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Venus Tesla Connection introduction ~ home page
.Margaret Storm~~.~loved Tesla
....Return of the Dove ~ Part VIII
.Arthur H. Matthews~.knew Tesla
Please Note :
Margaret Storm regrets including Otis T. Carr in her book.
She helped raise $15,000 for Carr and tried to return their money.

Thank you Curt Collins and Claude Falkstrom for your reporting on Carr.
See their report : Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.
Shows Otis T. Carr was NOT truthful... made up stories... Lied.
You will see a huge collection of newspaper clippings and photographs.

I, Curtis... this site creator... I heard Margaret Storm's words and included Otis T. Carr
although I didn't have all the pieces to his flying saucer puzzle.

Carr's lying story to Margaret Storm... wasted a lot of people's time... Margaret's readers time...
my time... my reader's time... nationwide Radio WOR NYC 1958... and wasted everyone's progress.

Carr had several people who tried to build his saucer and repeated his words.
I interviewed one of them... it may ring a bell (not Art Bell)... we recorded 5 hours
but I stopped before we got to hour 6... it wasn't right so those 5 recordings are gone.

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The Otis T. Carr Story
~~~~~~~It was in November, 1957... that same glad November, decked with a sparkle and a twinkle, and with long, tall nights stretching upward to the stars... when Otis T. Carr of Baltimore, Maryland, announced that free energy and space flight had been once again made available to the inhabitants of this planet.
~~~~~~~Carr, a disciple of Tesla, has come up with two new inventions. One is an electrical accumulator and the other a gravity motor, both utilizing the power of the Sun and other forces of nature found in free abundance in the atmosphere. They are strictly free-energy devices, which Carr claims may be used to power anything from a hearing aid to a spaceship.
~~~~~~~Although they are machines, just as surely as the Tesla
anti-war machine is a mechanical device, yet they follow the principles of nature so closely as to be almost organic in function. Like other New Age mechanisms, the Carr machines point the way to what may be expected from Ascended Master Saint Germain's scientific program for the Aquarian Age. The gap between organic and inorganic science is being closed rapidly, even in the minds of the laboratory experts who created the breach in the first place. The gap did not exist in actuality. It existed only in the minds of those who peered through very, very inadequate microscopes.
~~~~~~~It was because of this delusion concerning the gap that science separated itself off from religion. The only religion that will bind one back to the Source, in the correct meaning of the word, is the science of man's evolution. The church that a man attends plays no part in his evolution, except perhaps to retard it. God is pure energy and He does not attend a church. He is also pure love, and He desires that His prodigal children return home to Him at the earliest possible moment. We can only go home to the Father's house when we have finished with our classroom work on this Earth.
~~~~~~~The entire Aquarian Age program is, therefore, dependant upon having an abundance of leisure time for evolutionary study. We must give up that ancient device of earning our living by the sweat of our brow, get busy with our homework, and make our Ascension.
~~~~~~~Master Saint Germain is well aware that machines are necessary to accomplish the Aquarian program for all people everywhere. The homespun way of life may be quaint and even colorful, but is it dreadfully inefficient. There are ten billion souls who must be process through this Earth train-
ing center during the next two thousand years. There will not be time for anyone to sit around doing hand-embroidery in order to pass away the hours.
~~~~~~~Actually the New Age machinery, much of it invented by Saint Germain Himself, is ready and waiting. But humanity is not ready to accept it. Therefore, in the interim period it is necessary for men like Carr and Matthews to invent machines which will carry the world peacefully through the transition period. Further, such inventions serve to anchor the New Age energies in physical matter, raising its vibrations and lifting karma, and that is a very important factor from the Hierarchial point of view. Adepts are not permitted to just hand out inventions to the human race, however desirable those inventions may be.
