real man... for psychics cannot reach vibrations beyond the astral plane. A person who is overshadowed by an Adept... either from this Earth or from some other planet... in not in contact with the astral plane. Adepts do not work from that plane.
~~~~~~~It has come to the attention of this author that certain mediums, much given to lower psychism, have claimed contact with Tesla. This is not correct and they have contacted only a thoughtform. Tesla can overshadow his disciples or can communicate telepathically if a definite purpose is being served for all humanity and for the Christ Forces. Moreover, he works only with those persons who are already affiliated with Hierarchial Ashrams established by the forces of Light. No Adept who is genuine has any time to waste giving trivial messages to trivial people.
~~~~~~~It is a well-known fact that members of the Hierarchy and also space people have spent considerable time contacting officials of all governments on the Earth, and also scientists and church leaders. They felt duty-bound to do this, but having performed that duty, and having met only with hostility, they are now limiting their contacts to those individuals who can assist in some manner in carrying out the Divine Plan.
~~~~~~~It has often been remarked in recent months that certain individuals who had excellent contacts with space people, now seemingly have lost contact. Exactly the same thing has happened with disciples who have, at certain times, been in touch with members of the Hierarchy for the express purpose of serving as an outpost of consciousness for an Ascended Being. In a case where an Ascended Master with-
draws from contact with a disciple, or a space person ceases contact, the human being is always at fault. In some manner, the energy expended by the Adept has been misused by the one in human embodiment, and withdrawal is always the result.
~~~~~~~This is not a sign of disfavor. It is a sign that the Adept knows that the burden of knowledge is more than the human can bear, and therefore the withdrawal is definitely a favor. Sometimes those who have lost contact with Ascended Masters or space people make the dreadful mistake of permitting pride to hold sway, and they pretend or fake contacts. This is a pathetic situation, and certainly calls for an application of the dictum that honesty is the best policy. No single individual has a monopoly on the Divine Plan, and the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom are available to all. This is an age of freedom, and it is useless to pretend that special knowledge is granted only to special individuals. All knowledge is available to all, but it must be used to uplift all humanity, not to build a personal ivory tower of pride and prejudice.
~~~~~~~The Divine Plan will emerge among the people... the ordinary man in the street, the housewife, the shop and office workers. It will most assuredly not emerge as a super-government, or as another church. It will not emerge among scientists who are slaves to the military; nor will it emerge among professors and teachers who are likewise enslaved by a barbaric educational system that is completely controlled by the forces of darkness. Therefore, the space people are only interested in contacting free souls; individuals who can speak, write and lecture without fear; persons who understand that those who snicker and sneer, those who shout and threaten, are merely tools for the dark forces.
~~~~~~~The dark forces have been practicing their subtle tyranny for millions of years, but they have been especially successful since newspapers became commonplace. Newspaper editors and reporters readily respond to the lowest of human vibrations, for their business is the reporting of crime, war, and trouble of any sort. Good news is no news to a reporter. Their gullibility is the same today in their attitude toward spaceships, as it was in 1873 when a Boston newspaper published the following piece under the sensational title: Beware the Inventor.
~~~~~~~"A man about 46 years of age, giving the name of Joshua Coppersmith, has been arrested in New York for attempting to extort funds from ignorant and superstitious people by exhibiting a device which he says will convey the human voice any distance over metallic wires, so that it will be heard by the listener at the other end.
~~~~~~~"Her calls the instrument a 'telephone' which is obviously intended to imitate the word 'telegraph', and win the confidence of those who know of the success of the latter instrument without understanding the principle on which it is based. Well informed people know that it is impossible to transmit the human voice over wires as may be done with dots and dashes and signals of the Morse Code, and that were it possible to do so, the thing would be of no practical value.
~~~~~~~"The authorities who apprehended this criminal are to be congratulated, and it is to be hoped that his punishment will be prompt and fitting, that it may serve as an example to other conscienceless schemers who enrich themselves at the expense of their fellow creatures."
