Can A Man Live Forever?


Nikola Tesla is involved with this project.
Chapter VIII
The New York Journal's Report Concluded
Tesla first appears ~ Chapter V
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.Nikola Tesla
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......................Chapter 8
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Chapter VIII
The New York Journal's Report Concluded
Chapter X
Life Perpetual
Chapter XI
How It Was Done
Chapter XII
The Life Giving Substance
Chapter XIII
Effect Of The Announcement
Chapter XIV
The Science Of It
Chapter XV
The New Man
Chapter XVI
The Discovery Universally Applied
Chapter XVII
The Dead Past
At first, what we saw, looking through the Electroscope, was not plain, but a few turns of a rod screw by the eminent man at my side, and everything came into perfect distinctness.
I could see through Leandro
Professor Hayes called my attention to
the clean, healthy color of the kidneys and liver.
The arteries could be distinguished from the veins, by the different shades of color of the blood. Going out from the heart had a rich, red color but returning it had a darker color as it was loaded with gases and impurities it had taken up, to be expelled a little later, into the air, through the lungs.
~~~There now stepped into the case
and stood by the side of Leandro the
new Inmate, one week in the Institute.
And, oh, my! the difference in the two
as I discerned, with the Electroscope
turned on the new man; I was ready
to admit the most radical statement the
Professor had made! I was converted!
Here was proof!
~~~The difference between Leandro,
eleven months in the Institute, and the
new man, was the difference between
an absolutely clear glass of water held
up before your eyes for inspection and
a glass of muddy water dipped up from
some street pool.
~~~The Professor said it would take from six to eight months to cleanse the
new Inmate.
~~~The effect, of a view of the eyes,
was wonderful; especially in the case of
Leandro. It seemed as if I were
into the eyes of the very soul
of the man.
put new lenses in the Electroscope,
I read his character.
syphilitic disease that had attacked
the nerves. That this Inmate had been
selected purposely for experiment...
it was curable...
viewing more than character ~ a soul
He described how a diseased system
affected the nerves...
marking the
nature of the disease on the retina...
the Ophthalmoscope would give the
location and nature of a disease in the
by shifting the Electroscope from one to the other of the kidneys of the two men.
This remedy, pure water, is so simple
that I wonder at its not being applied before.
At Eureka Springs Arkansas they have
a water containing the least solids of any water in the United States...
great results have been obtained
from that water;
lost sight has been restored there.
A character that one did not observe
in looking at him with the naked eye.
~~~You mean his character can be changed? Yes, he replied, in a great
measure; and if he lives long enough,
we now have the Electroscope
Had it not been for the Electroscope
no substantial progress, probably,
would have been made.
will live out the duration of several natural lives.
End Chapter 8
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.Nikola Tesla
.... ~~.Can A Man Live Forever?
......................Chapter 8
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