~~~~~~~That is why men like Tesla, Matthews, and Carr, must serve as outposts of consciousness. They have human free will and can put forward inventions without imposing on the free will of others. It is up to humanity to accept or reject inventions which are offered in the open competitive market.
~~~~~~~Carr has realized this fully, and has organized a solid business corporation under the normal conventions of the American free enterprise system. This is the system which prevails today, for good or for evil, and in order not to interfere with man's free will Carr has arranged his enterprise to fit into the established way of life.
~~~~~~~It may not be tomorrow's way of life, but it exists today and we must accept it in good grace until change is indicated. Adjustments must proceed in an orderly manner, for it is the desire of the Hierarchy and the space people that the transition from the old age to the new be made without fear or panic, stress or strain. There is no need to talk of
impending cataclysms, for with the straightening of the Earth's axis in 1958, the greatest period of danger is over.
~~~~~~~It was on a Summer day in 1925 that Otis T.Carr was busy with his new duties as a package clerk in a large mid-town hotel in New York. He had just arrived in the city to study art, and he found employment in order to cover his tuition. First, he had felt impelled to come to New York. Upon arrival, he had felt impelled to apply for a job in a particular hotel. He was put to work at once and was just getting acquainted with his surroundings when Nikola Tesla wound his prophetic way through the subterranean passages of the lower basement and approached the new package clerk.
~~~~~~~"When you finish your duties here." said Tesla with grave dignity, "go out and buy four pounds of unsalted peanuts and bring them to my suite," He handed the lad from Elkins, West Virginia, sufficient money to cover the purchase, plus a generous gratuity. The gratuity was part of the Tesla legend; to him the laborer was very, very worthy of his hire.
~~~~~~~Otis was not surprised at the nature of the request because, as he had often been told, in New York one could expect anything to happen. It was not in the least like Elkins. The package clerk carried out the order and delivered the peanuts to Tesla. Meanwhile he had made a few inquiries among the other clerks, and he found that Tesla was a great scientist who fed peanuts to pigeons. He even took care of the sick and injured pigeons and kept many of
them in baskets upstairs in his suite.
~~~~~~~Upon making the delivery, young Carr was invited by Tesla to come in for a chat. This was the beginning of one of the most unusual and most fascinating stories of discipleship that has yet come to light in modern times.
Usually people look upon the training of a disciple as something extremely mystical and esoteric, something that takes place within a lamasery or secluded retreat, far from the haunts of men and pigeons. But in this instance... and it is certainly one of the most successful instances of discipleship on record... most of the training took place on the steps of the New York public library.
~~~~~~~Day after day, in good weather and bad, young Carr carried peanuts to Tesla. And day after day, the elderly scientist and his young protege strolled slowly along certain streets where flocks of pigeons were wont to gather in anticipation of the scattered nutmeats. The pilgrimage usually ended on the steps of the library on the west side, facing Bryant Park. There the two sat side by side, with Tesla luring the birds to eat out of his hand, while he explained to young Carr the fascinating details of their mysterious intelligence.
~~~~~~~Tesla is said to have talked but little in those years, but fortunately young Carr was not inhibited by any knowledge of this fact. He asked the great genius so many questions and listened with such rapt eagerness to every syllable, that Tesla soon gave him a nickname... The sponge. This served as a little joke between two good friends, but actually the name was well chosen as Tesla realized when he selected it.