~~~~~~~It was thought at one time that Mr. Matthews might bring the Tesla set for interplanetary communication to
New York and other cities and demonstrate it, but the space people informed him that such a demonstration would be useless at the present time. The doubters would still doubt, and even if they saw the machine and heard the messages they would still insist it was a trick of some sort. Apparently, there has not been much progress in these parts since the days of Joshua Coppersmith.
~~~~~~~But there is another difficulty connected with bringing the Tesla set to New York. The set works on a very fine beam... finer than a hair, according to Tesla. The spaceships, flying at altitudes up to 25,000 miles, have worked out calculations whereby they can beam their signals to the set which is always in an exact location. The signal is not received if the set is moved even a few inches. Therefore, if the set is to operate in another city, it would be necessary to make prior arrangements with the space people, such as Mr. Matthews makes on his summer trips.
~~~~~~~Furthermore, the space people do not warn Mr. Matthews when they wish to send their signals. He has rigged up an alarm on the set which rings if the spaceship is ready to send a message. If he is somewhere near the set he hears the alarm and answers.
~~~~~~~It can readily be seen that the operation of the set is entirely in the hands of the space people. They have requested Mr. Matthews not to give out information on the construction of the set at this time. The reason is that this type of willing service only encourages laziness among engineers and scientists who are quite capable of building a set if they would apply themselves, and as Mr. Matthews advocates... if they would attune their minds to God, as Tesla did.
~~~~~~~Mr. Matthews has explained one basic idea which is not clear in the minds of the average person today. He emphasiz-
es the fact that every radio and television set is a Tesla set. Therefore, an individual cannot have a clear understanding of electronics unless he has a clear understanding of Tesla's basic principles.
~~~~~~~Mr. Matthews goes on to say that "no one apart from Tesla has ever made anything new in the way of a radio or television set... except for changes in design. The circuits, coils, condensers, and all important parts are all part of
Tesla's basic discovery. So regardless of brand names every set must be a
Tesla set.
~~~~~~~"However, the set for interplanetary communication is different both in the manner in which it operates, and because it is especially designed to receive signals from Space. It is impossible to send ordinary radio waves through the upper layers above the Earth. All such signals will bounce back to Earth, as is well known to radio hams. Tesla knew this more than fifty years ago. He also knew that the spacepeople would try to get in touch with us from their ships, so he devised this special machine which will receive their signals.
~~~~~~~"Now due to the fact that the design was given to me by Tesla in confidence and in trust, to be used for the convenience of the Space people when they approached the Earth, I could not pass on this information to others without permission. The crew aboard the first space ship that landed on my property told me not to give out the information yet... which means that it can be made available at some time.
~~~~~~~"Meanwhile the full directions for building the set can be found in the lectures which Tesla gave between the years of 1890 to 1896, and also in some other lectures which he gave in recent years. What the space people desire is that someone
in the United States discover the secret contained in the lectures, build a set, and then give full credit to Tesla.
~~~~~~~"The 'dull?' Russians are rapidly discovering the lost secrets of Tesla as they have demonstrated by producing the powerless aircraft Tesla invented for the United States at the close of World War I. But the Russians are giving Tesla full credit for the design.
~~~~~~~"I do not know what Russia intends to do with the craft. Of course, the ship can carry the extra weight of bombs, and so forth, because there is no limit to the ground power plant, so it can be powered far bey0nd the ordinary plane. Besides the motor in the plane does not require any direct connection or fuel, so the craft is relieved of that weight. This machine was also reported in Tesla's old lectures, or at least the motor was described.
~~~~~~~"The idea can also be adapted for both land and sea transportation. More than twenty years ago I suggested that it be used to power our trains, and I wrote a paper for the magazine Railway Electrical Engineer, but nothing came of it.
~~~~~~~"You see how small are the minds of the so-called experts. Here is all this information lying about, wide open to the public, and yet the big-wigs have to spend their time having fun with their space rockets. A number of these experts in both the United States and Canada have been trying to pump me for free information. They are too lazy and too dull to grasp Tesla's principles, so they want me to do all the brain work for them. But meanwhile the Russians are doing their own brain work, giving all due credit to Tesla, and coming up with his discoveries applied to industry.
