Margaret Storm
Painting by John Storm
Nikola Tesla birthday photo
Waldorf Astoria Hotel ~ New York City
If it wasn't for this book
the work of Tesla's disciple
Arthur H. Matthews was
almost kept a secret.
It is amazing the degree
Margaret knew Nikola Tesla
Chapter 5 ~ The Nikola Tesla Story
Margaret's entire book is
available below for you to read.
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.Margaret Storm~~.~loved Tesla
.Arthur H. Matthews~.knew Tesla
Nov ~ Dec 1957

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First Appearance

Margaret Storm

11 July 1958

first half ~ 1:39:40

second half ~ 1:34:07

Margaret Storm
May 1959

first half ~ 1:34:31

second half ~ 1:35:28

Margaret Storm
WOR Radio
The Long John Nebel
Margaret said...
last year when I was on this program...
11 July 1958
second half 0:53:24
Please Note :
Margaret Storm regrets including Otis T. Carr in her book.
She helped raise $15,000 for Carr and tried to return their money.
See Part 1 of 4 Parts showing Carr was a liar... wasted so much
of our time clouding Margaret Storm's...
Return of the Dove.
Thank you Curt Collins and Claude Falkstrom for your reporting.
Margaret Storm Publication ~ Baltimore Maryland
~~~ Here it is at last ! And it's only fair to warn you that once you pick it up, you won't put it down. Never before has there been a book like Return of the Dove. Its main plot and theme is the long-sought solution to the 50 year old riddle surrounding the life and works of Nikola Tesla electrical wizard and pioneering inventor whom True Magazine labeled "The Man Who Invented the Twentieth Century." Most people never heard his name, few knew him well, and he had no intimates at all during his eighty seven years on this Earth. Yet he was solely to thank for the electricity that runs the modern home and factory and for the light
in nearly every lightbulb in the world today. YOU THOUGHT THAT WAS EDISON? You couldn't be more mistaken. But that's only of the astonishing surprises you've got in store when you read these amazing revelations of danger, mystery, conspiracy, and intrigue that reach into the highest places of government and the guarded inner sancta of big industry. Written in a smooth-flowing, fast-paced, and brittle style with dashes of wit and charming good humor thoughout, Return Of The Dove is the most facinating combination of material fact and occult mysticism ever to be put between covers. The Movie producers have predicted it will excel anything in movie history in its appeal to both sexes and all ages. There seems to be no doubt in anyone's mind that this time Margaret Storm had really hit the top rung of the ladder in both literature and entertainment.
The Story of Freedom's Star
by Margaret Storm
Painting by John Storm
Meet Margaret Storm
~~~ Margaret Storm came into embodiment in the United States on November 7, 1902 under the sign of Scorpio. During her schoolgirl years she was even conscious that joyous destiny lay ahead.
~~~ As a journalist in Europe, her life took an abrupt turning which released her into a new freedom of consciousness. It was in Paris that she picked up the threads of a previous embodiment during the historic days which led to the French Revolution. For her they also led to the guillotine.
~~~ On a certain December 7, long ago in Paris, I finalized a costly mistake. I had judged by human appearances, believing that death was a natural occurrence, merely because I had watched others die.
~~~ Back in Paris again, in years when stock markets were crashing upon depressed peoples, I determined to do something about death and taxes on this globe.
~~~ That determination is partly expressed in Return of the Dove.
inside jacket
Now and In the Beginning .............

The Days Just Ahead ....................

The End of Man's Crucifixion ..........

This Cosmic Moment ....................

The Nikola Tesla Story ..................

Farewell of the Dove ....................

The Arthur H. Matthews Story ........

The Otis T. Carr Story ..................

Let There Be Light .......................

Suggested Reading List ................

The Chapter Pages
match the pages
in her book.
Return of the Dove
For all to read
The Nikola Tesla Story
The Arthur H. Matthews Story

Interplantary Session Newsletter

14 June 1957
Margaret Storm has been assigned to certain work with the Space People,
as follows: She is writing a book -
Return of the Dove - a story of the
life of Nikola Tesla, scientist, and the part his inventions will play
in the New Age. Much of the date for this book has been supplied to Mrs.
Storm through transcripts received on the Tesla set, a radio-type
machine invented by Tesla in 1938 for Interplanetary Communication.
Tesla died in 1943 and his engineers did not build the Tesla set until
after his death. It was placed in operation in 1950 and since that time
the Tesla engineers have been in close touch with space ships. The Space
People have visited the Tesla engineers many times, and have told us that
Tesla was a Venusian, brought to this planet as a baby, in 1856, and left
with Mr. and Mrs. Tesla in a remote mountain province in what is now
( Tesla Engineer )
Arthur H. Matthews
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.Margaret Storm~~.~loved Tesla
.Arthur H. Matthews~.knew Tesla