~~~~~~~When the average disciple is in training, he gushes forth questions like a fountain in full play. It would seem to an observer that such an individual could not possibly absorb the answers, even if answers are forthcoming from a teacher. Usually they are not, for the wise teacher merely listens, and from time to time, when he can get a word, he offers certain explanations. However, in all correct esoteric training, it is the God-Presence of the individual Who does the
actual teaching... not a guru. The guru may be present, at the side of the disciple, but that is merely to provide a certain warmth of companionship. It is often much easier for a student to talk to a teacher than it is to hurl questions at empty space.
~~~~~~~Esoteric training is based on certain scriptural phrases: Before you have asked, I have answered. Ask and you shall receive. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. Seek and you shall find. I am the Way, the Truth and the Light.
~~~~~~~It is this attitude of seeking, questioning, asking, constant wonderment, that is the hallmark of the disciple. Direct answers from a teacher are not only unnecessary, but often confusing. It is absolutely necessary for the disciple to ask, for that is the spiritual Law. The Presence will do the answering when and if necessary. The Presence does not pour useless knowledge into the brain of a student. Only school teachers do that sort of thing. A disciple may ask a question and wait twenty-five or fifty years for an answer, but when the answer comes, as it surely will, it will flash into the mind at the exact moment that it is needed.
~~~~~~~Therefore, when Tesla teasingly named young Carr "The Sponge," he indicated that he knew Carr was storing up knowledge that he could draw upon at any time in the future when he truly needed it. Assuredly he did not need to understand the workings of the universe in order to sit on the steps of the library with Tesla and toss peanuts to pigeons.
~~~~~~~Tesla's correct attitude was proved again and again during the thirty years that followed the three-year period of Carr's training. Carr never saw Tesla again or had further contact with him after the third year. During the thirty subsequent years, Carr spent hours daily in his own little work-
shop, performing the thousands of experiments that led to final success with the gravity motor and electric propulsion system. There in the workshop he found that he could, at any time, dip into the reservoir of his photographic memory, and bring forth in total recall every needed thought concerning sine wave or coil winding or other Tesla applications and innovations.
~~~~~~~Carr had no formal engineering training, nor had he any knowledge of esotericism before meeting Tesla. However, he was so inspired by the superman that he later steeped himself in philosophies of the east and the west, and ranged far and wide in his reading and studying, covering a vast field of knowledge. Like the martyred Bruno, Carr has come to be known as the academician without academy.
~~~~~~~As he read and studied over the years, he always followed Tesla's example by going straight to the heart and brain of nature for his knowledge. He quickly discovered how to sort the absolutes from the mountains of dialectic chaff in the world's accumulated words and works. He never wasted precious time repeating what was proved.
~~~~~~~As a result of his great perceptive guidance, it is estimated that Carr has advanced scientific achievement at least a century by concrete application of his free-energy discoveries. Like Tesla, he harbors no secrets about his inventions. He is more than happy to discuss them with anyone who will listen. Also, like Tesla, he has been unable thus far to sell them or even give them away. But that situation will change rapidly for both Carr and Tesla... probably in a matter of weeks now... as Saint Germain's new Aquarian program gets into full swing.
~~~~~~~Carr, philosophically at least, is already allied with Ascended Master Saint Germain, inasmuch as Saint Germain

had His last embodiment as Francis Bacon at which time He wrote plays and sonnets under the pseudonym of William Shakespeare. Otis Carr has rooted his entire development in a total acceptance of Shakespeareĺ─˘s poetic dictum:

"There's a divinity that shapes our ends,
Rough-hew them how we will."