~~~~~~~"The point is that Americans have never used the information that Tesla gave them so freely, and now they are
trying to pump me for more... probably with a view to robbing Tesla even further and making a few million for themselves. Nor does the pumping stop here. I have received letters from all over the world but they just do not have the right kind of bait to catch this fish. Money does not interest me, as it did not interest Tesla.
~~~~~~~"Tesla was my lifelong friend and teacher. All I know concerning electrical engineering came from this wonderful man. He has always had first place in my thoughts, second only to God, and because of my faith in him all of my information concerning his discoveries and inventions is first hand. Many of his inventions, to my knowledge, have never been made public, and much of the confidential data which he gave me is not otherwise available. But until and unless these great experts who are riding herd over us today use the information which Tesla has made public, and give him full credit for it, it is useless to give them more.
~~~~~~~"For instance, some American big-wig who read some excerpts from your book... Return of the Dove... wrote me a couple of letters. He seemed to be afraid that you, Mrs. Storm, would not do Tesla full and proper justice! On the other hand, he was looking for all the free information he thought he could pry out of me. You had not given him my address so he had gone to the trouble to work through a stooge in Glens Falls, and to try to get a line on me through my friends in New York. Finally, he traced me by way of my letters going into the United States to you!
~~~~~~~"He said he had heard of my father, and that Tesla had recorded mention of him! But there is a great deal these people do not know. For why should Tesla have confided in people who went out of their way to rob and cheat him? Not one of his so-called friends went out of their way to
help him, when help was most needed. But now, oh! Now, since these very, very great friends of Tesla have heard of your wonderful work, and of Return of the Dove, they are trying to get into the limelight and pretend that they have been there all the time.
~~~~~~~"But be of good courage as I know you will, and write as you think best, without regard for the opinions of anyone. Dear Margaret, let not your heart be troubled by these people. That was Christ's command: See that your heart be not troubled. All the troubles on Earth can be cured in only one way, and that way is to obey God. So let us teach the truth to all mankind. That is our only aim. So be of good courage; teach the truth, and your faith will carry you on. We both know that the greatest force which can defend us against evil is still God.
~~~~~~~"People have not been slow to write me about your work, and there is no question but that your forthcoming book has caused some of them to finally wake up. As this American big-wig wrote: 'The circle of friends of Tesla in the United States have worked devotedly toward the recognition of his accomplishments, etc., etc.'
~~~~~~~"Well, if they are so devoted, then why have they been asleep for so long? Or is there something else behind their reaction to your work? It would appear that Return of the Dove is a thorn in their tender sides! They don't like it, because all scum fear the light!
~~~~~~~"As recently as last night one of our top scientists spent several hours with me. He did his best to obtain information on how true radar works, as conceived by Tesla in 1890. Well, I told him that it works without the use of reflectors, poles, towers, and so forth, and that it contained the germ
of the idea that can explode all the atomic bombs on Earth before they can even leave their home.
~~~~~~~"But what these small-minded experts cannot realize is that Tesla designed radar as part of the anti-war machine. What the Americans are trying to do is to copy the Tesla system, of course, with no credit to him, but to use only the radar part for a defense against attack. If they used the entire anti-war machine, attack would be impossible and world disarmament would become an immediate and permanent fact.
~~~~~~~"This was known in 1935 when Tesla offered the anti-war machine to various governments. The heads of the allied governments then in power knew these facts and understood them. There was no excuse whatever for the second World War. There is still no excuse for what is going on today.
~~~~~~~"For these facts are still known among the great experts, but they are carefully concealed from the taxpayers... the little people who pay the bills for wars. A working model of the anti-war machine will cost about two million dollars, and it will include genuine radar... not the stuff the experts are fooling around with. Look what a mess they have made of it, trying to copy something from Tesla by stealing a part of his work, instead of adopting the anti-war machine outright.
~~~~~~~"Millions are being spent on micro-wave towers for the so-called distant early Warning (DEW) lines, when according to Tesla not one pole, reflector or tower is needed. This is all utter waste. Even before the line was completed, even while it was still being designed, it was known that it would not be effective. Now the daily newspapers are coming out with a hint of the truth in headlines: Radar Defense
Is Full of Holes. The whole thing is just another busted bubble, with millions of dollars wasted.
~~~~~~~"That is why I will follow Tesla's instructions to the end. We certainly do not want any of these fine experts messing around with the anti-war machine. I had several letters from Tesla during his last days and as the information he sent me was confidential I intend to keep it that way.
~~~~~~~"From first-hand information I know that Tesla did not leave any important notes for the authorities to find. Apart from his letters Tesla had other ways of communicating with me. The clique of big-wigs in the United States does not like this. Neither do the authorities, as I have discovered. When will people wake up and find that they can have no secrets from God?
~~~~~~~"Dear Lord, open Thou our eyes that we may see the wonderful things in Thy handiwork, in the Bible, in Tesla's work. That is what I tell the self- styled engineers and scientists who come from your country and mine, always in the hope of pumping me. I tell them all the same thing! Look with open eyes at Tesla's work. If you are a Christian in your inmost heart, if your intentions are good, you will find the answer, for it is very easy to see. But it is only by a close study of the Bible and by a sincere belief in God, that we can see clearly the truth in Tesla's work, and also in that of the Christ.
~~~~~~~"I say to these engineers: Study carefully Tesla's patents and lectures. Note the simple way in which he talks. Study carefully the words of Jesus. Note the simple way in which He talks. You engineers have failed to discover the secret of one important thing... and there are many others. You are looking for the narrow radio beam, less than one degree.
Only Tesla knew how to make it. It is clearly stated in his lectures, yet the engineers cannot find it.
~~~~~~~"I could build Tesla's anti-war machine at any time, and could blow up all the atomic and H-bombs in the world. But of what use would that be? It would only destroy. It would not serve God. It would not help mankind. Peace can never come by man-made means of destruction imposed upon humanity. So why try? Why bother? Peace can come only from the hearts of the people when their hearts are untroubled... when they really want to obey God and carry out His commands. The anti-war machine can be installed only when the people want it, in their hearts.
~~~~~~~"Another big waste today is in the television field. Not one of those tall TV towers is required. TV can be transmitted to any part of the world without any form of pole or tower, and this has been known since the turn of the century. The public assumes that all of this equipment is needed, but it is utter waste and is just used in order to provide bigger money profits. Any excuse is good enough, and the public is impressed when it sees all those big towers going up.
~~~~~~~"It is the same with the World Wireless System for electrical distribution which Tesla invented. No poles, towers or wires are required. No expensive surveying. No useless manufacturing.
~~~~~~~"The Tesla anti-war machine follows the same principle. It requires no poles, no lines, or large reflectors mounted on towers. Neither does it require any army to maintain it. It does provide positive protection for any coast line or national border. It is not, in any sense, a fence .The whole thing depends upon the "Peaks" which are, of course, invisible to the human eye. All electric currents of whatever frequency
pass in the Earth and can be made to 'peak' or bounce up above the Earth at regular measured distances.
~~~~~~~"So far as the sputniks and other orbiting devices are concerned, these could not be designed to drop destruction on us from above if the Tesla anti-war machine was functioning. In addition to the protecting wall of light, the machine can also be built with a ceiling. If Tesla's machine is adopted there is nothing that can affect it... nothing in the way of an A-bomb or H-bomb or any other bomb, even if it is transported on a missile, a rocket, or a sputnik.
~~~~~~~"In the first place... and this is the important point... once Tesla's machine is set up, no form of bomb or high explosive can be made. In other words, if some nut tried to make a bomb and the Tesla's machine was functioning, the bomb would explode right there, whether underground or in the air or any place else, and the nut would be blown to bits along with it.
~~~~~~~"So along with the adoption of the Tesla idea no form of bomb or high explosive, such as an A-bomb or a H-bomb would continue to exist. For instance, if the United States decided to adopt Tesla's idea, she would notify all other countries of the date on which the switch would be thrown, giving them time to dump all forms of high explosives. Then on a certain date she would throw the switch. After that date, if any bombs existed, they would automatically explode. Even though some way could be discovered to protect the bombs temporarily... and that seems impossible... the moment someone tried to use them they would blow up, killing the user.