~~~~~~~Carr is a man who is characterized by an attitude of constant gratefulness. He is not only grateful to God and to Tesla, but his gratitude extends back to Archimedes and forward to Einstein, for he feels that the application of certain scientific principles down through the ages by countless discoverers and scientists, all contributed to his own inventions. This attitude is especially apparent in Carr's speech and writings. He stubbornly sticks to the plural form, we, in his narration of accomplishment.
~~~~~~~When questioned about this he spoke of the total principles proved by the great men of history, and how each proof had entered into his final concept of the gravity motor and electrical accumulator. He acknowledges Archimedes' lever, Copernicus' constants, Galileo's acceleration, Newton's motions, Faradat's coil, Bacon' prerogatives, Edison's thermionics, Einstein's relativity, Franklin's static, Galvini's electrolysis, and Tesla's understanding of outer space; and the works of craftsmen like Fulton, Ford, and the Wright brothers, whose "follies, foibles, and infernal-machines' would never, it was said, perform the 'fantasies' that are now commonplace.
~~~~~~~Like Tesla, Carr desires that his inventions serve all humanity, not a privileged few. It is his wish that millions of individuals from all nations will have an opportunity to

share in the development of the business as it unfolds. Aside from the fact that he is definitely opposed to any monopolistic practices, so common in big business, his corporate structure is not unlike that of other successful world producers.
~~~~~~~The basic design for all his business stationary, brochures, booklets, and so forth, is not only interesting and original, but extremely symbolic. His initials, OTC, are arranged so as to form the sign of Omega. Surmounting this is the White Dove... Tesla's Dove... in full, graceful flight. Below is the motto which reads: Peace and plenty through the application of free energy to supply all things to all people.
~~~~~~~Carr has already met the same resistance from the forces of darkness that plagued Tesla, and, as usual, it comes through money channels and threats of economic boycott... this time in relation to newspaper advertising. In launching an announcement of his inventions Carr had a full-page advertisement prepared for insertion in a leading daily paper of Baltimore. The advertisement was paid for and accepted by the paper. Shortly thereafter it was cancelled by the newspaper and the money refunded. The newspaper had to cancel the advertising at the request of one of their big money-spenders who had metered power, not free energy, for sale to the public. Therefore, the people of Baltimore and vicinity were not even privileged to know that one of their own citizens had invented free-energy devices capable of powering everything from a hearing aid to a spaceship.
~~~~~~~While the governments still deny the existence of flying saucers, and daily newspapers refuse to give outstanding news to their readers in the form of a paid advertisement, the uninformed public remains uninformed. They do not even know that the problem of space flight has been solved
on this planet by an American citizen. They are not even told that it is now possible to power everything with free energy drawn from the atmosphere; that we need no longer be enslaved by petroleum, coal and old forms of fuel.
~~~~~~~This is news of world importance, yet so strict is the gangster censorship imposed by the Silence Group, that newspapers founded for the purpose of giving news to the public dare not carry out their function, for to do so would mean running the risk of ruinous economic sanctions. However, Carr and his associates displayed no resentment over the refusal of the daily newspaper to carry the advertising. Instead, they placed page ads in small suburban weeklies which were overjoyed to have the sudden business windfall.
~~~~~~~The result was not only amazing, but proved conclusively that the public wanted to be informed about Carr's inventions. From far and wide, letters of inquiry began to pour in. Hundreds of extra copies of the newspapers were requested to be sent to relatives and friends in distant states and countries. Request for literature on the Carr machines reached huge proportions, and continued to soar day after day. Scores of people sent in small amounts of money... from a dollar to five dollars... as a down payment on stock that was not even offered for sale. Visitors began to arrive with requests for information on everything from vast power plants to spaceships.