~~~~~~~"But just supposing it might be possible for someone to send a missile with an H-bomb over the country. Of what use would it be? Simply to destroy? Because if the Tesla anti-
war machine was in use no one could enter the country. And after we saw the bomb coming, or even after it blew part of us up, we could still, from behind the wall of light, blow the enemy to bits and without the use of a single rocket.
~~~~~~~"Rockets aimed at us would be useless, as would bombs in actuality, because anything would explode when it got within 200 miles of the wall, even if by some fantastic method it could be protected up to that point. So all these speculations really have no practical value, but they do help us to understand that Tesla thought of every possibility and prepared for every eventuality.
~~~~~~~"Although Tesla himself loathed all deadly devices, nevertheless he knew that plenty of other people preferred war to God's peace. So when he designed the anti-war machine, he first worked out in detail all the possible weapons the machine might be called upon to destroy. He designed a jet-propelled airplane and an atomic bomb, the whole device radio-controlled, and able to cover a distance of 12,000 miles! And this was long ago. Tesla could easily look a hundred years into the future.
~~~~~~~"In a letter which Tesla wrote to me in 1935, he said, speaking of his anti-war machine: 'My discovery ends the menace of airplanes, submarines, rockets or space machines, regardless of their height or speed. A century from now every nation will render itself immune from attack by my device.'
~~~~~~~"I believe, as I believe in God, that the adoption of Tesla's machine will prevent war. Actually I have been fighting for Tesla since 1928, and have written hundreds of letters, newspaper and magazine articles about his inventions, so the world should know about this wonderful man."
~~~~~~~Yes, indeed, the world should know about Tesla, but
the hundreds of letters received by Mr. Matthews and by the present author indicate clearly that most people are just finding out how to spell his name. Almost every letter received begins something like this: "I never heard of Nikola Tesla until I read your excerpts from Return of the Dove. Where can I find out more about this wonderful man?"
~~~~~~~Well, no one will find out more about this wonderful man if the Silence Group has its way. Since the day that Tesla was brought to the Earth from Venus he has been plagued by the Silence Group. This is a carefully organized super-secret group within the forces of darkness. It has functioned on this Earth down through millions of years, directed by black magicians who were bent upon destroying humanity rather than permit the race to become merged with the forces of Light. During nineteen million years Sanat Kumara and His Hierarchs have steadfastly defeated the forces of evil at every turn, and all without doing any damage to the delicately adjusted balance of free will, a balance which is the only spiritual guarantee of human evolution into the Light.
~~~~~~~During the late '30's the last of the black magicians was caught during a moment when he had let down his guards, and he was removed from the planet. Prior to that time the forces of Light had been catching up with the black magicians, one by one, and removing them. This was the last character of his kind. Capturing a black magician and all his evil links is not easy and it is very unlovely. Many disciples prefer not to talk about it, but in these tragic times it seems that the dear public should be able to bear up under some of these startling revelations, wake up to what is going on around them, and become aware of
conditions which they are often unwittingly supporting to the hilt.
~~~~~~~A black magician always operates in an astral body but he usually has a physical flesh body hidden away in a cave to serve as an anchorage for his contaminated energy. He usually steals this flesh body for he is too shrewd to incarnate, even if he could find parents, and besides he does not wish to be hampered by a physical body which he must tend and care for. He prefers to employ thousands of human tools who do not know that they are being used for his purposes. He can manipulate them, through their little egos, without their ever suspecting that they are being played for suckers.
~~~~~~~Some of these human tools at the very top of the heap do know their boss, but they are virtually black adepts in their own right so secrets are safe with them. It is these wise guys and dolls at the top who form the Invisible Government or the Silence Group, which is still in control today on the physical plane only. Invisible, that is, to all but the Christ Forces.