~~~~~~~Meanwhile Carr had offered to build and deliver space ships to governments wishing to send expeditions to the Moon or elsewhere, but these offers were declined in favor of much more expensive rocket and missile programs.
~~~~~~~This is a most interesting and intriguing development. The space people have stated that they will not permit military or tourist landings on the Moon. The Hierarchy has
announced that no individual in an unascended body can make a trip into outer space. If governments do not believe in the existence of flying saucers from outer Space, then they cannot accept the fact that the space people have a station on the Moon. Why, then, do they hesitate to use a Carr spaceship to go to the Moon, and find out for themselves what is up there?
~~~~~~~It seems obvious that they do know there is a space station on the moo. Undoubtedly, the space people have told them that they will not be permitted to land, and they know the space people mean business. In the meantime they can keep on playing with their rocket toys in order to fool the taxpayer, and give the impression that he is getting something big and grand for his money.
~~~~~~~Carr is not planning to have a large spaceship ready for flight for at least a year. It is quite possible that he could make a trip to the Moon and be permitted to land there. Inasmuch as he would be testing his own ship, the trip would have no military significance, and he is entirely in accord with the program set up by the space people. Also, by the time he has a ship of sufficient size ready for a voyage into outer space, it might be possible for him to make that trip too, especially if one or more space persons would agree to accompany him. But these conjectures are entirely unique and apply only to Carr.
~~~~~~~What he can or cannot accomplish has nothing to do with the attitude of governments which first refuse to admit the possibility of spaceships from other planets and then refuse to try out a local model. Supposing it is not entirely successful on the trial run? It certainly could not be less successful than many of the rockets and satellites which the government is attempting to launch at the expense of the taxpayers.
Furthermore, a rocket leads but to destruction. A spaceship leads to the freedom of the cosmic lightways and opens a vast new universe to the wonderment of man.
~~~~~~~Since Carr's free energy devices are designed to power anything from a hearing aid to a spaceship, it is clear why his advertising is refused by daily newspapers, and why the government refuses to even try a Carr spaceship on the national budget... just for size, at least. Carr's free-energy motors will power automobiles, for one thing; a development which would do away with the need for gasoline, and as an added advantage do away with smelly exhaust fumes.
~~~~~~~For years, geologists and scientists have been bemoaning the fact that our natural fuels such as petroleum will soon be exhausted. They have painted grim word pictures of a shivering, stranded populace, hovering over a meager fire of sticks and twigs, and just about to perish for lack of fuel. Yet when Otis T. Carr announces free-energy motors the newspapers hasten to keep the whole thing hush-hush lest the people find out that they will not have to shiver after all.
~~~~~~~There is still another reason why the Silence Group, operating through black disciples in the military and commercial business arenas, has decreed that Carr's inventions should be played down. Carr is obviously working on behalf of the Forces of Light and he is probably the first man in history who has had the courage to incorporate that theme in his paid newspaper advertising.
~~~~~~~He is irrevocably against mistreatment of the atom, for well he knows that an atom is God's handiwork, and a tiny pulsing life. In the advertisement he states that his machines are natural machines; that they produce unlimited energy without fission, without fusion, and without violence of any
kind. They do not smash the atom. They do not split the atom. They do not blast the atom.
~~~~~~~He reminds his readers that his machines are profoundly simple devices that collect and direct the free and boundless energies of the Sun "in the same way the Sun's energies cause the Earth to spin and the rivers to flow, the bread to rise and the plants to grow, and the great ocean tides to rise and fall." He states that the accumulator uses the Sun's force of electro-magnetism by means of natural reproductive chemistry, and that the motor is powered entirely by the Sun's immutable pressure energy known as gravity.
~~~~~~~He sums up not only his method but his philosophy as follows:

All energy is atomic
The light from the Sun
The pull of gravity
The fission of uranium
The fusion of hydrogen
All that moves
Or grows, or glows
Everywhere on Earth
And throughout the Universe.
It is all atomic energy.

Its utronic presence is everywhere,
Being even Nature itself.

And held in plain view for all
The time we know, it has yet
Remained Nature's closest secret.

So, how to borrow of this energy
From Nature, has been quite
A problem.


When you fight Nature
Nature always fights back.

If we try to share Nature's energy
By injuring Nature, we will only
Injure ourselves accordingly.

Try to change the weather in one
Place and you get storms, or floods,
Or drought in another.

Crack or split the atom and you
Get frightful devastation or
Poisonous radiation.

And while you may blast a dog or
A man away into Space, you will
Never safely blast him back again.

We know the laws of Nature do not
Change, so why waste the effort
And take the terrible risks?

There is only one right way.
The right way is the peaceful way.
And we have found the way!

Carr's architectural plans for a Space Research Institute to be located at Space, Maryland, have been drawn up, and preliminary construction activities are under way on a beautiful plot of land of about seventy acres, outside Baltimore. The new post office will be called Space.
~~~~~~~Space Research Institute is expected to become the world center for activities connected with spaceships, interplanetary travel, interplanetary communication, and a better way of life through the utilization of natural solar energy devices.
The group of buildings incorporate new design motifs which should make them outstanding in architectural beauty.
~~~~~~~The plans call for a huge, domed auditorium. The interior of the dome will be decorated by Salvador Dali, who is currently preparing a huge mural masterpiece to be enshrined there. The subject is the prophetic story of Ezekiell's vision, approached from the space-time cosmogony. A total space concept is portrayed by four guardian cherubim. And over all hovers a portrait of the white Dove of Shamballa... Tesla's Earth companion.
~~~~~~~Although Space Research Institute will serve as headquarters for the Otis T.Carr enterprises, he does not plan to mass-manufacture any of his devices. The institute, as its name implies, is strictly for research. There the group will design prototypes of machines which will then be turned over to other manufacturers to be produced in quantity. Mr. Carr has behind him the long history of Tesla's frustrated attempts to make the world a more comfortable place in which to live, and to give humanity countless hours of leisure time for study and evolutionary advancement. Therefore, his primary interest is not in becoming a manufacturer himself, but in the opportunity of all industry, the world over, to share in the ownership and distribution of products patterned after the basic prototypes.
~~~~~~~Since Carr is a disciple of Tesla, and since Tesla refused to participate in the conniving, competitive commercial manipulations of his day, business men everywhere are eager to know how Carr, faced with problems almost identical to those of Tesla, plans to surmount the many obstacles which are certain to be placed in his way by the forces of darkness. The answer seems to be contained within the unilitarian
functions of the inventions themselves. Once the public knows that the devices will provide a better way of life, it is up to the public to demand that the inventions be made available.
~~~~~~~The OTC circular-foil spacecraft looks and operates like a flying saucer. The first experimental models will be anywhere from forty to a hundred feet in diameter, and will cost millions of dollars, as do first prototypes of any aircraft. However, one small model, ten feet in diameter will be constructed for special tests purposes in actual usage.
~~~~~~~Unlike conventional aircraft, the large space vehicles will soon be brought down to family size of about ten feet in diameter. They can be built to sell for less than the cost of a modern automobile, and are designed to take a family across town, across the nation, or around the world in absolute comfort and safety, and in a fraction of the time ever before possible. Carr expects to be ready during 1959 to start licensing manufacturers all over the world to mass-produce the OTC space vehicles in many sizes and styles for every transportation need.
~~~~~~~It is Mr. Carr's sincere opinion that the introduction, manufacture, and use of the free-energy devices will bring more prosperity to more people in the United States and around the globe, than any single invention in the entire history of the world. He realizes that most of the world's problems today have their roots in hunger for more energy than is available.
~~~~~~~"States and nations are already fighting over what is left of ordinary fuels and the available supplies of water to make electricity and irrigate the land," states Mr. Carr. "We have had many recent examples of our delicate balance of supply and demand, even in this great country. We've seen the
rationing of gasoline and oil. We've seen the lights go dim in the Pacific Northwest.
~~~~~~~"We've seen vast millions of burning desert acres barren only for lack of a little irrigation. And now even the oil men are beginning to squeeze the last drop out of every ton of shale.
~~~~~~~"The power hunger is the same the world over, only it is more intense now. The most shocking recent example was the willingness of Egypt to close the Suez Canal and fight the world for a few kilowatts of electricity.