~~~~~~~Those heads remain very secluded, and, in turn, hand down directives to their stooges who are active in politics, churchianity, diplomacy, banking and economics, education, and in every line of commerce and industry which is in any sense associated with big business. Today they are especially active in connection with newspapers, magazines, television and radio, which they control through advertising. Because books do not carry advertising the dark forces have never been able to control the book field directly. However, they do control it in subtle ways through various book clubs, and through newspaper advertising, critics, and book shop sales.
~~~~~~~The dark forces are very active in the field of medicine, and in connection with drugs, pharmaceutical products, vaccines, and even foods... particularly in foods such as candies, ice cream, bottled drinks, and, of course, in cigarettes, liquors and diversions such as movies. But in these commercial fields, their biggest control goes back to advertising. They use the weapon of fear induced through threats of economic boycott. They are also today very, very active in the utilities field, and in all the big industries connected with petroleum, steel, aluminum, and so forth. They are in complete control of all boom-and-bust cycles, even to spreading the rumor that these are caused by sun-spots!
~~~~~~~The black magicians themselves operate and control their tools from the astral plane. Anyone can be a tool, and all of us have been tools at certain times, even though we may not have spent an entire embodiment working at it professionally, so to speak. After nineteen million years of this astral control, the last black magician has been taken and they will trouble the planet no more. But their tools are still functioning in a big way, totally unaware that the last boss has been liquidated. They are due to discover this soon; sometime after the news gets about that the axis of the Earth is completely straightened. Then will the darkened minds of humanity begin to get a glimpse of the light.
~~~~~~~However, the tools at best are only human, after all, and not always reliable, human nature being what it is. So the black magicians on the astral plane usually had a flesh body stored away somewhere on Earth; stored away in a cave somewhere like a hibernating animal. Through this flesh body they could anchor their foul energy firmly in the Earth and keep it anchored. The last black magician who was taken had a flesh body hidden away in a cave in Western
Europe. The Forces of Light did not intend to remove him astrally and leave this focus on evil behind.
~~~~~~~So finally They closed in on his hibernating flesh form and the angelic legions set to work. They found that this particular black magician had fangs which extended out from the face, and then far beyond that area the fangs continued in astral matter. This astral line carried a tremendous charge of evil force, and these lines cut deep into the Earth, right through soil and rocks, and extended for miles around the globe. In other words, this character had a firm grip on the situation.
~~~~~~~First the angels had to work from the ends of the astral fangs, and draw back into the body itself all the evil force which had been extended through the Earth. When all this evil was drawn back into the flesh body the whole mass was transmuted with Violet Fire. Then the weary, liberated atoms were carried back to the Sun for repolarization.
~~~~~~~If this seems too fantastic to be true, let us glance briefly at the other side of the picture. In certain parts of the world are to be found deposits of diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other precious and semi-precious stones. How did they get there? At those points Adepts of the Christ Forces once lived. They anchored the energy of Light so firmly in the Earth, in order to spiritualize the soil and raise the vibrations, that the Ray energy became concretized into lovely gems. Diamonds are concretized First Ray energy, rubies are concretized sixth Ray energy, emeralds are Fifth Ray energy, and so on. Adepts leave behind them only beauty upon the Earth and within the Earth.
~~~~~~~Naturally, those who are fighting the Forces of Light use similar methods of anchoring energy, but they anchor only ugliness, contamination and astral filth.
~~~~~~~It is to be noted that the actual work of cutting away these lines of evil force was handled by the angelic kingdom. The angels took care of the astral cloud over Africa, the Compound over Siberia, and the angels have straightened the axis of the Earth. Yet the very people who have been served by the forces of Light through removal of these evil foci, and by the tremendous job of straightening the axis, are the ones who still feel that they can live without angelic help, and even without giving their Creator more than a passing how-do-you-do on Sunday morning.
~~~~~~~These are the very people who are ready to know-tow every time the forces of darkness crack the whip. Most of them are considered nice people. Sometimes they are even pleasant, although they are more often tight-lipped and hostile, angry and rebellious. They sneer and snicker a great deal, too... especially when some clean-minded, open-hearted individual mentions Space ships from Venus.