~~~~~~~"Free-energy devices can change all this in a remarkably short space of time. Enough electric power and energy in the right places, and we will have undreamed of markets for every other kind of goods and materials and appliances our factories and shops can turn out.
~~~~~~~"And so goes the simple formula: Give the world enough electrical energy, and you raise the world's standard of living. Raise the world's standard of living, and you raise the world's economy.
~~~~~~~"The best way to get the total concept of what free energy means to the world today, is to suppose that the wheel were just now being discovered.
Then visualize the free-energy motor putting the wheel into the air, into an entirely new dimension. Industry must realize that these devices will provide power for automobiles, trains, great ocean liners, and spaceships, as well as for such things as hearing aids, portable television sets, refrigerators, and will even furnish power, light, and heat for large cities or communities.
~~~~~~~"Our free-energy devices will do all these things by perpetual space-forces of magnetism, gravity, and electro-magnetism... and these forces alone; forces which are free and
available everywhere on the face of the Earth and throughout the universe."
~~~~~~~While the world is still groveling under the ancient edict that called for earning one's bread by the sweat of one's brow, the question of how free-energy devices will affect employment is a paramount one. But Mr. Carr feels that his inventions and discoveries truly represent the inception of a basic new industry, which for sheer size and scope might be properly compared with the steel, automobile and aircraft industries combined. He believes that pioneering in a free energy will automatically introduce a new concept of employment practices and employee relationships.
~~~~~~~Although the space people themselves have had no contact with Otis T. Carr and have had no direct hand in his work, it is safe to assume that they have been watching it carefully. In addition, Tesla and the dove have assuredly directed it from the scientific department of Shamballa, making certain that it will fit into the Divine Plan at exactly the right moment. This, then, is the right moment.
~~~~~~~The grave danger that might have turned the entire enterprise into a gargantuan war machine is now over, for with the straightening of the Earth's axis completed, the Hierarchy and the space people will be able to neutralize major war efforts. There may be sporadic minor clashes, but even these may now be avoided. Lord Michael, Prince of the Archangels, has had such tremendous success in his house-cleaning efforts, that the final physical plane adjustments are not likely to be too formidable.
~~~~~~~It was that keen observer of Nature, now the Ascended Master Saint Germain, who, in a former embodiment as Francis Bacon, set the stage for the new civilization which He is building today. His basic plan for mankind was re-
vealed in a simple prefatory remark in Novum Organum: "If man would conquer Nature, man must join with Nature."
~~~~~~~Francis Bacon is an outstanding example of a man who successfully refused, through 70,000 years as a civilization-builder, to fight against Nature. As a result of this simple cooperative method, the floodgates of wisdom remained open to him. This resolute leader of humanity could look back down the corridors of the centuries with full continuity of consciousness, and review the events which had carried the whole human race to the threshold of the Aquarian Age.
~~~~~~~Transmutation is the keynote of the Aquarian program for mankind. Any effort which man now makes to join Nature, helps to lift some of the heavy karma he has created by fighting Nature in the past.
~~~~~~~Otis. T. Carr has recognized the true responsive Nature of the atom when it is treated as an Intelligence. "Essentially, what we have done is collect, arrange, adapt and orchestrate some of Nature's compositions into harmonious assemblage," he explains. "They are fashioned out of God's creation. They are instruments of peace. Their music is for all the worlds of
~~~~~~~We have come very, very far into the Light since the dark, uncertain days of 1955, when it seemed that the worst cataclysmic prophecies of Armageddon were about to be fulfilled. As Arthur H. Matthews so joyfully states: "Be of good courage, for we have God with us. And we have the spirit of Tesla with us."
~~~~~~~Yes, indeed we have! All this, and the White dove, too. We seem to hear the gentle rustle of white wings around us: we seem to hear the gentle voice of Nikola enfolding us;
comforting us, assuring us that he still walks beside the one who was obedient to his command: Go forth! Explore Space! There in the limitless azure skies is your rendezvous with Destiny.

"The sea... the interminable sea...
Rolls on,
A fluid portion of Eternity.

"Wisdom... interminable wisdom...
Rolls on
To mark the course of Eternity.

"Jewels dropped at random
Are found, and their richness recognized
By children of Eternity;
And such children walk among the masses,
Unrecognized for a time.

"Many of your years past
A Gem was dropped
And found
And clasped close
By a youth, whom you now know.

"He is much loved here.

"And I send him again
A word, to lead him home.

"He knows me well
And those who remember me, gently,
Call me Nick.




The Otis T. Carr Story

Transcribed by : Cutis Cooperman
Please Note :
Margaret Storm regrets including Otis T. Carr in her book.
She helped raise $15,000 for Carr and tried to return their money.
See Part 1 of 4 Parts showing Carr was a liar... wasted so much
of our time clouding Margaret Storm's...
Return of the Dove.
Thank you Curt Collins and Claude Falkstrom for your reporting.
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