~~~~~~~Now that all black magicians have been removed from the Earth, the astral plane cleaned up, Earthbound entities removed, the compound empties of refugees from evolution, and the idle disembodied rounded up and sent to etheric training centers, the picture begins to look brighter for that portion of humanity devoted to serving the Forces of Light.
~~~~~~~But for the devotees of the dark forces, the sinister secretives, the greedy grabbers, the warmongers and all the lovers of blood and gore, the conniving politicians and diplomats, and the front pew-sitters in the whitened sepulchers of churchianity... for all these the picture could not look more gloomy. The Forces of Light are going to make sweeping changes on this planet within a very short time, and those who are not in accord with the Forces of Light are in for a very, very, very rough time. If anyone wishes to
look with nostalgia over past history, he should take that backward glance right now, because history as we have known it is going to vanish like a dirt fog in a bright, hot Sun.
~~~~~~~It is a well-known fact that the Silence Group has been responsible for handing down directives to government officials, scientists and church leaders, which have frightened their spineless authorities into keeping all spaceship information from the public. These officials have deliberately hoarded all revealing references to spaceships and space people from other planets.
~~~~~~~This hoarding has been directed by the Silence Group composed of top-flight black disciples who are now leaderless. Therefore, the whole Silence Group is due to collapse, carrying their thousands of manipulated human tools into a state of confusion and possibly panic. The various governments have indicated that they could not give out any information on flying saucers because the knowledge would cause panic among the masses.
~~~~~~~If there is any panic it will start, not among the masses, but among those who have been imposing censorship on the press, on TV and radio, in particular, and among those black disciples who have been acting through political, church and money channels. There is certainly no doubt in the minds of any thinking persons today about where censorship originates. Since the late '30's we have constructed a whole new rubber stamp language of gobbledegook consisting of words such as: secret, top secret, super top secret, super duper top secret.
~~~~~~~Let no one think that the Silence Group has just got its second wind. It has been in active control for many, many centuries. Long ages ago, in the time of what we would
call ancient civilizations, spaceships kept our planet under strict surveillance. People frequently observed these spaceships and many of the observations were recorded in the Bible. When Moses and the Israelites followed a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, they were following a spaceship. When the three Wise Men followed the Star of Bethlehem, they were following a natural spaceship or forcefield directed by the Christ.
~~~~~~~But the story then, as now, was readjusted so that it had the same old phoney ring that it has today. People are not seeing spaceships, so the tools of the dark forces claim. People are seeing stars, birds, weather balloons, kites, temperature inversions and hallucinations, but not spaceships. Never, never, never, quote the black vultures, do people see spaceships.
~~~~~~~But the space people, who have a telepathic record of every thought on Earth, know for a fact that those in power in high places... in the military, in governments, in money marts, and in churchianity... do not want the man in the street, the little taxpayers, to know about spaceships.
~~~~~~~If he did know about them, and if he had a grain of common sense left in his brain-washed head, he would look to the space people as his only hope, as his one salvation, and he would be looking in exactly the right direction. Little man, this is not the time to bow your head in abject servility; this is the time to raise your eyes to the skies and to your God!
~~~~~~~Naturally those who are crazed with power-lust want nothing except more power. Dope addiction is said to be a mild affliction by comparison. The power boys are so deluded that, despite the fact that they are in full possession
of flying saucer information, they still hope to somehow outwit the space people.
~~~~~~~In this age of daily newspapers, radio and TV, they must carefully select and release only those bits of information which have been chosen by their great propaganda organization. These bits may contain ridicule, big whopping lies, delusions, or any other type of calculated deceit, but never, never, never the least hint of the truth.
~~~~~~~And what if the newspapers and TV and radio stations refuse to go along with this imposed censorship? They will be taken care of in approved economic gangster fashion through advertisers who serve as tools for the dark forces.
~~~~~~~But the big ball, the great big nineteen-million-year shindig, is all but over now. It might even be well for the gray flannel boys along Madison Avenue to begin to look toward conserving their wardrobes. It is just possible that in the coming shuffle they might lose their last pair of pants!.

Part VII

The Arthur H. Matthews Story

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